Minecraft 1.17 Update News & 1.16.4 Announced!
Minecraft 1.17 The Caves & Cliffs Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
With some new video footage of caves & cliffs, as well as tweets revealing info, this video dives into what we have learned since 1.17 was unveiled!
Once Upon a Time in the Underground (Minecraft cave prototype)
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  • xisumavoid

    Fun Fact: Mojang Dev's confirmed the Warden likes rabbits :-)

    • Mecaton Rojas
      Mecaton Rojas

      The warden likes rabbits? Cute thats not creepy at all Unlike the iron golem he likes baby villagers😳

    • Harris Sebastien Negro
      Harris Sebastien Negro

      Kinda reminds me of the ravager before

    • SentinelYT

      His or her name is racist the rabbit

    • SentinelYT

      What if my Minecraft pet is a rabbit

    • HkayakH

      Dude, why do your skin and profile not match


    Can you say me how go update:-)

  • Naix Tee
    Naix Tee

    1.17:exits me: i will take your entire stock.

  • Harris Sebastien Negro
    Harris Sebastien Negro

    Can we just accept the fact that no one noticed the glowing ores?

  • Lieutenant BaconWaffles
    Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    The warden mob looks like a bird from that angle. When I look at the Acyloxyl's face, I remember the Rana mob from the alpha days.

  • Lieutenant BaconWaffles
    Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    "My other channel" ::Has 4 channels::

  • Hannah R.
    Hannah R.

    2:01 - she

  • 3MAR00SS

    minecraft becoming rl craft with each update (⇀‸↼;)

  • Hanan Almuhiri
    Hanan Almuhiri


  • Ibashisha Marbaniang
    Ibashisha Marbaniang

    If I completely download this version I will be a fight between iron golem and warden

  • Ahmad Malkawi
    Ahmad Malkawi

    I really wish it would come less then 2021, I hope more betas come

  • Sofia Foss
    Sofia Foss


  • Pemdii

    omg the warden's huge!! hope I don't encounter it LOLLL

  • Sophia Ysabel Endaya
    Sophia Ysabel Endaya

    I have minecraft I dont know bit thats what I saw

  • BlackDragon Black God
    BlackDragon Black God


  • MirrorKnife

    I hate to be the person to point this out, but the image at 1:14 is a warden chasing a rabbit who is emitting vibrations, hence the "sound waves" going toward the warden

  • Pinky Pie
    Pinky Pie

    Great news

  • Eban Vistan
    Eban Vistan

    How to download?

  • UniqueMage

    RSloft really be taking advantage of these unskippable ads... :/

  • Keyana Schurtz
    Keyana Schurtz

    Yes!! I love it 😍

  • Depressed Skittle
    Depressed Skittle

    Random dude: Aren’t your wings a little big to be for a bee? Xisumavoid: Yes yes I am. Phineas and Ferb reference for ya.

  • Jsquad

    Wen dus it

  • Bro F G TVEE
    Bro F G TVEE

    Fun fact: the warden is raiding area 51 in the thumbnail.

  • Razvan CRV
    Razvan CRV

    Man the Warden be kinda thicc.

  • Phantom Kill-Verse
    Phantom Kill-Verse

    you know what the warden is the source of those "eerie noise" thats haunted us ever since

  • Shanobro

    Hey! If you are seeing this, I just wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you! He loves you so much that He died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead so that you could be saved from sin and the wrath of God! This is the Gospel; you can be saved from God’s wrath and hell if you believe and trust in Jesus! God Bless you all!!

  • FireApollo YT
    FireApollo YT

    The warden cant see anyone, its attracted to sound, it is stronger then the wither. Also if you have a full armor bar, the warden will kill you amd two hits 🥶.

  • An Axolotl
    An Axolotl

    This update is Axolotl approved

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    1:56 5ft 11 vs 6ft

  • Jeremy Cline
    Jeremy Cline

    I wish they'd really stop "updating" and leave it alone.. It's slowly turning into MICROSOFTCraft, complete with mandatory MicroSoft account.

  • the gaming bird 2009
    the gaming bird 2009

    Its frick a sheep

  • Yappy Plays
    Yappy Plays

    Lol he said “moyang” 8:39

  • Somewhere Upthere
    Somewhere Upthere

    How about new paintings or wall hangings??

  • airfoce man
    airfoce man

    the update isn't coming out until june 2021

  • DeadMagnet

    6:40 you see that nether portal is blocked by planks i think that means that they used lava and wood to try and light the portal like the way you do it in skyblock!

  • DeadMagnet

    alternative name for 1.17: Undertale

  • Oliver Pelsor-Krok
    Oliver Pelsor-Krok

    50 shades of axolotl

  • 小春日和


  • brian Richard
    brian Richard

    So... anything I should do in minecraft while waiting for the cave update, don't want to explore to far.

  • Nate Sheets
    Nate Sheets

    I quit playing for awhile and when I came back there was tons of new features it makes me want to take a break for a year or two and then come back to tons of new features I'm excited to see where minecraft ends up

  • Grey Ozer
    Grey Ozer

    btw i have researched axolotls in real life for a while now as you can see from my profile picture anyways the green axolotl is a GFP glowing fluorescent protein so it might glow in game just to let you know and it also could not so dont get your hopes up but what if it is a good light source for caves

  • Reece Buckland
    Reece Buckland

    Does no one notice that at 1:26 there is a bow

  • Tarponpet Secord
    Tarponpet Secord

    No one is really me mentioning... it's gonna be a pain to get over those mountains in a new world...

  • Cristoff Amolar
    Cristoff Amolar

    y'all ready for the minecraft undertale update?

  • The Dragon
    The Dragon

    So they're making the axolotls ice cream flavors? Strawberry, chocolate, and mint aren't my favorite, so I'm hoping for a cookies n creme!

  • SnowyThePanda

    really hope they incorporate stone slabs into cave gen somehow

  • Page Turner
    Page Turner

    Is it just me, or are the ores glowing?

  • Wiffy

    Just imagine amplified worlds now 😳

  • Thomas Bailey
    Thomas Bailey

    *I'm super hyped!*

  • This Person
    This Person

    Did you see the diamond ore when he was swimming out of the water cave?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • axxel2002

    I HAVE 1.16.4 BUT NOT 1.17

  • RedDevil6476

    When the warden was looking at the rabbit it was going to attack it because it made vibrations because it's blind it can't tell the difference between player or rabbit

  • Super Cool Kittens 2
    Super Cool Kittens 2

    2:44 maybe limestone?

  • Soldier Minecraft
    Soldier Minecraft

    bro its not trying to play with the rabbit it wants to kill it and that thing in the iddle is a vibration that th rabbit is sending while moving and the warden detects it and thats what makes it angry and the warden is also roaring at him

  • King diaz
    King diaz

    you have link how to download this new version? plsss answer plsss😢

  • Lance Carrascal
    Lance Carrascal

    Is this avaible from mobile😆😆 Like this If yes

  • A Pickle
    A Pickle


  • Sollace

    1:27 I'm pretty sure the rabbit is emitting sounds that the warden can hear. The warden isn't shooting lazer beams at the rabbit XD

  • zippee100

    are we going to have axosuma this time?

  • Mikołaj Wojno
    Mikołaj Wojno

    I'd like the build limit to be increased as well as grass level so that caves could be BIGGER!

  • Eleanor Jubb
    Eleanor Jubb

    While it may seem like a while, I think 15-20 minecraft days would be a good estimated time because in real life it takes 20 years to turn green and i think with the archeology stuff and the fact that the copper turns green, makes me think they want it to be a bit more scientifically accurate

  • the gacha hybrid
    the gacha hybrid

    Wwhen 1.17 comes out i will already knnow how to deafeet the warden

  • ToxicGamer70

    Ok I Had An Idea What If U Can Polish Copper ANd Keep It The Same


    moe yang

  • Levi Thomas
    Levi Thomas

    I just want torches to produce light in your hand


    It’s mojang not Moyang sorry you annoyed me and most of your fans

  • TheIronMiner

    6:30 what im guessing is while coding stuff some code conflicted or they had to completely reprogram some technical aspects of the game to work with the new features. Edit: Grammer and spelling

  • Cecilia Rivera Galindo
    Cecilia Rivera Galindo

    that looks epic :0 perhaps i shall update my minecraft soon

  • EcrayPlays

    I kinda Feel for the Pocket Edition Players

  • The WildCraft Cat
    The WildCraft Cat

    How you get it

  • Juicetinino

    By the way I don’t think it was the warden emitting particles it was the rabbit making vibrations.

  • Gabriel Morrow
    Gabriel Morrow

    I think that the tweet and image at 6:30 may have something to do with rounding issues and precision loss in Minecraft's 32-bit math causing items and blocks to distort at extreme distances from spawn. Maybe more of that or all of it will be fixed in 1.17. I know that some of it was fixed in (I think) 1.16.2.

  • Ali eddine Keddari
    Ali eddine Keddari

    Goddamit in very fu**ing exited for that update

  • peter hale
    peter hale

    Mountains large very tall Food decreasing every jumps

  • A Bloxy Channel
    A Bloxy Channel

    Gamers in a month Minecraft java players: ah yes, I can finally play the new 1.17 snapshots Minecraft bedrock players: I have to wait 7 more months to play minecraft 1.17


    Best tactic to run away from warden. Enderman can't come in my 2 block high tactic 😂

  • Carrie Stanley
    Carrie Stanley

    I lowkey don't want the warden. 😅😅

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi

    Why do you say "moyange" lol

  • Benj Mitchell
    Benj Mitchell

    Go Tiges!!

  • Sydney Cross [Student]
    Sydney Cross [Student]

    im not looking forward to 1.17 more updates means more lag

    • Sydney Cross [Student]
      Sydney Cross [Student]

      @8Bit Thunder that IS how it works!

    • 8Bit Thunder
      8Bit Thunder

      Thats.. . Not how that ... works

  • 「ᴄʀᴀᴄᴋᴇᴅ ᴠɪʙᴇᴢ」
    「ᴄʀᴀᴄᴋᴇᴅ ᴠɪʙᴇᴢ」

    I'm gonna get a warden and put it in a cage with a ton of rabbits

  • Zatter G
    Zatter G

    0:46 a minor update before the miner update

  • Abhishek Gourav
    Abhishek Gourav

    That copper stairs look like some one smeared a butt load of green nose booger all over it...

  • Jose Maria Castillo
    Jose Maria Castillo


  • CreamyDream

    I Can't Believe We Went From Ugly Houses Made Out Of Diamond To Houses With A Block That Change Colors

  • Sharath S
    Sharath S

    I think each oxidation state should note take more than 1.5 minecraft days and not less than 0.75.

  • Fuzey

    5:56 the white part of the geode is 100% gonna be named calcite block while the outside is sedimentary rock. The geode in minecraft is based off an amythist crystal geode. So there's no need for speculation on what the blocks are gonna be named 😂💯

  • Strawberry Cow
    Strawberry Cow

    CANDLES!! me and my friend built a city with a little candle shop so now we can use them !!

  • 45 Potato
    45 Potato

    Xisumas upload schedule can’t be good for his sleep one...

  • James Patrick
    James Patrick

    I raged on why they pick glow squid 😭🥺

  • Angel Arteaga
    Angel Arteaga

    bring back word blocking

  • Yogurt freak
    Yogurt freak


  • Jayden Sutton
    Jayden Sutton

    When is it coming out

  • Nugcon

    2:55 Mossy gravel at the left

  • Nugcon

    Warden out here naruto running in the thumbnail

  • Chris Skeeters
    Chris Skeeters

    I think the image from Bartek Bok is hinting about updates to the rendering engine as all of these things render at different distances.

  • KillShot_Tv

    Are they going to fix me not being able to join my friends server

  • Nat Nat
    Nat Nat

    the Axolotls are SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deadly Fortato
    Deadly Fortato

    *feeds axolotl dye*

  • Deadly Fortato
    Deadly Fortato

    I was wondering why I saw a 1.16.4 snapshot in my launcher