Minecraft Java Edition : Get Your Free Cape & Account Migration!
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Your Minecraft Java Edition accounts will need migrating in the near future!
Java Account Migration: A Fun Announcement by Dinnerbone
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00:00 Intro
00:38 Account Migration Info
03:36 Free Cape!
04:10 Questions & Answers
05:50 Secret Hint
#minecraft #minecraftnews #accountmigration

  • xisumavoid

    Apologies for the late video! I was streaming Infinifactory. If you haven't caught the latest news on 1.17 check this video out : rsloft.info/loft/video/fZhkrIyzpaKpboI

    • doctor wings
      doctor wings

      @Dylan's Kerbals it's just changing ur email. i haven't noticed anything big or different

    • Dylan's Kerbals
      Dylan's Kerbals

      I hate this I don't want to use my Microsoft account for Minecraft java

    • doctor wings
      doctor wings

      @Hidde Vink huuu yes

    • Hidde Vink
      Hidde Vink

      Can you still use a optifine cape

    • doctor wings
      doctor wings

      @ZOHAR 999 it's only during the nether update 1.17 will probably change it again

  • Java Bucket
    Java Bucket

    “Mo-yang” Bruh

  • njtProductions


  • Lucas Crispo
    Lucas Crispo

    I hope mojang doesn’t monetize Java because then it’s the same as bedrock at that point

  • Imbest 12
    Imbest 12

    I need elytra cape so I can flex that I heated Enders dragon but the truth is it’s a cape

  • Clash Robert
    Clash Robert

    I already have a legacy account and a microsoft account with the exact same credentials, what am I going to do?

  • Ethan S.
    Ethan S.


  • Vmegacool

    XD very nice to get a free cape it looks nice

  • EE V
    EE V

    im bedrock, do i still get one?

    • EE V
      EE V

      @dave davidson oh, thanks for telling me

    • dave davidson
      dave davidson


  • Sopliak _08
    Sopliak _08

    I wanna ask something... I have PS4 Bedrock Edition and I have it connected with my Microsoft account and I wanna buy Java Edition for my PC and when I buy it and we will migrate can I still use the Microsoft account that I have connected with my PS4 Bedrock Edition to connect the Microsoft acc with The Java Edition?

  • Julius Gustafsson
    Julius Gustafsson

    God. If they make more money off Java like Bedrock I will honestly quit

  • Xtreme Gamer 7 million
    Xtreme Gamer 7 million

    this will only affect the pirating community

  • CeNedra Lea Heldra
    CeNedra Lea Heldra

    Thanks heaps for this.

  • Slgnal

    Free caps wow . Those capes are gonna be so useless cuz everyone is gonna have it

    • Slgnal

      It dosent feel special

  • Short DreamSMP Clips
    Short DreamSMP Clips


  • TheOnlyGondonka 500
    TheOnlyGondonka 500

    They're going to add paid skins and paid resources packs (Microtransactions)

  • EverSo Strange
    EverSo Strange

    Kcuf Microsoft and their predictory micro transactions

  • Coordinate Plane
    Coordinate Plane

    Guys it’s not that serious, It’s a winning situation for everyone, - free cape - Security - Child safety - Easy access to all of your Minecraft games Microsoft won’t take over Minecraft because they already would’ve since they can if they want to. Everything stays the same except you login using your Microsoft account.

  • LawlessSentry

    We are at 'Extend' phase of Microsoft's "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish".

  • the deovotional songs gang
    the deovotional songs gang

    I use mc leaks how will i get then

  • No Homo
    No Homo

    Finally im so happy! I get a cape!

  • NoobyRektYou

    I feel like a lot of people complaining in the comments didn't watch the video

  • DaniLoRiver

    This is legit gonna KILL Minecraft's playerbase, what were they THINKING?!

  • Nooxi


  • ImAcidic

    It's a dumb idea

  • Muko

    M$ needs to stop messing with things. Sigh, this seems like a step towards "getting the Java player base under Microsoft's control." I feel like they may start blocking old versions soon... and as some have said in the comments here, fill the game up with micro-transactions (and annoying ads and pop ups for them in game). I was already having a problem with the changes they are making in this game lately to legacy mechanics, but was trying to tough through it, and use data packs where I could. This "migration" may be the reason I permanently shelve this game.

  • Xidyn

    Rip people who paid for optifine capes.

  • ItsKyrexed _
    ItsKyrexed _


  • xSynaptic

    what if i dont migrate my account .-.

  • WumboAnimation

    What if you no longer use the email you used for your mojang account?

  • Snofi

    I hate Microsoft e-mail they are the worst, I lost my first Microsoft account cuz it's really hard to recover it because it's Microsoft they are just bad. but I am really scared losing the account with Minecraft, cuz Microsoft recover e-mail is the worst!

  • HaniThePokemon

    I am kinda sad of the change but its better for the long run...

  • Andrew Byi
    Andrew Byi

    can't wait to get this new cape

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer

    Yeah, we all knew it would come to this. Even though it was promised that minecraft would stay an independent project. Next up end of development of Java-ed.

  • Vb2

    Mojang: We are going to migrate accounts Community: Nooooo you cant do that for no reason Mojang: Free capes Community: Yes.

    • RedToad Plush
      RedToad Plush

      Community: this is an awful idea Mojang: Would you do it for a cape? Community: •_•

  • _Bigu_ gaming
    _Bigu_ gaming

    What if u use clients

  • Demon Ascended
    Demon Ascended

    I think I’m already moved over though

  • raptorpantz11

    Wow when I saw this in my recommendation I was like oh wow free capes, but now I’m just worried.

  • Grim Endstone
    Grim Endstone

    me, waiting for a new minecon so i can get a legitimately cool cape: *angry MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM*

  • Raylo

    I haven't got any notification email about this. am I going to be shut out?

  • DaTree

    I....I...just bought an optifine cape a few minutes ago....

  • Alexander Collins
    Alexander Collins

    Ok so i have a slight problem, i have a legacy account, without email, or atleast i dont use it to log in since i lost my email, what do i do, make a new email for my account?

  • RockyRoadstheRogue

    I could literally write paragraphs on why this isn't a big deal.

  • Ethan Hopkins
    Ethan Hopkins

    How does his armor look like that??

  • JamessYT

    is it even possible to get a java account that isnt banned?

  • Michael Abbo
    Michael Abbo

    There is nothing good to come out of this, period.

  • Jay Hill
    Jay Hill

    so i use the same email for my minecraft java account, AND for my microsoft account. would this be okay or would i have to migrate it to a whole new microsoft account?

  • Moz

    When is this coming?

  • Pluto Projector
    Pluto Projector

    Does that mean we will be able to obtain Xbox achievements??

  • Paul Kurz
    Paul Kurz

    wow so dumb...

  • ابوالفضل مکرمنیا
    ابوالفضل مکرمنیا

    is making new msa free

  • ASoundlyBlur

    Have you read the article they said it will only add 2fa the way you sign in and remember when minecraft java was going to be phased out you dont need to be so rude.

  • KatyaThings

    Ima stick to my OptiFine cape

  • Ra Senché
    Ra Senché

    i wish it was a green cape.. i already have the minecon 2012 cape.. which it blue+goldenpickaxe. but i just prefer green.

  • Lauren Reid
    Lauren Reid

    Nooo I’m a bedrock player! Oh well

  • megatrook

    "authentification" omg

  • Calvin

    I'm not really happy with this. I have Two Java accounts, got a Free Bedrock (Windows 10) account for having an old Java account, and another Two Bedrock accounts, one for PS4 and one for Pocket Edition. What am I supposed to do. I already have two Microsoft accounts. I don't need another Two for my Java accounts ffs.

  • txic.

    dude microsoft is literally gay

  • AFallingTree

    no, absolutely tf not. this game can not fall victim to this scummy money driven scheme. you can scam money out of bedrock players all you want, but dont touch my childhood java edition. i never thought i would say this but, this is genuinely something that will make me quit minecraft as i dont plan on ever making a microsoft account.

  • Syyronix

    if they're gonna give us a cape for inconveniencing us, they could atleast design a cape that looks a little better than red on the bottom, black on the top with a yellow x

  • gemwhisperer 819
    gemwhisperer 819

    bro what if i already have a microsoft account?? im worried now

  • Thomas Bailey
    Thomas Bailey

    R.I.P to all the people like me who never got a Mojang account option, and instead created an on mobile, which only had a Microsoft account option.

  • oOXenon TitareOo
    oOXenon TitareOo

    I just hoped for getting win 10 edition because of migration... After all, I've bought the game? WHY do I need to buy again anyway?

  • ThePlagued Doctor
    ThePlagued Doctor

    Perhaps hD skins from bedrock are finally coming? Maybe that’s what the outfit things about?

  • PGFetus

    Are the free capes going to be customizable? I'm not too excited if thats the case, because I love the exclusivity of optifine capes

  • GoldenLock

    this cape is ugly i hate this new update goodbye minecraft im quitting

  • Hugo Cheung
    Hugo Cheung

    wait cuz i can't play in these few weeks can i migrate even after the batch im in passed?

  • Daniel Feneck
    Daniel Feneck

    Calling it now. 2 patches off having an in game Java shop. Maybe 3.

  • Intro.artist. mashal
    Intro.artist. mashal


  • mysticmaniac537

    what will this mean if we use badlion or some other client?

  • RyderK YT
    RyderK YT

    Big rip my email dosnt send me things that get sent to me :(((((

  • Firestardude

    Early 2021 Minecraft will literally be the “when a game introduces a free skin” meme

  • a dry cough
    a dry cough

    will i get a cape if my account was made using a microsoft email?

  • Javas ramadhani
    Javas ramadhani

    well im not gonna be able to play mc now :( email is gone :(

  • Adri King
    Adri King

    I hope they make combat and PVP more fun again

  • rishian dalida
    rishian dalida

    can u migrate now?

  • Vakaris

    Next announcment: In order to play Minecraft Java you have to give Microsoft all access to you computer. And you will get a cape! Ofc we will be monitoring your installs and if you download a mod - BOOM you're in the back of a swat van.

  • Vakaris

    What are they thinking like actually I-

  • Iska Mag
    Iska Mag

    microsoft: hi- hardcore fans: *no*

  • socerk56 !
    socerk56 !

    Welp, at least i have my microsoft account already, and i have acess to my E-Mail.

  • Lady Ivy Vine XIII
    Lady Ivy Vine XIII

    I am extremely unhappy with being force-choked into getting an Xbox account. I have zero interest in using either an Xbox or the windows store. Why the f*ck should I be forced into getting an Xbox account that I will literally only ever use with Minecraft? I would be much happier sticking with my Mojang account and them actually upgrading that system. A bloody cape is not worth the BS train that is Xbox microtransactions. This is honestly just corporate coercion no matter what PR Spin you put on it and I am disappointed that Mojang is on board with it.

  • Achu-

    Xisuma, to be honest, you're being too naive or oblivious to what Microsoft, a mega Corporation is trying to do with it this just makes it so much worse, i'd rather you take down this video, or a follow up since it's kind of misleading in a false sense as if it's nothing unusual. This whole account migration thing smells really bad.

  • Techno25

    The line about outfits, if it’s hinting at a character creator we can only hope it isn’t the microtransaction ridden version like in bedrock, but in my heart I know it probably wouldn’t be like that. There’s no reason for this account migration other than Microsoft having control over our accounts, so we can only theorize what might happen.

  • Sasuke.tobeee _Minecraft
    Sasuke.tobeee _Minecraft

    U sound like ibxtoycat

  • Juan Ramon Cruz
    Juan Ramon Cruz

    Its a good thing that i have a Microsoft account

  • Its Devin
    Its Devin

    This is deffinatly for the best. And the free cape doesnt hurt at all 😉

  • Snappy

    Will this spell death to the modding community? :/ or will players will be able to still host their own servers?

  • Bladz

    will minecraft be free

  • insert funny name here
    insert funny name here

    oh come on what is the Minecraft community pissed of at now

  • MartinH

    Mojang: We've pretty much finished this cliff and caves release, in fact we've shown off most of it in action. Microsoft: Yeah, please just hold that release date until we've migrated everyone.

  • Петар Лавчиски
    Петар Лавчиски

    Huge f

  • Ian Studios
    Ian Studios

    So if i dont migrate i won't be able to play my minecraft on the PS4 because my Microsoft account does not have the same worlds as my ps4 account and if i migrate it to the same email i will lose my worlds

  • Jazico

    thanks alot :D

  • Am73n 7
    Am73n 7

    first of all "Improved Parental Controls"= hell for me if my parents find out about it and also after hearing them talking about the outfit thing im deeply scared java is going to turn into bedrock edition

  • Jur Hoekman
    Jur Hoekman

    I hope we get multiplayer with friends in local singleplayer worlds

  • Steal the painkillers
    Steal the painkillers

    They're going to add minecoins and emote bullshit to java with this I bet

  • Ritvik S
    Ritvik S

    Wait what if I don’t have access to the email I signed up with anymore. Do I still need to confirm my email change from the other email? Please someone help me

  • Mercony

    People are saying they are concerned about what Microsoft would do. I don't think they will have that much control. As Minecraft states its for security reasons. They might have controls over accounts but I think Minecraft would limit it.

  • Green

    Mojang should make a special loyalty cape for players whove owned an account since like 2011

  • CNC295

    This will utterly decimate modded Minecraft

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Kao Kokain
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