Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w18a Changes To Redstone, The Cross Has Returned!
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Minecraft 1.16 snapshot 20w18a is here and it is full of bug fixes, technical changes, oh and some big changes to how redstone wire powers things!

Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w17a Entity Distance, Attribute Command & Chat Changes
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00:27 Changes To Redstone Wires
03:57 New F3 Screen Addition
04:41 Technical Changes
05:02 Entity Broadcasting
05:32 Advancement Changes
06:22 Waterlogged Chains
06:41 Changes To Biome Sizes
07:29 Bugfixes
08:16 Strider Changes
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  • xisumavoid

    Do you think these changes are for the better?

    • TrillionDeTurtle


    • hmm guy animations
      hmm guy animations

      Not the redstone cross

    • azog the uglee
      azog the uglee

      I liked how there was a V rare chance of a 4 stack of Striders, didn't seem like a bug to me.

    • NoName Studios
      NoName Studios


    • TrillionDeTurtle

      @Skyler Dunham yeh ik

  • Shark007

    3/4ths of my builds broke in my redstone world because of this

  • Betong Bote
    Betong Bote

    Bedrock players go blah blah blah coz we have had this REDSTONE CROSS forever

  • Sergio Mora
    Sergio Mora

    hey la verdad muy bueno video lo disfrute espero el nuevo éxito los dejo les dejo besis gracias

  • Heroix

    it would be cool to have blocks of netherite be rs conductive so when a rs signal is fed in, the signal strength of the red stone soft powering the block would travel through that many netherite blocks and would be able to be picked up by a repeater or comparator at any point in the blocks

  • Luis heller
    Luis heller

    buenas la verdad increible video me encanto ansioso de el proximo video me retiro les dejo besis gracias

  • Just Pug
    Just Pug


  • Rock Afire Fan
    Rock Afire Fan

    LOL to everyone freaking out. CHILL! if you right click the cross it becomes a dot!

  • Dragontheice

    xisumavoid: thinks the mistake is target blocks in 1.15.25 Me: thinks the mistake is that xisumavoid calls Mojang moyang

  • Crash Phoenix YT
    Crash Phoenix YT

    Still waiting for this update to come to bedrock

  • Nooby Playz
    Nooby Playz

    Target block? It doesn’t exist tho

    • Mr MC 392
      Mr MC 392

      Nooby Playz XD

  • Comrade SKYSVR
    Comrade SKYSVR

    We need a height limit extension, I wish we had 1000 blocks. Or at least double the current to 512. Come on.

  • Rakis Derra
    Rakis Derra

    The only thing i REALLY hate is how the redstone alone is now a cross... I always made so so many detalis with redstone, but the cross just ruined everything :(

  • Marsha Holmes
    Marsha Holmes


  • EnricosUt

    Do people actually like the redstone cross? I think it looks really bad, looks like an unfinished texture.

  • Jan kelp
    Jan kelp

    *nostalgia starts setting in, remembering all the old school redstone contraptions*

  • JeremySticeGaming

    there's a raid tower at 4:30 in the backround

  • Nazzic MC
    Nazzic MC

    A probably means authorpod

  • Truman Widing's Main Account
    Truman Widing's Main Account

    "the single redstone is now a cross instead of a dot" bedrockers: that was already a feature

  • Your Average Arabian Terrorist
    Your Average Arabian Terrorist

    He said moyang

  • TheRadGamerXD

    They removed the redstone dot. The new redstone dot triggers my OCD. But a I could get used to it,

    • MidNight Rules
      MidNight Rules

      OCD doesn't exist.

  • Some Weird Stuff I Posted on Youtube
    Some Weird Stuff I Posted on Youtube

    give us the dot back mojang

    • Some Weird Stuff I Posted on Youtube
      Some Weird Stuff I Posted on Youtube

      @Mr MC 392 this comment was 3 months ago idiot. they already addded the dot back. why are you looking through old snapshot videos anyway?

    • Mr MC 392
      Mr MC 392

      Some Weird Stuff I Posted on RSloft No


    the thing that sucks about this new nether update is that it really doesn't inspire me to create a new survival world. If I did, I'd have to go through every step of Minecraft over again just to be able to see some cool new blocks. It's just too procedural of a game, and this update doesn't affect the core mechanics enough. I don't know. I'll still end up playing it.


    I fucking hate the cross texture so much

    • Mr MC 392
      Mr MC 392


  • SML24

    Mojang: Changes redstone Me, who just learned how redstone works: *Screams in too lazy to learn again

  • SML24

    In bedrock edition redstone looked like since its implementation

  • Cyril

    is it me or he said moyang not mojang 3:30

  • -FlyForFun-

    Finally Sethbling's comment to Grumm about Redstone displaying wrong when being a dot is being fixed! Only took like 8 Years!

  • Modern Combat
    Modern Combat

    Is it just me or dose he say moyang

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez

    "The Cross Has Returned" sounds like a message from a long dormant cult that has recently resurfaced

  • SpikeShroom

    Bri ish people be like: inchewative

  • Horatiu Cioloboc
    Horatiu Cioloboc

    Waiting for that new snapshot upload

  • Quade

    This might be good for education edition but this is not fair for technical red stones who use this all the time and never thought it would be changed.

  • Quade

    No this changes one of the oldest features of Minecraft and breaks massive community contraptions like recorders. This is not a nice change. Please revert this mojang. Thankyou

  • GO[LD] Block Gaming
    GO[LD] Block Gaming

    Redstone now have cross Bedrock Players: First Time?

  • The Joker
    The Joker

    Truly informative video and just wanna ask a question. I'm playing on snapshot 20w17a and I opened a nether portal. Afterwards I decided to build another in a very far location(both portals in overworld). After that I entered in my 2nd portal,location didn't change but still explored the nether for a bit for loots and when I came back I exited on the first portal... Is that a bug as well?

  • Masterzoroark666

    Mmmmm. Redstone cross looks far better as a blood decal

  • HuskyTroop 08
    HuskyTroop 08

    I found a bug where the barrier blocks don't become visible when holding a barrier block

  • pug puncher
    pug puncher

    bye bye buton

  • Smackk :P
    Smackk :P

    Question for future myth busters: Does crawling with soul speed still give you speed if you’re on soul sand

  • Nym OneFourSix
    Nym OneFourSix

    Aaw no more redstone blood drops :(

    • Mr MC 392
      Mr MC 392


  • A C
    A C

    Fishing is broken in this snapshot. Have you tried?

  • MrBlah_24

    Can you look into when the snapshots will support minecraft realms? I own a realm, and I am curious to see when it will be available for realms

  • TheHarleyEvans

    My guesses W - Water A - Animals M - Monsters (presumable 2 counts for above ground and belowground) C- Collective ? SC - Non hostile collective ? or maybe sentient collective (mobs with AI)

  • Minty

    redstone on w a l l s

  • Tommy TOMMYYYH
    Tommy TOMMYYYH

    Bedrock redstone has always been this way

  • pong

    they should change the way passive mobs spawn

  • Ang L
    Ang L

    i liked the redstone dot better

  • Tuxedobird

    Why is the thing not a dot anymore? Now it just looks bad. I’d rather it didn’t connect.

  • Mister Reza
    Mister Reza

    I don't really redstone that much. But, there's a lot of redstoner in the comment, and i kinda understand what happening, and i also hope mojang didn't update the redstone, because redstone tutorial in youtube probably not gonna work anymore. Sorry for my english lol.

  • Fluffy Lammacorn
    Fluffy Lammacorn

    Oh the blood think of the blooooooooooood

  • zozo b like
    zozo b like

    people are arguing that the redstone cross helps people understand it better. how the heck does someone not assume it goes in the directions it does? this is minecraft for god's sake they're the only directions most things can go.

  • Gamerboy APIV
    Gamerboy APIV

    * You hear the sounds of a famous redstone man known for making contraptions crying in the distance... * It's Mumbo Jumbo.

  • AlteFor

    For the mobs; All, active, inactive, passive, hostile, neutral?

  • jet Dinelt
    jet Dinelt

    It's Mojang not moyang

  • Christian Haynes
    Christian Haynes

    wow poor mumbo jumbo...

  • Smarty Luke
    Smarty Luke

    The thing i noticet is that that fishing rod are destroyed

  • Damai1287

    Imagine u started learning redstone one week before this update

    • zozo b like
      zozo b like

      Oh lord the pain

  • Bombed Unicorn
    Bombed Unicorn

    moyang moyang moyang moyang

  • Alex Wynn
    Alex Wynn

    He said mowing weirdly

    • Alex Wynn
      Alex Wynn


  • Dean The Creator
    Dean The Creator

    Petition for Xisuma to update the vanilla tweaks redstone resource packs!

  • Hello Stalker
    Hello Stalker

    In bedrock it’s still like that the redstone

  • ThePeople Persons
    ThePeople Persons

    Xiuma: the cross has returned Bedrock players: bruh.

  • adam

    I wonder if redstone would get to be placed on walls

  • The Arctic Phoenix
    The Arctic Phoenix

    So..No vertical redstone yet.. I'm losing my patience mojang

  • Po Prostu
    Po Prostu

    Poor mambo Jumbo

    • Mr MC 392
      Mr MC 392


  • zozo b like
    zozo b like

    I was literally considering moving to java just because of the red stone dot I’ll stick to bedrock I guess

    • zozo b like
      zozo b like

      @Tyler G true. i need that nether update. I'm jealous!

    • Tyler G
      Tyler G

      there's a number of other reasons to go with java, but sure

  • Richard Dangle
    Richard Dangle

    wow, was not expecting such huge changes to redstone gonna have to try some of these features out (especially 1:35)

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    "more intuitive for new players" Sounds to me like quasi-connectivity might be next, because it's probably the most unintuitive thing about redstone. I know that it's common knowledge among people who do redstone, but for new players it makes absolutely no sense. I really hope not, but we'll see.

    • ccaagg

      I honestly hope quasiconnectivity gets axed. When people are using flaws in how your game handles block updates in their contraptions, something has to be done. You can't just accept that these exploits (that's really what they are, in essence) are features. That's how you end up with the illogical, esoteric and unintuitive mess that is Minecraft redstone.

    • Candidlearner31

      They have stated before they recognize it as a feature not a bug and Mojang isn’t dumb they don’t want to lose the whole redstone community

  • Buckets

    No, I don’t like these changes at all. I understand making it easier to understand for new players, but red stone on a fundamental level (or easy red stone contraptions) is already strait forward. This change might remove more complex red stone that new players wouldn’t know about. Also I believe that most/ the common player usually look up how to build complex red stone contraptions and this might invalidate years worth of tutorials. This can confuse a new player more by having the wrong info and not being able to figure out why their contraptions won’t work.

    • zozo b like
      zozo b like

      Redstone cross. Evil. Destructive. Did I mention evil?

  • ali_sh69ban_

    in bedrock edition it already looks like a cross

  • Jesse Rogers
    Jesse Rogers

    Not sure if this was added in this snapshot, but I was messing with a flower farm design for dyes in the new snapshot and came to realize water kills grass blocks, so you can’t use water flow to clear drops on grass ☹️

  • Acid

    Wtf? Who actually thought the redstone cross looks good?

    • Acid

      @Mr MC 392 Aight man you do you

    • Mr MC 392
      Mr MC 392

      Acid yes

    • Acid

      @Mr MC 392 So you liked the cross more than the dot

    • Mr MC 392
      Mr MC 392


  • Adipose


  • RedstoneWolf

    At least the redstone is better than in bedrock. Honestly can’t complain too much about it as I’m sure it will be useful

  • Emilie Allamand
    Emilie Allamand

    Ces choses non jamais existé dans minecraft

  • deathlawlGames

    As soon as I hear "Changes to redstone" my brain goes "oh no"

    • Mr MC 392
      Mr MC 392


  • Tmaster Terrarian
    Tmaster Terrarian

    Finally, one step closer to bedrock redstone being similar to java redstone

  • Chase

    Cave/surface That's what I think it stands for

  • Purple Toad
    Purple Toad

    You can’t fish in this snapshot

  • Mana

    I've never been more happy for a damn texture change

  • The Milkman
    The Milkman

    I have to admit I have mixed feelings about all this, my original response was extremely negative, after all, alot of my contraptions in my redstone world would most likely be broken, i spent a good amount of times theory crafting and building a really nice compact piston door, but i have no doubt in my mind it will now be broken, alot of peoples hard efforts to making certain contraptions will now be a waste. Now however I opinion has changed, after seeing mumbo's video I realized mabye this was a good thing after all, the way i see it any new redstone content is good news and some of these changes are rather logical, if anything this will just help newer players enter the redstone community, people act like that's a bad thing of course but that's becuase there gatekeeping, i love sharing redstone creations and stuff with people so with a bigger community I feel like we'll see a rise in new redstone discoveries, this is the next generation of redstone and though it may be hard to accept at first soon we will learn to embrace the changes

    • The Milkman
      The Milkman

      @zozo b like yeah that's gotta be the worst change I've seen in a while

    • zozo b like
      zozo b like

      I embrace most things, except the most dreaded of all. *THE REDSTONE CROSS.*

  • SarrLua

    This update turned from 3 new biomes to a entire new game

  • auxometer

    As someone who spends 90% of my time in Beta this redstone news make me very happy

  • Clayking 101
    Clayking 101

    But now you can’t use redstone as blood

    • Mr MC 392
      Mr MC 392


  • Spicy Mozarella
    Spicy Mozarella

    Bedrock players: wait they changed that..?

  • Doot Doot toast
    Doot Doot toast

    I miss the original zombie pig men

  • Carl Ridlon
    Carl Ridlon

    I expected that the target would be a block where if you shot it with an arrow or something of that nature, it would emit a Redstone signal.

  • Carl Ridlon
    Carl Ridlon

    Some map makers use Redstone as blood. It works better with the dot

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B

    How about mojang just give us the update cus I’m getting bored :)

  • Commentboy

    _"Redstone crosses are back"_ *_Return of the fake-king_*

  • Cress IPad
    Cress IPad


  • Ewan Bird
    Ewan Bird

    They should make Redstone sand so it’s a redstone block but it can fall like sand

  • Falbert ALBUS
    Falbert ALBUS

    hmmmmm why did someone asked to nerf hell?

  • Zypyros

    Where's your robe?

  • TrevTastic

    Mojang: We tweaked redstone! Mumbo Jumbo wants to know your location

  • Reload Toad
    Reload Toad

    About the mob count W might stand for wildlife, A might be arthropods, W could be water, M maybe just mobs idk lul

  • Lady Zilong
    Lady Zilong

    Looks like bedrock edition now

  • neiljuice

    when will they work on the swamp? i thought that was the winner of the biome vote but nothing has happened to swamps yet.

  • UraniumKind

    Bring back the redstone dot.

    • Mr MC 392
      Mr MC 392

      No deal with it, it was a redstone cross in the first place.

    • zozo b like
      zozo b like

      We must start a riot. Give me back my dot, dammit!