Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w15a New Basalt Deltas Biome & Tons Of New Blocks!
Minecraft 1.16 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16 snapshot 20w15a is here, A new biome! New Blocks! Blackstone, new nether blocks and quartz bricks! This snapshot is loaded with new content.


Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w14a A New Mob! The Zoglin
Minecraft 1.16 News: 3 New Nether Songs (Snapshot 20w15a)
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00:12 New Block Added
00:22 Chiseled Nether Bricks
01:17 Quartz Bricks
01:34 Blackstone
03:00 How To Craft Blackstone
03:24 New Biome : The Basalt Deltas
05:09 Gilded Blackstone
06:39 Three New Nether Songs
07:09 Piglin Banner
07:44 Soul Campfire
09:05 Hoe's & Leaves
10:10 The Cold Strider
10:37 Changes To Dispensers
12:11 New Accessibility Options
12:37 Bug Fixes
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  • xisumavoid

    Want to hear the new music? rsloft.info/loft/video/c9yKzYCpkJi5qWk

    • Mr. Bob
      Mr. Bob

      Fanimations [old acc.] It wasn’t mean either so uhhhhh

    • Daniella Chanelle
      Daniella Chanelle

      @Fanimations [old acc.] looool X asked if he wanted to hear the music, he simply said no. You're overreacting so much 😹

    • TheMan Gaming
      TheMan Gaming

      xisumavoid did u notice u said the new nether to the biome instead of the new biome to the nether

    • gkakssnjdkxiajqnwnaallaka

      *_n o_*

    • SCP-106

      It would be amazing if the particles for any type of soul fire appear like souls or some sort of ghosts

  • Knight

    I actually totally forgot about quartz bricks tbh now i remember, and damn do they look good.

  • shirion

    Did he say... “A new nether in the biome” ???

  • Aero Dynamic
    Aero Dynamic

    Is there a way of changing quartz bricks back into blocks?

  • Travis Seagroves
    Travis Seagroves

    I remember back in 1.2.5. A cow fell off a cliff near my house I watched it fall it just walked off lol

  • HopeisAnger

    I want a volcano biome in the overworld

  • Nadine Depelteau
    Nadine Depelteau

    What is this "Chiseled Polished Blackstone" you speak of? I only know the Grian Block.

  • defnt!

    idk if its mcpe only or if its for java edition, but respawn anchors can be used as instant explosions. just fill it over or just put 1 glowstone in and light it with flint and steel

  • TheIronken GG
    TheIronken GG

    I will get those torches lamps campfires I WILL GRIND TGE SH*T OUT OF MINECRAFT I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT

  • TheIronken GG
    TheIronken GG

    When my brother comes with the update i will grind the sh*t out of the update like theres no tomorow i will get every single thing in the nether i will make my house out of quartz bricks pillars and chisseled quartz F*ck every single material ( jk jk ) hear me i will be 3 months of grinding in the nether without overworld i will make a base in the nether grinding non stop i will not disapoint Me when i get the update: must work Must always work must never leave the nether till i get every block in the nether

  • alex whittington
    alex whittington

    we need blackstone tools

  • TheEffectsFan1013 /AMHD
    TheEffectsFan1013 /AMHD

    can you change the bee skin to the nether update skins?

  • The viewer
    The viewer

    Yeah you criticize dont fear by all means. Rip the shit out of them git fucks 😊👍 SHOW THEM THEIR ERRORS AND POOR IDEAS!!

  • LPP

    what if they add mossy variants of stuff like that?

  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed

    7:11 I can never ignore the fact that it is not centered

  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed

    No one: Xisumavoid: "It is Wednesday my dudes."

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    I imagine the nether being cold in parts that are away from lava (like a campfire at night), so it makes sense for striders to get cold.

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    1:41 I was confused be Xisuma's dyslexia.

  • Jonuxzas

    "A whole new nether in the biome" -Xisuma 2K20

  • ahamme2330

    The basalt deltas kinda remind me of when xisuma destroyed the desert in season 1 and created his own biome

  • BoSSmAn 0897
    BoSSmAn 0897

    u missed crying obsidion

  • High Ground
    High Ground

    Can't wait to build Darth Vader's Fortress out of blackstone! Finally a decent looking black building material.

  • Sam Petitt
    Sam Petitt

    This looks like their bringing Terraria into minecraft

  • Jonas Gaming
    Jonas Gaming

    "why on earth would that ever be useful?" Scicraft in the future: **Yes**

  • Da Bananananana
    Da Bananananana

    1:43 a new nether in the biome

  • Andrew Neal
    Andrew Neal

    What!? C418 didn't make the new tracks?

  • Amber Brown
    Amber Brown

    Equip the pig

  • Spide Playz
    Spide Playz

    give the soul escaping particle effect from the soul speed to the soul campfires

  • lemon

    netherite horse armor now

  • Rahat Saadia
    Rahat Saadia

    2:10 is it just me or that blocks texture looks more like grians face?

  • jamo boy
    jamo boy

    Mojang should include a "viny" Blackstone brick

  • Kitti Kutas
    Kitti Kutas

    I personally think it would look cool if they changed the soil campfire's smoke to similar particles what the soul speed has

  • Crusher Gaming
    Crusher Gaming

    Mojang, not Moyang

  • Tousumei

    A new nether in the biome?

  • The Atomic Jim
    The Atomic Jim

    As a first time viewer of the channel, I hear his voice only as David walliams's racist immigration officer in come fly with me

  • Mat MacKenzie
    Mat MacKenzie

    A new nether is the biome, huh? How did you not even notice that you said that!?

  • RedrumZombies

    2:22 my new favorite block

  • what the
    what the

    Because of how the Basalt Deltas look, I like to think them as an old civilization that was engulfed and destroyed by lava and volcanoes.

  • William R.S.
    William R.S.

    This snapshot is the best!

  • Megaiox

    finaly the soul fire campfire i wanted this since thay added souls lanterns and torches

  • Sttream

    Soul campfires should have rotating skulls as smoke.

  • frog42

    I had to subscribe. Your snapshot videos are just too good

  • Why I woke Up
    Why I woke Up

    The basalt reminds me a lot of corruption/crimson biomes in terraria

  • Why I woke Up
    Why I woke Up

    Ah yes “a new nether in the biome”

  • Cookies Yum
    Cookies Yum

    Be careful not to get pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  • toasty person
    toasty person

    1:42 ahah

  • Cericat

    this update really shows what mojang can do, I've felt that the past few updates (excluding 1.13 and 1.14 have been rather small for how long they took compared to the early ones: 1.10 (took 10 months) added husks and strays 1.11 (took 2 months) added shulker boxes and woodland mansions 1.12 (took 5 months) added coloured blocks and parrots. 1.15 (took 10 months) added bees. 1.16 so far (took 8 months) added 4 new nether biomes, piglins, hoglins, striders, netherite, and respawn anchor

  • Clobz

    “A new nether in the biome”

  • Evan Lin
    Evan Lin

    I just got a ad saying need some minecraft motivation on a energy drink Why

  • TastyNoDels


  • Carson Strong
    Carson Strong

    That new biome looks like what the nether honestly shoulda looked like from the start

  • Carson Strong
    Carson Strong

    Bruh I really wish I could get my Minecraft to work

  • OrangeCheasy


  • ƵiRro

    I think Mojang should add a feature where lava changes colour in different biomes. Like polluted water in swamps. In the crimson forest, red/dark red; in the warped forest, blue/cyan; and in the new basalt delta biomes, orange/white.

  • Supersum Creations
    Supersum Creations

    Everyone: Obsessing over something Xisuma said. Me: Salivating over the new wall connectivity.

  • The Wild Chef
    The Wild Chef

    when will it be added to ios??

  • Ty-Lee Pizza
    Ty-Lee Pizza

    It is Wedenesday my dudes...

  • The Foxkid Channel
    The Foxkid Channel

    2:08 You though it was Chiseled Polished BlackStone, BUT IT WAS I, GRIAN

  • xTraFilms

    It is Friday my dudes!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

  • TheTomsdrc

    The basalt biomes remind me of an exploded nuclear reactor.

  • Veronica Rodriques
    Veronica Rodriques


  • Harvey Eidam
    Harvey Eidam

    Mojang: Adds a bunch of black rocks and lava to the nether Xisumavoid: I tip my hat to you you’ve outdone yourself

  • Paul Reismann
    Paul Reismann

    Wouldn't it be cool if the soul campfire would have black particles?

  • Camelia Scripet
    Camelia Scripet

    Nobody: Xisuma: It is wenesday my dudes!

  • Siffy

    The soul campfire's smoke should look like souls leaving it.

  • Don't Reply
    Don't Reply

    Idk if they are working on it but MISSED OPPORTUNITY! make the soul campfire release gray puffs of souls and make disturbing noises instead of smoke

  • That one guy named Patrick
    That one guy named Patrick

    11:08 now we need to ipdate our "battlestations" so we can have chavalries in a matter of seconds

  • Aidan Dyson
    Aidan Dyson

    Do the blue torches make blue jackolanterns

  • Abhainn M
    Abhainn M

    put composted nether plants in your soil to make your crops evil

  • Downward Tumble
    Downward Tumble

    The new chat settings should be on chat settings, not accessibility.

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    It is wednesday my friends

  • Милош Тимотић
    Милош Тимотић

    His intro should have been *IT IS WEDNESDAY MY DUDES*

  • creeprkillr11305

    Ever play blazes vs wither?

  • Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo

    Minecraft Cave:🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😔😔😔😔😔

  • mems&schems

    I hate the new Nether music.

  • Navi 12
    Navi 12

    I'd use the Chiseled Blackstone as a Power Outlet Edit: STILL NO CONCRETE SLABS/STAIRS!?

  • Scp-173

    Half the comments *A whole new nether in the biome*

  • Amanda Vitoria
    Amanda Vitoria


  • Vladimir4757

    8:45 I creamed myself. I'm getting back into MC just for that shit right there



  • Webdings

    IT SNOWS ASH!! Thats so neat.

  • annlakes24

    Is it just me, or does the chiseled black stone look a bit like grian?? The bread master has found his way here

    • Nadine Depelteau
      Nadine Depelteau

      What do you mean, Chiseled Blackstone? It's name is Grian Block, not that!

  • ツRugerゞ

    man, Microsoft scrapped the original nether music tracks by C418

  • NES

    If they put some little magma pockets in the cracked nether brick, it would be my favorite block by far!

  • cudlebear64

    1:35 “this comes from a new nether in the biome”

  • Jeffro104

    I love your videos Xisuma! They always keep me updated and I absolutley love them. When Ray Tracing comes out you should make a video on it :)

  • Squid Everett
    Squid Everett

    hey xisuma you accidentally said nether in the biome when you meant to say biome in the nether

  • Terumaske

    I don't think we have those on Minecraft beta yet.

  • Adis

    Why are you still want me?

  • BT LaurynaS
    BT LaurynaS

    Hey, new snapshot is here! Pls make video!!! You are the best!

  • KingOserver

    8:15 gravel

  • ding dong your opinion is wrong
    ding dong your opinion is wrong

    It is Wednesday my dudes

  • The Diamond Gamer
    The Diamond Gamer

    20w16a is out dude

  • MaximusKiwii

    Dudes we need quartz walls OuO !!!!

  • Legendan

    when there is ambience sound in the Nether/(underwater) but not in the Overworld That you can turn on/off.

  • Rayzr

    With this new music I feel like there should be a new nether boss in the new biome

  • TheMan Gaming
    TheMan Gaming

    darn, mojang is trying to make the nether truely survivable. But what if the piglins have villages next? Bet itll look a little run down because ghasts might have attacked the piglin village, and there would be a abandoned variant with the cracked nether bricks or whatever its called and holes in the corners or walls on the house. And for a regular village the piglins would have the banners that were added recently. Its a stretch, but it could happen.

  • Blake R
    Blake R

    Vertical chunks! cave update!

  • Rilliane

    eh looks like a grian to me not piglin 🤣🤣

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown

    5:20 this block is like gravel it some times give you nuggets and other times it gives you the block. “This is what I think”

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