Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 3 The Fate Of Two Farms!
Minecraft 1.16 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 3 is here! A new Fabulous graphical option, more data pack support and big changes to neutral mobs including new gamerules!
Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1 "Fabulous" Graphics, Data Pack Dimensions & Neutral Mob Changes
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00:00 1.16 Pre-Release 3
00:50 Changes In Pre 3
04:58 A Message From Mojang
05:40 Two Changes For 1.17+
07:20 Technical Changes
07:57 Bugfixes
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  • xisumavoid

    Try not to be upset! The changes to these farm mechanics could lead to new types of farm altogether!

    • Jovit DC
      Jovit DC

      Does the pigman still drops items but no xp? or both gone and you have to kill them manually to get the items?

    • Henrix98

      I see no reason why they didn't keep it in

    • Karmaquarius

      until they decide the new farm designs are also 'bugs' that need to be 'fixed'

    • Gibblegabble '
      Gibblegabble '

      Ask cubfan about sand

    • Baldwin Playz
      Baldwin Playz


  • Андрей Горобченко
    Андрей Горобченко

    1.16.4: НИЧТОЖЕСТВО.

  • AlexLalles

    the f thing so you swap things was in 1.16 or 1.16.1 or 1.16.2.

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh

    5:42 that blaze likes you

  • rarestbacon 1
    rarestbacon 1

    i just built a wither skeleton farm :(

  • Sufiuddin

    Everyone :Mojang xisumavoid :*Moyang*

  • Agent 8
    Agent 8

    I’m so happy Minecraft added the glint effect for a banner shield cause to me I thought it would’ve been nice but I tried it and it wouldn’t work So this made one of my dreams come true

  • Riley Lewis
    Riley Lewis

    Will the Vanilla Tweaks stuff work for 1.16? Or will we need to wait a bit for new files to come out?

  • AnizyArt

    The strider falling at the end of the video was kind of cute :D

  • Hiiamcool!

    7:06 Mo yain

  • Spencer Rust
    Spencer Rust

    So the teleporting pathfinding thing applies to villagers too and it’s just one more way they made villagers way better to work with this update. No more sending them through a portal and them trying to get back to their workstation 400 blocks away.

  • Sparky 1083
    Sparky 1083

    Well, it's a fair tradeoff. You guys have better redstone but trident killers are the best source of xp for bedrock and they are not affected at all by the new update.

  • Naniwo


  • Rodrigo Coockie Monster
    Rodrigo Coockie Monster

    E***tas or rust, rust is a programimg language

  • Boogielips

    Hey @Xisumavoid. Just discovered a really weird bug, if you put any coloured glass panes on an item frame on a chest, it acts like a window and you can see right through the chest. Only works with coloured panes though. I'm gonna report it but I kind of like how it looks at the moment, it's kinda cool.

  • brick snapper420
    brick snapper420

    His old skin looks like DOOM GUY

  • George Ivory
    George Ivory

    Pigmen dont get angry if they one shot, it is the case for who knows how long...

  • arPos Kraft
    arPos Kraft

    @5:15 considering how easy it is to get xp and how cheap enchanting has become i cant say i would even care a bit if they fixed the XP exploit of mob killing, we dont need the gold and iron farms for the xp perse

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two

    0:34 I see codes!!!

  • William Petersen
    William Petersen

    2:25 At first I was thinking "Wait, how is he surviving in lava in survival!?" Then I face palmed.

  • Tyler Hendrix
    Tyler Hendrix

    Will exploding a chest with TNT also cause piglins to attack you?

  • Oii Toryn
    Oii Toryn

    Sounds like a mat pat theory title

  • Bence Kovács
    Bence Kovács

    anyone spotted that half hearth at the end, behind X? :D

  • N-am Idei
    N-am Idei

    Ok so in pre-release 4 if you break the head of the bed you can duplicate them.

  • Maeesh MMA
    Maeesh MMA

    Boi a good idea ruby can be added to nether

  • 抹茶98

    damn I hope combat v5 becomes a thing


    Oh Mojang its great to see this update but *PLS UPDATE THE OFFHAND CAPABILITY OF POCKET EDITION!!*

  • Ryan Soltani
    Ryan Soltani

    Can someone explain to me why there are no updates being done on the Xbox ( like Xbox one, S, X)

  • i game i do research too
    i game i do research too

    NOOOOOO NOT RUINING MY FARMS WHY MOJANG?????also, when will they fix combat? eh i dont care anymore i guess ill downdate to 1.8.9 its honestly much better

  • Sad Rat
    Sad Rat

    You are pronouncing Mojang wrong You pronounce Mojang like you were speaking in Swedish

  • William DS
    William DS


  • Sir Perry
    Sir Perry

    I want an option to turn off the tutorial. EVERY TIME I MAKE A NEW WORLD THAT TUTORIAL KEEPS POPPING UP!

  • DonutKing

    So like when is ps4 getting there update like we still don’t have any commands, no servers, the game is super buggy and always crashes they need to update the ps4 bedrock Edition we are on the same edition Xbox, switch, mobile are on and we are way behind those console they should of just let us stay on the legacy edition

  • Sauce

    is the title a marvel vs capcom 3 reference? if so, kudos!

  • Empire of Spiders
    Empire of Spiders

    Weren’t they going to put the illusionist in?

  • HexCodeFF

    do hoppers work against greedy piglins?

  • edward davydov
    edward davydov

    time to start blowing chests up with tnt

  • Ol' Bluelips
    Ol' Bluelips


  • ArchNiki

    itsd not iskall farm at first

  • Grawgnak 94
    Grawgnak 94

    RSloft, your ads are broken

  • 0

    Seeing how these game breaking farms are still in the game makes me feel like im in a nother parallel universe.

  • Kuroi Mae-Ashi
    Kuroi Mae-Ashi

    Why can't they fix bugs for our good and not always for our disadvantage? It seems Mojang developers are kind of sadistic.

  • abrr2000

    What about using a hopper to pull the items out of the chest? does that agro the piglins?

  • Acetrainerjohn

    Me with my 900 iq brain using a hopper to drain piglin chests

  • No Name
    No Name

    when will they update Minecraft to not be laggy as shit

  • Younes Layachi
    Younes Layachi

    I have a feeling spectral arrows recipe will be removed from crafting table and moved to fletching table instead :/ sad

  • Isobel Hemming
    Isobel Hemming

    I'm so confused wasnt changing to off hand with F a thing that happened ages ago, was it taken out before or am I going mad

  • Zac Munn
    Zac Munn

    This out on ps4?

  • Proxy

    but what if you use a hopper to get the items out of the chest?

  • Honk Honk
    Honk Honk

    They should add the immersive portals mod in the game officially. its pretty cool although the potential to lag.

  • Power One
    Power One

    ARRRR TEIS BE A RUPLOAD or the thumbnail changed

  • Spiro Gaming
    Spiro Gaming

    dang it moj-yhang. destroy any and all afk farms.

  • Name

    Wait, console players finally get to use off-hand? *LETS FREAKING GOOOOOOOOOOOO*

  • DJ EcoEffect
    DJ EcoEffect

    Once again, updates are going to break farms -_- bedrock seems to have absolutely no farms that worked before which is extremely frustrating

  • Jason Little
    Jason Little

    Stop saying Mo-yang

  • Retr0 Breezy
    Retr0 Breezy

    its not moyang its mojang

  • Anonymimus

    5:25 - LIAR!

  • Ian Fineman
    Ian Fineman

    Neat additions

  • Cladbar becue08
    Cladbar becue08

    Bug on bedrock:no loot in large chests in bastions in the nether

  • Joshua Behringer
    Joshua Behringer

    You can still blow up the chest, right? they won't think anything of that right?

  • Péter P.
    Péter P.

    I never liked farms that rely on bugs. I may just be weird but imo exploiting a game's mechanics is not fair :/ Also, still no Soul Jack-o-lantern and Netherite Horse Armor :c

  • Pemanil Noob
    Pemanil Noob

    I found a bug that is when I mine a bed on the pillow side, I will get two beds. Idk how to report bugs, so I’ll just say it here (java)

  • staddr

    "pre release 2 came right after pre release 1" w-well yeah

  • Patrick Keller
    Patrick Keller

    I think you misunderstood the Nether Fortress change; currently, you can build a farm anywhere in the overall bounding box of the entire fortress as long as you put down Nether Brick, like a 200x300 area for example. After the change, it will be working only within the bounding boxes of the individual walkways (16x4) or crossroads (16x16).

  • Loranthony Cruz
    Loranthony Cruz

    And yet zombie flesh cant be used to make bone meal in the mulch barrel.


    Rip wither farms

  • Darell Official
    Darell Official


  • Kitten ExE
    Kitten ExE

    I have never heard someone say "moyang"

  • Purdey Shotgun
    Purdey Shotgun

    With the striders, you can get two adults on top of each other by feeding a baby on top of an adult! I tried to report it but I don’t have an account

  • Prithvi Production
    Prithvi Production

    Petition for minecraft to add recipes for smithing table (to help new players)

  • TheHunter171

    What about biome vote?

  • angelo perri
    angelo perri

    With the xp change, will trident killers still work?

  • bobtheguymk2

    I am not sure if they work in java, but you could try trident killers when it is changed

  • Jo Da
    Jo Da

    320 What about putting a hopper under it?

  • Timothy de Vries
    Timothy de Vries

    You can also loot a loot chest in bastions with a hopper under it

  • Sorsus Cake
    Sorsus Cake

    I did not make a back up and My world is now broken I did not lose all My stuff But My world was different it looked like a normal world But not like My world I used compass and it showed that My spawn is in front of me but there was just a forest then I wroted /seed and it said that My seed is 0

  • Solar

    You can always loot chests with hoppers or blow them up with TNT.

  • Solar

    press F to pay respects... or to swap items to your off-hand

  • Gage The Derp
    Gage The Derp

    cant wait to get the previous update finally on ps4

  • Wouter Grit
    Wouter Grit

    You know, you can also just put a hopper under the loot chests without alerting the piglins.

  • JingleBerryBush

    The nether fortresses being more common will probably affect speedrunning

  • Shivam Patel
    Shivam Patel

    So essentially farming wither skulls for beacons will be much harder because you can't build a large spawning platform for them. That's gonna suck

  • hungrycape

    i love how you have segments

  • Rocket J
    Rocket J

    It was fun while it happened

    • Rocket J
      Rocket J

      @nex reeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Rocket J
    Rocket J

    Void. You are legend

  • Đức Ngô Minh
    Đức Ngô Minh


  • That Guy
    That Guy

    3:07 Hopper time

  • Noah Lubke
    Noah Lubke

    The first function of bats

  • Pixadragon


  • Dr Alchemechanic
    Dr Alchemechanic

    The pre-releases are the exterminators working hard, killing every single bug they can find

  • Shadow King59
    Shadow King59

    There should be a universal update that makes java and bedrock have the same features like custom shields and banners

  • David kwon
    David kwon

    When you spend 2 days building the pigman Xp farm in your realm world ☹️

  • Arcane

    why does he say mojang mo-iang? it makes me angry

  • ArenRen

    Love that Marvel vs Capcom 3 reference.

  • Muffin Head
    Muffin Head

    It’s like Mojang doesn’t want the game to be fun

  • Flora Thomas
    Flora Thomas

    Now they need to rework the end

  • josse hosmer
    josse hosmer

    yeah I asked for that f key bind!

  • bruno ramello
    bruno ramello

    You can still use a hopper to steal from the piglins

  • Dank Matter
    Dank Matter


  • No SMOrcing
    No SMOrcing

    Minecraft is moving in the right way at all... ...except the price