Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 20w45a Amethyst Geodes, Bundles, Tinted Glass & Shulker Farming?
Minecraft 1.17 The Caves & Cliffs Update Playlist ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.7 snapshot 20w45a adds Bundles, Candles, Lava Cauldron, Copper, Lightning Rod, Amethyst Geodes, Spyglass, Tinted Glass, Tuff & Calcite stones plus many more new additions!
Minecraft Beta 1.17 : Mountain Goats & Powder Snow!
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00:00 Goats & Powder Snow
01:07 Amethyst Geodes
05:17 Copper Ore & Blocks
07:22 Lightning Rod
08:59 Spyglass
09:43 Shulker Farming?
11:00 Tinted Glass
11:47 Lava Cauldron
12:22 Underwater Minecarts
14:25 Candles!
17:03 Quality Of Life Changes
17:41 Bundles
20:57 Technical Changes
#minecraft #caveupdate #cliffsandcaves

  • xisumavoid

    There is more 1.17 action! Minecraft Beta 1.17 : Mountain Goats & Powder Snow! rsloft.info/loft/video/pLKrqa3b3XeubH4

    • Aiden Shingler
      Aiden Shingler

      what will be the noteblock sound with amethyests

    • Osamathegamer

      @WitherBoss F-777 Begone, Worshipper of the false Idol. No one cares about Bedrock edition.

    • WitherBoss F-777
      WitherBoss F-777

      Lava in couldrons Have happened in bdrock

    • Osamathegamer

      @Santherstat says the only bedrock player.

    • Santherstat

      Fun fact: Bedrock has had underwater minecarts for a long time, I think since Update Aquatic

  • Tim Stekelenburg
    Tim Stekelenburg

    Trap horses also spawn in the spot of a lightning rod

  • Tim Stekelenburg
    Tim Stekelenburg

    5:28 they can spawn in surface caves and are extremely common. So they're similar in rarity to iron I would say Edit: never mind I didn't hear the sentence about the rarity being changed in the future, sorry!

  • Tim Stekelenburg
    Tim Stekelenburg

    Amethyst geodes spawn on land all the time. That's probably a bug though

  • Tim Stekelenburg
    Tim Stekelenburg

    Copper: exists. My FPS: guess I'll die.

  • Hannah R.
    Hannah R.

    Spyglass? Just press c. No weird black outline either.

  • SirLagsAlot

    16:24 HOGWARTS

  • ToxicGaming

    Floating candle can’t wait for a Harry Potter hosue

  • Charles Shorb
    Charles Shorb

    The candles will be nice for chandeliers

  • UrainiumPlayz

    you can make the floating candels from hogwarts in Minecraft now!

  • Mao Mao
    Mao Mao

    Caves and cliffs? More like builder’s wet dream

  • Talebb Beder sabag
    Talebb Beder sabag

    If you could be quite for a moment I could hear the block sounds...

  • Red Theo
    Red Theo

    floating candles ? guess its time to make a spooky mansion with those things everywhere


    bundles are kinda really useless


    you should be able to silk touch budding amethyst to make farms at your base wtf

  • Gacha Danielle Jozen
    Gacha Danielle Jozen

    I'm ALWAYS late to Have the update 😣

  • Luke Tallroth
    Luke Tallroth

    11:05 : No, I thought you used stained glass!

  • human grunt
    human grunt

    *some idiot* You can't grow crystals with bone mill ?! THAT MAKES NO SENSE! ITS A PLANT!!!! *Some nerd* Cuz maybe you do home school GOT EM also crystals are not plants

  • Bear 61
    Bear 61

    Me: *only has windows 10 edition* *watches this video anyways* WHY CANT WINDOWS 10 HAVE COOL STUFF LIKE THIS

  • Zack Cristescu
    Zack Cristescu

    *laughs in optifine*

  • Woopy Boi
    Woopy Boi

    1:38 How do you do that

  • Lainey Wright
    Lainey Wright

    At 0:15, if I read your screenshot correctly, entitled New Features in 20W45A, "Lush Caves," are not mentioned. So, Goats, Snowier-Snow, as well as Lush Caves didn't make it in. Come to think of it, the Warden was not mentioned nor the new motion sensor blocks.

    • Petnpat

      they will be in the later snapshots. they only add a few features at a time. don't worry, a new one comes out each week on wednesday.

  • Lozy gamer
    Lozy gamer

    But can you put a bundle in a shulker box

    • Petnpat


  • ショトShiro

    Floating candles time to build hogwarts

  • SmashPortal

    I wish Mojang would add a "What's new?" tab in the creative inventory like Overwatch has in the hero gallery.

    • Bear 61
      Bear 61

      They have it in windows 10 edition

  • GalaxyWolfX

    I wish doors would block light...

  • Parallelbeast55

    i think that only copper should be added the rest makes it seem like a mod and that will take the fun out of vanilla game play

    • Petnpat

      that's what people say every update. I remember when enchantments were added and so many people were mad because it didn't feel like Minecraft anymore, but now people can't imagine playing without it. updates and new features are what keep this game alive.

  • deniedcs

    lmao the spyglass is kinda useless for those who use optifine xd but its a cool touch

  • Adrian_ Zombturtle
    Adrian_ Zombturtle

    Woah 50-82 days for it to change state ?? I think that's perfect Edit: copper blocks I mean

  • Adrian_ Zombturtle
    Adrian_ Zombturtle

    I think that the amethyst structures should be less common overall but more common in a certain type of biome kinda like emerald ore

  • Miratee •
    Miratee •

    Are there gonna be new ores or something..

  • Faggot

    Just move the block under the crystal to brake it i think

  • Lucca

    Imagine combining the spyglass and a bow/crossbow as a scope and increase the range of it

  • Isaiah Jones
    Isaiah Jones

    Okay here me out the new bundle bag thing ,potions gonna hit hard man 64 potions??

  • Name Tag
    Name Tag

    The bundles will be useful if enderpearls and other items that only stack to 16 only count as 1 in the bundle. Basically meaning you could hold more of them.

  • Secretcodrin

    finally we won't need to have sea pickles on tables and call them candles

  • RustRoomOfDoom

    Excited that this stuff is being added to vanilla!! However, it does make me feel kinda sad that a lot of the feel of what they’re adding in terms of items and such has already been done times over by the modding community. I wish they would give Java the much needed permanent mod integration that it needs.

  • Ihsaan Miah
    Ihsaan Miah

    Its not calicite u shmuck, its calcite

  • Jan Jan
    Jan Jan

    I was searching for copper by myself Annnnnnd its more common than iron (i used X-Ray)

  • Jacob Hartman
    Jacob Hartman

    Oh wow. I didn’t realize you could freeze the state of the copper blocks! That makes them way cooler for building!

  • Doggo Me
    Doggo Me

    Why does the oxidized copper look like the prismarine blocks

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    "The snow is snowier than before" Jeb- 2019

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      Floating candles exist* Every one in the comments: HaRrY pOtTeR

  • Daniel Malakoff
    Daniel Malakoff

    is this acutal minecraft or a mod

  • bloodhound 247
    bloodhound 247

    parkour ppl are gonna have a ball with the candles if u can step on em

  • NintenSwitch

    Since candles can float, I feel like Hogwarts will be more brighter...

  • LukeManiaStudios

    I think iron needs to be changed: - Cut iron needs to be a thing, no question. - The colour of iron blocks needs to be changed in the default - Polished iron would look like the current colour of iron - The current iron block would be called "corrugated iron" and wouldn't change much

  • Blueberry Neko
    Blueberry Neko

    The shulker thing might be lore related

  • Kazuki RD
    Kazuki RD

    Imagine the spyglass with optifine zoom

  • StarShade

    Idea: have the spyglass in the offhand with the bow (or vice versa) to have a sniper scope view of shooting your bow essentially.

  • Mr. Creeperface
    Mr. Creeperface

    16:24 I see a Great Hall build in our future...

  • PiggyGam Online
    PiggyGam Online

    It cant thunder/rain in the savanna biome

  • Hello, Adora
    Hello, Adora

    The copper blocks will be good for the occasional Statue of Liberty build, which I've seen a few times. Normally it gets done in green blocks, but this will be more realistic, as the statue is green because its made of oxidized copper.

  • Aditya

    How did he changed gamemode so easily and what gui was that at 3:20?

  • CodenBeast

    You say amethest, but isnt it pronounced am-e-thyst?

  • Aiden Mabbett
    Aiden Mabbett

    Yeah, I like that!

  • Gadgets-Cars-Home DIY
    Gadgets-Cars-Home DIY


  • noobmaster69

    *gaspppp i can make the flying candles from harry potter by placing the candles in air

  • noobmaster69

    the only problem is if u stay underwater too long in the underwater rollercoaster you'll drown but we can fix that with conduits or the turtle helm or underwater breathing potions

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    Floating candles exist* Every one in the comments: HaRrY pOtTeR

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      16:22 What mojang intended : floating candles What I thought of it : THE BEWITCHED CEILING OF HOGWARTS!!!

  • anonymous the mystery
    anonymous the mystery

    Anyone notice how he forgot to change the bottom right thing from demise?

  • Nouche

    Cauldrons with lava were already a thing in Bedrock. They've been for quite a while actually.

  • Animiles

    I like how you call it amethest

  • Denis Serrano Cruz
    Denis Serrano Cruz

    Ultimately, the bundles don't increase the total number of inventory slots we can get, they only increase the variety of the inventory. Personally, I think the bundles need to do both in order to be truly valuable. Making the bundles able to hold 3 or 4 stacks seems appropriate and not too overpowered.

  • Dismade

    I mean the spyglass is cool and all but... what’s it’s purpose?

  • HimSnow

    I could see the bundles being amazing on hermitcraft

  • Lucas Celeste
    Lucas Celeste

    Wow, to be able to group multiple candle colors together would be really cool!

  • Jacob

    a couple things you missed on amethyst: 1)you don't have to replant it it, the buds produce them 2)pistons can break the fully grown version

  • Space Sloth
    Space Sloth

    I hope they remove the smoke particles from the candles. Candles barely produce smoke IRL unless they go out, and it would just makes them so much more subtle as decoration.

  • JaaQun Eno
    JaaQun Eno

    Mojang: wow look spyglass! optifine: pathetic

  • Brownskikuca Garlic Bread
    Brownskikuca Garlic Bread

    If Xp orbs all fused together it wont be as satisfying.

  • the fadhel
    the fadhel

    Wait... There is a 1.17 snapshot.. Nice

  • Guilherme Araújo
    Guilherme Araújo

    my ears suffer with the ame"thest"

  • LucasSpeaks

    when minecraft sex snapshot

  • 0

    bundles are the best things added since shulkerboxes

  • Blackhole 000
    Blackhole 000

    The new caves are kinda Annoying because since how big they are so many mobs spawn. I literally can’t get diamonds without being killed every 5 seconds by zombies or skeletons

  • Epidemic Guardian
    Epidemic Guardian

    16:22 What mojang intended : floating candles What I thought of it : THE BEWITCHED CEILING OF HOGWARTS!!!

  • Mia Carangue
    Mia Carangue

    Hello can you tell me plzzzzzz I want to know all about it plzzz what it look like in my Minecraft what so Okay 😊😊

  • Dux Angus
    Dux Angus

    They really missed an opportunity to allow us to better store un-stackable items, like really that's all I saw for use out of them initially

  • FLRS

    so I can make a gatcha machine in minecraft now?

  • TheSubatomicPlatypus

    Push the crystals off the edge

    • dutoiu hour
      dutoiu hour

      You can path myceilium!? The resistance will lose...

  • Candy 12438
    Candy 12438

    Yoooooooo you are fast

    • Candy 12438
      Candy 12438

      @dutoiu hour I know but for my bff who cant download anything else she could barely download minecraft from its site

    • dutoiu hour
      dutoiu hour

      Everyone: "We're gonna get telescopes in Minecraft!" OptiFine users: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.

  • Red dead Gamer
    Red dead Gamer

    The rusted coppers gives me bioshock vibes

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor

    'Helloo everyone and welcome bAck to a ver-"

  • Vicu 9132
    Vicu 9132

    The candles, i saw them in a older version with Thaumcraft (it's a mod)

  • Parker Gifford
    Parker Gifford

    Are you able to use pistons to push the amethyst bud blocks?

  • Nicholas Gordon
    Nicholas Gordon

    fun fact if you light one candle and place more on the same block, they also get lit up

  • Game Slayer Sean
    Game Slayer Sean

    I hope in a future update when they add power (if they ever do) a way to get it is by hooking up wires connected to a lightning rod that you can put into a battery and then move the battery somewhere that needs power

  • BlackAce223 DeathRose308
    BlackAce223 DeathRose308

    2 things...... 1: i really want to be able to put the spy glass on the crossbow and use fireworks so basically a gun. 2: now im going to carry a bundle full of bundles so i can bundle all my bundles and bundle everything else i encounter

  • Elisa Novelo
    Elisa Novelo


  • Elisa Novelo
    Elisa Novelo

    you could use pistons to move the amethyst growths, just to make them organised, because no one has so much time they can move the geodes all the way to their base

    • MysterySeal

      @Elisa Novelo xisuma's video that he posted today showed they are immovable blocks btw

    • Elisa Novelo
      Elisa Novelo

      @MysterySeal if they are then i'll delete this comment but i think they're movable soooooo (i play on xbox so i don't know for sure)

    • MysterySeal

      Pretty sure they are an immovable block

  • Zsolt Kárpát
    Zsolt Kárpát

    beuh you bundle say

  • Alfred Senyo
    Alfred Senyo

    I really hope there will be charged copper armor, which oxidizes and can be charged, and can also be waxed.

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout

    "Huh, the game won't give me thunder!" Is in a biome that doesn't get rain, and thus no lightning

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout

      Why do I here a duck everytime he says "waxed"?

  • dom chant
    dom chant

    More rare than iron ! But 189 ingots ! To make a block ????

  • lajF 28
    lajF 28

    ah yes. emythest

  • TVStatic417

    Say what you want, but I really want horizontal nether portals to be a thing.

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo

    Everyone: "We're gonna get telescopes in Minecraft!" OptiFine users: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.

    • cnmmd qiuoo
      cnmmd qiuoo

      Yes shulker farms! If you use healing potions, so the shulker doesnt die.

  • PoKeT gAmInG
    PoKeT gAmInG

    You can path myceilium!? The resistance will lose...

  • Int User
    Int User


  • GoldLeader66

    Can this snapshot work on xbox one?

    • MysterySeal

      I don't think snapshots come on other consoles apart from pc, so you'll have to wait for the full release