Minecraft 1.16.2 Combat Test Snapshot 6 : Cleaving Enchantment, New Bow Mechanics & More!
Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft combat is changing! It won't be part of 1.16 but the latest combat test number 6 is here and in this video we go over the many changes.
Minecraft 1.16.2 Pre-Release 1 - Sideways Chains! Ender Pearl Improvements, New FOV Features!
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00:00 Intro & Recap
02:16 Bow & Projectiles!
03:35 Shield Changes
04:00 Aim Assist
04:52 Axe & Cleaving
05:29 Food & Hunger
06:57 Sword & General Changes
08:07 Bugfixes & Outro
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  • xisumavoid

    I have another update video planned for you on Tuesday with the release of 1.16.2! :-)

    • Foop


    • Underbreaker11

      For sweeping edge on an axe use this command! : /give @p netherite_axe{Enchantments:[{id:sweeping_edge,lvl:1}]} if it doesn't work, change the part where it says sweeping_edge and put sweeping! i am genius

    • yusufusuy


    • RL Ghost
      RL Ghost

      Dual sword wielding would be good

    • GaelicGamer

      @kian henninger you can use an anvil for sharpness if you have right book

  • Atskas

    This combat is awesome,hopes it makes it in.

  • Dank Matter
    Dank Matter

    Bro just bring back old combat

  • meowucme


  • Bowtie StudioGames
    Bowtie StudioGames

    Hopefully half of this backward development won’t come up because these design changes are very bad and shouldn’t be mandated maybe like separate versions like 1.16 Combat or 1.16

  • autumn

    i heavily dislike this update.

  • autumn

    we need a cave update not another pvp update 🗿

  • Patrocle Pourchamp
    Patrocle Pourchamp

    I don't understand how 24 ticks were faster than 2 ticks

  • LunaLoud

    I think they are going to add these stuff in bedrock too, and vise versa. I have a feeling that Mojang will do something that you either like or not Hint: "Better Togheter 2"

  • shirion

    I feel like when I buy java ima be very confused....

  • woktir boi
    woktir boi

    I hope this Will not be in the game

  • ? ¿
    ? ¿

    D𝙹リℸ ̣ ᒲ╎リ↸ ᒲᒷ, ⋮⚍ᓭℸ ̣ ᔑ iᓵ𝙹ᓭᔑ⍑ᒷ↸∷ᔑリ !¡ᔑᓭᓭ╎リ⊣ ʖ||.

  • Seth Bettwizilch
    Seth Bettwizilch

    No more saturation? Boooo. Sprinting and/or jumping will mean you need to eat constantly.

  • Omnipotent TM
    Omnipotent TM

    Time to beat people with Some Meat.

  • It Marf45
    It Marf45

    Do a Face reveal

  • MasonMC

    and i thought these updates were supposed to be bug fixes

  • Bango

    I’m liking this update less and less

  • -RagingPotato-

    It looks absolutely awful. I don't like it at all. What even is the point of shields if they are going to have a cooldown? Why would it automaticaly shield me when crouching? I can make that decision myself.

  • Like, give me adderall man
    Like, give me adderall man

    Welp time to fuck up pvp more lol

    • Like, give me adderall man
      Like, give me adderall man

      Also rip player since you cant heal when fighting super strafing skeletons

    • Like, give me adderall man
      Like, give me adderall man

      As if bows were the only thing left of the previous good combat i cant wait to have my accuracy be shit cause i wanted to wait a bit to shoot

  • Grapplesauce

    Idk about how sweeping/holding to attack will effect pvp, from what I see it means you basically get damage if your aim is generally around your target, though it’s lesser it’s still damage. With holding to attack it seems to simply things immensely, if it can be toggled off I’d like that, because if you can swing at the same speed or faster via clicking repeatedly then I don’t mind. And shields still sounds wack op without an axe. Maybe with swords it’ll still do like a half heart maybe? Unless they changed the shield hit box so no matter where you aim if they’re looking at you they’re blocking.

  • Lordfarquadz

    I dont like this update

  • jake mueller
    jake mueller

    This update will make pvp SUCK (no offence to xiuma) but srsly mojang please no

  • Ventus_PL

    Why do you have to do bows like dat.

  • Target_edge

    This says 1.16.2 but its for combat ..

    • MackMasher

      Yeah didn't they say "Nether Update"

  • LimeSlime

    I can’t face the idea that saturation I going away

  • Kirboi

    Imma say it. All of these features suck...

  • Marshmallow Mountains
    Marshmallow Mountains

    I didn't mind the 1.9 update but I might really hate this one...sigh.

  • Travis Sulewski
    Travis Sulewski

    I’m not really a fan of the fast attacks, I much prefer the timed ones

    • MackMasher

      Great now my friend is gonna say everyone attacking him is a hacker

  • Water Flavored Poptarts
    Water Flavored Poptarts

    They’re removing saturation?

  • Death Ahoy
    Death Ahoy

    Who else thinks partying should be added

  • Foop


  • Noneofyour Buisness
    Noneofyour Buisness

    Taking melee damage regardless of if it's blocked or not... I never really liked or understood that feature. I'd prefer it if you could only block a certain number of subsequent attacks.

  • Mustafa Can Bayram
    Mustafa Can Bayram

    I don't care about anything, they ruined my boy shield.

  • BlueFlameFK

    I like 1.8 pvp more than 1.9+ but with how they are changing combat, "spamclicking" shouldn't exist as you get full damage, saturation can't heal you quickly, you can't eat while being attacked, and you cant use a shield to block attacks. here's my idea: "spamclicking" gets added back in, .2 second cooldown to attacks (like in 1.8), axes can disable shields, have the same damage as their sword counterpart, but have a 1 second cooldown, saturation is nerfed a bit, but not completely removed (just enough to keep golden carrots at #1 food source) and you can eat while being hit.

  • Eliot Li
    Eliot Li

    The interruption and bow accuracy are my favorite changes. I am excited for the future of mc pvp

  • pepay

    they're making this shit too easy, the point of a small hitbox is for it to not be hit easily, what is this.

  • William Kuik
    William Kuik

    Zuma: you can now crouch to enable the shield! Minecraft bedrock: I'm four parallel universes ahead of you!

  • John Andrei
    John Andrei

    Finally you spam the sword :D

  • Ваня Шкиренков
    Ваня Шкиренков

    Terrible update

  • ZackAttack556

    I feel like each food should still be good in their own way and not just tiered food. There should be different eating speeds, resistances and point of no returns. The eating speed is obvious, it's the speed at which the food is eaten. Resistances is how much damage you have to take to stop eating. Or instead of completely interrupting it, it could heal back a smaller percentage. Point of no returns would be a point at the end of the eating that can't be interrupted. Golden apples should have a greater point of no return so they don't become useless in combat, kelp should be fast yet have a low resistance, etc.

  • Sylfix

    I already hate this it's dumb

  • Underbreaker11

    For sweeping edge on an axe use this command! : /give @p netherite_axe{Enchantments:[{id:sweeping_edge,lvl:1}]} if it doesn't work, change the part where it says sweeping_edge and put sweeping! i am genius

  • ItsBCase

    Minecraft literally put an auto clicker in

  • Poyo 420
    Poyo 420

    YES SHIELDS ARENT ENTIRELY BROKEN NOW!!! finally, a version past 1.8 could be viable for pvp!

  • OpenSauce

    This is somehow worse than the current system

  • Remedy

    I really hope spam clicking attack doesn't make it back into the game. I feel like it makes combat more mindless.

    • pepay

      i don't care who've you've talked to, you most likely don't do much pvp things, meaning you don't have a more valid opinion, also, you saying you like 1.9 is funny, as you just chicken fight, and block and unblock your shield, taking no tracking, no insane movement, and nothing at all.

    • pepay

      which, is what i said.

    • pepay

      also, you probably aren't someone that actually 1v1's, you probably build or something, which is why you saying that doesn't really matter.

    • pepay

      😂 we litty bruh, on a stack 💯

    • Remedy

      @pepay Bruh I've played minecraft since it came out I probably have the most valid opinion lol 1.7 and 1.8 combat was always annoying to everyone I talked to. I've had the most fun with 1.9 combat, and you being toxic doesn't persuade me at all to think otherwise.

  • Sven

    I really hope that they don't add this snapshot to the real versions. It just seems wacky and most of the features are awful.

  • woooshifgay

    Techno is happy

  • jester

    Wait... saturation is... **gone?** Edit: Wait... everything I know is gone???? I'm seriously gonna have to relearn the whole combat system, this is kinda huge

  • olga roque
    olga roque

    They fused legacy pvp with the modern pvp and it seems good and fun

  • Mr. Scare Crow
    Mr. Scare Crow

    Looks like Dream is in trouble. XD

  • Malcolm Sparks
    Malcolm Sparks



    I feel like it would make more sense for bows to shake less when hold for longer than the other way around, sniping in long ranges mean you'd have to quick snipe with it then if you want to hit a shot.

  • nullFoo

    The inturruption thing might kill UHC

  • Davrial aka Blue Mario
    Davrial aka Blue Mario

    Removing saturation seems *AWFUL* for the game as a whole and *especially* when it comes to healing. It makes ALL food *way* worse and last not nearly as long

  • toothlessblue

    Ehh, I really like the combat as it is Sounds like this update puts the emphasis back on spam clicking, and makes shields next to useless

  • The DucK
    The DucK

    Remove saturation? That is probably the worst idea put into motion i’ve ever seen. They really dont know what they’re doing

  • badger

    I don't need this. 1.8.9 is literally the best pvp, shields make the game really easy aswell. Plus that saturation update was completely random and didn't need to happen. Kinda sucks how they are taking this route.

  • Kyguy gaming
    Kyguy gaming

    I don’t like it. Just doesn’t feel right to hold down click to attack

  • James

    God, I hate the new hitting animation, just make it faster so it is smooth.

  • Ronald Vergara
    Ronald Vergara

    So the shield is doodoo now?

  • Leyry Wilson
    Leyry Wilson


  • Tezereth

    Instead of adding all those weird and bad mechanics, they should just have add a spear to add a new combat mechanics lmao

  • INeedCoffee

    whoops looks like I'll be playing 1.16.1 for the rest of my life

    • MackMasher


  • redman harfire
    redman harfire

    next combat update : shield is removed bow as no arrows which means bow will be used as melee sword as no sharpness enchanted table u can only get in the form of book axe does not have sharpness 2 to 5 steak give 1 hunger bar wat is gold and god apple cross bow does 2 hearts of dmg healing does 1 heart with 1 sec /no more stew or instant heal if u wanna see this be ready

  • redman harfire
    redman harfire

    guys megaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shield nerfffffffffffffffffffffffff most of the things r nerfed

  • redman harfire
    redman harfire

    pvp is ruined every update for me maybe even u

  • Drew _
    Drew _

    This has to be an April Fools thing. Whoever thought that this was a good idea? This just makes Minecraft brainless. This one and no. 7 are just absurd. The stackable potions are pretty good tho.

  • Anton

    YEP Box YEP Sock YEP Soy

  • Christian Counterman
    Christian Counterman

    Everyone in the comments: I don't like this, combat needs to be specifically tailored to my preferences! Me: *Laughs in bedrock edition*

  • Kirigaya Kazuto
    Kirigaya Kazuto

    Wonder what's gonna happen to food mods

  • logan the pro
    logan the pro

    And this is why I play bedrock

  • Lorenzo Brainiumo
    Lorenzo Brainiumo

    The bow became the huntsman from tf2 apparently lmao

  • UnderPuppy88

    this update kinda sucks

  • UnderPuppy88

    i want to the option to disable sweeping edge from my sword. it never seems to actually contribute, and sometimes it causes me to hit my pets

  • TheLowGamer 666
    TheLowGamer 666

    So ur saying you don’t have to wait and hit to get full damage?

  • NickMortuus

    Nice video!

  • Emir Eralp Aslankol
    Emir Eralp Aslankol

    They should add a option to reverting to the oldest combat system I mean majority of players just plays single player with/without mods and this things are just feels unnecessary and annoying. Personally I don't play minecraft for fighting staff rather then build system and stuff and they are forcing this things to us...

  • PaulG


  • Grimace

    the only parts of this update i like are the axe changes/enchantments and the way the bow loses accuracy the longer it is drawn back. weapons having different reach is appealing. i just don't think you should be able to auto swing, makes timing swings pointless. the bow also loses accuracy a bit too quickly. shields should block most of the damage, at least 85% of it. just my thoughts

  • Boofo42

    FINALLY they nerfed the stone axe


    The Update ist Bad.

  • MockingJay314

    I REALLY hope this gets into 1.17 for both Bedrock edition and Java edition

  • ling ting
    ling ting

    4:02 how fortnite kids describe controller players

  • 0315 Aaaalllaan
    0315 Aaaalllaan

    1.16 Hypixel players: *hold left click*

  • Purple Velvet
    Purple Velvet

    It feels like they're starting to go almost purely combat game with these new mechanics. Sure, it is a combat update, but they need to also look at the domino effect on other aspects. After all, Minecraft is a game of freedom. It shouldn't have a restraining combat system. I agree with the other commenters, it should be a gamerule. And if they're worried about breaking the game with a gamerule, what about tickspeed? Day cycles? Entity drops? Those can all break the game, but they can also be extremely useful.

  • fergus hebbert
    fergus hebbert

    Beef could enchant an axe with cleaving and call it "Meat cleaver"

  • Zaloomer

    it is evolving, just backwards

  • Isaac Bailey
    Isaac Bailey

    I will not play with this combat system until the swords' damage nerfs are reversed. It's an unacceptible change for me, and no other feature of this new system will make me play it. There are other changes I hate, such as shields being nerfed, but the changes to sword damage are the deal-breaker for me. For that matter, having a third system, as everyone's pointed out, is going to simply split the playerbase _more,_ not _less,_ as the fact that I, someone who actually likes both the 1.8- and 1.9+ systems, has decided not to play this system, demonstrates. This shouldn't come as that much of a surprise though, given that it's too PVP-focused, and I always play Singleplayer--I *_hate_* playing SMP, for that matter, and I feel like I'm left in the dust given that so many of the changes are meant primarily or solely for PVP purposes.

  • Gwfun22

    A lot of these things should just be game rules. SpamClick true/false SaturationValue true/false EatingInterruption true/false

  • Will Smith's Knee
    Will Smith's Knee

    I really dislike a lot of these changes, especially with the bow nerf. If they're going to add that they should at least add an enchantment to make the bow not shake.

  • Little Green
    Little Green

    Why don’t I have sweeping edge in bedrock

  • Da Bananananana
    Da Bananananana

    Oh, so your internal update alarm does predictions now too?

  • Boiled Egg Gaming
    Boiled Egg Gaming

    Crouch to block is already a thing in bedrock

  • SpoonMcForky

    As a pvper, this is absolutely garbage

  • Ian Baez
    Ian Baez

    Oooooh this update is giving me chills i feel so powerful now and all of that is going to heck with this update oh no

  • mazda9624

    As someone who hasn't really played much Java since 2013 (but literally every other version between legacy console and Bedrock), half of these changes simply went right over my head. We never got the Combat Update on other platforms, so hopefully this is when it finally happens.

  • Dhanesh Abhipraya
    Dhanesh Abhipraya


  • Mira Korhonen
    Mira Korhonen

    I never really paid attention to the combat mechanics of Minecraft so I'm fine with everything :D

  • Jack Skudlarek
    Jack Skudlarek

    I'm pissed about loosing saturation. kinda ruins food imo. just spam bread now, no need for beef farms or anything else.

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