Whats New In Minecraft 1.16.2 Java Edition?
Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16.2 might be a minor update but its full of big features! Including a new mob, the pilgin brute.
Minecraft 1.16.2 Combat Test Snapshot 6 : Cleaving Enchantment, New Bow Mechanics & More!
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00:00 Intro & Minecraft 1.17 News
01:15 Piglin Brute & Related Changes
02:58 Key Changes in 1.16.2
05:20 1.16.2 Pre Release 1
06:22 1.16.2 Pre Release 2
09:55 1.16.2 Pre Release 3
10:33 1.16.2 Release Candidate 1
11:21 1.16.2 Release Candidate 2
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  • xisumavoid

    Minecraft Combat Test Snapshot 6 is out! rsloft.info/loft/video/l82LsXKvznvUr5w

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      Duy Phạm

      @Potatogaming Me â aua qaqaaaaa quáa aqqaq

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      My dad says if I get 2k subs I'll get a cat!!!! Please help me (:

    • Ur First Sub When u Start A Channel!
      Ur First Sub When u Start A Channel!

      H E L L O.

    • tal taragan
      tal taragan

      How do you write those emojis?

    • Teo Terror
      Teo Terror

      Hi X ei shuman void

  • Jet

    where do you get the emojis.................................

  • Die2infinity

    When is bedrock getting this update


    How to get emoji? Can any one answered me please

  • Ricky Lancer
    Ricky Lancer

    Piglet brute is just a girl with a pighat🐷☺️ Now u can't unsee it😈

  • Harold McBroom
    Harold McBroom

    I wish they would add a recipe to convert xp points into bottles to form xpbottles we can store away in chests, later use for books, etc.

  • Franco Palacio
    Franco Palacio


  • MAC


  • japoll2.7

    how to get those emojis

  • Miguel

    they should add like a goblin hut

  • Apri Muharom
    Apri Muharom

    Can anybody explain how to remove enchantmen to the book in this version.. i don't know how to do that because i am a beginner in Minecraft

  • shirion

    Damn I love these type of vids, especially Because I recently got java, especially from X

  • Kyle

    I think they should add Nether villages. With crops grown on soul sand, piglin villagers and Gold golems.

  • Mikey Mladi
    Mikey Mladi

    So you can also activate trip wires using trowable items now.. That's cool.

  • Deva Priya Dhar
    Deva Priya Dhar

    if you spawn a brute piglin or a normal piglin in overworld it will become a zombified piglin

  • Midnight 90
    Midnight 90

    They should make new weapons for each update.

  • You're In Luck
    You're In Luck

    The Best Thing The Update Fixed: TAB CLOSING THE INVENTORY FINALLY!!!!!! 😭😭😤🤧😄😁😄

  • mike van laar
    mike van laar

    what is that menu you use to change gamemode?

  • Максим Галайчук - Mypka_Max
    Максим Галайчук - Mypka_Max

    [9:00] I remember when the Nausea effect used to distort the screen.

  • Jade The Great
    Jade The Great

    herobrian was removed in this update, it says in the patch notes

  • mystery character
    mystery character

    i remember when i first got to the nether i started by getting to the fortress and fighting undead, and here i am, running from an oversized pork. ironic btw

  • pan pizza
    pan pizza

    9:48 But you can't push bedrock

  • Jorge Mendez
    Jorge Mendez

    anyone know how to get the emojis?? idk how to get them

  • LThirty6

    6:59 the reason why cocoa beans, lapis, bonemeal and ink sacs were together with the dyes is because they could be used as dyes before the release of 1.14 (Not relevant: 8:40 “Charged Creepy”)

  • SmashFocus

    2:21 did anyone notice he got pigstep?

  • Double B
    Double B

    Anyone know how to get those new symbols?

  • cong luong
    cong luong

    these quality of life changes are awesome

  • Victor Vu
    Victor Vu

    cave update please!?

  • Victor Vu
    Victor Vu

    1.16.2 moon mod but datapack

  • TheWolf Muffin
    TheWolf Muffin

    Do we really need more piglins?

  • Rojune Dayle C. Tapaya
    Rojune Dayle C. Tapaya

    "Piglin Brute cant be Distracted by Gold" Ellie = The player giving something to piglin Henry = Gold The Guards = Piglin

  • Jefferson diaz
    Jefferson diaz

    I have it on tlauncher only 5kb

  • lefty Pabilona
    lefty Pabilona

    I think ender update or new mobs

  • Sueur De Mouton
    Sueur De Mouton

    9:47 in any case you cant even push bedrock bruh

  • FwumFwum

    You can instantly teleport anywhere in your world if you throw a ender portal on water that is effected by soul sand, the ender pearl will stay there and not activate you can then use a piston to hit the pearl teleporting you. Ethos discovered this I believe

  • hsh

    Hahaha a MINOR update good one

  • Ghostboy 6577
    Ghostboy 6577

    How do you get out of 1.17.1 it's not a cave update

  • Electron1303

    shield or acorn? lol

  • Tristan

    Anyone remember when the game used to be fun back in 2013 lmao. rippp

  • Gabriel Howell
    Gabriel Howell


    • Gabriel Howell
      Gabriel Howell

      What? I didn't comment this wtf.

  • StarchyMC


  • Aliaan

    I like the day we live in, it’s been like 2 months of 1.16 and Minecraft is already talking about 1.17!

  • Weblet

    some one is gonna make a e pearl launcher with the new water physics

  • The Epic Gaymer
    The Epic Gaymer

    Almost Everyontent why did they add that. Its so not worth it to go to bastions now. :((( Me, an Intellectual: *knows the loot got heavily buffed with average 2 chest rate for a netherite ingot in treasure rooms and there is actually quite a few ways to completely invalidate brutes very easily*

  • Oreoz and Chill
    Oreoz and Chill

    Everyone: talking about the video Me: whats happened to the apostrophe in the title and thumbnail?

  • Ketsueki

    I'm gonna roast my friend later since he didn't update the server to paper 1.16.2 Because he said "The update is not that much anyways"

  • certified bruh classic
    certified bruh classic

    How do you get the icons I need to know please

  • ToastDog

    Personally I've noticed a mob bug in 1.16.2, where certain mobs appear completely white. So far I've noticed it affecting horses and villagers.

  • FastRed

    Everyone wants a cave update, but I want a farming update, one that would add new crops, such as corn and some structures such as silos, I also think that the cave update will come out in 1.20 fsr

  • the official spongeman ice cone
    the official spongeman ice cone

    Sony and Microsoft needs to allow mods

  • Hameleosha De Hoga
    Hameleosha De Hoga

    4:25 wow, that world generation looks very simillar to my minecraft survival world! I know that it's different but it has a simillar vibe with those overhangs of mountains, and i built my house on top of one!

  • Ldrey Araula
    Ldrey Araula

    Mojang:update the nether Veteran players:"WANTS A F*CKIN CAVE UPDATE"

  • golden alker
    golden alker

    4:00 I have the same seed

  • ibrahim atif
    ibrahim atif

    I am a new player and I could not understand what to do in single player survival please answer it or make a vedio

  • ronnn

    what about mobile devices lol its unfair

  • ZeroBlock50 MC_player
    ZeroBlock50 MC_player

    PC:Cosume World portal Mobile:Regular portal

  • oMqngo

    how do you get those emojis in the game?

  • Seeberg

    6:00 not to worry anybody but that 2/3 icon looks a bit like a familiar symbol i saw in my history class. hmm, if I only remembered.

  • Crazed Muppet
    Crazed Muppet

    8:39 a changed creepy??????

  • ElNico56

    what's that menu at 2:08 ? what mod is it?

  • Lvlup Tim
    Lvlup Tim

    Btw PhoenixSC made the piglin brute

  • Raven desu
    Raven desu

    Piglins are just anime girls in pig hoodie.... Change my mind

  • Yegroid

    I wanna know how he's under 90 fps with his game looking like that and those specs

  • Obbyville

    Bedrock: *Cries in the corner with no update yet*

  • Tuan Tanahaku
    Tuan Tanahaku

    Before this also totem gibe fire resistent

  • Holy Ravioli
    Holy Ravioli

    9:50 i can't tell if this helps bedrock breaking machines or breaks them

  • EyeAm Necyrb45
    EyeAm Necyrb45

    Your player skinnies funny

  • Grupith

    3:24 such a big deal!

  • Thunder McCormick
    Thunder McCormick

    Xisumavoid you forgot to mention how chain blocks can now be waterlogged

  • ABEL

    Excuse me 1.16.2? Screw it time to play!

  • Person that is existing
    Person that is existing

    9:50 i know its for effect but the reason the piston wouldn't push is because Bedrock ist pushable in the first place

  • matthew k
    matthew k

    How do you get the emojis on the thumbnail?

  • Sebastien Suter-Ternynck
    Sebastien Suter-Ternynck

    i was playing the randomized version of 1.16.2, and got netherite scraps and ancient debris from a loot table that seemed to be from the bastion. i wonder why?

  • Sofia Young
    Sofia Young

    How do you make the emojis

  • Leosuprem54

    5:40 How do you put the emojis?

  • Setofaro

    I don’t like the new combat changes

  • Theodore Mananquil
    Theodore Mananquil

    The MC devs heard Scars wish

  • Angelo_ 265
    Angelo_ 265

    idk why this pop up my mind but you can actually dual blade like kirito with diamond sword and netherite diamond sword

  • Azurite

    Minecraft has always had access to unicode characters. I got banned for using the sickle and hammer once

  • Xedlord

    Didn't the Piglin Brute get added like 3 months ago?

  • GZ FaLcoNZ
    GZ FaLcoNZ

    9:47, you put bedrock, ofcource it cant push it :|

  • Omnipotent TM
    Omnipotent TM

    I wonder this will affect dream's speedrun.

  • Gienia Nasłuchuj
    Gienia Nasłuchuj

    We need Crimson and warped boats

  • Ender Stine
    Ender Stine

    soo 1.17 is apperantly a revamp of the adventure update (i think ive only been told this can someone confirm)

  • sweetiekpoppie

    why is he getting like 80 fps with an i9 and rtx 2080ti? lol its minecraft

  • Just Some Rat In a Pie
    Just Some Rat In a Pie

    Unpopular opinion but what if 1.17 was an enchantment update? Like they rework some enchants add more like maybe an enchant that is max lvl 1 u put it on each piece of armor and it will give you more hearts?

  • TheStr1k3r

    2:08 how did u do that???

  • JLM Studios
    JLM Studios

    I was so confused when he said 25 hearts is 2.5 times more then the players at first. Then I realized I’m the only one who counts knows that half a heart is actually a whole heart according to a book I read in the 4th grade lol

  • NickMortuus

    Diamonds are forever

  • Chisei 07
    Chisei 07

    We ask for vertical slab and cave update and they are working at neither of those THEYRE MAKING AI

  • NirvanaKartana

    Yes! I was really pining for blackstone to be made renewable

  • BlindingLight

    This year I am not missing minecon. Not this year.

  • Amine Moha
    Amine Moha

    Hey guys I never played minecraft , can you tell me which version should I start with , and is it better on pc or ps3 ?

  • Eisle ederosas janao
    Eisle ederosas janao

    Can i have a question how to download this new version pls you guys answer my question😅

    • somebody1596

      you need to manually download it.

  • Hipperigly

    Minecraft: you can now change potion FOV Me who has Quake Pro FOV: no I don't think I will

  • adankseason ADS
    adankseason ADS

    1:02 *Month

  • Sharkboy69 The only sharkboy
    Sharkboy69 The only sharkboy

    I can you what is new the fact that Minecraft freezes and crashes your switch whenever you try to play Minecraft me and all of my other friends who play on nentendo switch the same thing happened all the time

  • Coochie Crumbs
    Coochie Crumbs

    5:37 2020 Be like

  • Bird Brain
    Bird Brain

    how do you use the emoji things?

  • Clutchyy -
    Clutchyy -

    Hello everyone, my name is Clutchyy and I'm a small content creator trying to grow my channel. I have a new Survival series I'm currently working on and any support would mean the world to me. I know self promoting is kinda lame but I hope you will give me a chance anyway! Thank you and have a fantastic day! :)