Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1 "Fabulous" Graphics, Data Pack Dimensions & Neutral Mob Changes
Minecraft 1.16 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1 is here! A new Fabulous graphical option, more data pack support and big changes to neutral mobs including new gamerules!
Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w22a Villager Changes, Endermen Persistence & Piglin Victory Dance!
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00:00 1.16 Pre-Release 1
01:03 Data Pack Menu
02:49 Neutral Mob Changes
04:09 universalAnger & forgiveDeadPlayers
05:14 No Nether Dimension???
05:54 Custom Dimension via Data Pack
07:20 More Mob Changes
08:38 Other Changes
09:22 Fabulous Graphics
10:26 Bug Fixes
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  • xisumavoid

    Make sure you see yesterdays episode of Hermitcraft! It was epic :-D Hermitcraft VII 920 Tag 2 Electric Boogaloo - The Big Finale! rsloft.info/loft/video/lMiZy4iXvYrIg3o

    • Adam Watson
      Adam Watson

      Do people actually use the MHF heads anymore? Like MHF_Bee? Is there an MHF_AngryBee?

    • MrFanta Stick
      MrFanta Stick


    • Ixeslegend Ixes
      Ixeslegend Ixes

      after watching this video i will play minecraft pre release 2/1.16-pre2

    • BountyHunter813

      MonkeyDudeX1 :P That's not how it works.

    • BountyHunter813

      Where do you download the lol dimension

  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    "Because you now have to breed Mules" *Confused Confusing Confusion*

  • Stream Froster
    Stream Froster

    Hi guys... Nice vids you share. This channel is one of the reason for me to try make my own. Can you guys also support my new channel. Sorry if the content still noob. Please guide me. Thanks all

  • tadams587

    Did the Nintendo Switch or other bedrock platforms get the fabulous! graphics setting in 1.16?

  • MYtHiCaL GaMeR
    MYtHiCaL GaMeR

    What I don't like about the update is that they remove the chickens underground.

  • Sandy Ross
    Sandy Ross

    Custom dimensions sounds _amazing._

  • Hubert

    Either im blind or the fabulous graphic setting made smoke transparent

  • Cody Greenland
    Cody Greenland

    0:13 Now we have an actual release candidate

  • Vagyu

    i have a GTX 1070 an i5-6600k and 30 gigabytes of ram and 1.16 runs like shit WHYYY!!!!

  • Tristan

    Mcpvp was coded by apes.

  • Sam Pineo
    Sam Pineo

    I once found a nether chicken

  • Bence zalavári
    Bence zalavári

    PRE- RELEASE 7 :3

  • Solesteam

    /gamerule plssowwyIdidn'tmweantopunchyouyoukilledmenowsoweawreeven uwu

  • kai

    His voice is pretty relaxing 🤔

  • MoneyKiller1st

    They should just really bring rtx to java

  • Zen ツ Official
    Zen ツ Official

    They should really add an update where u can stack up Potions and water bottles. Its really annoying especially if you're the kind of player who loves survival.

  • dee

    Fabulous graphics disappointed me i was expecting sth like shaders lmao ik it's dumb to expect sth like that but why would they call it fabulous when it doesn't really change any visuals

  • Edwin Nah
    Edwin Nah

    how many prereleases do you think it'll take before the actual update comes out?

  • Ralf Rauhe
    Ralf Rauhe

    Hello Mister VanillaTweaks

  • aqua

    his way to spell "mushroom" killed me literally every time he says it ☠️☠️

  • wes kna
    wes kna

    I watched 3 minutes of this video thinking you were ibx toycat...

  • GameString

    A bug was path and farm blocks would try to push you when they are on a edge

  • Saljon

    As a bedrock player this makes me sad, angry and confused at the same time. Since my girlfriend plays on switch there is no alternative for me... damnit.

    • Inkorporeal

      What do you mean? The update coming out before on Java?

  • rob mitch
    rob mitch

    The custom dimension is cool but that will not help anyone who doesn't or can't use them let alone the bedrock people that just doesn't have that choice.

  • don’t click my my profile picture
    don’t click my my profile picture

    i like the way he says 'moyang'

  • Master Depression
    Master Depression

    So is it possible you could make an opposite dimension exactly like the overworld but certain mobs get replaced?

  • JNCressey

    5:14 "In a controversial decision, Mojang has decided in this update to delete the nether. This will truly be the biggest update to happen to the nether."

  • Wes_The_Hunter

    3:23 Zomblified Piglin ZOMBLIFIED HAAHAH I'M SORRY

  • Wasting Whistler
    Wasting Whistler

    NO MORE CAVE CHICKENS?! Booooo. That's like removing pink sheep.

  • Seine Dudeheit
    Seine Dudeheit

    I have around 50 fps with i7 and gtx970. 😢

  • Nazeth Craft
    Nazeth Craft

    Can someone explain me, what's the difference between mods and data packs?

  • Dhafin a.r
    Dhafin a.r

    Minecraft : Fabulous Graphics Me : Is that a reference to pewdiepie?.

  • Caleb

    I’m always gonna call them zombiepigman

  • KappaScopeZZ

    I know the comment is rather late, but because you didn't seem to know what the fabulous graphics actually do: They are basically just a *refactoring* of the previous transparency rendering that is intended to remove some bugs with the rendering order by passing each layer with the corresponding depth buffer to a shader, and then the shader goes through each pixel, sorts all the layers by their depths and then combines them in that order. That didn't really fix things because elements of the same type already get combined the old way even before being put into the shader, so it can't "repair" the already broken rendering order anymore. However, what's really new is that you can *change* that transparency shader to whatever you want and even keep the steps done by the vanilla shader, so it's possible to make resource packs that apply shaders that work on any world or server now.

  • James David FISHER
    James David FISHER

    Welcome to minecraft 1.16 the nether update... Without the nether. ; ) Sorry X. Just too funny to not remark on.

  • anish ugale
    anish ugale

    man ever heard of optifine

  • Idiot Erich
    Idiot Erich

    Has anyone else had this problem? I was on my 16pre-2 world a few days ago and tried to guide pigs into my farm with carrots, only for them to go extremely slow. By extremely slow, I mean slower than crouch-walking.

  • Bread Milk
    Bread Milk

    1.16 Nether Update: -Fixed some bugs -Removed the Nether

  • DucHieu TV
    DucHieu TV


  • James Davey
    James Davey

    "The performance is great on this computer" Hmmm, really you can run minecraft on a 9900k?

  • John_Origin

    Wait isnt the wither skeleton black and piglens orangish ? ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Black lives matter

  • ZachW77


  • Shuaizu

    Wow look at that the "fabulous" graphics have absolutely no change from medium.

  • klaas tilma
    klaas tilma

    Hey, mr xisumavoid can youtuber/minecraft wattles join hermitcraft?

  • The Space Kitten Commander
    The Space Kitten Commander

    7:00 is a spider jockey

  • Cazual Furri
    Cazual Furri

    You were looking for this 9:24

  • Johnny Stene
    Johnny Stene

    You probably have to provide your own shaders for Fabulous Graphics to work.

  • Biker Scout Productions
    Biker Scout Productions

    Who doesn’t consider bees a bug?

  • hollyhgamer88

    Meh I am still waiting for them to actually add stuff to do in this game. And no the nether update doesnt add a lot to do. I want more structures more dungeons more loot more weaponry. Sadly only mods can give them. They can totally make the base game so much better... but they dont. And I dont know why. They have the money and manpower to do it.

  • Sven W
    Sven W

    Why do you only have 2gigs of ram allocated to minecraft?

  • wollajimbi

    do you say data or data? curious

  • Person Rando
    Person Rando

    Clouds render through glass in fabulous settings.

  • Smart Krafter
    Smart Krafter

    Hey I have a question: WHER IS THE BIOME UPDATE?! I want my cute goat!

  • Demented Duskull
    Demented Duskull

    3:29 YES!!! They finally made the zombie Piglins hold their arms forward! _YESSS!!!_

  • The Minecrafted
    The Minecrafted

    Pc and phone: gets minecraft update Me playing on console: *visible frustration*

  • Creeperawman193 Yt
    Creeperawman193 Yt

    But if mobs can only attack the player how do you get music disks

  • András Berecz
    András Berecz

    6.05 some corruption right there

  • craftlofer

    they finally fixed that when you hit a block with a sword in creative it wont lag anymore

  • ErikderFreak

    I would love to see a datapack for a custom mining dimension. Just a parallel world to mine, so you don't destroy the real world!

  • Levy055

    at 7:57 the chicken that the zombie is riding on turned his head 180 degrees

  • Otto Tamkivi
    Otto Tamkivi

    When you play the new snapshot before xisuma posts the video about it: I am speed

  • GhostDreams Rose
    GhostDreams Rose

    Actually. I think the new look for the zombie pigmen looks pretty adorable now they have actual ears. I think I can live with that.

  • Golden Butterfly
    Golden Butterfly

    Where is the goooaaaaat

  • Jacinta Wilde
    Jacinta Wilde

    I can't wait till 1.16 will be pozzable

  • OSS GodNops
    OSS GodNops

    Bring back underground chickens

  • Arts by Jojo
    Arts by Jojo

    Mules are not breedable in real life! Mojang what u doing?!

  • Caroline Johnston
    Caroline Johnston

    yay snapshot

  • MegaGamerXz

    Does anyone know where he got the datapack from?

  • e

    They should have named those graphics "Gorgeous" instead

  • Erratas

    The Piglins and Wither Skeletons would attack each other for quite a few snapshots by now, it's not new.

  • ItsAzshrocka88

    dude, I want an overworld mobs update that makes the game a bit more realistic. where most passive animals will spawn and travel in herds and will run or walk away from you when you are near until you domesticate them by breeding in a fenced area. polar bears and wolves are automatically aggressive to you and itd be cool to introduce rams (just sheep with horns) but they may attack the player if you get to close to a wild herd. 1-3 rams will spawn in a herd and will also try to fight off wolves.

  • Headman

    RSloft just recommended the first hermitcraft episode, things have changed a lot.

  • R.P Vids
    R.P Vids

    U should interview Plopper!

  • 3zxi_

    did you do pre-release 2? please do it

  • VoodooG

    I think the fabulous option wasn't wroking because you had night vision enabled disabling any and all shadows.

  • Lizardbyte

    Why do you need to breed mules for the achievement? I thought mules couldn't be bred right!

  • MeOvv

    why they removed Cave Chicken? who the hell asked for it to get removed? it can be your friends when you're alone in cave.

  • オジ ザ ゲーマー
    オジ ザ ゲーマー

    can you do a face reveal?

  • XM214-A Minigun
    XM214-A Minigun

    Thank you so fucking much for the time stamps

  • This isn’t reddit
    This isn’t reddit

    5:35 Black lives matter, cmon man

  • defectohorse

    7:41 i used to grab cave chickens and keep them outside the cave in a pen. bye bye cave chickens

  • MCM 1600
    MCM 1600

    Minecraft need more buildings, places to explore. More Buildings to raid, more crafting ideas

  • ShxdyNeo

    All this, and yet no combat fix.

  • Ieva

    James charles recommended you to me

  • Kameliius ツ
    Kameliius ツ

    You sound like Stampy or Alex The Rambler

  • Johannes Faller
    Johannes Faller

    4:34 this cracks me up

  • G-Forces

    7:58 that happened in my nether. I was very confused.

    • BountyHunter813

      Did you get the lol dimension and where did you get it

  • MyCatIsFat

    BTW the time stamps are from PH

  • シャドウモンスターShadow Monster
    シャドウモンスターShadow Monster


  • Hadbrine

    Fabulous :3

  • Sandstrm

    Why didn’t they add drag and drop texture packs ages ago?

  • DiamondLove4665 YT
    DiamondLove4665 YT

    Make a video on how to pronounce your name. Zi Zuma void? X I zuma void? Shaswamy Void?

  • Sean Vincent
    Sean Vincent

    Will the 1.15 version of vanilla tweaks work when 1.16 comes out?

  • coronavirus

    I tried it and it was really buggy, it's when u save the world

  • Rxlthless Monkey
    Rxlthless Monkey

    Mules can't make bobies tho

  • Three

    Hey X, the changes with fabulous graphics are a "fix" to particles behind semi translucent blocks like leaves or stained glass. Lets say your behind some stained glass and its raining outside. before you wouldnt be able to see the weather outside through things like stained glass or leaves. This goes for all particles such as clouds, bubbles, weather, smoke, etc.

  • teofilus

    cucucuCUSTOM DAIMENSHIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JR C
    JR C

    7:19 reverse Moses, the sea split the land lmao

  • Willy G Rags
    Willy G Rags

    I enjoyed the video but I disliked it

  • Wild

    Fabulous setting effects particles (and clouds) that weren't being shown behind transparent blocks like glass, water, etc.