Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w17a Entity Distance, Attribute Command & Chat Changes
Minecraft 1.16 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16 snapshot 20w17a is here and it would appear we are entering the final phases of development for minecraft 1.16 the nether update!
Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w16a Nether Bastion Remnants! Ruined Portals & Pigstep Music Disc
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00:39 Magma Cube Spawner
01:31 New Game Rules Menu
02:13 Entity Distance
03:18 Loot Table & Other Changes
04:12 Smithing Table UI
05:00 New Tags
05:37 Technical Changes
06:00 Attributes & Attribute Command
07:03 Chat & Tool Tips & Fonts
08:13 Bug Fixes
09:33 Things I've Missed from 20w16a
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  • xisumavoid

    I'll be posting an episode of Hermitcraft tomorrow.... It includes the button ;-)

    • SS Hero
      SS Hero

      I found a naturally spawning giant nether portal. Seed = -5877596927895191363 Location = /execute in minecraft:overworld run tp @s -574.79 82.28 -376.47 267.00 40.50

    • Ori Nahari
      Ori Nahari

      Hey Xisuma do you know how to update a realm from 1.15 to 1.16 like you are going to do in the hermitcraft server


      I haven't even watched one episode of that :(

    • Possesion Circle
      Possesion Circle

      :0 the BUTTON???

    • TrainBoy227 YT
      TrainBoy227 YT

      Did you nab it from Doc like Grian and Iskall Poor Doc

  • Mythic Fury
    Mythic Fury

    Me sad now. Minecraft lost its feel of simple. But will it be worth it? I don’t know yet. Good thing you can still select the version

  • blue wolf gaming and GD
    blue wolf gaming and GD

    Set my entity render distance to 10k to see people in bedwar

  • Daine the creeper
    Daine the creeper

    can anyone tell me wgat is attribute attack_knockback? that confused me

  • Carlos Pena
    Carlos Pena

    buenas la verdad muy bueno video me encanto espero el siguiente video me despido les mando besis agradecido

  • Darryl Challenger
    Darryl Challenger

    Maybe the mob render distance works vertically?

  • Frederikja

    "now they have unicode format supported" "i have a feeling it wont be long before they also support emojis" *facepalm* emojis are unicode

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    I might be late but that *doInsomnia* command catches my eye If u dont sleep regularly phantoms spawn? If this feature was added updates ago please tell me I havent played in a long t i m e

  • Abbe Nylund
    Abbe Nylund

    the entity distance % is not tied to the render distance - it's a separate value I know because usually when I play on 32 chunks render distance I can't see mobs very far out - so being able to change this is definitely a welcomed feature!

  • Timu Beech
    Timu Beech

    Normal people: mojang Xisumavoid: Moyang

  • Timu Beech
    Timu Beech


  • Hedgehog

    They should add beacons to the nether so we can have night vision

  • ShadowCooper

    Its so funny that they have a spawn phantoms option lol.. they are so annoying

  • Joy de Leon - Gabriel
    Joy de Leon - Gabriel

    Finally were able to edit mobs!

  • Étourdie

    Wait, what if you use the attribué command to give yourself more hearts and then add the health boost effect

  • DemioOdinson2023

    give me the commands pls

  • Wood Ruff
    Wood Ruff

    You provide excellent content and very family friendly. The ads on the other hand...I am speechless. Manscape commercials about shaving particular male anatomy? I thought RSloft was cracking down on what the content provider was allowed to post, but then think it is completely appropriate when it is an advertiser. - #NotCoolRSloft

  • Carson The Skeleton PopTart
    Carson The Skeleton PopTart

    When will the bedrock update come 😫

  • buttieboy666

    Punches pig, instant carrot on a stick.

  • drewcification

    A great thing about attribute command is it gives the ability to remove the attack cooldown in vanilla

  • TapGG

    Hello everyone and welcome back to a NETHER update video

  • AW2

    /attribute is so useful for me tbh. (I do a lot of messing around with commands. Ranging from maps to data packs though I am not great.)

  • CrimsonCarl

    18a when

  • Reno Nyanz
    Reno Nyanz

    can you make a warp datapack for 1.15.2?

  • Illogical Thinking
    Illogical Thinking

    Finally they're Adding pigs With a Lot of Speed running Around the World!


    Either attributes are just super complicated, or I'm just really stupid, I think its it's both.

  • Lenart Svetek
    Lenart Svetek

    I am playing survival on newest snapshots and was wondering if they up the emerald ore generation because in previus releases I mined only 1 emerald per game now in only on cave I found 11 emeralds

  • Typical ios User
    Typical ios User


  • Commissar Rex
    Commissar Rex

    can anyone tell me the release date please?

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Great, now it's only a year until they add it to console :)

  • David Clay
    David Clay

    @xisumavoid This could very well be the Final Update!! The survey page being complete hints toward this: 'The Nether Update survey has now closed. Thank you very much for playing and supporting Minecraft! We hope you enjoy the final update when it releases. :)' Being the 16th update makes far more sense as octal and hexadecimal numbers are what minecraft has built itself on.

  • xGlitchette

    finally, more colors

  • Ashay07

    Imagine mojang dropping off the 1.16 tomorrow lol...

  • Stag

    what is the command to add/take away health? Please, anyone reply.. edit: haha, I figured it out; its: /attribute (player name) Minecraft:generic.max_health base set (how much health u want)

  • MGE Thor
    MGE Thor

    I feel like the purpose of the entity distance setting going above 100% is for when your render distance is higher than normal

  • your favorite Pizza guy
    your favorite Pizza guy

    I like how he left that pig going in rounds .

  • Blue Pearl
    Blue Pearl


  • Justin Chan
    Justin Chan

    lmao "moyang"

  • LikaV1996

    Now that there is stupid amounts of gold in the nether I'd like to see diamond blocks in the ocean temples

  • Simon Hyll
    Simon Hyll

    Above 100% should be relevant when on a server because online you can request entities from further away than your render distance while offline it makes sense entities stop existing beyond the render distance.

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    us tlauncher users have access to em'

  • Bradley Darby
    Bradley Darby

    thank god. now i can actually have a purely survival world with no cheats while increasing the entity cramming for my mob spawners

  • Nocturne Night
    Nocturne Night

    3:06 It's for multiplayer, if your friend is off loading the chunks you'll see there mobs. I think.

  • Sgt.MiningDrill

    this is too bad change your skin back to normal pls

  • General 4Arms
    General 4Arms

    Yo that pig is gonna throw up.

  • Snowfloof Cathug
    Snowfloof Cathug

    I struggled with the Sniper Duel because Skeletons would unload at that distance, Ghasts are also awful with disappearing at a distance, so this Entity Distance setting is really welcome to me

  • k k
    k k

    I just want to know when the mountain update will happen (GOATS AND ACTUALLY APPEALING MOUNTAINS)

  • Rose Warrior
    Rose Warrior

    YES YES YES YES YES! FINALLLY we can mess with player attributes instead of needing to use potion effects and it will be easier to mess with entities! YESSSSSSSSSS This is soooooooooo good! THANK YOU MOJANG!

  • Diamond Jub
    Diamond Jub

    final phase of development? we don't even have smooth basalt that has the same texture on all sides

  • No

    I'm confused as to why making netherite gear requires diamond gear first, it makes no sense, it doesn't balance it out in any way it just forces you to destroy your diamond gear for no reason. Feels like they desperately wanted to give the upgrade station a functionality and didn't really care what it was, it's lazy game design.

  • Bianca A.A
    Bianca A.A

    How do we get the snapshot...?

    • grumpychris

      (Note: This is only for Java Edition on PC) 1. Open the official Minecraft launcher and log in. 2. Click on the "Installations" tab near the top. 3. Check the box that says "Snapshots" next to it. 4. Click on the "Play" tab near the top. 5. Click the dropdown menu near the bottom left corner. It probably says something like "Latest Release" 6. Click the option that says "Latest Snapshot" and has an image of a crafting table next to it. 7. Click the big green "PLAY" button.

  • Cam64viper [New]
    Cam64viper [New]

    Something worth noting: The word "Bastion" is more commonly pronounce as "bash-tun" than "Bas-tee-in". Just wanted to point that out :)

  • Swizzamane

    3:04 It might be related to simulation distance... that way you can keep the same mobs from farther away, even though render distance has been turned to a setting lower than the equivalent


    5:13 how do you get to this?


    What dose wait mean?

  • NitroScott77

    Going above 100% for the entity range is probably good for vertical distances, it would Mean you could fly higher and still see entities below

  • Maxwell_ Edison
    Maxwell_ Edison

    Trash tier modpack level update

  • Matthew Lofton
    Matthew Lofton

    Perhaps the greater-than-100% entity distance maps better with larger render distances?

  • Patrick Wursten
    Patrick Wursten

    unicode includes emoji

  • Logan

    Play De ja vu while the pig keeps spinning

  • chezborgr!1!11!

    the attributes and gamerule thing has to be the best thing yet, now we can do absurd stuff

  • Frozenreaper 1106
    Frozenreaper 1106

    I’m sorry but did you say no-yang

  • Extreme Gaming
    Extreme Gaming

    Legend says that the technoblade is still running backwards

  • Papi

    When is the mountains update added?

  • Der Geschichtenerzähler
    Der Geschichtenerzähler

    I must say the Nether Update seems intresting. But i realy hoped that they will rework the Nether Fortress. Only a little bit. More Details etc. Its so ugly. Even Villager have now nicer Bases... Maybe they will here me

  • BazookaAce

    1:16 I genuinely thought there was a tiny Piglin standing on the spawner there.

  • Kakyoin Noriaki
    Kakyoin Noriaki

    2:14 if I am not mistaken this is mainly for people who play with high render distance because even with high render distance entity render distance is fixed

  • A Breath of Air
    A Breath of Air

    what if the smithing table allowed the upgrading of other armor types at a discounted cost (say, 3 less per armor piece)? like from iron to diamond only costing 2/5/4/1 diamonds per piece to upgrade. this could also allow the upgrading of leather into chain using iron, and then chain into iron, also using iron?

  • Don Sangre
    Don Sangre

    wtf, they don't add the mountain terrain update? fuck mojang

  • Shikafu

    I dont understand what the problem is with the Entity renders... why would it surpass the render chunk distance ever, regardless of what the entity renders are.

  • Gabriel M Dagá
    Gabriel M Dagá

    I barely play but filled out the survey. I loved the spawner easter egg and the gamerule button.

  • Hambo325

    The ability to change attributes easily on entities that already exist is a huge game changer. I remember having to mess with the scoreboard commands to give entity's certain attributes and stuff 😂

  • Pickle

    I get that they added the game rule thing, but in mcpe, I still can’t crouch under slabs and get pushed down from pistons and trapdoors which was suppose to be in the last update

  • Sioox Nou
    Sioox Nou

    I hate when RSloftrs don't post sources.

  • Jimbowo

    holy fuck dude this guys voice just ruined my ears in just the intro

  • Magical Unicorn
    Magical Unicorn

    What if you could put a diamond block in a smiithing table plus a netherite would give a netherite block

  • Regulus Sir
    Regulus Sir

    Not going to lie was more focused on watching the pig zipping about...

  • Just D4n
    Just D4n

    Why are phantoms optional Just to not spawn them if u skip bed time too much?

  • ghostly

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. GOD has made everything that you see today. if you want to get saved pray this prayer Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior.

  • Several Fighters
    Several Fighters

    I guess you'd still be able to see entities in chunks only loaded by another player now?

  • SuperAbror85

    But where's the goat and the new mountain 🤔

  • aidan christensen
    aidan christensen

    I still think they need to change the texture and the model of Striders... they’re so derpy... GIVE THEM MORE DEPTH MOJANG.

  • gabrysur

    They should add support for all armore tipes in the smithing table, so you can upgrade leather to gold, gold to iron and iron to diamonds, that way in early game stages, if a mob drops enchanted leather or gold armour you coul upgrade it to iron and use it, they coul make it so it costs xp, or more ingots depending on the material. And i would love it if they added the option to remove a specific enchantment without losing the others, you could remove thorns Frome armore or fire aspect Frome a sword, they could charge you item durability to remove an enchantment.

  • I exist
    I exist


  • Eliane Cristina Souza Santos
    Eliane Cristina Souza Santos

    Deep... and Derp

  • Bop1

    Xisuma: *punches pig* Pig: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Xisuma: talks Pig: *dances inbackground*

  • Zylo Reyes
    Zylo Reyes

    Poly from dollittle at 9:16

  • No Smoke
    No Smoke

    1.16 for Minecraft and 1.4 for Terraria, next month is gonna be busy

  • Dark Dog
    Dark Dog

    Next update Cave, Monster spawned will now be held up by a chain

  • Friska_


  • ahmost 22
    ahmost 22

    Ok but when will they rename the hoglin to the braphog

  • sans

    I want an exclusive weapon for the nether like in the past 2 major update like the trident and crossbow... If they were to add a weapon probably a scythe and a mini boss names Soul Reaper were he holds a scythe and a 50% chance drop and some netherrite it has long range but very slow attack speed (just like the axe) they mostly work on overworld mobs while nether and enderman dont deal that much damage and enchantmeants etc....

  • Ression

    Still no height cap change smh

  • The Dark Eagle
    The Dark Eagle

    Did they forget about the snowier snow?

  • Te5la 5
    Te5la 5

    If they release this in the full version for minecraft, I WILL USE /Tp And I don’t care if teleporting to the MOJANG hq counts as a cheat. And I want chains and all of it they added for minecraft bedrock mobile. ITS BEAUTIFUL

  • Sapujapu

    Is that "Polly" from Monty Python?

  • HarroogaButAgain

    Yeah one of the devs confirmed that there will be no new features. I was really hoping that we would get soul lava + soul lava buckets + being able to burn blue.

  • Tyron Orxy
    Tyron Orxy

    1.8 PVP IS BACK with this command --> /attribute @a minecraft:generic.attack_speed base set 1000

  • HarroogaButAgain

    When will he get a real hammer in minecraft :(

  • Xavier John Loro
    Xavier John Loro

    I think MOJANG completely forgot about the mountains.... 😑😑😑😑

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