Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w20a Game Mode Switcher & Advancement Overhaul!
Minecraft 1.16 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16 snapshot 20w20a is here and it introduces a new game mode changer menu and many advancements for the nether!
Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w19a Wither Rose Nerfed! Changes To Villagers & Iron Golem Spawning
Minecraft 1.16: Automatic Perimeters and Spawning Potential
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00:00 Snapshot 20w20a
00:24 World Generation & Mob Spawning Changes
02:06 Game Mode Switcher
03:18 Advancement Changes
05:12 Advancement Triggers
06:02 Bug Fixes
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  • xisumavoid

    Thanks for not posting memes! Lets keep it going :-) rsloft.info/loft/video/l9GHyJK70n2Vo4Y

    • Granola Pwnz
      Granola Pwnz

      @Inge van Assenbergh peepee poopoo

    • Andrew

      It’s actually called 20w20b

    • Shawnie Playz
      Shawnie Playz

      @khyllol poopy face

    • Кибердемон

      *_Just realized your skin is The Slayer, and you're telling us updates about hell_*

    • Pedro da silva
      Pedro da silva

      Poopy butt

  • Rafskuy ghastkuy
    Rafskuy ghastkuy

    The Man☺☺

  • poorly drawn
    poorly drawn

    one time I had a basalt and warped forest biome

  • Heydec 34
    Heydec 34

    What mod is this?? The gamemode one

  • Leo sm
    Leo sm

    The gamemode switch not work for me😭😭😭

  • Miau

    thanks :) the gamemode switcher thing helps a lot

  • 野良狐番号55

    damn, I was scared you could switch to gamemode on survival, like with some block or something. Pretty much what I could expect of this update

  • Diyamund

    so the game mode switcher is just alt tab for minecraft gamemodes

  • DenSøsygeHaj

    Nether biome changes

  • DJ Carrot Gaming
    DJ Carrot Gaming

    How to change game mode

  • Micah Lehrke
    Micah Lehrke

    Wait, does Bastion Remnant have a reference to the game Bastion?

  • Barbara Kok
    Barbara Kok

    Why is the nether update not in MCPE?

  • Granola Pwnz
    Granola Pwnz

    Country loooooooode Take me hooooooome To the plaaaaaaaace I beloooooooong Minecraft neetherr Quartz and striderrrs Taaake me hoooome Country looode

  • Joey Caridi
    Joey Caridi

    20w20a in 2020 Mojang you're sure a coincidence

    • Joey Caridi
      Joey Caridi


    • grumpychris

      The first number of a snapshot represents the year the snapshot was released in. The second number of a snapshot represents the week of the year the snapshot was released in. 20w20a was released on the 20th week of 2020 so it has a name of 20w20a.

  • Olix Farwall
    Olix Farwall

    5% chance of getting an endermite from an ender pearl... Never actually seen it in game.


    So they're basically adding Bedrock's soft mob cap, i like it honestly, a more even distribution of mobs wouldn't hurt I just hope they don't sacrifice too much performance with it

  • TheRubyGames

    I can't find nembomb's channel, can someone send me a link?

  • Bob Thelob
    Bob Thelob

    Oh, that’s why I can never find souls and valleys

  • PepperVolt

    Wait, did 20w20a just ruin enderman farms? They were focused on them spawning right next to one another, but now they wont?

  • Proedge1

    Basically alt tab in minecraft

  • Vincent Hole-Ruigrok
    Vincent Hole-Ruigrok

    Feel bad for the people who use their netherite on a hoe

  • Isyraq Firdaus
    Isyraq Firdaus

    Xisuma you missed a secret achievement where you get a fully powered beacon with netherite blocka

  • justin tabaniag
    justin tabaniag

    Xisumavoid PLS PLAY Scrap Mechanic again the survival mode is out and react to the trailer pls. Like so xisumavoid sees this 🙏👍😢

  • Daniel's Grandma
    Daniel's Grandma

    something isnt working right i cant swim when i hold control?i mean in water btw

  • Pooh Bear
    Pooh Bear

    Question. When the game updates does your progress in the snapshot world save and will all my stuff and progress still be there when the update comes out.

  • Armaan Gupta
    Armaan Gupta

    Its my first time seeing a video which s cut into sections, that's really cool!

  • ShadowZeus

    Put what 20b

  • _genny

    Xisuma you you're saying three all wrong man! It has the th sound and not the f sound! you gotta be careful man!

  • RockyRoadstheRogue

    See, I knew Netherite Hoes were trolls from the very beginning. And you can't even burn them!

  • Bkaqu

    Hol up this look like modded terraria 0:40

  • Battlecarrier

    Still missing the customized map option where we could set the biome size to just between normal and XL. RIP customized.

  • Ehlan Gabarro
    Ehlan Gabarro

    i tried to change my gamemode and i accedentaly presst alt +f4

  • Hulkman Melkman
    Hulkman Melkman

    2:00 fidget spinner

  • Amii The Vampire Queen
    Amii The Vampire Queen

    wish they would update the advancements to give players a toggle to turn them off i seriously dont need them when im starting a new world every time

  • Pyxelate

    country loooode, take me hoooome

  • Fr0zen F3ather
    Fr0zen F3ather

    Excuse me but why didn't we get a smooth stone stairs yet?

  • 360o

    do you get an achievement for wearing a diamond armor during sex

  • WolfyRed

    111st dislike

  • MLG Gaming
    MLG Gaming

    i think the devs are either working really hard on making a new boss and a new crafting table type think using netherite this possibly could involve a drop from the boss that you get from killing it in order too get into this new way too craft things wether it be new blocks that you can craft using netherite or something more who knows :/

  • Tdec

    Imo they should add lava fishing which adds a new lava fish and if possible you gain netherite boots but they’re badly damaged and it’s a rare chance to collect. The way you lava fish is by applying lava resistance to a fishing hook that or we get a new fishing hook

  • Caleb Martin
    Caleb Martin

    The change to ice bucket challenge seems very useful for dream's speedrunner vs hunter videos

  • Sudoku Beast
    Sudoku Beast

    You can tell this update is going to be bad as it has 2020 in it

  • Tro:lmaso

    0:52 What do you mean "1%"? I found those things everywhere with no other biome around for hundreds of blocks.

  • Avery Patrick
    Avery Patrick

    I'm glad they balanced the biome generation, especially with now warped forests being more common, which was easily my favorite biome.

  • Caspian Hedbeck
    Caspian Hedbeck

    make a new video theres a new update

  • Kristoffer Norman
    Kristoffer Norman

    Who even cares about achivements?

    • Kristoffer Norman
      Kristoffer Norman

      xisumavoid Seems kind of pointless once it comes to gameplay.

    • xisumavoid

      achievement hunters for one

  • DraCoBluZ

    I don't get it why they not adding new boss in nether

  • Pizza Parker
    Pizza Parker

    Uh uh! Do you see the hidden message?! 20w20a! 2020! Minecraft is doomed!!!

  • Davi Johns
    Davi Johns

    Game mode changer will be super useful

  • Sageton X
    Sageton X

    0:58 Map of the nether looks kinda like moldy pizza tho

  • Evan Scott
    Evan Scott

    They should make a command menu, I feel like this would be especially useful for console players

  • Operator 801
    Operator 801

    Have they fixed the singleplayer lag issues with the internal server? No? No, I thought not.

  • Maxrocks95

    i can'rt really report so i hope people other then me have this issue - sometimes when i go through a portal (only nether but could affect end portals aswell) It doesnt load and insteed gets stuck at getting terrain so i basically have to use task manager and open the game again but it happens again and again

  • Romanian Ace
    Romanian Ace

    Gamemode switcher works *just* like the alt tab shortcut (i believe windows 10 only shortcut)

  • jell0pudding

    that game mode switcher has to be the most pointless thing they've ever added

  • eventlesstew

    You can’t obtain netherite hoes by bartering anymore.

  • Griggz

    can we just talk about how his ender pearl spawned an endermite, I think that's what? 5% chance? lol

  • American Spartan 117
    American Spartan 117

    Me on my way to to abuse spectator mode for avoiding death.

  • Andreas Høidahl
    Andreas Høidahl

    Didn't hear what youtuber he said in 2:00. If anyone else is wondering his name is gnembon

  • Jarno Datema
    Jarno Datema

    Just make a blue jack o lantern already

  • MegaChickenfish

    Huge fan of the gamemode switcher. It's the little things.

  • TheTsar ofAll
    TheTsar ofAll

    Country lode take me home is the best new advancement

  • lolabug67

    5:00 wasnt it always like that? I deflected a shulker thingy and I got the advancement

  • Jude Nelson
    Jude Nelson

    The item_used_on_block advancement trigger looks really useful for creators! Cant wait to see how people use it!

  • OrangePeel Pg3d
    OrangePeel Pg3d


  • Cameron T
    Cameron T

    Jeez loueez X you got an endermite from your enderpearl first try! You have luck that mere mortals can never have...

  • Peridot_Red

    People who already completed Serious Dedication - Good game fellas but now you're gonna regret your life choices.

  • Gaming HQ
    Gaming HQ

    They could've just made it so you could do /gamemode 0, 1, 2, and 3 again....

  • Peter R
    Peter R

    to be honest, I liked the way that some nether biomes were rare.

  • Spingot Goomer
    Spingot Goomer

    Xisuma really be out here trying to make these last few snapshots sound exciting lmao

  • BB_BlackBear

    Can someone tell them maps in the overworld are messed up. I don't know how to report that.

  • Michael Risi
    Michael Risi

    How do you seperate your videos like that?

  • SMP FNaF AR 109 0
    SMP FNaF AR 109 0

    THIS IS 1.15 NOT 1.16

    • SMP FNaF AR 109 0
      SMP FNaF AR 109 0

      grumpychris ok finally this confusein is done for me thanks 😊

    • grumpychris

      @SMP FNaF AR 109 0 I looked up some stuff, and apparently Bedrock Edition is skipping straight from 1.14 to 1.16 so version numbers between both editions will be the same.

    • SMP FNaF AR 109 0
      SMP FNaF AR 109 0

      grumpychris yes, but buzzy bees on bedrock is 🤨 1.14.60

    • grumpychris

      It is version 1.16. Version 1.15, also known as Buzzy Bees, was released on December 10, 2019. Keep in mind that this video is talking about Java Edition, which has a slightly different version number than Bedrock Edition.

  • Davi Games
    Davi Games

    i feel like the gamemode switcher should just be F4 and not F3 + F4

  • TooManyBlocks88

    So warped forests were meant to be rare? When I got to the nether, warped forests were even more than nether wastes!

  • K Sabbe
    K Sabbe

    With f3 changed, how exactly are you supposed to check for coordinates or reload chunks

    • grumpychris

      Just press F3. The gamemode menu appears when you hold F3 and press F4.

  • Кибердемон


  • auxometer

    It's achievements.

    • grumpychris

      They're called advancements in Java Edition.

  • jellly fish
    jellly fish

    I got really freaked out when xisuma said "safely remove honey was taken out" I thought he meant safely taking out honey was now impossible!

  • __ Honeyslime
    __ Honeyslime

    F3+N switches you from creative to spectator and vice versa

  • cooliscool

    I hate my life

  • DawnTreader12

    Wait, when did Xisuma start using the section feature of RSloft?

  • danny van beek
    danny van beek

    Did I miss something??? Where did the f3 menu go since it’s the gamemode switcher now

    • grumpychris

      The F3 menu still works normally. The gamemode menu appears when you hold F3 and press F4.

  • DualRapidmane

    There’s a rare one called weird flex and it’s make a beacon out of nether rite

  • Y H
    Y H

    Who names these advancements? They deserve a raise

  • Egg Man
    Egg Man

    Country lode, take me home, to the biome, I belong, through the forests, and the deltas, country lode, take me home.

  • Aigsup1234

    I have a feeling 1.16 is releasing the same day as Dungeons

  • Azdexter

    ╔══╗╔╗ ╚╗╔╝║║╔═╦╦╦╔╗ ╔╝╚╗║╚╣║║║║╔╣ ╚══╝╚═╩═╩═╩═

  • Argetlam

    There should be advancements for bedrock couse this hole update does nothing to bedrock😥

  • Cube Sugar
    Cube Sugar

    A new snapshot (❎). A new mod killer. (✅)

  • Jack moo Murphy
    Jack moo Murphy

    Gunga ginga


    Who do people say sound like and why is it ibxtoycat?

  • Zackary Hill
    Zackary Hill

    So do you think we are not getting any more new features?

  • Tetroner

    Xisumavoid talking about ganemode switcher Me: looking at bedrock edition with no spectator mode :)

  • Theo Rodrigues
    Theo Rodrigues

    this is the only 20w20a we will get in 100 years.. we still have 20w20b to look forward to

  • Mobcrafter

    Country lode, take me home To the place I belong In the nether, piglin mama Take me home, country lode

  • Christian Hansson
    Christian Hansson

    How did you segment the timeline wtf

  • Aaron Taher
    Aaron Taher

    Why are there only one type of sprouts? There’s just the “Nether sprouts” in the warped form. Because there are both type of everything else, (including the warped and crimson root which act like taller sprouts,) there should really be both the warped and crimson type of sprouts.

  • Elvi Fatma
    Elvi Fatma

    20w20a 20 20 2020

  • Morgan Pecukonis
    Morgan Pecukonis

    Kinda funny this got in the mod topic for youtube