Minecraft 1.16.2 Snapshot 20w30a Waterlogged Lanterns! New Respawn Mechanics
Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16.2 snapshot 20w30a Has Waterlogged Lanterns! New Respawn Mechanics, and smaller changes and bugfixes, of which i cover the most relevant in this latest snapshot video!
Minecraft 1.16.2 Snapshot 20w29a Pillager Salute Patched & Many Bug Fixes!
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00:00 Snapshot 20w30a
00:19 Waterlogged Lanterns
00:45 Bastion Remnants Changes
02:33 Technical Changes
03:22 Respawn Mechanics
06:21 Bugfixes in 20w30a
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  • xisumavoid

    Did you catch the latest episode of Hermitcraft? rsloft.info/loft/video/mtaavaGxsZDIgag

    • Nick Shalhoub
      Nick Shalhoub

      It was fascinating!



    • Tawhidul Haque
      Tawhidul Haque

      rsloft.info/loft/video/idWV032W2ma2b2U 😘

    • Aryan Sheik
      Aryan Sheik

      Yes I did

    • Orinstar Industries
      Orinstar Industries

      Did you say 'a bit of a bore' as a pun because of piglins (it could be heard as 'a bit of a boar').

  • Jet4u

    "strider on strider glory" very poor choice of words.

  • Sergio Mora
    Sergio Mora

    hey la verdad amazing video lo disfrute bastante espero el proximo grabación me voy les envio cariños gracias

  • Bob LayZ Productions
    Bob LayZ Productions

    Has the spectral Arrow come to bedrock yet?

  • ItzUtopiaStyles

    On bedrock, lanterns still aren’t waterloggable. I am mad >:(

  • Non Vitae
    Non Vitae

    I hated the end City glitch. I went to around -10 000 ~ -10 000 before finally finding a city with a ship just to find that the front half of the ship with the elytra was missing.

  • Keehl

    The sign editor pre-text has been in Minecraft for forever. They forgot it in 1.16.1 (and the code shows they had the setup for it ready) and refuse to call it a bug that it was missing.

  • Axirev

    I want, water logged fire

  • Ry Campbell
    Ry Campbell


  • Pixely_Ninja229

    7:38 that happened at my mob farm on bedrock edition i got a bow with power I and power I or something like that

  • Brownskikuca Garlic Bread
    Brownskikuca Garlic Bread

    7:14 I made a world where I make custom village houses and this happens constantly

  • FearLess_Ty apex and Fortnite
    FearLess_Ty apex and Fortnite

    There Should be lava locked items so you can lava block stairs

  • Benjamin Dougherty
    Benjamin Dougherty

    They need a way to craft name tags

  • Unkown user
    Unkown user

    When are they gonna make it when you place down a sighn you can change the text that was already on there

  • Glitchy M
    Glitchy M

    i would really love if chest under water would spill items all over the ocean when you open it

  • Noriaki Kakyoin
    Noriaki Kakyoin

    So is 1.17 is coming sooner than we think?

  • Valentin 22
    Valentin 22

    I wish mojang would do a terrain update

  • K150 new
    K150 new

    "strider on strider glory" - Xisuma 2020

  • Jason Clarke
    Jason Clarke

    I like these videos but 5 midroll ads on a 9 minute video is ridiculous.

  • AnizyArt

    Great snapshot video! These are really helpful and the strider on strider was a glorious sight to see :D

  • oh noes
    oh noes

    Who da hell says moyang

  • Mincat 1326
    Mincat 1326

    Dang it there’s no bastions near my area and I don’t have elytra since my stronghold don’t have a portal and I already raided my bastion :(

  • TheSlanksterWam

    Firefox gang

  • Pineapple Juice
    Pineapple Juice

    Personally, I'm really hoping they don't make preexisting signs editable in vanilla later on. I once played a modpack where that was one of the features, and it was a constant annoyance. I liked to label my chests with signs, and more often than not I'd accidentally open the sign editing screen at least once while trying to open any chest.

  • RedOne

    they should waterlog the fire block

  • Liam1080p60

    Strider on strider glory

  • Chiron

    Question: does Mojang consider piston flashing behavior as a bug? I know they have been messing with graphics lately so it would be a nice one to finally see fixed

  • Daniel Furness
    Daniel Furness

    "prefers the straights" wow how homophobic (i can already see people not getting that this is a joke, this is a joke)

  • Dixie Normis
    Dixie Normis


  • Carter Silva
    Carter Silva

    I Do not usually go to Minecraft.net so thanks for the help!!

  • Ershler

    I wish there was a way of locating new bastions, I've found it pretty difficult to find them. Maybe they could implement some kind of interaction with piglins to have them rush toward the direction of the next closest bastion; or introduce a type of map for the nether with trading/bartering similar to how you can get maps for wooden mansions and ocean temples from cartographers.

  • Kaz

    What the hell are you wearing

  • ColdYetiKiller

    Glass and glass panes interection with water should be changed

  • MeGameDev

    I think ALL Blocks should be waterlogged

  • Tamar Baas
    Tamar Baas

    existining text

  • zippee100

    doors need to be waterloggable.

  • CodyPlays

    What do you think of netherite Shulker boxes that don't burn and have more inventory

  • TheLastPotatoOnEarth Lonely am I
    TheLastPotatoOnEarth Lonely am I

    1:14 A bit of a... Boar? Yes I just did a pig joke.

    • TheSlanksterWam

      No you didnt he did

  • GalloViking

    Still waiting on a tweak of the trident to make it not useless in combat.

  • Spiderbite DML
    Spiderbite DML

    homies your a few weeks to late this update it out XD

  • Flygoniaks

    Huh, at least getting iron in the Nether is _somewhat_ more reliable now.

  • Daniel Ribeiro
    Daniel Ribeiro

    I can’t believe they’re taking so long oml

  • Janski

    We have waterlogging, what we should have gotten from nether update is lavalogging

  • Astrowave

    Please stop saying moyang

    • Astrowave

      @Altaic Jeb(who is also swedish) said they say it with a J not a Y

    • Altaic

      Lukatomic And Mojang is a Swedish word.

    • Astrowave

      @Altaic that's the swedish pronunciation

    • Altaic

      But that’s how you pronounce it

  • p paprzycki
    p paprzycki

    What about a waterlogged nether portal?

  • RJVB092

    We need lava logging grhfkzbfvhd jxb

  • Zee Gast
    Zee Gast

    It would be really cool if you can also waterlog en anvil. But as far as I know you can't.

  • B Lesinski
    B Lesinski

    In the next snapshot or pre-release vid could you explain what weight means in loot tables?

  • Eric Lei
    Eric Lei

    1:15 These can be a bit of a boar??😏 I'll show myself out

  • 1-UP Gaming
    1-UP Gaming

    Lol, “Existining text”

  • Ilect

    Glad bastions cant come with netherite tools, that entirely destroys progression

  • ViolentGents

    I don’t like how they changed the vex/vindicator arm positions. I see how it can be taken the wrong way but how else are you supposed to raise an axe/sword? Useless change imo, at least keep it the same here in the states and maybe censor it in more jewish centered countries like Jerusalem.

  • Death127

    8:11 girls on ticktock be like

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith

    "If you pay attention to my bum"

  • Spoiled Milk
    Spoiled Milk

    Is there still pigstep in chests

  • Lauren F.
    Lauren F.

    Doors are ignored waterlogged wise

  • sloth sin
    sloth sin

    How did you get that cape?

  • Rodent King
    Rodent King


  • Michael

    Either he mentioned it in a different snapshot video or didn't notice this but with guilded blackstone under the loot chests the hopper method won't work because it will agro the piglins and i think thats genius

  • The Axel
    The Axel


  • 6funny

    If you right click on a res pawn anchor when fully charged it’ll explode

    • 6funny

      Altaic I know that and I make griefing easy that way

    • Altaic

      Not a bug

  • EpiCat Gaming402
    EpiCat Gaming402

    Grian's secret base entrance using the bed is broken now, this is so sad😭

  • Joseph Reyes
    Joseph Reyes

    I’ve been having trouble with my guardian farm, ever since I updated to 1.16, guardians wont spawn, I’m in the latest snapshot but they just won’t spawn, can anyone help?

  • Sigh

    Would definitely love to see waterlogged buttons, levers I feel would be a bit of a stretch, but with buttons they can add to underwater builds that need that extra touch, and expand on underwater redstone builds as well.

  • abrr2000

    1.6.1 broke villagers on any server that has mob damage set to off. I hope they fix that.

  • Anika Osu!
    Anika Osu!

    Please... please.. never say strider on strider action ever again. I beg of you

  • Blaineworld

    I would love to be able to waterlog sugarcane.

  • Cast Away Gaming
    Cast Away Gaming

    INVITE Jeracraft to the Hermitcraft Server

  • King0range

    Is the piglin brute coming to bedrock?

    • Oscar Thorne
      Oscar Thorne

      What do u mean

  • Mister Redeminator
    Mister Redeminator

    The same bug with end cities happens with nether fortresses


    Strider on Strider Kinky

  • Mister Redeminator
    Mister Redeminator

    Anvils, doors, hoppers, fence gates, bamboo, rails, pressure plates, end portal frames, enchanting tables, bells, and more can't be waterlogged.

    • Mister Redeminator
      Mister Redeminator

      @Jeanfranco Martinez Idk I was just testing blocks to see what ones couldn't

    • Jeanfranco Martinez
      Jeanfranco Martinez

      Why should bamboo be underwater??

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname

    the 'other' bastion is called the housing units

  • AM

    This gonna be hard now

  • Blue-Maned Hawk
    Blue-Maned Hawk

    Good on you for using Firefox :)

  • marionnaise

    "end cities generating in the end dimension" ah yes, the floor here is made out of floor

  • Charbel Chaak
    Charbel Chaak

    Did you change your skin?

  • Krisha Actually
    Krisha Actually

    existining text

  • ShadowNickz

    did anyone realise that he uses the opera browser?

  • Anco

    existining text peeps

  • Will Hooker
    Will Hooker

    Aah yes, existining

  • Abdul Rafay Omar
    Abdul Rafay Omar

    How do I loot a bastion remnant if there are piglin brutes in it . Please make a video on that :D

  • Cruisinkiy

    lava loged blocks should be a thing

  • TuttoCrafting

    All cool and fancy but servers are getting heavier each release. Clients situation is even worse. And than the modding community have rewrote the graphics stack and they have got a 300% gain on performance. I would prefer to get a new performance update than new stuff. Servers need a full rewrite of the world handling thread. It's still a single thread job!

  • H H yo gaming
    H H yo gaming

    Strider on strider

  • Pleb Plays
    Pleb Plays

    How to make sea Lanterns

  • Joeros Cabalhug
    Joeros Cabalhug

    Is it really Moyang or Mojang?

  • ShadowLight Gaming
    ShadowLight Gaming

    Mobs getting stuck in doorways was a bug? I've just learned to live with it, lol

  • Kaitlyn Higgins
    Kaitlyn Higgins

    You think your strider on strider action is good? Try putting a saddle on an adult, and then wander off and just watch. The babies will go for rides in the saddle. It is ADORABLE.

  • JJonasB

    What will happen to bed trappers on 2b2t if this update go on the server :D

    • JJonasB

      Maybe FitMc Will make an video :D

  • TheJakeCraft68

    man can u help me out I'm in Pakistan and I can't buy anything with a credit card so can u buy me a Minecraft account I know this is greedy but plz I wanted this game for 6 YEARS but I could not get it plz help me if not I understand

  • logg

    Family: * leaves for 2 minutes * Boy on puberty: 7:15

  • GMD TheOnyxGuy
    GMD TheOnyxGuy

    7:23 Everything's alright 'till Wandering Trader pops in

  • GMD TheOnyxGuy
    GMD TheOnyxGuy

    They forgot about waterlogged doors. It's just ridiculous to see air bubbles surrounding doors in shipwrecks

  • cthulhuhead

    I gotta level with you: that whole changing of the arm positions for the pillagers and vexes is some of the dumbest unnecessary stuff I’ve seen Mojang do

  • DuoDuos

    There are three youtubers that I know are making snapshot videos: Xisuma Ray Wattles

  • Zattak0

    i think the valid spawn tag is for what blocks animals can spawn on

  • Fred Gray
    Fred Gray

    You can thank Mumbo for my intro to Hermitcraft. as i have been watching several Hermits since season 4 & 5 .. always good content... Mumbo Xb. Scar Impulse Tango and a few more i'm surely missing but all have made Hermitcraft a fun series to pay attention to please keep it gong!!!

  • DapperDemon

    as much as I'd love for regular doors to be waterlogged, I think them being two blocks tall and changing shape makes it more difficult to code. plus, the option of using them as an air pocket would go away if they make waterlogged doors a thing

  • Axpanda animates
    Axpanda animates

    Piglin brutes are I'm pretty sure based off the pigman warriors in fallen kingdom series