Minecraft 1.16 Sixteen Nether Update Myths [Minecraft Myth Busting 128]
Minecraft 1.16 Minecraft Myth Busting Playlist ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKi1ikLc2b_pi6EIGOCdF10d.html
1.16 The Nether Update has arrived! In this video I answer sixteen questions related to the nether update.
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  • xisumavoid

    Have you seen the Piglin Brute? rsloft.info/loft/video/oal0p5LAyZizq2U

    • void_v4

      667th like >:))))

    • Vince Abella
      Vince Abella

      Sadly bad I havent

    • Joshuaisgaming

      @Ben or Oooie here we have more intense pvp in the over world using respawn anchors

    • SliceThePi

      What about blue ice underneath soul sand? Is that faster to run on than either of the others?

    • Mile TP
      Mile TP


  • tecnicahaircare

    If you rename a weeping vine Dinnerbone does it work the same way as the twisted vine?

  • McSaucy295

    Idea: Can a lightning rod deflect the Respawn anchors lightning bolt?

  • Matthew

    what addon do you use to show durability?


    1:06 how do you spawn a pillager with a low durability crossbow command blocks?

  • Lighting Spite
    Lighting Spite

    Eney one from grian Chanel

  • Azza Animations
    Azza Animations

    #mythbusting dose using lava at your feet when falling like with water prevent fall damage?

  • ReiSaotome

    is made of fire weak to snow yes makes sense can live in lava.... snow? get away with that weak stuff

  • Torb 1 Trick
    Torb 1 Trick

    4:17 well actually, blazes are made out of fire, so it would make sense that snowballs hurt them (extinguish the fire with snow/water) while the striders can resist lava they are not lava there’s no reason a snowball would hurt them.

  • Kunal Jeswani
    Kunal Jeswani

    i hope you continue the series

  • My Singing monsters FanOOO
    My Singing monsters FanOOO

    Myth: can you jump on a falling piece of sand?????? Or gravel

  • Shivay king 22
    Shivay king 22

    Hi love your vids

  • Aaron Parkinson
    Aaron Parkinson

    #mythbusting can you ride a ghast

  • Smartglass

    @ I think I have busted the most common myth! Spoiler Ahead! Myth: You need Java to run a server. Truth: To run a server on Windows, and all you need to do is add "C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\bin" to your system variables. I also want you to do this one: "Running a server on headless Java makes it run a lot faster".

  • Lucas E
    Lucas E

    "The Unbreaking Enchant actuall reduces the rate at which you use durability." Hmmm yes the floor is made of floor.

  • Bananarama

    Btw, you can put a netherite block in a shulker box and it wont burn in lava.

  • Ijustdoitfor FUN
    Ijustdoitfor FUN

    #mythbusting Can every mob ride the strider?

  • Slow Line Trainspotting
    Slow Line Trainspotting

    Hi Xisuma, in one of your snapshot videos, you talked about the fact that ender pearls will not collide with tall grass or flowers, I was just wondering what its limitations are with that I think it would be interesting to see it with Armour Stands Banners A summoned fireball that is stationary Lit TNT Signs Thanks for the great videos

  • Rajaa Rifi
    Rajaa Rifi

    #mythbusting how far do you have to travel to un agro zombified piglin

  • Unlimited Duck
    Unlimited Duck

    Just imagine if Piglins got pissed off at you for just opening your inventory

  • Hunter Of Endermen
    Hunter Of Endermen

    I already learned the hard way that piglins attack you if you open any.single.storage compartment in front of them. That is the most BS thing I've ever seen!!! Why you gonna attack me from opening my own chest/shulker/etc?? Mojang should have been smart and added a new specific storage compartment called the Piglin chest that could be crafted OR found in a bastion, and they only attack if you open the piglin chest!!

  • shirion

    #mythbusting soul lanterns boost mob spawn rates

  • TheUnknownOne TUO
    TheUnknownOne TUO

    I want to create a pathway on my base connecting every building I built using soul soil and slab on top.... Do I still don't need to worry about breaking my unbreaking 3, mending, soul speed 3 netherite boots?

  • Laughed A
    Laughed A

    #mythbusting what about striders in lava (you know when it changes state)

  • Tiki terraria
    Tiki terraria

    #mythbusting the world is noo

  • Tiki terraria
    Tiki terraria

    #mythbusting is the minecraft sun real?

  • Rowan Metelerkamp
    Rowan Metelerkamp

    #mythbusting Does Creating a super flat world Make the nether super flat aswell?

  • Luis heller
    Luis heller

    buenas la verdad increible video lo disfrute deseo el nuevo video los dejo les dejo kisses gracias

  • [kitsune] inki
    [kitsune] inki

    how o he opened that gamemode menu? 1:34

  • Max Kuhnel
    Max Kuhnel

    Remember God loves you and Jesus died for your sins so if you believe on him you will be saved

  • Marcus Gabriel Vicuña
    Marcus Gabriel Vicuña


  • Marcus Gabriel Vicuña
    Marcus Gabriel Vicuña

    How bout anchent debrey

  • Jack Borman
    Jack Borman

    #mythbusting If you throw an enderpearl and then quickly go into the nether will you teleport back in into the overworld?


    #mythbusting can you make a strider ride a zombie pig man (yes i still call them that) with commands? (if you can name them both dinner bone please i need to see it).

  • Angus

    They should make it if pigs get struck with lightning they become pigmen and thats the only way to get them

  • TheMcSebi

    I don't think the striders should take damage from snowballs since the blazes are essentially burning while the striders are not. Taking damage from Snow (Water) should therefore currently be limited to blazes.

  • IPlayBedWars

    What about that herobrine is in the nether? If you don’t know basically it goes that because it doesn’t say “herobrine has been removed” herobrine is actually in the nether wondering around

  • Pepe Popo
    Pepe Popo

    What is the command to pacify the pillager?

  • Blake Russell
    Blake Russell

    Did you know that striders legs are made of netherite bc there note a fire mob.and the legs of grey + netherite can’t be destroyed by lava and they love the heat.

  • Grape the Protogen
    Grape the Protogen

    Player: * sets down his shulker box and takes stuff out of it * Piglin: THE COUNCIL FINDS YOUR SINS UNFORGIVABLE AND THEREFORE SENTENCES YOU TO DEATH

  • Patrick Burke
    Patrick Burke

    add the netherite block and shulker thing into vanilla tweaks

  • FarmandSMC

    10:47 Why would you jump on soul sand? It is only when the boots are in contact with soulsand it gets the effect.

  • Binato

    did he make this video 16:16 minutes long on purpose?

  • melonik 2010
    melonik 2010

    #mythbusting i forgot what i wanted to say...

  • Minecraft N’ stuff
    Minecraft N’ stuff

    6 was a joke from a mumbo vid

  • PinkpiggyrulesYT

    The shulker box CAN survive lava with nether it’s, only if it’s got a netherite block inside it

  • Eva Havlikova
    Eva Havlikova

    #mythbusting Can a skeleton be neutralized by breaking his bow ?

  • giantsman007

    Why two iron boots?

  • Vinay Shankar
    Vinay Shankar

    #mythbusters do striders take damage in water?

  • Andy Phi
    Andy Phi

    I think that they need to add a few netheeite upgrades to some blocks like netherite piston/netherite sticky piston that could push and/or pull double the blocks and netherite shoulder boxes that survive lava no matter what items are in them

  • ZackKGK

    3:32 if you ran on soul blocks with soul speed 3, unbreaking 3 netherite boots it would take you around 95.4 hours of running to break those boots. Math: Normal running speed=5.612 blocks/s; soul speed 3 speed increase = 27.5%; 5.612÷100×127.5=7.1553 (blocks/s); 7.1553×48 000=343 454.4 seconds= 95.404 hours . And imagine how much food it would take to keep your hunger replenished.

  • FunDaOne

    MYTH: does an anvil crush turtle eggs

  • something cool
    something cool

    if u throw a snowball through fire or lava it does 1 damage to anything

  • Mikołaj J.
    Mikołaj J.

    1.16 16 myths 16min and 16 sec vid wow

  • Noneofyour Buisness
    Noneofyour Buisness

    If you're gonna give yourself full health, Why use Regeneration, and not Instant Health?

  • Itsyahboigaster

    The blaze takes damage not because it’s a hot climate mob, it’s because it is literally on fire

  • ArchivalImp2659


  • Erick

    But what happens when you name yourself dinnerbone?!

  • Keelan B
    Keelan B

    #mythbusting When flying a elytra straight through a nether portal will you go straight through while still flying or does it reset your "flying ability"?

  • NatureNinja2008

    aw mumbo jumbo you jerk

  • NatureNinja2008

    if you name a cat dinnerbone... will it land on its feet. #mythbusting

  • Edward Maryo
    Edward Maryo

    Netherite shulkerbox , BOOM

  • Ninjaboy 225
    Ninjaboy 225

    the time is 16.16

  • Cat

    I still recommend enchanting diamond before converting it. If you get bad enchants on netherrite, you are basically forced to disenchant and try again or just use books, which you could do on diamond just the same. However, if you get bad enchants on diamond, you can usually just make more diamond armor, enchant that, and combine them.

  • Travis Seagroves
    Travis Seagroves

    I heard they added herobrine in the new update can u prove if this is So?

  • DIAMOND Studios
    DIAMOND Studios

    A shulker box is immune to lava with a netherite block

  • Daniela Philip
    Daniela Philip

    #mythbusting Which takes longer to mine: Obsidian, Crying Obsidian, or a block of Netherite?

  • thecrafter06

    The shulker box one is a bug. The items should fall put.

  • Ilamparithi YT
    Ilamparithi YT

    shulker box with netherite block does survive in lava, i heard from mumbo

  • Frick Nick
    Frick Nick

    I found out number 6 the hard way

  • Santosh P.S.S.
    Santosh P.S.S.

    C'mon, Xisuma! We don't want Striders to die, do we? They're so adorable!

  • TheHamster767

    #mythbusting there is no “removed herobrine” change in the 1.16 changelog

  • 亞古獸出沒 Agumon Summon
    亞古獸出沒 Agumon Summon

    But I did experience the piglin baby grow up

  • Christian Goode
    Christian Goode

    If a zombie holds a totem of undying will it use it if it dies

  • AshKingTheFirst

    I FOUND SOMETHING NEW shroom light makes a special sound on noteblocks by that I mean noteblocks make a new sound when under shroomlight

  • diamond Playz
    diamond Playz

    A snowball only makes a damage of half a heart

  • Gabierl R
    Gabierl R

    Lol the duration xd

  • NafinMC

    #mythbusting Do Items you give to mobs decay in durability, because helmet take damage in the sunlight

  • ein Google Name kann exakt ganze 100 Zeichen lang seien Wie soll man das denn ohne Satzeichen Füllen
    ein Google Name kann exakt ganze 100 Zeichen lang seien Wie soll man das denn ohne Satzeichen Füllen

    Thats NOT how breaking works.

  • Lionzx

    They should add netherite shulker box

  • ViolentGents

    Soul speed would actually be faster than ice if you put source blocks on top of the soul soil/sand.

  • Simulacra

    11:05 What menu was that that showed up for a few frames?

  • Nahtanoj Enotsylb
    Nahtanoj Enotsylb

    They should really add a netherite shulker box to safely keep any items in

  • OsBoss 16
    OsBoss 16

    Blue ice vs soul speed 3 + speed 2 from beacon #mythbusting

  • Intijir

    Myth busting idea: can mobs spawn above the build limit?

  • Domenade

    When you fall. If you leave the game And join again will you resume falling

  • joeycommet45

    Is it a coincidence that the thumbnail timestamp is 16:16?

  • troublemonkey1 _
    troublemonkey1 _

    i just get sad when i see a strider not in lava

  • Azulamoon

    There are people who change the world with math, then there are people who change the world of Minecraft with math........................this is Awesomeness

  • AirF1owGD

    Is it possible in any way to add netherite durability to mobs that don’t have armor abilities (methods can also include editing game files)

  • Scott Whittaker
    Scott Whittaker

    he sounds like mumbo

  • British Blueberry
    British Blueberry

    Can’t wait for 200 myths for 1.200

  • legend of gaming
    legend of gaming

    #mythbusting Piglins will not get mad at you if you are wearing netherite

  • August Schroeder
    August Schroeder

    Sixteen things about 1.16 in a video that's sixteen minutes and sixteen seconds long? *I'm in danger*

  • OG carloy
    OG carloy

    In mumbows vid it din't burn

  • OG carloy
    OG carloy

    In mumbows vid it din't burn

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude

    So close to 16:16

  • DuoExplorers YT
    DuoExplorers YT

    Do striders take damage in fire

  • Tuan Gay
    Tuan Gay

    I need a world like you Someone have the dowload of that world plz

  • DeadlyPeeta

    is your skin a red doomguy with a strider head?

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