Whats New In Minecraft 1.16.4 Java Edition?
Minecraft 1.16.4 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16.4 adds the Social Interactions Screen and supports Microsoft Account Migration!
Minecraft Beta 1.17 : Mountain Goats & Powder Snow!
Minecraft Java Edition : Get Your Free Cape & Account Migration!
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0:00 Intro + 1.17
0:32 Social Interactions Screen
2:42 Option Menu Changes
3:24 Account Migration Info
4:21 Developer Tweets (1.17)
#minecraft #caveupdate #minecraftjava

  • xisumatwo

    Vanilla Tweaks is ready for 1.16.4 and there are a whole bunch of new resource packs! Find out more here. rsloft.info/loft/video/oLeesoTOr5-kgH4

    • Rezvan Rv
      Rezvan Rv

      @djfhhf jdjfb oh i hope java have cave and cliff already it will be epix

    • djfhhf jdjfb
      djfhhf jdjfb

      @Rezvan Rv yeah no cuz there ain’t a new snapshot

    • Rezvan Rv
      Rezvan Rv

      @djfhhf jdjfb i ment do they have new stuff in minecraft java ok

    • djfhhf jdjfb
      djfhhf jdjfb

      @Rezvan Rv there’s no new snapshot

    • Rezvan Rv
      Rezvan Rv

      @djfhhf jdjfb wdym no

  • cozygun

    how do i upgrade to 1.8

  • Clash Robert
    Clash Robert

    It would be cool to see if copper blocks could conduct the electricity of the lightning and create charged creepers with that. Like have a lightning rod on a copper block pillar and on the other end have another lightning rod where the lightning would come out of and maybe create a charged creeper or create a witch from a villager.

  • Theo Rangel
    Theo Rangel

    why does minecraft stutters so much?

  • The Unreal Canadian
    The Unreal Canadian

    But... doesnt all sound technically = vibrations?

  • Jana

    Is it just me or is the cave generation at least from the surface into a cave improved in this update?

  • oH well,lord!
    oH well,lord!

    Maybe the cabin is a new structure?

  • toy's 123
    toy's 123

    why are you say moyang it's called mojang

  • Lean Taylor
    Lean Taylor

    Buenas compañeros! Perdón por el spam 🤪 pero quería dejarles el IP de un server survival que me ha gustado demasiado, se trata del servidor de ETERNAL SURVIVAL! A continuación les dejo el IP DEL SERVIDOR: eternalsurvival.mc-srv.com

  • Issam Shah
    Issam Shah

    so we can migrate our accs now? if yes when do we get the email?

  • Jay Hill
    Jay Hill

    i wish java could only play with java and bedrock players with bedrock

  • Paul Kurz
    Paul Kurz

    wow damn i didnt know about the migration.. guess i wont be playing minecraft anymore :/

  • MrKroxan

    i will have to dislike your video, stop supporting microsoft shitty practices, they are going to end up getting rid of the java version and sending cease and desist letters to mod makers if people keep falling for their baits.

  • Connor

    bruh micrsoft is litteraly becoming facebook w/ having to have an account to play games

  • ronit ninania
    ronit ninania

    The chapters thing is just so useful

  • vitória ok
    vitória ok


  • William Plays0402
    William Plays0402

    1.7?? 4:20

  • ~Jedu's Game~
    ~Jedu's Game~

    im watching this cuz my minecraft still downloading the new ver.

  • Thomas Andrew
    Thomas Andrew

    why i cant found dynamic light on my video setting ??

  • Cekeybula

    i gueniue wonder what's true reason for migration, fbook did same with oculus, i have been conditioned to not trust big corp on their account migration stuff, safety is iffy, they always say it's safety, i wonder where i can learn more info about drive behind migration.

  • Midnight Wolffell
    Midnight Wolffell

    Ok, I have a question, what about the PS4 players??? Is the PS4 ppl going to make the PS5 Microsoft???? Cause I know how to use The PS4 and my family is too poor to buy a XBOX....

  • Adom32

    it would be cool to see these things IF MY GAME DIDNT KEEP CRASHING

  • Greyson Miller
    Greyson Miller

    Kinda sad that all these commands and other things have been SUPER simplified. I still type /gamemode 1 on instinct the first time.

  • SuperPlayer56 - Gaming
    SuperPlayer56 - Gaming

    You sound a bit like Ibxtoycat LOL. Good video though.

  • IAmCork

    i hope the message will appear across all version cause i play 1.8



  • Nerd BSM
    Nerd BSM

    4:20 Did he just say 1.7 instead of 1.17?

  • Matthew B.
    Matthew B.

    Why is everyone saying moyang (with a y sound instead of a J sound.) I feel like this randomly started happening (or maybe I have been away from Minecraft RSloft for too long...)

  • AFallingTree

    is someone able to elaborate on this "account migration" thing? this better be and optional, otherwise its going to ruin minecraft for the sake of data collection.

  • T3KN07

    you messed up on one and said 1.7 and i was so confused i was thinking WAIT am i looking at info from 2012 ... wait no 1.16.4 ah im dumb

  • Random Boi
    Random Boi

    So nobody’s talking about how the thumbnail said “what’s news in 1.16.4”

  • King Ammonite
    King Ammonite

    Hello, I said Monke at least a few billion times by now.

  • BlazingImp77151

    Fascinating that java's snapshot got the copper from 1.17, and bedrock's beta got goats and snow.

  • AI RB
    AI RB

    Why his intro sounds like Ibxtoycat?

  • pieter welkers
    pieter welkers

    Not all sounds are vibrations? What? That not true. Sounds are vibrations through for example the air and they get sensed by your ears. So that statement is FALSE.

  • Encrypt3d

    What's preventing hackers from just blocking moderators?

  • Snail Gaming
    Snail Gaming

    books are removed?

  • jezusmylord

    so minecraft is literally stealing ideas from the community about things they want to implement? lol

  • Ryo game89
    Ryo game89

    Mojang please need more animals fruit plant more block for build and mobs maybe.

  • TugiDeg!

    4:55 Seems like this is how that 'Powder Snow' item is being made, see the couldrons in the left? So when it is raining and if you are in some sort of snow biome, you can collect the powder snow that way? Or maybe it was just an hint to lava couldrons.

    • TugiDeg!

      I told you! I was right.

  • Lezui

    Does anyone knows if i'm going to lose my name after the migration? Because someone already has a microsoft account with my nickname, i'm kinda worried about that

    • PoggiesTheDog

      Nope. You'll have your normal Java username. Its confirmed by mojang.

  • Iago Dezdel
    Iago Dezdel

    Great, more account migration. I tried migrating my old mojang account to the new version and never got it to work. And now I have to do this again with my new account.

  • VizDracViz

    Did anyone notice that in the thumbnail, xisuma wrote 'News' instead of 'New'. That's a very big mistake!

  • TNez

    I still am using minecraft premium account can someone help?

  • Artorio

    3:53 ah yes, the LONCHA

  • Spinning square
    Spinning square

    goats look fun

  • Twig Legg
    Twig Legg

    Copper should be used for copper wires and redstone. The main function being that the wires do not have to be placed directly on top of a block and automatically connect with eachother however in addition to that they will not interact with redstone dust without another device connecting them making them similar to the slime and honey block in that they are both conductors yet don't interact with eachother. If you do want the. To interact with eachother you would need to use a device known as a copper outlet this would simply connect a copper wire to redstone dust and vice versa allowing for them to transfer signal between the two. One last addition to the copper redstone devices would simply be devices that regular redstone already has but specifically designed for copper in that they can be placed in midair and be connected to from all directions. Basically a copper comparator and repeater. Next: The spyglass should be attachable to the helmet allowing you to zoom in with it when ever you press ctrl. One last thing perhaps warden antlers and goat horns could also be attachable to helmets using the smithing table. They could possibly serve a function or they could also just be for decoration I personally think at least the warden antlers should serve a function such as detecting any vibration from mobs or players within a certain radius allowing easier sight in the dark and for you at times to see through walls. And candles should be able to br grouped in many colors

  • Данило Гетьманцев
    Данило Гетьманцев

    Whats New In Minecraft 1.16.4 Java Edition? shrinke.me/slin

  • Abteilung Agitation
    Abteilung Agitation

    I don't want to use a f'ing microsoft account

  • Rubisco

    I still don't understand something about migrating account. Will we still have two separate usernames and skin for the two versions of the game?

  • ezaan zayaan
    ezaan zayaan

    The real question is that *_Will Caves&Cliffs update be on Java?_*

    • ezaan zayaan
      ezaan zayaan

      And i mean from TLauncher...

  • Jwatts


  • Baron CPG
    Baron CPG

    Is the cosy Winter cabin hinting that there's gonna be Winter cabins?

  • Riolupai

    I could see how people could make/edit mods with malicious code that brings up a fake migration notification so that when you fill in your account's log-in details in order to sync it with your Microsoft account, your Minecraft account gets stolen instead.

  • Doc Neuro
    Doc Neuro

    Question? If the account migrates to Microsoft, then what happens with people playing on Mac?

  • Matthew Clapp
    Matthew Clapp

    when you said mod adding sculk sensors i thought you said mob going around adding sculk sensors

  • pixelator

    every mod that had a key bound to p: (sweats)

  • TheIrishStud

    *posted 2 days ago* ... *looks at 1.16.3 missing on Launcher* ... When you lose track of time on curseforge...

  • grey smith
    grey smith

    Moyang 0:49

  • BetaBoy [GD]
    BetaBoy [GD]

    4:20 1.7 information?

  • British Blueberry
    British Blueberry

    3:25 Well... I’m going to make a new mojang account

  • Sebine LifeWind
    Sebine LifeWind


  • Vakaris

    Idc honestly. It's ruined because of the migration.

  • pzyqux

    What i wonder is, can i wait with the account migration until like a year from now or maybe a few years? I don't use my pc to play games at the moment.

  • grimer17

    4:20 1.7 information

  • Thunder Hunter
    Thunder Hunter

    Pines Trees. Seasons and Ender Update that what I want

  • rob mitch
    rob mitch

    "sideways." Wait what really? You picked up it was sideways but not the fact it was hit with lightning and redstone dust was powered?

  • ExDee Wobblum
    ExDee Wobblum

    Do not agree with migration Clearly they're trying to kill Java Minecraft en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embrace%2C_extend%2C_and_extinguish

  • Generris YT
    Generris YT

    Wait, accounts are being migrated? I need a Microsoft account?

  • Lilia Lang
    Lilia Lang

    You said 1.7! #derp

  • Stephen mc nulty
    Stephen mc nulty

    Yeah I was sent a link to my old email. To join minecraft bata. I didn't fall for it. I would like to know how to record minecraft builds. I'm working on one. But wonder if I can still keep my World.

  • cammo353

    Kind of shocked with the amount of people that hadn't yet realized that lightning rods generate power

  • Ben The Potato
    Ben The Potato

    I really hope with migration I will still be able to use things like Lunar because I mainly still play minecraft because of pvp, and the default minecraft launcher is a lot slower than lunar.

  • DeepDownWithin

    I certainly hope Java edition doesn't turn into bedrock edition. Bedrock edition is really broken and shitty compared to Java.

  • Kylelolcat

    Mojang: Not all sounds are vibrations Everyone who passed high school science: 🗿 Me: 🗿...oh wait, maybe stuff like the sword thwop isn’t a real sound?

  • 90Entergetical aka Bot3141
    90Entergetical aka Bot3141

    Hackers: Haha ima just get onto your worl- Private accounts: no u

  • Connor Magee
    Connor Magee

    Baby goats shouldn’t have horns. We should get a unique texture for them. Nothing too different but baby goats are way cuter than the adults

  • jurgen korte
    jurgen korte

    4:19 we already know 1.7 but not 1.17

  • Abody25

    What is that Migration thing tat will happen?

  • Luquantic

    whatever, i'll just play the 1.16 in 3 or 4 years, cause the worlds of the servers that i play still in 1.12.2 XD

  • Nathaniel Wyatt
    Nathaniel Wyatt

    "now we're going to head over to Twitter where the Mojang devs have been teasing us with some 1.7 information...my last tweet was probably not a TWEEZER." Bruh your speech is almost as incoherent as Joe Biden.

  • Ponçikgamer


  • Danilo Tairovski
    Danilo Tairovski

    What if you play on TLauncher

    • Royale05

      idt anything will change with tlaucher (i used it for 3yrs before getting a official account)

  • snif snif
    snif snif

    So does this mean no more bedrock or Java, just one Minecraft?

  • Ryan Candichoy
    Ryan Candichoy

    i download it in TLauncher

  • Kuba Piksa
    Kuba Piksa

    Why can't I update my main world to 1.16.4?

  • AlecsD King
    AlecsD King

    Technically all sounds are vibration, the air is vibrating on a rhythm

  • Dunn Kids
    Dunn Kids

    Oh god i just realised that with the mc migration, chats in servers will probably receive the same censorship as microsoft edition by default :(

  • Planet


  • emil hoberg
    emil hoberg

    Everyone here talking about how the lightning rod gave a Redstone signal when struck, and I'm here like "but that's not how lightning rods work in real life..." And yes, Minecraft is far from being like real life, though, seeing them make a lightning rod that works completely opposite of how it should work is really frustrating. All they had to do was google, or just give it another name if it's mechanic is nothing like an actual lightning rod.

  • Puffish

    *mega pp*

  • tigers world
    tigers world

    What about 1.16.9?

  • Christopher Jr Mendez
    Christopher Jr Mendez

    Does this mean mcpe accounts can be on java? (Microsoft account)

  • Callum Wong
    Callum Wong

    for the community? Ok remember 1.9 they just laughed at us and said no

  • Light Bulb
    Light Bulb

    Are the /fog,/ride,/playanimation, and more coming in BE?

  • Mohamed Zain Sheikh
    Mohamed Zain Sheikh

    Did anyone-ANYONE see the "Whats *news* in 1.16.4" in the thumbnail? Unacceptable. jk X. It happens to the best of them.

    • Mohamed Zain Sheikh
      Mohamed Zain Sheikh

      @xisumavoid lol

    • xisumavoid

      Well spotted!

  • DogeisCut

    Title: What's new in 1.16.4? Me: *Disappointment*

  • Foldupcobra1017

    3:48 Steve is 3 blocks tall Edit 4:21 he said 1.7

  • OhMarcOh

    just my opinion but that social interaction screen looks quite immersion-breaking and out of place in java edition, I've no other way to explain how it feels like aside from really tacky

    • PoggiesTheDog

      And also the fact that the “Manage With Microsoft” button isn't aligned properly makes it 100x worse.

  • AlphaWolf795 _
    AlphaWolf795 _

    Has the migration already started?