Minecraft 1.16.2 Combat Test Snapshot 7C : Stackable Potions!
Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft combat is changing! It won't be part of 1.16 but the latest combat test number 7c is here and in this video we go over the many changes.
Whats New In Minecraft 1.16.2 Java Edition?
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00:00 Combat Test Snapshot 7C
00:48 Reversed Changes
02:48 Changes & Adjustments
04:44 Stackable Potions
06:49 Minor Changes
07:19 Bugfixes & Outro
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  • xisumavoid

    Do you think they should remove the enchantment glint from potions? They are even less visible with a big 16 infront of them now!

    • Jax Lewis
      Jax Lewis

      I can't imagine them without it to be honest.

    • Shogunbirds

      Keep. The. Glint! If the glint is hard to see with a 16 in front. Then maybe the glint can be increased to combat that problem. However, the glint will only be increased if the potions are stacked.

    • Samuel Rodriguez
      Samuel Rodriguez

      nah, I actually like the glint

    • Zachary C.
      Zachary C.

      @berni2905 I guess we're both entitled to our own opinions. Both points, I believe, are entirely valid.

    • berni2905

      @Zachary C. Yeah, it might not make sense but it's convinient and makes them easier to distinguish.

  • Logan Kessler
    Logan Kessler

    They need to add stackable milk

  • Bobby Watson
    Bobby Watson

    Oh no there should be an exception for strength that's op

  • David Lagos
    David Lagos

    buenas la verdad amazing video lo disfrute aguardo por el siguiente video me despido les mando cariños agradecido

  • Funnydoodler

    2.5 blocks of reach would break a lot of servers where you click fast. It would make 1.8.9 the only useful way to play, other than a good plugin being made.

  • Akshat Chheda
    Akshat Chheda

    When will the stackable potions be added to game?

  • Pits N Pats
    Pits N Pats

    So 2b2t potion stack hack coming to vanilla, yay

  • foundlostsoul


  • Car Hawk
    Car Hawk

    *happy alchemist noises*

  • Lord ofDarkSouls
    Lord ofDarkSouls

    i love the potion changes, would be cool to have an extra item like a potion belt or potion "holder" idk, to stack throwing potions :D

  • JuanTheDude

    I guess we know what 1.17 will be (or 1.18, I guess?)

  • JuanTheDude


  • kavenoff777

    I love potions being stackable. Would make inventory organizing look _much_ better.

  • Johnathan Mrquiver
    Johnathan Mrquiver

    I think that all potions except for splashing lingering should stay stackable to 16. But perhaps either increase the amount of time it takes to drink or give the interrupt drinking from the previous snap shot to potions so that a player can interrupt you from drinking a potion

  • Elan Wan
    Elan Wan


  • Gyrre

    The axe knocking aside your shield makes a lot of sense. They're great for that IRL and it's one of the advantages of using an axe over a sword in melee combat.

  • morris jackson
    morris jackson


  • Splinty

    imagine this in nodebuff :(

  • Jarethenator

    Hope I can turn that little indicator off because I do not want it.

  • Giray Torun
    Giray Torun

    I think 16 potions per stack is a bit too much. 4,6 or even 8 sounds more balanced.

  • Roonie205

    isn't it too much though ? Stackable Potions i mean ? i really love this change but i dislike it at the same time. Stackable Potions are something i've dreamed seeing in minecraft so its a pretty good idea. However Stackable Potions up to 16 potion is little op in my opinion , i would be okay for it if it was 8 potions or maybe 4 potions 16 is Definitely an op number to stack potions to , i would like this to be reduced .

  • DamageMaximo

    The bow becoming innacurate the longer you aim is stupid, any person in real life, the longer they hold their aim, they will be able to focus better and aim tighter, and that is a terrible feature anyway, can't believe the pvp noobs are making this terrible idea go on and ruin minecraft, hope they keep it how it always were, I'm fine with the other changes

  • seagull chan
    seagull chan


  • princessbinas

    Stackable potions? Yes please!

  • goGAME7887 YT
    goGAME7887 YT

    Bedrock or Java or Both?

  • star trillion
    star trillion

    finally stackable potions

  • Konrad Schulz
    Konrad Schulz

    The thing with eating interruption is pretty good if it's gone. Imagine falling in lava or just being in fire and not being able to drink any potions, any grapples and just being fugged

  • Konrad Schulz
    Konrad Schulz

    This better not stay as a test

  • hielum13


  • BlueFlameFK

    i like this, but i believe that reach on weapons should be removed, hoes should not be viable in pvp. right now they are super overpowered. also damage seems to have gone down by one point on all weapons which is strange to me.

  • d4r7h3b3r

    Stacking, sortable potions is a great change. If stacking healing potions is too OP, they could add a small cd or something. I'm glad they reverted the bow change.

  • Ian Carlson
    Ian Carlson

    I honestly wish they would add appleskin's "Saturation meter" (gold outline to the food bar) so that we wouldn't have to not see it.

  • 眠い用心棒

    I was hoping for more potion types but this is a great alternative :D

  • Cam'ron

    Cursed snapshot

  • jester

    Wait... so like... saturation is _still_ gone??

  • Bagel Penguin64
    Bagel Penguin64

    Nerf shields, please.

  • Solesteam

    splash potions should be stackable so there can be potion baised combat maybe to a smaller extent than the drinkable potions, also a potion resistance enchantment that can be either beneficial or harmful because its all so nullifying your helpful spash potions too

  • Latvian minecrafter
    Latvian minecrafter

    I hate all of this! It's breaking the game...

  • KingKermit [100k?]
    KingKermit [100k?]

    Me with stacking+ on ‘Addons for Minecraft: *Pathetic.*

  • NotAGoat

    Stackable potions???? What is this madness?! But seriously this is amazing news! Finally I won't have to waste 3 whole inventory slots on fire resistance potions in the Nether or invisibility and water breathing potions when working with an ocean monument!

  • i game i do research too
    i game i do research too

    i think its a good change overal, me being a 1.8 pvper it is terrible to know that attack reach exists now (maybe will be future problem idk) but its amazing to me to hear that spam clicks are BACK YEAH BOIIII

  • Tolland

    I think all potions should be stackable up to 16 but there should be a cooldown after throwing splash/lingering potions, maybe by about 10 seconds or so. This way you keep the storage space improvements and you can’t spam kill entities with splash potions of harming.

  • FlaredMeteor940

    Wow! Stacked Poison potions! *LIKE ANYONE WOULD NEED THAT!!!*

  • Mr. Kneecaps
    Mr. Kneecaps

    Is stacking swords next lol


    whats next? stackable water buckets?

  • Artur Miklaszewski
    Artur Miklaszewski

    YES! Finally stackable potions! We needed that like 30 years ago! Finally this will allow us so much better inventory management. Now, after that we need some sort of upgradeable inventory to carry more stuff before reaching the end for shulker boxes.

  • NickMortuus

    Diamonds are forever

  • I-Maser

    Id like stackable throw Potions but there shoukd be a cooldwon to using them

  • oza 2000
    oza 2000

    Stacking potions just seems like a convenience, but then you have to compare them to other consumables. The first one that comes to mind is normal golden apples since they're are pretty easy to get in the late game (goldfarm + villager apple trade), The other one I can think of are totems (from raid farms). Then for potion options, there's normal instant health, turtle master II (with 20 seconds!), and strength. And while we're talking about potions, honestly, strength should probably get nerfed, and weakness buffed. Anyways, those are my hotcakes.

  • Average American
    Average American

    just make it so people get their potions interrupted when hit

  • SuperOof 183
    SuperOof 183

    Jeb should add stackable totems

  • Lüc Cope
    Lüc Cope

    I think stacking potions is useful but.... it just feels so so wrong

  • rileygaming109

    As much as I want stackable potions I don’t think it be fair maybe a drink holder though...

  • charbones

    I think there should be a big cool down or something if you use mor than 2 you have a chance to be poisoned or have reverse effects with potions.

  • charbones

    I really dont like staking potions it just seems wired and op

  • Max 0_0
    Max 0_0

    Wait a second....that’s illegal

  • Explorer2000

    Worst pvp update ever..

  • Union_Keyblade

    The knockback didn't work because shields negate all damage under 5 attack damage

  • google_translate

    Stackable potions 2b2t:That's one more for a apocalypse bingo!

  • ThatBadGuy

    I think the stack for potions should be reduced to 8 plus a use cool down depending on potion used and its upgrades.

  • Ikan berapi [Ali R.P]
    Ikan berapi [Ali R.P]

    Spamable insta dmg would be the meta in pvp

  • Matt's Music
    Matt's Music

    If we have stackable potions, then why not stackable beds?

  • SomeDude

    Oh lawd

  • Ben Apaya
    Ben Apaya

    They should add the feature of when drinking the first potion the speed is normal and then when they drink another potion already the speed should be slowed down.

  • im_yaki

    There should be a cool down like enderpearls

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    Stacking potions very helpful

  • iluvmercedes

    I want ender pearls and snowballs to stack to 64

  • Nextin

    I'm 90% sure that 1.17 will be a combat revamp and optimization update (like 1.15) and 1.18 might be the cave update

  • GiottoBorrotto IlCulloRotto
    GiottoBorrotto IlCulloRotto

    I would like to see different movesets and animation for different weapons or combat styles, something like dodging, charged attacks, sweeping attacks, maybe parry with shield, a charged attack with the axe, quick attacks that are less powerful. This could bring deep to the combat system. I also believe that the range of the trident should be a lot smaller and that it should be boosted on the melee side

    • GiottoBorrotto IlCulloRotto
      GiottoBorrotto IlCulloRotto

      As they added useless emote to bedrock i could totally see them adding more complex fighting animations

    • GiottoBorrotto IlCulloRotto
      GiottoBorrotto IlCulloRotto

      I also think that armor should have different weight and should make movements fasters or slowers, diamond and gold should be the heaviest, then netherite (just to gave it an advantage), iron, chainmail and finally leather. However strong attacks should be able to stun people who wear fast but less protective armor

    • GiottoBorrotto IlCulloRotto
      GiottoBorrotto IlCulloRotto

      For example they could create a "combat mode" that is activated by using a sword or trident or any other weapon and that is deactivated after a certain amount of time. While in combat mode the controls should change, for example pressing "space" while moving to the left or right should be a dodge while attacking while moving forward should be a lunge with the sword/trident.

  • kamodo2299

    It's cool that they actually listened to people, so many other communities would have just had to deal with the developers changes

  • Super Pikachu
    Super Pikachu

    (Stackable potions) 2b2t: hey I've seen this one before Vanilla players: what do you mean you've seen it, its brand-new!

  • Scrivenger_Grim

    The title doesn’t sound real I’m just so used to non-stackable potions that it just sounds fake as hell

  • PokeSang

    Dream is rubbing his hands with 16 strength potions

  • Fred Krazé
    Fred Krazé

    I just think 16 is a bit much... Perhaps 8 per stack would be a bit more balanced.

  • theseal12

    Just fix the cheater problem plz ;c

  • Underscored Frisk
    Underscored Frisk

    16 potions is too much. maybe 4 is the max, even 8 is quite powerful

  • Pichu Master1164
    Pichu Master1164

    I like the stackable potions it’s better. If I wanted to go to the nether I would have to have 3 on my hot bar and some in a shulker box now I have 2 more hotbar slots and more shulker box slots

  • Mukal Manhas
    Mukal Manhas

    Brewers : hold my nether warts 😂

  • DHCuber

    U can stack potions now?? What is this 1.8 2b2t?

  • Raen de Kock
    Raen de Kock

    Stackable potions would be amazing

  • snaky GD
    snaky GD

    is bedrock gonna get sweeping edge? pls

  • n o
    n o

    To be honest I prefer the 1.9 combat mechanics more than this one

  • SangheiliWarrior

    I have been begging for stackable potions ever since they were added..... And ive really wanted it evwr since the cool down was introduced to enterprises. Also its really dope cuz you can make auto storage for potions

  • J R
    J R

    I disagree with the bow rollback. Even in your reasoning here, then why wouldn't a player just camp with a crossbow, if that's their preferred attack style? Leave the bows to the aggressive fighters, and leave the crossbows to the snipers.

  • Apothecary

    It's counterintuitive that eating interruption is bad for pvp but it actually brings durability, disarm, shields, potions more in to the equation. It also allows lesser armoured opponents to maintain a source of healing to fight back.

  • M

    4:20 that was already in bedrock.

  • The Seeker
    The Seeker

    I wonder if bedrock will get a combat change eventually

  • Illusionist Kyouko
    Illusionist Kyouko

    The bow inaccuracies NEED to come back, albeit with more of a delay before it begins.

  • Marc Alarin
    Marc Alarin

    they should bring back the bow accuracy thing but if you crouch the accuracy is increased...

  • JamporkFilms

    If you ask me, i am not a fan of stackable potions. They are able to grant a significant buff and change to how you can play the game and being able to stack them makes them spamable. Combat would entirely revolve around potions and to be honest i think that the buff you can gain from 1 potion is worth the slot of inventory your giving up. However for a compromise to this, if you are going to have potions stackable, 16 is way too many in my opinion, it should really go to a maximum of 4.

  • James

    I think potions should only stack up to 2 or 4 though water bottles should stack up to 16. I also hate how the new punching and attacking looks where it just snaps back to the default position, it looks extremely ugly, I would like to see the 1.8 combat, 1.9 combat and the new combat as gamerules, as I personally like the 1.9 combat, its not perfect but I still prefer it over 1.8 combat which has no skill at all except for how long and fast can you click till your hand gets tired.

  • Celly Milton
    Celly Milton

    I can totally get behind stacked potions. As it is, as a casual player i find very little use in a lot of potions, especially with how hard it is to memorize all the recipes. But, on top of that, only having access to a couple of them? It made them very... useless up carry on you in survival except for specific situations. I can see this definitely giving a lot more value to potions in survival as they're going to now be a much more consistent source of health, or damage, or whatever they may be, wheread before it felt like it was only the BUFF ones that were useful. I can't speak on the connotations of it all in PVP though- maybe if they added a reload to it it'd be more fair? Imo, the entire Brewing/Potion system needs an overhaul. I might have to experiment with ideas on creating that, come to think of it.

  • Iska Mag
    Iska Mag

    “stackable potions” why my pp so hard

  • Derpsterio29

    I think potions be stacked at most 8 maybe 4 cus in all honesty carrying a bunch of bottles isn't easy and this will nerf how many potions someone can spam in their inventory

  • MetroHam

    Sucks that they reverted the eating thing. Would have made combat so much better then a slog and with it can allow people to use potions to heal instead of stack since they can now stack.

  • Stephen K
    Stephen K

    Dang, I liked the idea of eating being interrupted when you're attacked -- eating is the most OP part of combat IMO

  • Adam Lindstrom
    Adam Lindstrom

    I don't think stacking potions will be op, since both you and your opponent can take advantage of it. However I think adding a mechanic where damage dealt by enemies (other players or mobs) cancels drinking a potion, similar to how food worked in the last combat snapshot, would be good, as it would allow you to punish someone thoughtlessly spamming healing/regen potions. This would add another layer of strategy to combat as you would need to creating openings for yourself to heal (maybe using knockback or the environment), without letting your opponent heal up (think estus in dark souls).

  • Krystian Laubach
    Krystian Laubach

    We'll get stackble potions but never vertical slabs :/

  • CryoChick

    I think if they want to nerf it Make it so pots stack to 8

  • Xiom Plays
    Xiom Plays

    Well new combat test means finally dream vs technoblade

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