Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w22a Villager Changes, Endermen Persistence & Piglin Victory Dance!
Minecraft 1.16 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16 snapshot 20w22a is here and it brings back custom world terrain support and custom dimension support!
Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w21a Custom Dimension & Custom World Generation Support!
Minecraft Dungeons Livestream 26/05/20
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00:00 Snapshot 20w22a
00:18 Rendering Changes
01:03 Villager Workstation Changes
03:14 Datapack Loading
03:53 The Bell Block
04:48 Endermen Persistence Changed
06:03 Soul Campfire Damage
07:29 Piglin Victory Dance
09:05 Bugfixes
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  • xisumavoid

    This video has chapters enabled! Let me know how it affects your viewing experience :-)

    • josip radovanović
      josip radovanović

      how 20w22a

    • Askanio Lyonell
      Askanio Lyonell

      Verry good

    • Daphne Diasanta
      Daphne Diasanta

      Much better

    • Edgar K
      Edgar K

      Please continue using the chapters They are great!

    • tmbottegal

      I think it's cool!

  • Dark Empress Of Doom
    Dark Empress Of Doom

    The dance has a 10% chance of playing

  • Rohima Khanom
    Rohima Khanom


  • Samurai M
    Samurai M

    Correction Xisuma its moJang not moyang its just correction

  • TKainZero

    The villagers have been fucked!!!!

  • ThatIsSuperFunny

    Everybody gangsta till the hoglins start dancing I kind of wish that dance was in the game; it'd be a very welcome surprise to players.

  • Morgan Humenecky
    Morgan Humenecky

    I saw a piglin holding up their sword while I was playing pig step...

  • Yandere_ Kun
    Yandere_ Kun

    Piglins be T posing to show dominance.

  • The1GiantWalrus

    I think your piglins were just running away from the zombified piglin

  • nubly bubly
    nubly bubly

    nice vid, but is it possible to make the debug stick usable in survival with a datapack?

  • Bud_ Bunny
    Bud_ Bunny

    Hi shishwammyvoid, your videos are great!!

  • I’m DragonFox
    I’m DragonFox

    Those are the dances they do when pigstep is being played

  • Goddess Goddess
    Goddess Goddess

    Do you need to download it

  • Goddess Goddess
    Goddess Goddess

    How to install this on minecraft

  • EziEzi1337

    I haven't been up to date with the previous verisons of minecraft, can anyone explain what datapacks are and their possibilites?

  • Edin Abdic
    Edin Abdic

    Subscribed because of chapters on the video.

  • tishaak


  • Hara Yanto
    Hara Yanto

    Alot of these update are useless tho wtf

  • zeustroy bencastil
    zeustroy bencastil


  • renos switch
    renos switch

    When is the ps4 switch minecraft update

  • unused used old cheese
    unused used old cheese

    I attacked an enderman for pearls and this bitch enderman ran away at the second hit

  • Atom Sorcerer
    Atom Sorcerer

    I actually really liked that the raw food stayed on the unlit campfire. It was actually really cool for building.

  • SpeedyNinjaLol


  • Inhale clan -INHL
    Inhale clan -INHL

    no I need the T-posing piglins

  • King Nedya
    King Nedya

    Is nobody going to mention that that the piglin dance is quite literally just the piglins T-posing over the hoglin's corpse? (If corpses didn't disappear, anyway)

  • Cherry Dragon
    Cherry Dragon

    that moment you thought they were dancing when they ran around was because of a zombie piglin mate. they ran away cuz they were affraid of the zombie piglin… 8:15 no dancing. running away

  • Maxter

    shader without needing mods would be cool

  • Ironclad of Dragon Eye
    Ironclad of Dragon Eye

    The enderman not despawning is a good thing, you don’t want a enderman to steal your diamonds only to despawn

  • Huskie Gaming
    Huskie Gaming

    I feel like we should be able to craft a "stronghold compass". It would be a compass surrounded by eyes of ender and would make finding the end portal much easier.

  • Jacob D
    Jacob D

    The graphics change and lighting of the sky and grass reminds me of the aether mod when first looking at it

  • BruhMomentHD R
    BruhMomentHD R

    I wish that command blocks were in the creative inventory; having to type out /give @p minecraft:command_block Isn’t exactly the most efficient way of obtaining a command block.

  • Memepower

    I can only imagine getting danced on by piglins after they kill me because I was looting chests from their bastion

  • BP_CherryBlossomTree

    The villager station patch will really help me on the console version

  • Jube_ Gacha and Gamez
    Jube_ Gacha and Gamez

    you java players are lucky The bedrock players are still in 1.14

  • JDAW 07
    JDAW 07

    Xisuma, may I suggest a new member for hermitcraft, his name is itsmarloe, hes a great builder and I think he’d be a great addition to hermitcraft

  • Szabi Molnar
    Szabi Molnar

    The piglins are literally moshpitting :)))))

  • katclow

    1:25 hola muy buen video desearía que prosigan haciendo contenido de la misma calidad¡¡¡!!! Voy a seguir mirando sus creaciones. Les envio un abrazo nos estamos viendo ❤️👍🏽

  • A arte de criar mundos
    A arte de criar mundos

    How does he put those timestamps in the video?

  • ItsMrSquawk

    tell them to add the dance, and make the piglins do the coffin meme dance lol

  • Zakru

    Finally I can stop worrying about whether a villager can pathfind to a work station. I had to make so many precautions for my villager transport system, otherwise they would've kept pickeing random job site blocks... Pathfinding is the big not nice.

  • Licher7863 gaming
    Licher7863 gaming


  • tmbottegal

    Basically the Piglin's victory dance is them t-posing to assert dominance over the hoglin they just killed.

  • Lupowo

    MC667? That's an old one.

  • Lupowo

    MC667? That's an old one.

  • The Narrator
    The Narrator

    bug: natural generated loot chests will be empty in villages and ruined portals, maybe more but that i all I've tested.

  • TrueDiamant 777
    TrueDiamant 777

    I like how I get notified a few hours before the next snapshot will come out

  • Walnut Spice
    Walnut Spice

    Holy hell RSloft Video Playback has evolved. We got chapters now? What is this, mpeg2?

  • Zer0Aspect

    The Minecraft Community: Cave Update! Minecraft Devs: How about we make a mob dance?

  • Guilherme Veloso
    Guilherme Veloso

    Some of my ideas for Minecraft -Vertical Carpets: would be just like the normal carpets, but would be placed vertically on a block. Would let arrows, potions, snowballs and tridents to pass through. -Glass, Grass Block, Dirt and Wood Logs slabs. -Glass Blocks and Glass Panes would break if they were hit by an arrow or a trident. -Composter should give 2-5 bone meal when they’re full, instead of only one. -Cobweb’s tool should be the scissors instead of the sword. -Villagers should have a new behavior: if a villager is attacked (by the player or any other mob) all of the other villagers around would run away. If there is an Iron Golem nearby, the villagers would run towards him and stay as near the golem as possible. If there isn’t any Iron Golem around, they would try to hide in another building. The villagers would run away from the mob/player that attacked the villager until the player is no longer near, similar to how zombie piglins/pigmans behave. -Striders should take a lot of damage when standing on: , ice, packed ice and blue ice. -Flint should be “throwable”, and when it hits something, it would drop itself. If it hits an mob, it would drop itself and make a half-heart damage. -If you throw an water bottle at fire or campfire, it would stop the flame. -Glass doors and Stone doors. -Chocolate: new food, would have six saturation meaning it would fill 3 hunger (I mean, cocoa is useless at the moment, because cookies are not very good) -Cleric villagers would be harder to be transformed into a witch, needing two or three lightning bolts. If I think of some more, I will put it here. Hope someone liked any of the ideias :)


    wait why is there chapters?whaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt??????????

  • awesomec26

    At least it wasn't a fortnite dance

  • TheGamingSquadD

    Now I can skip technical stuff I don't understand and go straight to the new features! I like it!

  • Kristine Schilling
    Kristine Schilling

    so last night I was underwater and the screen was darker. it had almost crystal fragementation around the edges. I wonder if they did this wierd experimental thing in regular minecraft already. It was annoying as hell.

  • PurpleDjango

    I think at night the villagers won't travel to claim a workstation

  • LeftHandClutch

    can you hang a bell from a bell?

  • Joseph Stalin official
    Joseph Stalin official

    Hehe, the hoglins wanna be like blaise matuidi

  • SkippyChan

    *Where’s our snowier snow?*

  • Ramir Manlavi
    Ramir Manlavi

    Everybody gangsta until hoglins start to dance

  • Delos17_

    7:30 what you came for

  • vloherg

    4:48 why does this horse have so much heath

  • Tricky Gamer
    Tricky Gamer

    9:45 finally, I will be able to see a basement without a mineshaft in it- ... nevermind the world generator always finds a way.

  • VidsWithLiam

    They NEED to add the hoglin dance to the game, that shit is hilarious

  • Pellbort

    Thanks X!

  • Kevin Getzoff
    Kevin Getzoff

    That update of the bell underneath a daylight sensor would be handy in villager breeders or farms.

  • JackTrysGames

    Yo the Soul Fire Campfire changes everything

  • MCS - Animations
    MCS - Animations

    ...yep. I think i am done with Bedrock. It's no longer recognisable for me. I think I'll forever stick with Java 1.12.2 thank you very much!

  • WesMacLew

    petition to keep the hoglin dance

  • MellowDevil

    when i play, chest in villages are all empty. is this a bug or is there a problem with my game?

  • Niel Bustamante Ferraren
    Niel Bustamante Ferraren

    In the enderman thing I thought that endermen can naturally spawn with valuable items like that I guess it's not then

  • l u p h o r i a
    l u p h o r i a

    5:05 is a likely dupe glitch waiting to happen

  • Dubl33

    9:00 should be a mod tho.

  • Potato Patato
    Potato Patato

    Add Hoglin & Piglin dances you cowards. I want to be attacked by some groovin' T-Posing piggy bois.

  • Patchwork Fellow
    Patchwork Fellow

    Good grief, Piglins are T-Posing now...

  • Steph Canfield
    Steph Canfield

    The Piglin dance doesn’t always happen and it hasn’t been changed

  • Griffin Mietzner
    Griffin Mietzner

    When in the world is this going to officially release? It's been 9 months... Minecraft has to be the slowest game out there for updates. It's like they didn't even start working on the update prior to Minecon. They don't have any roadmap for their game so you're just stuck waiting around. It's a horrible business plan


    8:57 me listening to pigstep

  • Nathaniel S. Manarpaac
    Nathaniel S. Manarpaac

    The piglins are T-posing

  • WolfHero

    That hoglin dance filled me with such joy this morning. It's truly a work of art, thanks for sharing/covering it.

  • Rullisi

    I thought depth buffer was already accessible with shaders because many of the high end ones have always had ambient occlusion effect. When I use reshade for example, I cannot use such effects on old games such as ones using source as they do not have that drpth buffer so I'm just little confused. Perhaps the shaders used to use some weird tricks in that case, with help of shadermod/optifine.

  • Guy Reviews
    Guy Reviews

    When is this coming to Bedrock version?

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way

    why tf do u say moyang.. its mojang............

    • Arez Rain Orquiola
      Arez Rain Orquiola


  • Iceypumpkin head
    Iceypumpkin head

    Hoglin Dance

  • Sir Perry
    Sir Perry

    I hope this is Mojang’s first step into adding actual shaders to Java minecraft.

  • Alberto World
    Alberto World

    Villagers be like 2:40

  • Leg1t

    Everyone gangsta until the piglins start fortnite dancing

  • Cutting Edge Gaming
    Cutting Edge Gaming

    I love the Hoglin dance XD Also, about the chapters enabled for this video. It does not negatively effect my viewing experience. I actually love that feature. If I, at any point, need to find a part of a video, this will make it way easier. Or even if I wanted to skip around but why would I want to do that. Lol.

  • Spencer Manganiello
    Spencer Manganiello

    It still kinda bugs me there aren't any pigmen yet.

  • iiEndGamez

    Already talk of a new update and nintendo switch doesn’t even have the update yet

  • The Whoooshed
    The Whoooshed

    Piglin victory dance is t pose you can't change my mind

  • rєncє thє вluє nєkσ
    rєncє thє вluє nєkσ

    I know that this comment might not get notice but i got this useless idea or dunno if it rlly is but this is like Adding a new gamemode like There's hardcore mode right? Why not make a lockmode Whereby u must edit the world in the beginning but it will never be edited over again... I just hope that this gets added tho

  • BleachedOut


  • Kevin Khiangte
    Kevin Khiangte

    Does anyone got the bug where the Gurdians are not spawning? I can't use my gurdian farm and i'm out of my Sea Lanterns.

  • Bevel

    2:22 uhhhhh ight then?

  • MrPumpkin Pumpkins!
    MrPumpkin Pumpkins!

    yeah thats it i not gonna start this game again when i see dancing mobs so i guess emotes will be a thing later yup totally not gonna add this game to my pc again...

  • Httyd Forever
    Httyd Forever

    They made the chests in villages and stuff empty in this update. I got a few new recipes 3x3 golden Apple= 1 enchanted golden Apple 4 gold ingots+ 1 Apple= weak golden Apple Strength potion+sugar=haste A new mob would be added here like maybe a lava golem and that would drop like a lava shard then it would be like golden nuggets or iron nuggets. You need 9 to make a lava Ingot then make the ingots into armor, but you have to combine it with netherite to make it fire resistant, and burns attackers. These recipes would be really cool if they were to be added in java vanilla!

  • Doppiotaro - Yusuke Higashikata#0904
    Doppiotaro - Yusuke Higashikata#0904

    I haven't watched xisuma in a while, but I love the bee version of his skin!

  • Leonardo Machado Hormes
    Leonardo Machado Hormes

    the piglins dances has parrot animations, it was a joke

  • Carl

    Taht was quite unnecessary to add a dance...

  • Armchair plays Minecraft
    Armchair plays Minecraft

    Data packs are turning out to be super interesting, for those that have the time.

  • fitzmega

    The dance doesn't really fit into the game

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