Minecraft : Enchanted Shulker Boxes (Inventory Update Suggestions)
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This video has suggestions for a much needed inventory update. Enchanted Shulker boxes! A way to empower them and help with inventory management. Could Minecraft 1.17 could include these changes?
Shulker Box Viewer Mod (Fabric)
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00:00 Intro
01:22 Shulker Box Viewer Mod
02:22 Vaccume
04:20 Placer
06:12 Double Up
06:35 Backpack
07:01 Ender Power
08:22 Extra Inventory Slots

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  • xisumavoid

    A mod was made to add these enchantments! See it in action here! rsloft.info/loft/video/X6WKlJvHzWm2hqA

    • Alex Oswald
      Alex Oswald

      The linking shucker box is so op because you could deposit in one and have a hopper pull out of the other one

    • School Gaming
      School Gaming


    • George

      I've always felt like Minecraft should have some kind of "backpack" item. Maybe crafted with a chest surrounded by leather? Where you can equip it (on the chest part of your armour) and it gives you an extra few rows of inventory space

  • Logan Kessler
    Logan Kessler

    Placer should maybe just be with pickblock

  • Elf Spy Network
    Elf Spy Network

    Backpack would be great for a server I play on, and Ender power could be great for the HermitCraft server with your shopping style. You can have one ender power shulker at a farm and another in your shop buy, sell and restock easily, heck it can also be a great hotline to players I agree with you on the 1st Placer being worse, what if you want to place the shulker down?

  • Hudson Newhouse
    Hudson Newhouse

    How did you duplicate the hermitcraft server? Are you the host?

  • Gladiator77 - Minecraft
    Gladiator77 - Minecraft

    Someone actually agnowlaged controller players 😯

  • Паркет ТВ
    Паркет ТВ

    This mod: Enchantments for shulkerboxes Me: *DOUBLE SHULKERBOXES*

  • Michel Fugers
    Michel Fugers

    3 weeks later, Mojang announced bundles. CoInCiDeNcE??!?1

  • Frostium

    I think the ender box should be a new type of block and would cost a lot to craft, maybe in the end update if that ever comes out? It would allow us to do wireless Redstone which is cool.

  • Frostium

    3:57 *keralis bee flies by*

  • Darth Pro
    Darth Pro

    Love these ideas. also, would it hurt to have one more hotbar slot and have the hotkey for it be 0?

  • joelmendy


  • joelmendy

    FYI: The word "enchantment" is misspelled in the video thumbnail ("ENHCHANTMENT"). I've always enjoyed your informative, thoughtful, and detailed content. Thanks again, m8!

  • William Pena
    William Pena

    There should be a ender shulker box instead of an enchantment, just a portable ender chest instead of that op enchantment that links shulkers. Edit: Netherite shulkers should be a thing

  • Aarav's Diamond Chest
    Aarav's Diamond Chest

    i am the 300th dislike. (i like the vdeo but i really wanted to be the 300th dislike)

  • Jack Marino
    Jack Marino

    Players and Mojang just need to bite the bullet and realize that the UI is outdated by several updates. Expand the inventory space by a row and a column. Have greater detail about stats (hearts/hunger/exp). Update the player hand. These are things that need to happen.

  • KhillikiaLea W
    KhillikiaLea W

    Love these ideas.

  • RJ streemer
    RJ streemer

    X thats not how u spell vacuum weird but its actually spelt vacuum

  • Roopal Rastogi
    Roopal Rastogi

    Maybe there should be a button that puts all the respective items in the inventory to the chest, shulker box , barrels, ender chests(excluding trapped chest)Button design suggestion- ------------->

  • Aaron Kuehner
    Aaron Kuehner

    I like the idea of a public ender chest for cooperative building. Or some kind of remote chest feeding enchantment/mechanism. Like you said, probably overpowered though.

  • Chris

    Sorry but uh vacuum*

  • TheAulto

    Maybe pants could be upgraded to get pockets for storing food lol Upgraded chest plate to combine with elytra too perhaps Double shulker box and ender chest could easily be added in the game imho

  • MichaelTheEpic

    "feeder"/"placer" enchantment should have a catch to make it not-so-op, basically, the shulker box will NEED to be in your left-hand slot for it to work, and if you have multiple items in the shulker, they will go one at a time from slot 1 at top right, all the way to the last slot in the bottom left.

  • null

    Homie is just trying to make /dank/null in vanilla

  • Helix Hive
    Helix Hive

    Maybe an adittional slot in the inventory so that you can wear a chestplate and elytra at the same time

  • Ryker Edits
    Ryker Edits

    Infinity Inventory

  • Coletje

    Hey X, Nice ideas, I like the Vacuume, Shulker Box Viewer and Double Up a lot. The others, not sure. However, I have another idea for a new block, since I think you have some contact with Mojang, maybe if you like it, you could pass it along :P A Minecraft mailbox. The idea came to me when you spoke of the linked shulkers, but this would be limited to linking only 2 together, expensive to craft perhaps. You can link max 2 mailboxes together, limited to default storage, so 27 slots, or maybe even only 5 or 9,. Let's say a multiplayer server friend needs some blocks, we have a mailbox linked up in each other's bases, so you just dump the in the mailbox and they can take them out. Or you could put 1 in your mine shaft and one in your storage area, go mining, dump some stuff there. I don't think it would be too overpowered since it would be an expensive craft, maybe comparable to Lodestone, has limited amount of slots,, can't be hopper-emptied, same as your ender chest, and it might be a nice addition. X, what do you think?

  • Call me Buddy
    Call me Buddy

    i cannot figure out how to use the shulker box viewer mod, im hopelessly useles at that sorta thing right now. and none of the youtube videos ive found use the same mod from the description either

  • Gem Hunter
    Gem Hunter

    there's a mod called Dank Null that adds a box with placer and vaccume, and extra room

  • zac h
    zac h

    The "backpack" enchantment, or just overhaul upgrade to minecraft..have an armor slot for your shulker, once placed it opens a vertical side window with the slots and items. Similar to adding a chest to a donkey (or similar to the second window showing all the crafting recipes, but it would be on the right)

  • Donnie Howard
    Donnie Howard

    the last one would be cool. but instead of several different buttons (arrow, throwables, food etc..) just have a toggle button that cycles through your off hand, you could save up to 4 items to have and when you push this new key, it brings that item to your off hand for use.

  • Winston Phong
    Winston Phong

    If you can go into creative, do you run hermit craft?

  • Viswanathan A
    Viswanathan A

    I personally like Placer enchantment more than feeder as the latter one could way too powerful for items like food and portion of not limited to just blocks...

  • Aurell Oyell
    Aurell Oyell

    I like your last suggestions that would be good for new combat systems

  • Caged Egg
    Caged Egg

    At first I had guessed that the vaccum would work like terraria's new void bag, or maybe even where it absorbs all item pickups until it can't ens then they continue going into your inventory. as it is it feels like yes it should be 'able' to do this, but you should still need all reserved slots to use it like this, as I feel the sorting could be less intuitive and more complicated than the simple fill order system. Also yes doubling the enderchest sounds great. maybe if you place two enderchests next to eachother is when you can see the second three rows, like how item location in the chest is dealt with when making and breaking double chests. I do think that while an ammo slot seems a bit off for a game with only arrows, a shulker enchant or shulker variation related to fletching would be nice, to draw from when firing and have arrows picked up be automatically placed inside. Along with something similar, like a shulker of gluttony and one of brewing. obviously with better names than I can make.

  • I eat CEREAL!!!
    I eat CEREAL!!!

    Eat your cereal

  • Alissah Kat
    Alissah Kat

    I really like the last idea, I would use ender pearls soooo much if I didn't have to worry about limited hotbar space. With an endermen farm you're just swimming in those things, but my hotbar is already so full of food/tools/blocks xD

  • L. P.
    L. P.

    Hey Xisuma I love all of these ideas, especially vacuum. I would love for vacuum and feeder to both work from inside your intventory and act as extra inventory space. of course, you can always die to lava :P

  • Samuel Wikström
    Samuel Wikström

    Kinda feel too moddy.

  • stephen Turner
    stephen Turner

    So my apologies in advance if this was said, soo many posts! The Ender Shulker enchantment could really be OP if it works with hoppers. Think about it, not only do you have a "mailbox" to use with specific people if the linking is independent but it could also be paired with the shopping district to auto fill the shops and with an item filter could bring the diamonds back home instantly as well! Ideally this would be with specific pairing between boxes. Now, which Hermit is going to start the HPS (Hermit Postal Service)

  • TurkeyGoblin

    I've been playing modded lately and it's so hard to go back from having the Dank storage and backpacks. The Dank is the best thing ever. I wish we had it with all its functionality (it can store thousands of one item per space, it automatically sucks them up and can even place blocks).

  • TurkeyGoblin

    Lol why is a zombie breaking down a door at 1:59 AND in creative? Scared the crap out of me and made me think I left my Minecraft afk not paused haha.

  • Rouverius

    Cool idea. My thought was to simply make single chests and shulker boxes wearable; like a backpack. So that it won't be too OP, it would fill your chestplate slot (srry, pun); like the elytra does now.

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen

    The extra slots for arrows/food/throwables don't sound very necessary. The Feeder enchantment could easily be used to "restock" items of those types as well. Also, I recommend you take a look at some of the inventory management hacks used by many hacked clients. I know they are considered cheats, but many are very reasonable to add into the game.

  • Sunny Ost
    Sunny Ost

    Most of these are so obscure lol

  • MysticalMoon

    Idea: Spear: (much like the trident) comes in Wood Stone Iron or Gold, 1 more damage than the sword variant, throwable, can be enchanted with Loyalty and Sharpness or Piercing, Crafted with 2 sticks and 1 of wood/stone/iron/gold. Please make a video on this and reply if you want to see my other ideas

  • Cullen Hutchison
    Cullen Hutchison

    I like all of them except the Placer/Feeder one, which seems too convoluted.

  • cJonah

    “Vacuum” could be called “Autofill” and instead work from inside your inventory. Or still be called vacuum, but I’d love for it to just work from inside your inventory, but exactly the way you said.

  • Countryhumans Malaysia
    Countryhumans Malaysia

    Wait how did you do this?

  • Darwin Maizels
    Darwin Maizels

    The vacuum enchantment should only work if you have it in your hotbar, but you don't need to have items already in it, it just automatically puts it in

  • BigBaby

    Shulkers in a shulker though only one per inventory or enderchest . basically one at a time.

  • Foresthillwolf

    They almost added a quiver to the game

  • June

    Honestly after playing terraria and modded terraria four years and then coming back two Minecraft I’ve grown quite fond of the inventory management systems and also magic storage. Having 4 slots that’re dedicated two ammo helps a bunch

  • Mike Florea
    Mike Florea

    "Vacuume" lol Eat your cereal.

  • ABushInDisguise

    So...Hypixel Skyblock resource sacks in vanilla Minecraft

  • Austin Gibson
    Austin Gibson

    My idea for an inventory management update would be to put a "auto-pickup off" button. Toggling this would stop you from picking up items, useful for when you dont want to pick up junk items

  • McDonalds_Man69

    What if like to see for shulker is the ability to mabey netherite infuse them becuse I being an accident pron mimcerafter has lost a pot of shulker boxes to lava so I'd like to mabey be able to put netherite in the shells or something

  • Mihai Cristian
    Mihai Cristian

    Datapacks ?

  • DustyCivicSi

    Be cool if you could lock and unlock your ender chest allowing other people to see inventory in it too and add and remove stuff or even control permissions

  • Rohan Goyal
    Rohan Goyal

    This will most probably not be seen. But i think that the shulker box ideas can be a little difficult to manage. So how about we could have an additional slot called backpack slot that can only hold 1 shulker box and whatever enchantments u told apply to that particular shulker box ONLY. If u have an enchanted shulker box in that slot u can take use of its enchantment otherwise u cant. That will help in easier managing and cause less conflicts between different shulker boxes. AND this will also help in the 2nd enchantment in a way that u dont have to fill all slots with dirt. Whatever u mine goes to it directly no matter if it was present earlier in the box or not

  • Technonut ;D
    Technonut ;D

    So the placer enchantment you suggested i have a really cool alternative to so when you scroll click something it Will also check all shulker boxes that have item. I feel like this a lot better than both of the ones you suggested

  • K Clark
    K Clark

    I beleive 100% percent of these changes should come especially backpack and ender power which i find interesting that he treated them like the worst

  • Cool Scratcher
    Cool Scratcher

    You put the vacuum intro before the actual demo

  • Geniustav

    The hotbar enchantment: The shulker box looses most of its slots leaving only 9 (-1 becuse the shulker box is in your hotbar) and you cant place it, but if you rightclick while holding it you can change hotbars... This is really useful when building things that require random blocks and you just want to switch to kill some mob

  • Md. Nazrul Islam Khan
    Md. Nazrul Islam Khan

    a mod does this all dank null

  • lil Biscit16
    lil Biscit16

    The Hypixle server has a lot of these in there game

  • Kranky916

    What about a "Randomizer" enchant that worked like "Placer" but would randomly choose a block to place that was inside of it? Maybe that would help Mumbo's mouse wheel? edit: spelling

  • WrendifulVideos

    Feeder looks good, but man Vacuum is where it is at for me! I also think that backpack would more likely just be a new item, crafted with the Shulker Box and some leather.

  • Sir Don Gaming
    Sir Don Gaming

    I think it would be a cool idea to see the contents of shunker box from your inventory but I feel all the other suggestions in this video are OP. the addition of shulker boxes in Minecraft already allows us to hold 972 stacks of items in our inventory and then another 729 stacks in an ender chest which makes 1,701 stacks of items you can have with you at all times so I really dont think we need to add more inventory space. The other enchantments such as Vaccume or placer would also be OP in my opinion because inventory management is an important part of Minecraft and those enchantments would be almost completely removing it. Minecraft is the most sold game in the world at this point in time so it has a ton of people who all want different things added to the game but I feel like more often than not, Mojang are targeting their "softcore" audience with every update which is my biggest complaint about the game. Heres what Im hoping from the next update: Mining needs to be a necessary part of the game again. Its so much easier to walk to the nearest ocean and find a shipwreck full of diamonds and iron than it is to go mining to find that stuff in the early game and that needs to change. Mining used to be the most important aspect of the game but Mojang hasnt done much with it in the past few updates. there are so many alternative ways of getting almost every resource that there is little to no need to go mining anymore and its also gotten so boring due to the fact that there has been no significant changes to mining in years. one easy way to fix this would be to add new ores. If im remembering correctly, the last time a new ore was added to the over world was in 2012 when they added emerald ore. That was 8 years ago! The technical community has been asking for Bluestone for years now, that would be a great addition in the next update! Or maybe Mojang could just spice up the cave generation? Updating the cave generation would make mining a lot more interesting for everyone who simply just enjoys exploring their worlds. It could add underground biomes, structures, lost treasures, and new mobs only found underground. Maybe there could even be a new dimension all about mining? ive played mods that do something similar to this, it will be an entire dimension that is underground to essentially make the world deeper. Im thinking instead of having a traditional portal for it such as the end portal or the nether portal, we could instead just jump into the void at the bottom of the world. Give the nether pickaxe the ability to break bedrock so we can reach the void and then we can just jump in to go to the mining dimension where we can find new ores, mobs, structures and loot. Then you can just tower up to get out of the mining dimension. Leave a comment below on what you think of these suggestions and what you would like to see because I love reading other suggestions. P.S. you spelled vacuum wrong.

  • Niek Goossens
    Niek Goossens

    1 key to switch the offhand slots

  • Dubau

    Shulker, shulker: ability to place shulker boxes in shulker boxes

  • Charlotte Roy
    Charlotte Roy

    For the amount of time I spend mass mining sand on servers, vaccuum would be sooooo welcomed.

  • ORBIT9224

    sooner or latter all of them things will be in game not because of this video because off all of them idea are already things in modded and most of minecraft updates where taken from modded.

  • Elizabeth Ann
    Elizabeth Ann

    With the extra inventory slots, I think it would be cool to have one for Back, so we could wear the elytra, a backpack or a quiver at the same time as a chestplate -- game changing! Also, on the view-inside-shulkers, I would like to hover over and control-click in order to access the inside. It is super annoying to put down, take one thing out, pick back up etc. Lastly, the place-from-shulkers, I like it better when you hold the box to place from what's inside, but make it randomized! that way you can have one for all your solid block palette, one for stairs/ slabs/ etc.

  • Dracoscale Flamefang
    Dracoscale Flamefang

    Here's what I'm thinking: backpacks. Not an enchantment for shulker boxes, but something a little more early game (made of leather maybe?) How I'm imagining they would function, is since they're early game, they'd only add 9 slots and it would replace your chest plate, so it would be a good replacement until you go to the end to get elytra/shulker boxes Also, we still don't know what the fletching table is for. Quivers? : )

  • Game Video's
    Game Video's

    But if you place blocks in a double ender chest and than look in a normal ender chest what do you see

  • Martin W
    Martin W

    Thanks for providing the sections in the description, X! I love having the segmented progress bar.

  • The Ultimate Gamer
    The Ultimate Gamer

    The ender power enchant would be op for item transporing xD

  • Austin Kohler
    Austin Kohler

    I think the placer/feeder enchant should let you pull a stack from a shulker box when you middle click a block if you don't have that item in your inventory. Just like it pulls a stack from your inventory when you don't have it in your hotbar.

  • Geofferey Landinowski
    Geofferey Landinowski

    That Vacuum filter would revolutionize storage systems

  • SolarRanks

    I would like to see a search bar that highlights whatever people search from all gui.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson

    It's 'vacuum', dude.

  • Clara - ThistleBlue
    Clara - ThistleBlue

    Gotta say the feeder enchantment made modded so much easier in the form of a /dank/null

  • Tristan.L.P


  • JoshBricks dotcom
    JoshBricks dotcom

    You should play sky factory 4 with renthedog plz I loved sky factory 3

  • ẓαɢяєԀ •
    ẓαɢяєԀ •

    If you have double enderchest then fill it with items then place one enderchest in another area to pick up those items where will the other half go?

  • dubstep dubstep
    dubstep dubstep

    Ender powernis probably one of my favorite lol that is beastly beautiful

  • Nathan Flores
    Nathan Flores

    I dont want to see the contents in the shulker boxes its called a present

  • Bilakshan Purohit
    Bilakshan Purohit

    That pairing one is OP others are mild some of them can be added Pairing(ender) can be given in creative only like luck potion

  • Sean Inglin
    Sean Inglin

    feeder sounds like the dev-null mod

  • Sarfnic Productions
    Sarfnic Productions

    They keep getting crazier and crazier overtime!

  • The Reluctant Chef
    The Reluctant Chef

    As I'm sure has been said before, all I want is the vanilla tweaks in Bedrock. I'm not switching to Java. My computer likely can't handle it, and every I know and want to play with are also on console and I know at least 2 of them can't play it on their computer. Help some of us out, dear. I want a lot of stuff there, especially the mini-blocks.

  • Epic Drew16
    Epic Drew16

    Yes yes no yes yes yes

  • Adam Worfolk
    Adam Worfolk

    This reminds me of a dank null

  • FeelThinkSayDo

    I think a more 'vanilla' idea would be to introduce a "backpack" item made from either leather and chest (early game). It fits into the chest plate slot and provide no armour so you're not equipped for fighting or flying. Just building and breaking. It gives you an extra 9 inventory slots and can be enchanted to level three storage for another extra 18 (double inventory, double loose everything on death :P). If you unequipped it you'll drop all the items in those slots (like breaking a chest). You can dye it. It'll take damage like any armour so it should be able to be enchanted with unbreaking and mending.

  • Elijah Garcia
    Elijah Garcia

    Wow no love to pocket edition

  • Elias Eisenberg
    Elias Eisenberg

    Idk.... this stuff seems kinda overpowered

  • Gamer Bee
    Gamer Bee

    hello xisumavoid I sent you a email about something i had to ask you also I love your videos so keep up the good work

  • JointOSRS

    MY MAN. I made a comment on a previous video of yours asking how/what you had to be able to see the preview and like 3 days later you post it. I love you.

  • uniibrow

    Good job, thanks

  • skate pirate
    skate pirate

    the backpack one would be really good on non privite servers if you didnt want someone to steal from it