Minecraft 1.16.2 Snapshot 20w27a Piglin Brute - New Nether Mob!
Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16.2 snapshot 20w27a adds a new mob, the Piglin Brute, a brutal piglin! This new nether mob can be found in the bastion remnants.
Minecraft 1.16 Release Candidate 1 - How To Reset The Nether!
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00:00 Snapshot 20w27a
00:36 The Piglin Brute
04:10 Other Changes
05:34 Bugfixes
08:26 Outro
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  • xisumavoid

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    • The Bailzmeister
      The Bailzmeister

      Santosh Gaonkar you get more armor with nether it’s it just shows 10 because that’s the max visual but it gives you more that ten and probably more than 12

    • The Bailzmeister
      The Bailzmeister

      The Write In President excuse me what I’m confused are you serious or did you copy and paste that from somewhere

    • Hyper Cosmic The Hedgehog
      Hyper Cosmic The Hedgehog

      Xisumavoid piglin brutes do drop golden axes i think u were just getting unlucky

    • jeffrey doldersum
      jeffrey doldersum

      @TheDragonKing ahh good to know thx

    • Jarold D Amistad
      Jarold D Amistad

      The thumbnail was catchy, thanks :D

  • RedX Phantom
    RedX Phantom

    Piglin Brutes'left left hand is like a gold thick armor(just like a shield) that can block melee weapons like in any other movies

  • Carlos Pena
    Carlos Pena

    hey la verdad re lindo video me gusto aguardo por el siguiente material me voy les mando kisses agradecido

  • I Sigh
    I Sigh

    they are basically vindicators but with more health

  • Bear Boi
    Bear Boi

    these piglin brutes are op

  • Erick


  • Draw 2Death
    Draw 2Death

    Still no boss/Chief!

  • Clash Robert
    Clash Robert

    But if you defend yourself, like hit the piglin brute back, will the normal piglins get mad at you?

  • JosephXplays

    can you give me the link to that thing to change gamemodes plz Thanks.

  • Paul Stepansky
    Paul Stepansky

    Xisuma: Moyang Me: Mojang

  • *FireFox 755
    *FireFox 755

    Put subtitles on its hilarious how many different thing are there instead of 'piglin brute' there are written down like: 'pickling brew'


    There should be a strider piglin jockey or hoglin piglin

  • Zakariya Z
    Zakariya Z

    they better buff up the loot for bastions again. at this point its not even worth raiding them unless you're fully decked out, in which case you wouldn't need any of the loot they hold (aside from Pigstep I guess).

  • PrestonPlayzRoblox 117
    PrestonPlayzRoblox 117

    piglin brute = nether vindicator

  • AquaMythic

    When will 1.16.2 come out?

  • goat ashes
    goat ashes

    they should've made him fatter

  • Meeknuggets

    damn... even more health than an enderman...

  • Elizabeth Del castillo
    Elizabeth Del castillo

    Imagine if Mojang studios made piglin brutes hold a random enchanted NETHERITE SWORD ALWAYS

  • Macaroshi Mochi
    Macaroshi Mochi


  • good night
    good night

    they should look bigger, a little smaller than an iron golem

  • Folubtw

    if youhit a brute will normal piglins attack too?

  • Unstableclone

    I've fallen off end cities way too many times from trying to shift on the stair ledges, glad they changed that

  • Valiantcat7780

    This guy is worse than the vindicator

  • BriocheWindows

    The piglin brutes just feel like a lazy way to make the bastion remnant harder, when I don't think there's a need to do that. If they add them, they should have some exploitable vulnerability. Maybe they're bigger in size to suit their larger amount of HP, or they're only pacified if you have full gold armour.

  • calo Zheng
    calo Zheng

    So basically a vindicator, but op.

  • Kavin Pandyatama
    Kavin Pandyatama

    mojang pls nerf brutelin

  • Zachary C.
    Zachary C.

    5:45 I've seen that this one is really easy to replicate with a Dragon Head. I hate it when I'm in my base, the Dragon Head over the bed, and I look away, and the head disappears.

  • DarkFalcon130

    I really think adding Shields to some Piglin Brutes would make them an even more formidable enemy

  • Виктор Тень
    Виктор Тень

    3:32 "...so, my friends, we're inside the mind of the piglin brute" It's suprisingly empty there.

  • biogen gaming
    biogen gaming

    how does he bring up that menu where he changes gamemode?

    • xisumavoid


  • Hi There! OFFICIAL
    Hi There! OFFICIAL

    Can it be zombiefied?

  • Dani Kisikan
    Dani Kisikan

    Mojang: **adds Piglin Brute** Grian: **chuckles** I'm in danger

  • Ai

    Did mojang forget the nether isn't the end game area? Seems they're really enforcing the difficulty in there.

    • BIdiots

      I mean it’s the nether, I hate how difficult it is since I play hardcore but I also love the thrill it will bring

  • Daniel Stelzer
    Daniel Stelzer

    they added something to guard the bastion but why? theres no good loot in bastions

  • cowman

    wasn't this made by phoenix sc?

  • Creeper Griefer
    Creeper Griefer

    Xisumavoid: minecart immune to lava Me: it’s a lava boat


    Piglin Brutes should drop a special item.

    • CFO BOYZ
      CFO BOYZ

      maybe their belt?

  • Kyx

    Just a re-textured Vindicator

  • LeaderRush!

    6:21 oh goodness finally, I've been suffering for that bug during my builds in survival.

  • Roopekoo

    So, do I have to regenerate these bastions again from 1.16.1 or does the piglin brute just "spawn" already generated ones once?

  • Quinnen Crawford
    Quinnen Crawford

    I am very curious how they pulled off the mob heads one.

  • Dajoraga 17
    Dajoraga 17

    Too many mobs and to little server quality...

  • Valters Plūme
    Valters Plūme

    Boycott the bastions, kids! Stay far away from them, only certain death awaits you there!

  • The Pleased One
    The Pleased One

    ok, new mob, but *WHERE IS THE WARPED WART*

  • I am Mic
    I am Mic

    Everyone: Piglin Brute Me: Nether's Vindicator

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻bagle spelled wrong⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻bagle spelled wrong⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    the bastion is already 5 times harder then a end city why do we need stronger enemy's in it

  • Boggless

    Holy geeze. Does this mean we have a new mob that doesnt despawn but counts toward the mobcap? If so, we have a possible mob switch!

  • Mason Ford
    Mason Ford

    Do brutes turn into zombified piglins?

  • abrr2000

    I still think the minecarts are way overdue an overhaul

  • Dark Renaissance
    Dark Renaissance


  • The Warden
    The Warden

    This is as close as we are gonna get to a Piglin cheif

  • Simeon Gboun
    Simeon Gboun

    thanks for adding chapter to your videos

  • Tanner Hardesty
    Tanner Hardesty

    They are going to suck so bad to find, I’m glad I haven’t found any bastions

  • The Bailzmeister
    The Bailzmeister

    Alright is anyone gonna talk about the anime girl image in the resource pack area?

  • kahlil salome
    kahlil salome

    dragon hearted is coming true

  • Jeez Gaming
    Jeez Gaming

    Evryone gangsta till piglin brutes starts typing in the chat.

  • Doot Doot toast
    Doot Doot toast


  • Night King 48
    Night King 48

    Piglin Brutes are scary ngl

  • Mary Jankay
    Mary Jankay


  • Joseph Bagwell
    Joseph Bagwell

    Must admit originally i was getting a bit bored waiting for the nether update, but found out about this today and love the idea. The bastions sounded a bit easy originally so this will certainly help make the nether a more formidable and challenging place.

  • Roy Allen Osorio
    Roy Allen Osorio

    I chose to watch his bid bacause it's the shortest hahaha

  • yoonjibzzz

    I went to the nether after restarting it on my main world, and fly about a 100 blocks and was right next to the building that had the new hoglin, i sawit, didnt think too much and was in my inventory and suddenly im being destroyed left and right by one of these guys, fully enchanted diamond gear to the lava after i died...

  • Ph3nomen0N

    So many iterations of the same mob...

  • Sarcastic Grumps
    Sarcastic Grumps

    I still want them to drop their gaunlet/shield

  • Shade Anubis
    Shade Anubis

    This is just turning into Halo

  • Casper Young
    Casper Young

    You can’t trade with them, they have huge amounts of health, they always attack you, and attacking them makes the others angry at you so you can’t trade with anyone. This sucks.

  • batt3ryac1d

    Holy crap those guys do a lot of damage.

  • NPC Ghost
    NPC Ghost

    Piglin brute is just nether illager Change my mind

  • nicol RB
    nicol RB

    I wonder if there will be an even stronger piglin like a piglin knight, maybe a piglin beserker, maybe both!

  • Random Human Being
    Random Human Being

    I though the piglin brute would be the pillagers on the nether where it also has 3 kinds of it

  • Cheese Man
    Cheese Man

    Didn’t PheonixSC make the Piglin Brute?

  • 54MU31 50U1H
    54MU31 50U1H

    I'm running a private multiplayer server on 1.16.1, and I'm using your datapacks from Vanilla Tweaks. For some reason, most of them don't work. The crafting tweaks and head datapacks work, but no functions appear in the tab autofill, and none of the other datapacks (Multiplayer sleep, durability ping, and a few others) don't work. Do you have any suggestions? (I have followed your instructions to the letter and even emailed you about this problem)

  • Blake Schmitz
    Blake Schmitz

    I feel like by now the team at mojang knows how much the community likes mob heads I feel like a cool drop you could add would be make the piglin brute drop there ax with a small chance to have a new enchantment called beheading so you could use it to get mob heads that are in the games texture files

  • Oliver Zhang
    Oliver Zhang

    I love these mobs!

  • chillbean

    Soon people will say wow minecraft has really improved in the future but for now this is EPIC

  • Murkorus

    The bug with the rescource pack screen not updating fixes if i put on another texture pack, then use it for like a minute, and then open the rescource pack screen again.

  • AssassinNoir 101
    AssassinNoir 101

    Some dev: *adds striders* Everyone who was trying to keep xisuma from having a 1.16 skin: that wasn’t very cash money of you

  • I I
    I I

    Vindicator: “who are you?” Piglin brute: “I’m you, but better.”

  • Gudiya Gudiya
    Gudiya Gudiya

    I'm here just to see nothing

  • Skeppy life
    Skeppy life


  • Keng Aroo
    Keng Aroo

    If you attack the Piglin Brutes, will the Piglins attack you? 🤔🤔🤔



  • Pagaun G
    Pagaun G

    U forgot to mention that when u attack the piglin brute the normal piglins will also attack you: They don´t care if u have golden armor.

  • MCMK

    Ran into these mobs on the 1.16.0 bedrock release. we couldn't see the mob but with full iron armor was 6 hearts of damage and the death message was %entity.piglin_brute.name

  • ReLy _67
    ReLy _67

    Piglin Brute should be friendly to players if they are full gold armor but they should also be better at bartering Netherite tools should spawn more frequently in chest bastions Netherite armor should attract brutes but scare normal Piglins away (but they'll attack you if you ever became aggresive to them Piglin Brutes shouldn't be able to wear armor Piglin Brutes should spawn in groups of 1 Piglin Brutes + 4 Piglins Piglin Brutes should be hostile towards any mob except other piglins and zombie pigman Piglin Brutes should tend to spawn more frequently near bastion chests Piglin Brutes shouldn't spawn outside bastions And this feature is something that I want: Piglin Brutes will break nether portal if the ever come close to one

  • Daniel Kubischta
    Daniel Kubischta

    Does attacking the brute aggro the normal piglin

  • Yeetsa Jr
    Yeetsa Jr

    When is the 1.16 AFK fishing farm come?

  • Aadi Balsaraf
    Aadi Balsaraf

    7:44 that feature was always there allowing you to add a resource pack without restarting. It's been there since 1.15.2

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    7:32 what is that ‘tasteful’ pack?

  • Modern_XP NoLastName
    Modern_XP NoLastName

    Your average lava exists around 700 - 1300 C whilst iron melts at around 1538 C so a minecart wouldn’t melt in lava.

  • Charlie Hadsell
    Charlie Hadsell

    Hey X, I would be interested to know if you attack the brutes will the piglins also acquire agro, because if so there would be no point whatsoever in wearing any gold when raiding a Bastion.

  • KyYay

    what the fuck these updates are coming out at lightspeed

  • mystery character
    mystery character

    could i make a ''HermitCraft The Movie''? not now, but sometime in the future

  • honk bonk
    honk bonk

    When for ps4

  • un XP ated SHOT
    un XP ated SHOT

    Y they look like anime girl in hoodie

  • Y4ssin

    3:26 whistle reveal everybody!!

  • Empire of Spiders
    Empire of Spiders

    They should make it that you can cure the zombie piglans in a similar way or the same way you’d cure a zombie villager.

  • sugar

    I wish these guys had a bulky frame, like, it would make the HP boost seem more realistic.

  • Urlalı Windows Mapper [USSR] [TG] [MİHVER]
    Urlalı Windows Mapper [USSR] [TG] [MİHVER]

    Me: you released 1.16? Mojang: well yes but actually no

  • LackHapeLuis

    Java looks so much better....

  • James Giles
    James Giles

    Bedrock players: are we ment to be seeing something new here? 4:59