Minecraft 1.16.2 Snapshot 20w29a Pillager Salute Patched & Many Bug Fixes!
Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16.2 snapshot 20w29a Has a smaller collection of changes and bugfixes, of which i cover the most relevant in this latest snapshot video!


Minecraft 1.16.2 Snapshot 20w28a Custom Everything! Biomes, Structures, Caves & Sky Colors!
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00:00 Snapshot 20w29a
00:30 Minecraft Dev Tweets
01:37 Changes in 20w29a
03:00 Bugfixes
05:02 Changes from 20w28a

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  • xisumavoid

    If smaller snapshots persist I may cover them over on xisumatwo rsloft.info

    • King Niggaz
      King Niggaz

      @Choong Suet Ling never gonna kombat you uprsloft.info/loft/video/X9hhsLGXt5S5mGU

    • King Niggaz
      King Niggaz

      @Chimeia better watch kombatrollrsloft.info/loft/video/X9hhsLGXt5S5mGU

    • Chimeia

      You got a Shoutout from James Charles on Logan's Podcast... Massive @ 1h20min into the podcast

    • Choong Suet Ling
      Choong Suet Ling

      Hi Xisuma,Next time just stay at hot biomes,You are a Strider after all.🙂

    • xXReactFerret

      1.5 mil, congrats x, I watch all your vids

  • reginlief1

    Seems kinda dumb to change the pillager. It's just missing an axe... but whatever.

  • h20naruto68

    Wait how do you put enchantment glint on slime and honey blocks?

  • Sleepybones

    honestly, i think the piglins being distracted by gold they can’t get too should stay in the game. not only is it on brand with how they behave, but it also rewards players for thinking outside the box(like doing it during a bastion raid)

  • Barco

    It is a shame i dont have minecraft

  • Basty Ormita
    Basty Ormita

    me: sneaks into mansion the evoker: *MEIN KAMPF*

  • CometReindeer

    My pet Stryder just dies so your skin reminded me that I need to make a memorial for him. R.I.P. Charles June 23rd - July 28th

  • Geeky Wolf
    Geeky Wolf

    You are an absolute angel thank you so much for these, you make it so simple and easy to understand, you are amazing (And your voice is beautiful)

  • Absolute Newt
    Absolute Newt

    Me: Mom can we have hitler at home? - Mom: no we have hitler at home - _Hitler at home: __3:56_

  • Lukas Waller
    Lukas Waller

    It was a “bug fix” because it looked like nazi symbols

  • Brotherland U S W
    Brotherland U S W

    Pillager Salute?

  • 100Darkspine

    3:53 "BRAKA MONOGA"

  • Purple Fire 28
    Purple Fire 28

    5:34 I remember in previous versions hearing that cave generation overrides ore generation, meaning you can get smaller ore veins than normal generation if it's next to a cave. Seems like this setting means that's no longer the case? But then you'd get ore veins floating in the middle of caves sometimes? Or does it have to do with the order in which stuff is generated?

  • Sovitus

    4:00 its obvious! he's trying to give you a hug!

  • StylishAAviators

    I have 1.16.10 on mobile.

  • Haz

    Nobody: Pillagers: MEIN FÜHRERRR

  • Haz

    I want them to add the feature back where you could enchant basically every block / item in the game :(

  • angel'd

    they should really as aether

  • Antony Creak
    Antony Creak

    5:01 lol I thought it said 'logs that bum' and I was so confused but it says burn lol

  • Dagreetpapirus

    bye nazi villagers i dont mknow you

  • Please dont shoot officer, i have a wife and kids!
    Please dont shoot officer, i have a wife and kids!

    Does the vindicator now hold up both arms even when it has an axe? Because that would be dumb.


    I mean it makes sense why a disarmed Vindicator would hold up both arms, to me both arms looks like he's coming to strangle you..

  • Hermit Crafter
    Hermit Crafter


  • Виталий Ефимов
    Виталий Ефимов

    Привет а я русский хахаха

  • Sebi

    Nazi pillagers lol

  • Pengu

    Soo instead of hailing Germany, their hailing hydra...

  • DaBandit_DoesStuff YT
    DaBandit_DoesStuff YT

    If only they added the soul fire blaze :(

  • Jack Fearow
    Jack Fearow

    I remember seeing a twitter post towards the Vindicator’s “Pacified aggression” animation. Mojang(or dev) responded.

  • British Blueberry
    British Blueberry

    Pillagers don’t attack when not holding weapons

  • InkTheOne

    I love a little salt in my noise

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    Fire resistance 2: give you a mild health boost in lava and fire

  • Anonymimus

    1:09 - No, you're actually going more *on* track with this one ;)

  • Gordon'ın Haşmetli Levyesi
    Gordon'ın Haşmetli Levyesi

    3:54 Nazi Salute

  • a

    I'm gonna be honest, I'll miss the Pillager salute.

    • Ichim Iustin
      Ichim Iustin

      You can recreate it with texture packs by retexturing an item with an empty texture and summoning a vindicator with taht retextured item in his main hand. Also works with vexes.

  • Tropolate

    The Minecraft updates have been lacking massively lately apart from blocks and reskined mobs what was add 2 new mobs and 2 biomes I mean come on

  • Courier 6
    Courier 6

    Pillagers now hail hydra

  • Heather Craigie
    Heather Craigie

    “Heil Hydra”

  • Noriaki Kakyoin
    Noriaki Kakyoin

    0/10 i didn't get my mountain goats

  • Dracoplayz

    Super duper graphics pack

  • Jivesh Wassan - 55
    Jivesh Wassan - 55

    Pls tell me which resourcepack u told in the video plz and I love ur video

  • Jordy Walters
    Jordy Walters

    Pretty sure fire resistance 2 makes it so that there’s no flames on your screen

  • Commander Black heart
    Commander Black heart

    3:52 HOLY FUNKY KONG! i can see why it was patched.

  • FigureOfStickman

    notch really left a lil easter egg in the pillagers' code huh

  • melonik 2010
    melonik 2010


  • LordGigapiller

    going a bit "off track" I get it

  • Ambrose Lo
    Ambrose Lo

    Soon we're gonna have like full on mods using just data packs if we have the custom entity stuff as well

  • Kyle W
    Kyle W

    I love the minecraft dev with an anime profile pic

  • Merlin the Witcher
    Merlin the Witcher


  • charliemcdonald chicken nuggets4life
    charliemcdonald chicken nuggets4life

    0:36 butt fixes

  • TobbAnimations

    Bloom = Shader

  • Edward Olivas
    Edward Olivas

    I think the vindicator thing so it won’t look like a hitler salute so they wouldn’t get backlash

  • Helaio

    that pillager salute makes me think im about to see an musctached man from Argentina who wasnt bron in argentina

  • Nick-s-f

    Vindicator got upgraded from german salute to Homer choke.

  • Eds Tren
    Eds Tren

    3:53 hitler be like

  • yokai watcher
    yokai watcher

    The illagers are being made NOT to salute like Nazis

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P

    This guy sounds like Sci Man Dan. Change my mind

  • Aaron Harper
    Aaron Harper

    Wait would they be distracted by gold behind a piston as they can get to it but can’t when they get close.

  • Toba Account
    Toba Account


  • BillyJ79

    I hope the fix the villagers so you can put them to what ever profession you want

  • Osiris Johnson
    Osiris Johnson

    I saw the salute on r/banvideogames

  • JPeezy

    Minecraft more like MeinKrapht

  • Benjamin Cuff
    Benjamin Cuff

    Vindicator: hydra > evil mustache man

  • Knezy_SsSs

    When will. reaalse 1.17

  • Melias Clarkson
    Melias Clarkson

    Think the vindicator change was probably for the best given what it's reminiscent of...

  • Lma Zayat
    Lma Zayat

    U sound like ibxtoycat

  • Fatih Fayed
    Fatih Fayed


  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    It's funny to see the tree's generate in a grid like that ;D

  • Captain Comic
    Captain Comic

    Okay, the Pillager salute thing is just plain dumb.

    • Ichim Iustin
      Ichim Iustin


  • Tiscut

    i have a feeling that i know why they made the axe homie hold up both hands

  • Khut Khut
    Khut Khut

    I want minecraft to add better AI too this game like modders have.

  • Came Here
    Came Here

    The vindicator hailing hydra.

  • Man_Behind_The_Depression

    world war pillager.

  • Lady Tan
    Lady Tan

    glad they sorted tools in the creative menu. now to sort everything else because its a mess

  • Dit

    The vindicators are no longer nazis

  • Studio Gilliam
    Studio Gilliam

    Did you just pronounce "worldgen" with a 'hard' G?

  • Qudack

    What IF minecarts could be attached together and you can use furnace like that? 1:15

  • Red Cum
    Red Cum


  • Blockz

    Now it looks like he’s doing the Hydra salute lmao (marvel fans will get this)

  • Japheth ANS
    Japheth ANS

    Yay its Xistrider!

  • Zarnox

    It would be nice if there was an option to generate the Nether with the full 256 block height.

  • Noble Gaming
    Noble Gaming

    Good stuff! Keep your grind strong & stay humble 🙏 Goodluck

  • Noble Drakeules
    Noble Drakeules

    Your post's pretty good 👏👏🙏🙏

  • Kracon

    Lol, I saw the nazi salute on reddit

  • Fake Skyler
    Fake Skyler

    I think they weren't okay with the Vindicator Sieg-Heiling

  • Jesse

    Furnace minecart would be so op

  • cheeseitsgamer 123
    cheeseitsgamer 123

    Do you think there will be a cave update

  • The Wraith Summoner
    The Wraith Summoner

    Any possibility of entity spawn behavior modifications?

  • aty

    ur skin looks like doomguy and nothing can change my mind

  • Just Vienna
    Just Vienna

    I just now realized that the Pillager with his Right arm in the air looks like a salute used by a certain mustache man that wont be mentioned in case it de prioritizes the video So yea probably a good thing it was updated

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man

    Thats heil

  • bob boland
    bob boland

    hi hi

  • AntiFreeze

    lmao the villager salute is just lol

  • George McCartney
    George McCartney

    I got excited and thought that Pillagers would actually salute captains near by

  • JuanC17 Playz
    JuanC17 Playz

    so they will keep that thing where pillagers can only shoot arrows 326 times? nice EDIT: Oh no are they really trying to make pillagers completely aggressive!?!?!

  • Michał C.
    Michał C.

    Jeez, people get offended so easily, the vindicator bug was funny. Some just need to practice the art of not giving a shit

  • Hedake Hartendorp
    Hedake Hartendorp

    I wonder if you can swim in lava with that skin

  • Max Mellor-Belcher
    Max Mellor-Belcher

    I think it would be cool to make a train by connecting minecarts together with chains

  • Weta

    We need furnace minecraft locomotive back.

  • YGI MM
    YGI MM

    Rip Nazi pillagers in mc, you will be missed ✊✊

    • Ichim Iustin
      Ichim Iustin

      You can make a texture pack and retexture an item to have an empty texture and summon a vindicator with that item you retextured empty in his main hand. Also works with vexes.

  • Wdomino Games & Media
    Wdomino Games & Media

    3:58.. uhm well... I think why they changed it to be like a zombie going with both arms instead of one pointing high.. not something I have noticed yet but its for the best it is changed XD

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