Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (The Nether Update Is Getting Close!)
Minecraft 1.16 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 8 was released today and a four others in the days before!
Pre Release 4, 5
Pre Release 6, 7, 8
Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 3 The Fate Of Two Farms!
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00:00 Intro
00:32 Pre-Release 3 Amendments
02:03 Pre-Release 4
03:04 Pre-Release 5
05:20 Pre-Release 6
09:10 Pre-Release 7
10:48 Pre-Release 8
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  • xisumavoid

    Do you like videos covering multiple pre-releases at once?

    • IfrimGb

      No... is no't:)))

    • Wisly Sean Fortu
      Wisly Sean Fortu

      Haha 420th reply... Nice... Btw I like your idea xisuma...

    • utseb1

      yes saves everyone time the viewer and the content creator meaning you

    • Odin Ludvig Ankeraa
      Odin Ludvig Ankeraa


    • Evandbrown


  • Samual Herfran
    Samual Herfran

    Could you change the data of slabs to allow 2 different slabs to mix?

  • Ramiro Ledesma
    Ramiro Ledesma

    In 8:51, the Piglins are not afraid of the campfire, they're afraid of the zombified Piglin

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    3:37 HOORAY!

  • Ph Shadow
    Ph Shadow

    finally potion splash has been fixed. I was so annoyed by that for quite some time

  • Ph Shadow
    Ph Shadow

    how to make those time stamps? ;--; they seen so cool

  • Annamaria Hansen
    Annamaria Hansen

    What is the mod, you used in nether to show the boxes of the fortress, called`?

  • Wizard Brandon
    Wizard Brandon

    what mod showed you the bounderies of the fortress?


    Its kinda dumb where they make farms unable to work

  • Richard Bullick
    Richard Bullick

    12:01 Blast Protection 2 Unbreaking 2 Unbreaking 3 Protection 3 Unbreaking 2 Protection 2 Unbreaking 2 Thorns 1 Fire Protection 2 Protection 2 Protection 3 Projectile Protection 3

  • Bop1

    that one jungle tree burning in the background

  • E Mitchell
    E Mitchell

    YO!! The update is the 23rd OF JUNE!!! THAT'S TOMORROW FROM WHEN I WRITE THIS!!!!

  • Aliaan

    when minecraft is updating itself faster than people can make videos about it

  • The Video Game Boy
    The Video Game Boy

    I've found an abandoned village, I was disappointed because I wanted a villager but it was still worth it because I haven't found a normal village!

  • Loconia Galaxie
    Loconia Galaxie

    TBH, ive had minecraft for along time, and im not very exited about the nether changing, i just like it to be the old one, but you can always change versions!

  • Travis Newbry
    Travis Newbry

    6:16 do hold on is x saying that the zoglin model references two texture files? Or did he just misunderstand. I haven't done any work with the 1.16 stuff yet, and ik x has a bit of r pack experience, so I figured I'd ask rather than dispute it


    1.16 releases on the 23rd

  • AnizyArt

    I like commenting on videos to show support, but sometimes I don’t know what to comment except for saying that the video was great! :D

  • Kayaze

    June 23rd yall

  • Wolvie _50
    Wolvie _50

    Xisuma:doing the intro The jungle forest:aaaaaaa please Someone help We are burning

  • Bigfoot Fighter
    Bigfoot Fighter

    I like the lumpy ones

  • Names Dredgen
    Names Dredgen

    Says zombie villages are rare proceeds to spawn in one and find 3 more less than 5 mins

  • TorteShui

    Thank you for clarifying the nether fortress spawning 😊

  • Ok

    1.16 rc is out

  • Ryaalbin

    5:50 you can search for whatever your heart desires: searches cake

  • Till Nachtigall
    Till Nachtigall

    Oh I'm looking forward to accidentally pressing alt+f4 while trying to switch my gamemode

  • Julien

    Wait zombie village is a thing that exist ?

  • Jack Eason
    Jack Eason

    Are we ignoring the jungle just casually burning down at the beginning?

  • Alexander Taylor
    Alexander Taylor

    Xisuma: "Zombie villages are really rare" Me: **continuesly finds them in creative test worlds** Yea... Rare...

  • Wolf Shadowcaster
    Wolf Shadowcaster

    Bedrock burns forever in the end because of the end crystals.

  • Art3mis Fowel
    Art3mis Fowel

    1:59 I see what you did there

  • LightSwitch

    i read the title as nether updated getting closed

  • After Effective
    After Effective

    Stacked stew!

  • Jared Crites
    Jared Crites

    The update comes on the 23rd!!!

  • FrostByte

    Sometime you doing these vids show the incompetence of some minecraft devs

    • Çentoé


  • Jimthegamer 21
    Jimthegamer 21

    It has now come a rc 1 could you make a video about it?

  • Mackenzie Rader
    Mackenzie Rader

    is this just for the pc ? cuz i dont see any of this stuff on the ps4

  • minorihana

    all these pre-releases and they still haven't fixed the lectern outlines? that's shit's driving me crazy x-x

  • Mehmetior

    At least it looks now like hell

  • FreakzHut

    Oh my god xisuma you scared me so much!!! On the title instead of "close!" i saw "closed!" OMGGGGG

  • Simeon Crawford
    Simeon Crawford

    I thought the mooshroom cows’ head just up and crawled away 🤣 2:50

  • e e g weewoo
    e e g weewoo


  • Minor League Gaming
    Minor League Gaming

    Zombified piglin??? I think you mean zombie pigmen. Piglins are fake.

  • Paweł Korpysz
    Paweł Korpysz

    so no mountains??

  • Cava

    11:26 *sad BDubs lake noises*

  • Kasjan Szczęsny
    Kasjan Szczęsny

    what about the pre relase 4 bed bug ? bed has two hitboxes top and bottom when you destory the bottom it gives you 1 bed but when you destroy the top bit its gives you 2 beds ? xD i discovered it my self when i was playing survival

  • Nick C
    Nick C

    12:08 strider riding a strider in the background :)

  • Otis Fish
    Otis Fish

    What about the snowier snow we were promised? Is that getting it's own update?

  • The Pleased One
    The Pleased One

    where is the fricking warped nether wart mojang? mojang

  • MissingLink 21
    MissingLink 21

    I found a sand undead village.

  • Ezzeldin mohd
    Ezzeldin mohd

    Im pretty mojang will be like 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 14, 15, 16,17,18,19 cuz corona

  • Tfin

    What was up with the water flow in the "grass decays to dirt" demo?

  • Gryffeious Érberion
    Gryffeious Érberion

    4:06 Subscribe to X! ugh so original! XD

  • titas totas
    titas totas

    more ghasts in the soul sand waley..... my soul sand waley was already torn to bits by fireballs. F

  • Brick Master123
    Brick Master123

    Ah yes. My favourite mob, the zomblofied piglin.

  • TheAwesomePlay

    June 23

  • Gabriel Kroepel
    Gabriel Kroepel

    If u look up the realse date it says the 23 of June

  • Peter Streat
    Peter Streat

    That water! Wtf

  • ShadowRocks2

    so is anyone gonna tell him they already announced the release date

  • Spectarium

    1.16 release in 3 days, so hype for it

  • Retro

    i can't wait for forge and optifine for 1.16

  • Korotaxx

    We: five is the update Mojang: just one more prerelease

  • krappypill

    now, *mojang do a cave update*

  • Block Frisbee
    Block Frisbee

    8:43 they were afraid of the zombie piglin

  • Soviet Squishy Cat
    Soviet Squishy Cat

    12:05 does anyone else want that chestplate

  • Soviet Squishy Cat
    Soviet Squishy Cat

    did anyone else think the gold shovel turned into a golden sword cause of the zombie pigman behind him when he was showing how their afraid of soul campfires?

  • regitt

    *3 Days From Now!!!!*

  • Yandere_ Kun
    Yandere_ Kun

    BRUH WHAT THERE'S A GAMEMODE SWITCH MENU? You learn some new everyday...

  • Cool_Cody

    6:50 I recently found 2 of those, not too far from each other in my survival world

  • James Reaper 14
    James Reaper 14

    June 23

  • freetobeyou

    Overworld map mod has changed minecraft for me, I'm surprised there isn't a persistent HUD world map with waypoint creation, sharing, and other quality of life improvements. If you wanted vanilla, you could turn it off...but why would you? Playing over 50+ hours on a new map with an overworld map is so much better; name every base you build, explore more areas, and spot your friends quickly no matter how far away they are. Minecraft currently has no such feature built into the HUD.

  • Vincent Buttitta
    Vincent Buttitta

    The infiniburn on bedrock is probably for the end crystal towers so the fires on them don’t go out

  • Paulo H. Gomes
    Paulo H. Gomes

    Hey guys, my Minecraft new snapshots sounds and the new menu background didn't working. The mobs sounds and new sounds simply don't work, someone help ?

  • Dangit Army
    Dangit Army

    When will snowier snow and goats appear?

  • Valencia Romilo
    Valencia Romilo

    23rd of june will be release

  • Cryst Vex
    Cryst Vex

    when are we ganna get fuckin spectator mode in minecraft bedrock. Ree they always patch good xray glitches. im just a guy tryna find a good seed

    • Çentoé

      Either get a client or use the spectator mode that has been in the game for years

    • Cryst Vex
      Cryst Vex


  • Soggy Baguette
    Soggy Baguette

    Oh god I’m getting closer to having to update my paper server

  • Shylie Chan
    Shylie Chan

    0:00 is it only me that thought that X was standing on a tree, but he looked like a giant?

    • AnizyArt

      I just went back to look at it and he does look like a giant. Didn’t notice it before :D

  • smankey

    I hate the nether update tbh

  • Varis Vandree
    Varis Vandree

    Release date is June 23

  • Lancaster

    Can we talk about how path blocks and soul sand acting as fucking conveyer belts when placed on edges have literally killed me more than wither skeletons.

  • Enmanuel de la Nuez
    Enmanuel de la Nuez

    What is the seed of the world with the undead village in the island?

  • k lol
    k lol

    It’s coming June 23rd ibxtoycat said it and there is a trailer for it

  • Grimm Hunter
    Grimm Hunter

    I like the way he said "what ever your heart desires" and he searched for cake

  • Justin Snowdon
    Justin Snowdon

    June 23 rd is the release date

  • Swanky

    Soulsand valley now has slightly more ghasts overall *Guess I’ll die*

  • Ronan Myers
    Ronan Myers

    I found a bug in pre release 4(I think) where if you take a block like a bed or door that can be broken on either of it's two hotboxes, you can start breaking it on one and end breaking it on the other. You will end up with two beds/doors. I didn't try this with flowers because those break instantly, but I assume theoretically it would work

  • CopyCompy _
    CopyCompy _

    I’m loving the snapshot so far I wonder what’s next! ( I’m hoping a new pet like a salamander which needs special spider eyes which you can only get from getting a cave spider in the nether that shoots fireballs and give you wither if hit by it if your to close and you’ll get the dark spider eye which can tame it and gives all mobs in a hundred blocks and has a chance to give you an item like bottles o’ enchanting in the over world , netherite items and ingots in the nether and bedrock and eyes of ender in the end and shoots fireballs so yeah it worth getting a cave spider in the nether to kill it to get its drop oh, and did I mention it has 50 hearts!? It’s very strong but it’s worth it and the wither only hurts hostiles and also hurts neutrals)

    • CopyCompy _
      CopyCompy _

      The nether spiders can not spawn with an egg and the fireballs do the same amount of damage as the ender dragons the salamanders have the same fireballs as the ender dragon as they are distant relative in the Minecraft world

  • solidwaterslayer

    Im very glad u fixed your mistakes. +2 respect

  • Supgamer

    11:22 for whatever reason, the water didnt spread properly there

  • This is useless
    This is useless

    The date is next june 23

  • Keiran Ferrier
    Keiran Ferrier

    You know shit is getting serious when stuff is getting released faster that xisumavoid can keep up with

  • Logan Nickerson
    Logan Nickerson

    For small updates compile, for larger ones focus on it alone


    They should add an option when you are creating a new world to allow players to start in the Nether because that's something I want to do, and right now the only way is to use the LAN cheat where you start the world as a LAN and then give yourself creative mode so you can make a portal right at the start. It's just a little bit annoying, would be better if you could simply tick a box "star in nether" or something like that.

  • UnlockedPrawn28YT

    Has anyone realized this Is ibxtoycat

    • Çentoé

      It's not

  • aMazeInRunar

    It’s getting released *this* Tuesday!

  • The One
    The One

    Did anyone notice the burning jungle in the background in the beginnin

  • Packed ice is the best minecraft block
    Packed ice is the best minecraft block

    Who remembers the time grass actually spread underwater? That was an easy way to fix the dead looking lakes!

  • Araththearcher2

    Wait isn’t it coming the 23rd?

  • ruskie quickshot
    ruskie quickshot

    Did anyone notice the jungle fire I mean completely off topic but cool to see in the background as a random occurrence