Minecraft 1.16 The New Mobs Of The Nether Update [Minecraft Myth Busting 126]
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1.16 The Nether Update has arrived! In this video we put our new additions to the game through the classic gauntlet of tests to learn all about them!
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  • xisumavoid

    Looking for a 1.16 Fishing Farm? Well this video has a datapack to remedy the nerf. rsloft.info/loft/video/ZdaemZ7Xl4iai4o

    • Анжела Стоилова
      Анжела Стоилова

      I new that the iron Golem doesn't a STRIDER

    • Rainbowfrogs1

      I found something out. If you give a zombie a totem of undying, it will use it

    • The Video Game Boy
      The Video Game Boy

      *#Mythbusting* can Hoglins spawn on Warped Fungi? I know they're afraid of it but I wonder if there's a bug or something to let them spawn and it'd be funny to watch them come Into the world and just run away in fear.

    • The Reckless Gamer
      The Reckless Gamer

      #mythbusting Question: Is it possible to make a strider string farm? Question 2: Are piglin gold farms possible?

    • kian henninger
      kian henninger

      #mythbusting do speed beacons effect soulspeed 3

  • Caitlin Hendrick
    Caitlin Hendrick

    Get rid of zoglins because they kill everything! I also don't like them because they have like 8000 HP. They harm my kitties too. They are too powerful because of their armor and I have trouble defeating them. I also hate how they headbutt my animals. They must be removed!!

  • Stan

    Gangsta till Johnny meets the Piglin Brute

  • Ricky Lancer
    Ricky Lancer

    Piglet brute is just a girl with a pighat🐷☺️ Now u can't unsee it😈

  • Charlie Nelson
    Charlie Nelson

    #mythbusting can you trap a zoglin/hoglin in a soul sand bubble column?

  • Christler Matthew Andres
    Christler Matthew Andres

    He uploaded it when the trailer came out

  • travis miller
    travis miller

    On bedrock I use boats all the time to trap the adult zoglins

  • Renu Kumar
    Renu Kumar

    Oh my God!!! That world has so amazing builds!

  • yo gru
    yo gru

    what do the new neutral nether mob do

  • Black Biro
    Black Biro

    #mythbusting If you make a iron golem or snow golem and they attack a Piglin or Zombie Piglin would they aggro towards you in survival?

  • Konkak88

    I dont understand spawning mech. in the nether? How does each biome work for spawns. what are light levels and blocks that block spawning? The Ghast is the main concern with building in the nether

  • Rupply

    I actually found out this myself: if a piglin holding a cross bow turns into a zombie piglin it wont shoot you with the bow instead it attacks you like a zombie does

  • CRYO hazerd
    CRYO hazerd

    Other mobs won’t catch on fire because they’re half zombie and pig which might have to do with something...


    a zoglin vs a raviger

  • Mendo Kuse
    Mendo Kuse

    anyone know about a purple bug mob? or did i just randomly get attacked by a glitch?

  • SlimeyLuna Wolf
    SlimeyLuna Wolf

    #mythbusting how can u tame the strider?

  • Illogical Thinking
    Illogical Thinking

    on bedrock edition the IsImmuneToZombiefication tag (I might have spelled it wrong) is not on piglins naturally, but it can be added with an third party/external editor, and it works. I have personally tested it using the app "Blocktopograph" on an android phone.

  • shoham gaming
    shoham gaming

    are they hostile or nah?

  • Drew Furgeson
    Drew Furgeson

    the command that makes piglins immune to zombification in the over world isn't working on the PS4. is it PC only that allows it?

  • Purav Shah
    Purav Shah

    #mythbusting does killing a strider with the saddle and zombie piglin give you the saddle?

  • caleb frye
    caleb frye

    #mythbusting because piglins are scared of blue flames are zombified piglins also scared of blue fire

  • Anton Steinhardt
    Anton Steinhardt

    #mythbusting do infinite lava sources work?

  • Jayden Garner
    Jayden Garner

    A new mob was added the Piglin Brute you probably already knew

  • True Ωmega
    True Ωmega

    pause at 6:01

  • Poggle the lesser
    Poggle the lesser

    #mythbusting what happens when you put a baby hoglin in a boat and than you sit in it and what happens when it grows?

  • James Lackey
    James Lackey

    R u gay

  • Lans Titans
    Lans Titans

    #mythbusting is it impossible to change world spawn to nether

  • Wild Fang
    Wild Fang

    #mythbusting Are any of the new mobs able to see you through invisibility?

  • II_P_i_k_a_c_h_u_II

    #mythbusting Question: How many more deaths were added in the new 1.16?

  • Gravity Gravy
    Gravity Gravy

    send johny to nether nether half hour later: all mobs dead...

  • Hans-Jelmer Wester
    Hans-Jelmer Wester

    #mythbusting Are piglins more afraid of a bleu campfire than they are angry at the player?

  • Amanda Eastwood
    Amanda Eastwood

    #mythbusting do the 1.16 mobs take damage from health potions?

  • Croissant Xnsldnjek
    Croissant Xnsldnjek

    💀✨ #mythbusting so me and my friend were building something then we heard this weird noise we tried to find where it came from but we couldn’t find it someone please help!!! ✨💀

    • Croissant Xnsldnjek
      Croissant Xnsldnjek

      And it was different noises each time just another weird thing too 💀

  • Duck Man :D
    Duck Man :D

    #mythbusting A cool feature for the strider is being able to walk on top of mobs. Question: What mobs does this include and how do they react?

  • SHRIIHAN Mukherjee
    SHRIIHAN Mukherjee

    2:55 that's a intended feature. the wither will sometimes accidentally hit and agro an undead mob, so mojang made it so that undead mobs can't damage the wither.

  • Stick Fight Anime
    Stick Fight Anime

    hI great youtube video loved it

  • Boris Johnson
    Boris Johnson

    #mythbusting does the new piglin brute agro normal piglins when attacked?

  • Mr Milk
    Mr Milk

    #mythbusting will the zoglin fight a hoglin

  • Minecraft Master
    Minecraft Master

    Strixisuma is his new name because he is a strider

  • Jaden Gillies
    Jaden Gillies

    "Piglins will hunt hoglins but the baby piglins and baby hoglins are not so racist"

  • My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating
    My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating


  • Santosh Jois
    Santosh Jois

    2:52 The Wither is immune to attacks from any undead mob.

  • Jackson Hicken
    Jackson Hicken

    #mythbusting when pigs get struck by lightning do thay still turn into zombified piglins?

  • smore

    #mythbusting on of them look licke you

  • i'mpasta

    #mithbusting what changes are there to farms?

  • Lovey Jamez
    Lovey Jamez

    is a piglin leadr

  • R.O.T.C SEEM
    R.O.T.C SEEM

    The spawns in the nether is beyond crazy. How do they expect us to fight 25 skeletons, 4 ghast and piglins all at the same time. I say piglins because if any mob attacks them then they will attack you instead

  • Rowan Hensley
    Rowan Hensley

    #mythbusting Some mobs can wear armour. Does soul speed work on these mobs? Does it work on villagers?

  • Thomas Harris
    Thomas Harris

    #mythbusting question: before if you struck a pig with lightning it turned into a zombie pig man, what would happen to the pig now?

  • Evan Koeneke
    Evan Koeneke

    What are the sounds in the caves ive never heared them b4

  • TheWolfDoctor

    Look at 3:24, the baby strider is floating!

  • `•. ̧_ ̧.• ́Rǟʊʟ Mɨȶʀʊȶɨ ́•. ̧_ ̧.•`
    `•. ̧_ ̧.• ́Rǟʊʟ Mɨȶʀʊȶɨ ́•. ̧_ ̧.•`

    #mythbusting Myth: Which mobs from 1.16 can equip an elytra using commands?

  • isbit

    Does piglins spawn in any light level?

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson

    #mythbusting lodestone compasses in frames: if rotated does the needle rotate?

  • Mark levinson Christopel
    Mark levinson Christopel

    striders turn red when they are in lava

  • NickelPincher

    the piglins attack black skeletons but not white skeletons 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Reapsin

    #mythbusting Are the conversions (Hoglin/Piglin) due to overworld, or does sky/sun access play a role, like with burning zombies/skeletons?

  • Electric Linen
    Electric Linen

    I have a new idea for a test ; will a mob drown or not, it seems silly but I think it would be interesting

  • Caleb Au
    Caleb Au

    #mythbusting do piglins and zombifed piglins spawn on crying obsidian?

  • Imperial Drone
    Imperial Drone

    johnny the homicidal maniac

  • Kit

    you forgot the mob that spawns in the bastion

  • Dillon Muir
    Dillon Muir


  • Jacob Schultz
    Jacob Schultz

    #mythbusting will a pig turn into a zombiefied piglin

  • Eldrich

    #Mythbusting soul speed can be faster than ice/trapdoor paths.

  • bobby bower
    bobby bower

    #mythbusting can nether mobs that pick up soul speed 3 go faster on soul soil/sand

  • Jayden Ruiz-Delacruz
    Jayden Ruiz-Delacruz

    #mythbusting do pigs turn into zoglins when struck by lighting?

  • The Video Game Boy
    The Video Game Boy

    *#Mythbusting* can Hoglins spawn on Warped Fungi? I know they're afraid of it but I wonder if there's a bug or something to let them spawn and it'd be funny to watch them come Into the world and just run away in fear.

  • SteveN

    #mythbusting I noticed that the Piglins in the Overworld run around like headless chickens, even if they're immune to the conversion. Will they go after turtle eggs in the Nether?

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown

    #mythbusting question: can a pig still be turned into a zombie pigman/piglen by lightning?

  • Urbanxx

    1:37 *Watches an axe murderer kill mobs* Well that was fun!

  • A.Yogiswar

    plss do a tree farm in 1.16 cause the double sticky piston changes in 1.16 are a bit hard

  • Eli Orion
    Eli Orion

    #mythbusting Infested blocks are significantly more likely to spawn

  • kano currie
    kano currie

    Can you put heads with a dispenser on piglins

  • Bobby Steele
    Bobby Steele

    #mythbusting what does striking a pig with lightning result in, since zombie pigmen were replaced?

  • CrypticPen

    #mythbusting can baby piglins grow into adult piglins?

  • Raptor_GamingRSA

    #myth busting How rare are the different nether biomes. (i know that is isn't a myth but i was wondering)

  • TheFinessedAlpaca1089

    #mythbusting what happens if you lightning strike a pig? Does it still turn into a zombified piglin? I think it turning into a Zoglin makes more sense

  • Evil X
    Evil X

    #mythbusting myth: a pig struck by lightning still turns into a zombified piglin

  • Gregistan

    Undead creatures attacks cant hurt the wither at all so thats why zoglins couldnt hurt it. If normal hoglins would attack it they would probably be able to deal damage to it.

  • SateLight

    #mythbusting Cried obsidian vs Ender Dragon

  • Appleberry Smith
    Appleberry Smith

    Pickle + wall?

  • GrantzStuff

    honestly, Mojang should add a super mode for the striders. and when it gets mad it gets really big and super strong and can be maybe a mini-boss. Lol

  • Conner Subbert
    Conner Subbert

    Does a hoe with fortune get extra drops from leaves?

  • Kyler Smith
    Kyler Smith

    #mythbusting Does a lightning strike still turn a pig into a Zomified Piglin?

  • Jr Madden
    Jr Madden

    I wanna see soul speed compared to other traveling technics

  • Shannon

    #mythbusting Does riding a strider reduce the players fall damage?

  • Durge 46
    Durge 46

    #mythbusting does the looting enchantment effect the number of magma cubes duplicated when killed?

  • Samurai Pipotchi
    Samurai Pipotchi

    #mythbusting Do pigs struck by lighting turn into piglins or zombie piglins? Does being in the nether when you strike the pig change which mob it turns into?

  • Mati100f

    #mythbusting can you mine ancient debris with fortune and get like 3 of them?

  • Charlie Clapp
    Charlie Clapp

    #mythbusting can you smelt a netherite pickaxe down into a netherite scrap like iron and gold?

  • iamamormonmommy

    here's a special command so you can spawn piglins and hoglins with the isimmunetozombification tag //give @p piglin_spawn_egg{EntityTag:{id:"minecraft:piglin",IsImmuneToZombification}} and the other way just change the "piglin"s to "hoglin"s

    • iamamormonmommy


  • Mack Johnson
    Mack Johnson

    What is the piglin-brute detection radius?

  • SquidManEvil

    #MYTHBUSTING Is it possible to make a netherite farm?

  • Ben Forrester
    Ben Forrester

    #mythbusting Do the piglins turn into zombified piglins in the end?

  • Roasted Porkchop
    Roasted Porkchop


  • Roasted Porkchop
    Roasted Porkchop


  • The Ultimate Blank
    The Ultimate Blank

    The Zoglin cant attack the wither because other wise you could just release a bunch on the wither and do it without fighting it, and know they would win.

  • Agric

    There's definitely some subsurface scattering on that thumbnail... did you render that out in blender or something?

  • Josiah Petz
    Josiah Petz

    #mythbusting Are there any new blocks that can be insta-mined with the netherite pick?

  • Ben Fernandez-Sheinbaum
    Ben Fernandez-Sheinbaum

    #mythbusting do piglins convert into ziglins in the end?