Minecraft 1.17 : The Caves & Cliffs Update
Minecraft 1.17 The Caves & Cliffs Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.17 Will be a huge update! Lush Caves, The Deep Dark, Archaeology, Artefacts, Azalea trees, Glowberries, Dripleaves, Stalagmites & Stalactites, Amethyst Crystal, Copper, Lightning Rod, Goats, Axolotls, Wardens and so much more!
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00:00 Release Date & Mob Vote
01:47 Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs
02:40 Dripstone Caves
03:12 Lush Caves
04:25 Amethyst Geodes
05:24 Warden & The Deep Dark
07:48 Sculk Growths & Sculk Sensor
09:00 Axolotl
10:11 Moutains & Goats
10:52 Copper Ore
11:58 Bundles
12:42 Archaeology & Artefacts
15:04 Dungeons
15:50 Mob Vote Result
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  • xisumatwo

    My thoughts on this update :-) rsloft.info/loft/video/Z5p2m6SusWHDnYo

    • Alexthegamer_ YT
      Alexthegamer_ YT

      What will it be for can it be for Xbox360!?

    • Fox Jones
      Fox Jones


    • Silentgaming

      Is goat gonna be added?

    • Camden Nguyen
      Camden Nguyen


    • رافد رافد
      رافد رافد

      @DU Lee قثث٣صصث٣شبكة شبكة ٣٢٢على ذزنزنمخهخهممحكممممممممنننحهون٨٧تك ٨هذذبب ذذذذذ

  • Sapzo

    Why the fuck did they vote for glow squid

  • Esperanza Beaudry
    Esperanza Beaudry

    Check out this latest release from Official Minecraft Partner Shaliquinn Schematics! We’re always working on new and exciting ideas, and we’d love more input! Consider subscribing to our channel and liking us on Facebook and let us know what you’d like to see, it just may turn into a reality! rsloft.info/loft/video/e8qcvIGryny3mZg

  • princesscharming

    This is AWESOME!

  • Pure Salt
    Pure Salt

    5:02 “There is gonna be a use for these crystals” Me: METH

  • Under_ Score
    Under_ Score


  • Miner Blast
    Miner Blast

    Maybe 2020 wasnt so bad

  • Hubert Games
    Hubert Games

    were getting shinys???

  • Locard

    Bro u missed those damonds man 2:07

    • Locard

      2:07 2:07 2:07 2:07 2:07 2:07 2:07

  • Nicholas Watkins
    Nicholas Watkins

    This looks dope

  • Taylor

    I'm confused, will this be updating on consoles as well or just PC?

    • Enderboss25

      It will come out on bedrock and Java in summer 2021

  • Forty e
    Forty e

    Mojang: *adds hints to minecraft lore* Matpat: *fortnite dance*

  • Jj _Ravioly
    Jj _Ravioly

    Back then mining in a cave is like being trapped in a box But now... I wanna live there

  • Shaylo

    How people put torches in second hand ? I've trying by all hotkeys when my torch is in main hand, and nothing works...

  • RJ games
    RJ games

    Also, that goat was like: YEET!

  • RJ games
    RJ games

    DID U GET COPYRIGHT CLAMED??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Itsjmx

    I am low key sad that Minecraft is changing but also happy that there’s gonna be more to explore it’s not gonna be so easy anymore

  • Xor_cistx

    The warden looks like shrek

  • studycdoor onyt
    studycdoor onyt


  • Ayessa Marie Bangcale
    Ayessa Marie Bangcale

    Stalagmites:exist Every mob farm expert:I can use you to kill mobs without using our swords

  • wamen nuudle soup is yum
    wamen nuudle soup is yum

    cool idea for the moobloom so if u hit the cow it starts running crazy, so while it was sprinting it left behind a trail of flowers.

  • Oğuz Emre Günenç
    Oğuz Emre Günenç

    When is this come

  • blakeb lebosada
    blakeb lebosada

    How kan ay update myn is in addod

  • Stryfe72

    I can’t wait

  • WillWhiskey

    beside the glow squid, which were the laternatives?

  • Lucifers Child
    Lucifers Child

    Imagine Dreams manhunt videos on 1.17

  • Reese Rue
    Reese Rue

    I'm glad warden is here. It's a new boss and it's pretty cool. I'm more happy with the Archeological update. That is what I look forward. As well as lush caves and making bases in them. All I know is I'm going to get lost in caves in 5 seconds

  • MikoZa MaxMoh
    MikoZa MaxMoh

    Cant wait for the update to get released

  • Goofy Brick
    Goofy Brick

    The lush caves are incredible

  • Goomba



    Youll be able to build the statue of liberty

  • Patrick Harris
    Patrick Harris

    This is gonna be such a huge update, mojang has gone so far! Can't wait!

  • Ben Baj
    Ben Baj

    its gonna be hard goin to caves

  • That One Guy Who Makes Bad Videos
    That One Guy Who Makes Bad Videos



    Now I want wheels in minecraft so I can move large structures or some kind of movement mechanism. For example, you want to create a ship, a carriage or something like that.



  • beeswarm sim
    beeswarm sim

    Aww I wanted the cow who wants a dumb glow squid

  • Lana P.
    Lana P.

    Warden: runs super fast Me: screaming

  • Bryan Burnaventura
    Bryan Burnaventura

    Mobile will probilaty have the last update

    • Enderboss25

      Nope, it comes out for the same time on mobile than everywhere else

  • GraysonPlays !
    GraysonPlays !

    This game is progressively implementing mods

  • Xx Blossom xX
    Xx Blossom xX

    I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mystic

    going to be one of the best if not the best land updates by far

  • Elias Puckett
    Elias Puckett

    omg i cant wait

  • Ümit Şener
    Ümit Şener

    I am waiting to this update

  • Jesus Ya
    Jesus Ya


  • the person
    the person

    wait did you say the warden was a mob!?

  • Jason DuBois
    Jason DuBois

    right now the only problem i have in every single world i have is tryna find a nether fortress i have never found one on any of my worlds ever

  • Jason DuBois
    Jason DuBois

    7 yo me: these cave sounds are spuper scarwe 14 yo me: im not going into caves anymore thanks to this update

  • Yung Gucci
    Yung Gucci

    This update is gonna fry my ps4

  • Mironex Photo Compilation's
    Mironex Photo Compilation's

    Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks the gold cow thing is going to be in the flower cave.

  • succulent friendzy
    succulent friendzy

    I can't wait for this new update 😍

  • ProbeBot

    The Warden is scary as hell.

  • Bennett Aromin
    Bennett Aromin

    The lush cave reminds me of the caves terraria

  • Nathan Luvena
    Nathan Luvena

    ̶D̶o̶e̶s ̶i̶t ̶o̶n̶l̶y ̶w̶o̶r̶k ̶o̶n ̶P̶C? :(

  • HoopityDoopity

    Did i seriously miss the goddamn minecraft CAVE UPDATE for a whole month!?

  • Hwacha `
    Hwacha `

    RSloftrs now: OMG that Warden thing is terrifying. RSloftrs 2 weeks after the update: I made a auto spawn Warden machine!

    • Jason DuBois
      Jason DuBois

      how would you even do that tho

  • Jennifer May Casi
    Jennifer May Casi

    o.O do I want to have 1.17 now O.o because it's so dangerous and I don't like scary stuff and I don't like dying :( waaaaaa but it's cool 😎 but dangerous :(

  • Muhaymin Chowdhury
    Muhaymin Chowdhury

    The deep dark biome is actually called the skulk

  • Erik Adrián Pap
    Erik Adrián Pap

    When you realize, that it's a terraria update for minecraft lmao

  • Locko Pocko
    Locko Pocko

    *welp* these updates come quick..

  • Mozzie

    6:55 I hate when devs make a video thinking people actually play like that cause no one plays that stupid if they see a warden

  • some one
    some one

    Minecraft is better than fortnite Your not allowed to change my mind

    • Jennifer May Casi
      Jennifer May Casi

      MINECRAFT TEAM YEAH #TeamMinecraft #MinecraftIsTheBest #CoolUpdates #1.17

  • Stylus 'Luigiman' Sketch
    Stylus 'Luigiman' Sketch

    I'd like to see boats with chests on them.

  • Cxyptix

    The dripstone is a perfect spike trap

  • Kaiser. Dude
    Kaiser. Dude

    Minecraft is slowly becoming 3d Terraria

  • Ahmad Malkawi
    Ahmad Malkawi

    I really like the new vines they are gonna add to minecraft

  • Jinx

    me after the update: does the same thing: building a house making farms not making any progress me: can't wait for this update! also me: would still do the same thing even if the update is out

  • The Wishmaster
    The Wishmaster

    Im so excited for the Axolotls and for the archaeology

  • sister

    Wtf this is beautiful!!!

  • isaac frandsen
    isaac frandsen

    i just rewatched this and had an interesting thought these new mega cave when unflooded would make awesome meeting halls

  • Ãêsth3sthe Çòókì3s
    Ãêsth3sthe Çòókì3s

    If 1.17 Cave&cliffs update came but 1.16 Will be R.I.P

  • Hybrid- -Foxx
    Hybrid- -Foxx


  • Faiz Fairuz
    Faiz Fairuz

    Damn cave dwellers gonna be happy

  • ุ ุ
    ุ ุ

    Wow we really do live in the worst timeline, getting the flying Electra wankers and the “glow squid” instead of actual cool mobs.

  • minecraft steve
    minecraft steve

    yes my kingdom is expanding

  • Sent1nel

    is it gonna be on ps4?

  • Crispy Baguette 2
    Crispy Baguette 2

    I’m so happy that Minecraft is becoming basically moded now with actually cool fun features finally

  • meuandblu

    The copper and artifacts being added kinda seems a bit corny, but the rest of the update looks really dope. It’s suck though that they are gonna make us wait half a year though

  • Alfie Larner
    Alfie Larner

    The drip stones will be good for parkour in caves

  • Spartan Angel
    Spartan Angel

    Glow squids should drop glowing ink which can make glowing wool

  • AubreynotFound

    Imagine seeing the warden in your journey D:

  • Jay Lucifano
    Jay Lucifano

    They had all of the school stuff but They still haven’t made it to Torch is laid up in your hand… I am really excited for this though

  • John

    The caves should have ancient underground civilizations!

  • Melissa Panarelli
    Melissa Panarelli

    I have to wait a year and 6months for the cave and cliffs update (I am sad)

    • Mackenzie Collie
      Mackenzie Collie

      It's not a year

  • AxesBro

    ok now add an end update, then farm update

  • Alixer {}
    Alixer {}

    OK is no one gonns talk about the fact that the warden mob is bitterly the alien from a quit place

  • Flawless

    I am more exited then I was in 1.16

  • JessJesser

    I cant believe itll be 2021 tho...

  • GerritVeen5438

    People: Telescope: CIRCLE Stonecutter: Saw: = a Circle

  • kosta poop
    kosta poop

    I want this now on xbox

  • Kooky Family
    Kooky Family

    mojang: 1.17 cave update! me: yay! me when it comes out: why did i play this with headphones on at the highest volume,encounter a warden, and have no torches

  • Hadriel axelle Cardenas
    Hadriel axelle Cardenas

    Wow, The Warden will be a good plan for SCP and Scary Creepypasta Fans. Lol

  • hanz esguerra
    hanz esguerra

    They should add little vechiles that can be used for terrains

  • TheCenturion

    Bro cave sounds and the warden mob= new horror game

  • Butter Dolphin
    Butter Dolphin

    Minecraft is slowly becoming like a mod owo. Tbh I might start playing minecraft again.

  • Edgy Cucumber.
    Edgy Cucumber.

    This sounds horrible

  • Lightning Gamer
    Lightning Gamer

    0:24 game called

    • Mackenzie Collie
      Mackenzie Collie


  • Gisee

    Crossbow and telescope can combine into crossbow sniper


    Can’t wait for the game theory on those ceramic shards.

  • DragonflyThe MudWing
    DragonflyThe MudWing

    16:00 Him: Personally, that one was the least interesting of the three to me Me: He’s so cute! When the update comes out I’m gonna make a house with an aquarium and fill it with them, aww I can’t wait. Lil’ glowy boi, I want you to be in the game soon! Ur so adorable! I want you in my life, maybe I can make a world with JUST glow squids, if I... And Then everyone got so annoyed at Dragonfly that she had to go hide in her room and talk about the Glow Squid until it came out Edit: to whoever reads this, why all the hate on the Glow Squid? It may not be useful, but think about this: we already have two cow varients, the normal cow and the Mooshroom, and we have many pillager varients as well; the villager, and the illager varients: vindicator, evoker, pillager and illusioner, so if the the iceologer had won, we’d orobably have a much for difficult game, but idek, we already have many varients of the pillager anyway. And again, we already have two cow types. But the squid has one, just the boring, plain squid, and I personally feel like we need another type, one that’s more interesting and just... THERE, but idk, and sure, hate on the glow squid, but I really think they’re adorable lil’ glowy bois

    • DragonflyThe MudWing
      DragonflyThe MudWing

      @meuandblu I mean, normal squids swim fairly close to the surface, and they drop inl sacs which is used to make black dye, also I meant I’d do so in creative mode lol (because I’m a wiiiiimp)

    • meuandblu

      What’s the point in a squid and when are we ever really gonna dive down far enough to see one