Minecraft 1.16.2 Pre-Release 1 - Sideways Chains! Ender Pearl Improvements, New FOV Features!
Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16.2 Pre Release 1 Has sideways chains! Orient your chains in any direction! Lots of other quality of life changes are to be found too!
Minecraft 1.16.2 Snapshot 20w30a Waterlogged Lanterns! New Respawn Mechanics
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00:00 Minecraft 1.16.2 Pre-Release 1
00:25 Sideways Chains
01:16 New Accessibility Features
03:20 Endermen Block Placing
04:32 Chat Menu Move
05:04 Villager Changes
06:06 More Changes
08:16 Ender Pearl Improvements
09:44 Technical Changes
10:14 Bug Fixes
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  • xisumavoid

    I made three episodes of Hermitcraft last week but now we will be returning to normal schedule :-) rsloft.info/loft/video/fNShlKuYtnPFeX4

    • Shashwat Mahajan
      Shashwat Mahajan

      why did you put the nose in the emoticon thing honestly it looks weird. Everyone online is noseless!

    • Evan Sparrow
      Evan Sparrow

      Gust make the epicodes epic

    • Marioman73

      I found a bug! If a villager gets struck by lightning when it is sleeping, the bed remains occupied even though the villager is gone

    • Jon Von Basslake
      Jon Von Basslake

      After checking the patch notes, it doesn't say if the villager loses their job even after you've traded with them... Will they lose their trades if you transport them via the nether, even after unlocking trades?

    • Evan Sparrow
      Evan Sparrow

      What is the normal schedule

  • Fyrun

    Imagine Chains as a redstone component, A. It could transfer current upwards, or along the chain (Basically a wire) B. It could move blocks attached to it in a direction based on origin of power (could be used as pistons making extenders easier to make.)

  • GeoMigz

    8:44 Xisuma: The pearl goes through... Villagers: *Shouts in agony* IM BURNING HELP, THE VILLAGE IS BURNING

  • Electron Kaleidoscope
    Electron Kaleidoscope

    To be completely honest, I'm happy about the change to the nether grass. The game is already too cheese-able as it is, for me personally this feels like an important step in the right direction.

  • Martin Nolte
    Martin Nolte

    Imagine getting updates for ever -This post was made by Terraria Players

  • Jon Axford
    Jon Axford

    The Enderman thing has to do with the Nether, apparently they could put blocks down on the top bedrock, above the world limit, and then mobs could spawn there

  • VLADAK Píro
    VLADAK Píro


  • Na Na
    Na Na

    please add sideways chains in beta on phone

  • CherryKringle

    xisuma: calmly talking about how snowballs and ender pearls now go through grass the village in the background: *insert chaos here*

  • Shneeples

    im on minecraft bedrock 1.16.2 and it wont let me place chains side ways

  • Among Sus
    Among Sus

    _When nether sprouts and warped roots needed to use silk touch or shears now._ Xisuma: that's kinda disappointing Me: WOOO FINALLY! NO MORE INVENTORY WASTING!

  • BimLau Yomashitobi
    BimLau Yomashitobi

    The whole “endermen not placing blocks on bedrock” thing could be due to a number of reasons. The endermen could place blocks in inaccessable spaces, such as ontop of the nether, or airblocks between bedrock. It could also effect the end portal that brings you home, or the portals to the end cities.

  • Solesteam

    FINALLY they fixed the weird nether grass! It was so anoying ending up with grass when your trying to catch that ever so illusive ghast tear falling into lava

  • Zero

    Wait what happens when a ender pearl drops in the overworld (your e pearl) and say you're in the nether?

  • thecrazyspider

    I think the reason for the endermen part was because endermen were placing their blocks on the nether roof a lot, which causes mobs to spawn there

  • Ethan Ee
    Ethan Ee

    OH DANG isnt this ender pearl change ground breaking for the Enderporter??? by Etho

  • Felix Bance
    Felix Bance

    Imagine if walkers could migrate over land to seperate lava lakes, that would be pretty awsome

  • BLUE

    How come they added sideways chains when they have been out for like a month and slabs have been out for years and no sideways slabs

  • CryptiMC

    We have sideways chained but not sideways Slabs. WHY MOJANG

  • tishaak


  • Ballhammer Gaming
    Ballhammer Gaming

    0:57 I guess chain link fences are now possible.

  • Dan D. Lion94
    Dan D. Lion94

    Pretty sure this is just for the Java edition


    Now you can make eletric fence looks more real

  • PJ Gaming
    PJ Gaming

    6:46 Etho made a redstone contraption for ferns that would also work for nether plants that need shears.

  • AJ Hardimon
    AJ Hardimon

    I think the ended pearl part would be cool for a mini game timer so you could only have a limited time before teleporting back

  • Eli Shrosbree
    Eli Shrosbree

    Goats 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • AngelBush

    i have an interesting idea what would happen if u left the pearl floating and go to the nether then make it fall on a block, would it just do nothing or will it teleport you back into the overwold?

  • AnizyArt

    I’m excited for the ender pearl change and seeing what cool things come out from it! I also love your humour in this video :D

  • Scott Reigle
    Scott Reigle

    Also, waterlogged lanterns (Cubfan request)

  • Bouncydachon

    Watch them remove enderman block placing on “Bedrock edition”

  • FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
    FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

    I'm in 1.16.10

  • Fiona jogirl27
    Fiona jogirl27

    The nausea effect without distortion could be used for shooting minigames

  • DYN4MIC gemar
    DYN4MIC gemar

    So scar is now is not a do nothing mayor after all. They listened to scar. XD

  • Lukemander

    That ender pearl trick can be used for timed missions!

  • TM Crystal
    TM Crystal

    YES FOV FEATURES!!! I always use quake pro so whenever I get a speed effect it really makes me wanny puke but I don't wanna switch from quake pro

  • MilkAndCookies

    All those poor Endermen :(

  • Edward Maryo
    Edward Maryo

    Mojanng should make different light colors, blue for soul torch,red for fire, yellow-orange for normal torch

  • Soulice eciluoS
    Soulice eciluoS

    3:42 too many times have I done that

  • TheGreatNorwie

    Imagine this. Throw an ender pearl into a stream as shown in the video. Then you go out on a dangerous quest either in a mine or a dungeon. and you just say beam me up Scotty and your friend that is at your base and the bubble teleporter just blocks the stream and you get back home safely. also, another idea that might work. build the bubble teleporter at the place you were exploring and connect Redstone and pistons to it. then you can teleport back after you have stored the valuables in the chest at home

  • Hulfe

    can villagers sleep in beds in the nether?

  • Hntzr

    Mojang adds sideways chains an update NOBODY asked for YET THEY WONT ADD SIDEWAYS SLABS

  • Sauce

    Dream brought up an interesting point in ALL of the 1.16 change logs, Herobrine didn't get removed. Maybe the Nether update isn't over just yet... HMMMMMMMM

  • lom117

    endermen cant place on bedrock because they can teleport to the ceiling of the nether maybe

  • Lukas Kohutovic
    Lukas Kohutovic

    If u do for pro and go on soul sand with soul speed 3 it just looks ridiculous

  • s h
    s h

    You could make like a working subway with the ender pearls. They could be like a ticket that you sell and then you just make a huge water stream

  • UsainSrht

    Optifine already done it!

  • InsaneMC75

    It would be very very very nice if they fix the moving glitch..like you know when you are stuck on a block and cant move and it took forever to get out of that situation

  • Melon Head
    Melon Head

    They shoebox make sideways GLASS PANES. Really.

  • monty loughrey
    monty loughrey

    Now we need to be able to craft chain armour

  • nazca watson
    nazca watson

    11:17 just a village burning casually in the background lol

  • Shiro Craft
    Shiro Craft

    so finally some of pvp clients need is now part of vanilla minecraft(toggle sprint/sneak and fov modifiers for speed,slow and nausea)

  • Weta

    Fix PERFORMANCE mojang!

  • Lyonz

    Low-key thought the thumbnail was 2 sticks or ASUS Ram

  • Luke Huizinga
    Luke Huizinga

    Those are some neat chainges

  • Jorja The Alien
    Jorja The Alien

    I would love to see a setting to add the green nausea effect even when you still have distortion on

  • Andy C
    Andy C

    We got sideways chains in a few weeks, but years later I’m still holding out for sideways half slabs

  • ItsAzshrocka88

    that strider bug with the lava was never a problem for me

  • henryh10x_

    To answer 3:28 Wattles said that it could be related to endermen teleporting to the nether roof and placing the block that they're holding, causing mobs to spawn at the roof and messing with the mob cap.

  • Robert Kamminga
    Robert Kamminga

    1:08 this should be the case with redstone stuff

  • Legendary Gaming13
    Legendary Gaming13

    I like your skin

  • Queue

    Sideways chains? thats one ster away from diagonal chains!! DRAW BRIDGES CONFIRMED

  • Rhea Byrne
    Rhea Byrne

    Oh man, the new fov/distortion sliders are a godsend for someone like me who struggles with motion sickness.

  • Brownskikuca Garlic Bread
    Brownskikuca Garlic Bread

    People in the comments: Wow, they listened to Scar! Terrarians: First time?

  • 332211

    Villager: goes into nether Villager: loses job Villager: *confused pikachu face*

  • Wato1876 Roblox
    Wato1876 Roblox

    ayyyy sideways chains!

  • _Reeping

    Thank you X, very cool.

  • ResPhantom

    Imagine making a base at spawn and you keep an ender pearl suspended with a timer. And say after 3 days of exploration (1h), a piston will extend and bring you back to spawn

  • Awesome Waffles
    Awesome Waffles

    8:44 that house in the background just be burning down

  • Bright ICE
    Bright ICE

    Derpsumavoid are you OK?

  • MmSconnection

    What’s the point of nausea if you can disable the screen effect? It would be great for map makers if the /effect command for nausea had an extra parameter, something like “forced”, to bypass this setting. Same with FOV from speed.

    • Peeble Kitty
      Peeble Kitty

      I think the idea was to help people who get motionsick from effects like that. The game can be really uncomfortable and unpleasant to play with such effects, or worse if their motionsickness sensitivity is too severe. And Optifine had already added a toggler to dynamic FOV and a lot of people would turn it off, so there's no reason not to make it a feature if people prefer the option


    I think mojang thought to make enderman not place blocks on bedrock is that a good amount of people use bedrock as a non spawnable space, and if enderman place a block there, it then proceeds to be spawnable

  • Bob

    The new ended pearl behavior could be used as a type of anchor, for example if the player was to leave an area, another player could place the block to bring them back. Unless there’s already something in place to prevent this from working

  • Eltik

    When there is sideways chains but no sideways slabs...

  • BingZhou Chen
    BingZhou Chen

    always watch your snapshot videos, love them

  • Red VA
    Red VA

    So they add sideways chains but not slabs in other ways?

  • Yohanan and Amy Stanfield
    Yohanan and Amy Stanfield

    What hapend to the gouts and muntins

  • Foxinabox 123
    Foxinabox 123

    Possibly end dimension or maybe nether roof

  • Mori Shep
    Mori Shep

    enderperl water stream teleporters coming to the sci craft server soon

  • Mori Shep
    Mori Shep

    I believe its because ender men can get on to the roof of the nether and place blocks spawning ghasts

  • VexVirus

    @Xisuma Maybe the endermen can’t place blocks on bedrock because mojang doesn’t want them placing blocks on the nether ceiling. Like so Xisuma sees. Edit: sorry I just noticed someone already said that 😬

  • Michael Dykstra
    Michael Dykstra

    *village burning in the background* Xisuma: This is fine.

  • Drion_086

    Scar: Has a cat Moyang: Adds it to the game Scar: Asks for sideways chains Moyang: Adds it to the game What's next? :D

    • Drion_086

      @Lavodnas :P

    • Lavodnas

      cave update

  • Grant Snowdon
    Grant Snowdon

    The ender pearl/bubble lift could be used with a top half slab, teleporting you to the top of the slap (maybe underneath, haven't tested yet)

  • Minor League Gaming
    Minor League Gaming

    Piglins still aren't a mob in Minecraft. They are pigmen.

    • Peeble Kitty
      Peeble Kitty

      They've been called piglins since 1.16 idk where you're getting that idea lol

  • Etherealizer

    I could see that enderpearl trick being useful for a teleporter room. Have water networks going through your walls and ending up at various elements of your base or something.

  • Joshua N.
    Joshua N.

    Seeing that suspended ender pearl felt illigal

  • Okami Draws
    Okami Draws

    Who is Scar and why is everyone talking about them

    • Peeble Kitty
      Peeble Kitty

      @PenguinLim Jellie won a player vote to be added, that wasn't mojang's preference and i'm sure other players asked for it too, just that the coincidence lined up well

    • PenguinLim

      he's a one of the bigger hermits on hermitcraft. i thinks he's mojangs favorite channel because they added his cat "Jellie" into the game, and now added his idea of vertical chains.

    • João Leote • 21 years ago
      João Leote • 21 years ago

      Apparently he asked for vertical chains and Mojang did it. I dont find it that big of a deal, no idea who scar is too

  • - DEV
    - DEV

    My server was glitched for a little bit and regular glass had a black outline and I thought the glass looked 100 % better than it regularly does I think they should make it an actual thing

  • Pinshoot X99
    Pinshoot X99

    At 8:47 the house is just casually on fire in the background XD

  • Coach

    What we want: Cave update What Mojang will probably give us: *Sandier sand*

    • Coach

      Peeble Kitty I think you’re missing the point. My comment was a joke. I’m fine with the direction the game is headed.

    • Coach

      Peeble Kitty I bet you’re fun at parties

  • Jared Gabriel
    Jared Gabriel

    hearing "1.17" is weird asf

  • Dandjix

    endermen could place blocks on the roof of the nether, they cannot anymore.

  • Jacob Bruesch
    Jacob Bruesch

    4:24 Xisuma casually poses as Mickey Mouse

  • Bambuskus505

    I swear if they dont add lavalogged blocks and blue netherwart bricks, I will walk all the way to mojangs office and slap whoever decided not to do it

  • Marizyth

    sideways chains? let us link minecarts together already!

  • LA Vispel
    LA Vispel

    Idk but 1.17 seems SO WEIRD??? like whaaaat

  • Lexean Corros
    Lexean Corros

    Exisuma. Are you mad now?

  • Dawson Williams
    Dawson Williams

    i bet endermen were placing blocks on top of the nether

  • William Midgley
    William Midgley

    Etho can now make the enderporter 2.0

  • DonFurlan

    I guess the change to Endermen and Bedrock is because of the new biomes with Endermans in the nether, so they don't take the blocks to the roof of the nether