Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 20w46a Powder Snow, Freezing Damage & Bundle Preview
Minecraft 1.17 The Caves & Cliffs Update Playlist ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.7 snapshot 20w46a adds Powder Snow, snow in cauldrons, freezing damage, frosty hearts, the bundle tool tip preview and much more!
Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 20w45a Amethyst Geodes, Bundles, Tinted Glass & Shulker Farming?
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00:00 New Bundle Preview
01:29 Powder Snow
03:04 Snow In Cauldrons
04:00 Freezing Damage
05:53 Texture Changes
07:00 General Changes
09:19 Technical Changes
10:18 Things Missed In 20W45A
12:54 Bugfixes
#minecraft #caveupdate #cliffsandcaves

  • xisumavoid

    I've launched a new channel about music! Please check it out :-) rsloft.info/video/w3e5HIQiYc7p1bEpOtEkog.html

    • Zebra 2015
      Zebra 2015


    • fanof war robots h:zd Henry stickmin
      fanof war robots h:zd Henry stickmin

      Sadly nearly non of this will be added to bedrock.

    • Alvin Luy
      Alvin Luy

      The goat should climb like spider instead of jumping really high

    • Otgonbayar Avirmed
      Otgonbayar Avirmed

      how to download

    • gacha Tuber
      gacha Tuber

      u didnt feature the spyglass new view

  • Smooth Stone's Guardian
    Smooth Stone's Guardian

    When you were reviewing powdered snow I was like "What the hell is Calcite?"

  • Austin Isaksen
    Austin Isaksen

    how do you play with the updates before they come out.

  • Da Doodle King
    Da Doodle King

    im waiting at the clinic bc my light fell on me

  • Jacky - BrawlStars
    Jacky - BrawlStars

    We now have snow traps

  • The Loyal Coil
    The Loyal Coil

    Snowier snow

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    Blaze farm?

  • Cookie_ eater9000
    Cookie_ eater9000

    now that they added freezing hearts they need to add burning ones

  • Cringey Dingus
    Cringey Dingus

    i want to access the snapshot

  • Harawanagangsta

    The bundle is probably the best thing to come out of this version, This is truly a genius method to fix clutter. Its so good it almost counters the massive caverns that are being added. I really hope they add something like a pipe or item conduit, maybe made of copper. In the minor updates.

  • Gaming Cat
    Gaming Cat

    Snow bucket mlg

  • River Time
    River Time

    I have been wanting the feature of seeing stuff in a bundle!

  • Sheldor299 Sheldon299
    Sheldor299 Sheldon299

    What about shulkers?

  • MajickMan

    Water in cold biomes should also freeze you. Maybe even blizzards too.

  • Roman Karezin
    Roman Karezin

    Is it usable on Java?

  • Vegeta TheDevil
    Vegeta TheDevil

    What will happen if I cure a villager that had a leather boots on before curing will it survive on top ?

  • Cathy

    I like the new textures. The crystal caves are gorgeous.

  • pk plays
    pk plays

    me: sees powder snow also me: T H E S N O W I S S N O W I E R

  • Pika Pika
    Pika Pika

    If u want to enjoy the freezing snow just join the beta

  • Sirmator

    Now you can experience Canadian weather in Minecraft

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I prefer the way bundle display were announced

  • Silentboi229

    Ok, let's just wait for Dream to do another manhunt, and then he big brains the crap out of all of us using powder snow.

  • GD Lywke
    GD Lywke

    i hope they remake the poison hearts and wither hearts texture to match the frostbite ones, also a poison/wither overlay would be pretty pog

  • GreekEmpire Mapping
    GreekEmpire Mapping

    No one is going to talk about the zombie🤣

  • Quinn Alexander
    Quinn Alexander

    Powder snow is gonna be a pretty neat counter against end game tier players giving chase, but will they be too proud to carry leather boots when chasing noobs for all they're worth?

  • AquAssassin

    Can i just point out that Minecraft adds netherite and then forces us to always wear a piece of gold in a dimension, and now always wear leather boots in the mountains

  • yen

    isnt your skin based of doom

  • EvanFM

    this isnt minecraft, this is just an official mod.

  • Pri Sci
    Pri Sci


  • Prince Angelico DelaVega
    Prince Angelico DelaVega

    lol there's 1.17 in MCPE

  • ZeroX51

    the older textures look better in my opinion.

  • Fennec Does Stuff
    Fennec Does Stuff

    I've been playing withthe snapshot bits a bit. I set up a mob grinder using the powdered snow around my house which seems to work as a good blockade as well. But as to copper i've been doing allot of mining and so far it seems to generate almost a hair ot 2 more then iron so inworld generation it seems plentiful so far.


    Welcome to witchcraft

  • steelrain 814
    steelrain 814

    Grian was the one who said the lightning rods were to contrast-y

  • MrGamer33

    there was also a small change that changed the order of gamemodes in the world creation menu from survival, hardcore, creative to survival, creative, hardcore

  • Sluggish

    The Iceoleger would've been really cool, it could freeze you kinda like how a blaze puts you on fire.

    • Auhsoj Acosta
      Auhsoj Acosta

      That’s why I’m starting a irl war with the squids

  • Dark_rexYT Brah
    Dark_rexYT Brah

    Imagine making a dungeon with this snow

    • AquAssassin

      decked out 2

  • Jared Kaiser
    Jared Kaiser

    Hypothermia in Minecraft. Wonderful.

  • ZweeJayy

    I forgot what is that mod called but It's almost similar to it.

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C

    What if you could make armor from wool and leather? In order to get a better form of leather armor?

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C

    What if using frost walker on a water cauldron turned the water into powdered snow?


    Bundles just straight up nullify the point of sulkerboxes being backpacks

  • Anonymous Black
    Anonymous Black

    What if they did a realistic update? Hunger can kill you, poison can kill you, you need to drink water, mixing potions causes explosions, grabbing lava in a bucket does 2 points of damage per 5 seconds, walking through hot biomes in the day wearing metal armor does damage, walking through cold biomes in the night without leather armor does damage, etc.

  • Anonymous Black
    Anonymous Black

    Hardcore mode freeze damage should act like real frostbite. Kind of like a message to the players saying, "Hey, shame on you, you great buffoon! You play hardcore, but you don't prepare yourself for the cold biomes? tsk tsk." Edit: When I say real frostbite, I mean like a permanent debuff or health loss.

  • Anonymous Black
    Anonymous Black

    The -powder snow bag- bundle looks a lot like the super fertilizer from the education edition.

  • Grim Gaming
    Grim Gaming

    When struck by lightning the lightning rod should become a glowing orange color. If struck by lightning again before it cools off it should break. It should take a full day night cycle for it to cool of. This would give more of a purpose to having lots of copper because if you have a build high up in the air. It has a much higher chance of getting struck. It also makes a lot of sense that something like this would be implemented. 😁

  • Ohohohohohohoh Oh
    Ohohohohohohoh Oh

    0/10 bundle too phat

  • Sam Barker
    Sam Barker

    I think it would be better if you had to make a Redstone device using a skulk sensor to get an output rather than having it give off one naturally, that would make more sense and it would look nicer in a circuit. The devs listen to you so if you like the idea try and make it happen

  • nightmare_shadow_ kitty
    nightmare_shadow_ kitty

    ok wait, you have to collect snow in cauldrons for powdered snow. ..am i the only one who puts bowls out when it snows so i can eat the snow? just me, ok

  • base none
    base none

    I never thought Poison IV was a bug. I thought it was fitting considering eating a pufferfish that wasn't prepared correctly can be life threatening

  • Rat juice
    Rat juice

    Everything looks great besides the amethyst spawn blocks and lightning rods (Which should've stayed the same as they were more pleasing to the eye before)

  • Mr Tango
    Mr Tango

    Snow-logged stairs, fence etc, or riot.

  • Lawful Gray
    Lawful Gray

    I hope they make armor each have their own trade-offs. like leather armor having thermal insolation (obviously), golden armor enhancing enchantments, iron armor having lower insolation but prevents ranged damage better, diamond armor preventing melee damage better. ect ect

  • Lawful Gray
    Lawful Gray

    Mob farms are going to love the heck out of powdered snow.

  • Yee

    Turtle helmet Elytra Golden leggings Leather boots

  • V

    An idea for Mojang to add: Paper Sheets; these would be a building block similar to glass panes but not fully transparent; essentially you would be able to design them similar to how you will the clay pots but in sepia tones. During the day they would allow light to both shine in and illuminate the designs, all the while not allowing mods to see you.

  • Wilson

    How many items *_could_* you have in 2 chests filled with bundles filled with shulkerboxes

  • Pavan Notelall
    Pavan Notelall


  • Kochibear

    Adding a block or two must be a pain in these ass because some people have to add new textures for all the texture packs.

  • Khb 888
    Khb 888

    I just want Mojang to add Dog Armour Like if you agree

  • Gopnik The destroyer
    Gopnik The destroyer

    Me seeing my shulker box full of bundles go into lava: MEH SHET!!!

  • soup time
    soup time


  • ItsTheNumber7

    in 1.17, the strongest armor set will be leather helmet netherite chestplate leather leggings leather boots all with protection and unbreaking III

  • ItsTheNumber7


  • M.C Blue Apple
    M.C Blue Apple

    I called the freezing damage

  • Jacob W
    Jacob W

    You know it sucks when your life goes so well and then you find out the girl you like likes someone else and they live far away so they'll pretty much date for nothing and never last

    • Aliya Hinds
      Aliya Hinds

      Awh..i can relate lol

  • George Pearson
    George Pearson

    Imagine suffering like Napoleons army in Minecraft

  • J T
    J T

    Why did they adf the leather stuff being useful, The times you need them would be incredibly rare and they're a pain to carry around with some actually decent not trash armor

  • J T
    J T

    Why did they adf the leather stuff being useful, The times you need them would be incredibly rare and they're a pain to carry around with some actually decent not trash armor

  • J T
    J T

    I already have a temperature mod no thanks

  • Talon968

    In the new snapshot I have been finding copper ore almost as often as I find iron. The only thing different is that I seam to get 10 copper ores about 9 times out of 10. The lowest amount of copper ore that I have gotten was 8 in one vane.

  • Donnie Howard
    Donnie Howard

    I wish they would soften up the lines on the cut copper textures

  • CubeIR

    This is so very very cool -Xiusdamslkd void

  • Mr Bazza
    Mr Bazza

    Most People: Xisuma Grian (S6): X I Zooma Keralis: sheshwamivwaid 😂 lol

  • Yoonilien

    Lightning rods, and freezing remind me of don't starve...

  • Kevan E
    Kevan E

    The snow in a cauldron looks like milk

  • Felix Japhy Gaming
    Felix Japhy Gaming

    snowier snow is a slower way to make an automatic mob farm

  • KingOfMC owo
    KingOfMC owo

    "Can you MLG powder snow?" is the question.

  • Cubeanimations Salisbury
    Cubeanimations Salisbury


  • S S
    S S

    I feel like I'm looking at a mod pack

  • Shawn Wilburn
    Shawn Wilburn

    I want that bee skin... where can I get that bee skin

  • cubix rohan
    cubix rohan

    3:20 what the hell i waited for 15 minutes and it didnt fill up anything

    • Izuku Midoriya
      Izuku Midoriya

      Do you have the 1.17 update beuse its not even out yet I dont think

  • cubix rohan
    cubix rohan

    Aw man i made a snapshot video just 3 days ago

  • Azzy Floof
    Azzy Floof

    Guys do you realize how OP bundles are?! In Creative Mode, you can copy Shulkers. If you fill up a Shulker Box with your war armor or super bow arrows and then duplicate that shulker box to entirely fill up a Bundle AND THEN YOU CAN PUT THE BUNDLE IN A SHULKER BOX AND THEN COPY THAT SHULKER TO FILL UP A SHULKER AND THEN you know where this is going. INFINITE STORAGE



  • Connor R. Hunter
    Connor R. Hunter

    There should be naturally forming powder snow slabs. It would make traversing snowy land more interesting

  • Valentin 22
    Valentin 22

    An opinion:We should be able to put armour on mobs like zombies skeletons etc



  • No One
    No One

    Damn, thought I heard Stampy at first

  • Cheetah _4
    Cheetah _4

    lol they listened to grian sayingthe. lighting rod was to bright

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    Xisuma. I'm sorry to say it, but you are a derp. Lightning doesn't strike in biomes where it doesn't rain.

  • Precure Vanguard
    Precure Vanguard

    I hope they add a feature, where in the new mountains, at high altitudes, and/or it’s snowing, the freezing effect also kicks in, unless with leather armor, and campfires/fire

  • Ryder Rat
    Ryder Rat

    how do i update it on microsoft store someone ples help

  • LlamaDuck

    Freezing effect? Minecraft is starting to turn into don't starve.

  • Unworthy Gamer
    Unworthy Gamer

    if you want lightning you must render clouds

  • Bernardo Martinez
    Bernardo Martinez

    The old bundle texture was better, looks more Minecrafty

  • Think dre
    Think dre

    Fundy just made a new difficulty this will be very useful for him

  • Om Amin
    Om Amin

    Do polar bears take frost damage?

  • Peachy Man
    Peachy Man

    Is this official?

  • [sefa] mervesimsss Roblox
    [sefa] mervesimsss Roblox

    Ahhhhhh yes auto mob killer machine 5:37

  • goodgamer boi
    goodgamer boi

    RLcraft will soon be vanilla at this rate