Minecraft 1.16.4 Pre-Release 1 Social Interaction Screen + Minecraft 1.17 News!
Minecraft 1.16.4 Pre-Release 1 Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
1.16.4 Will add the social interactions screen. We also have some minecraft 1.17 info in this video.
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00:00 Intro
00:38 Social Interactions Screen
03:34 Technical Changes & Bugs
04:46 Minecraft 1.17 News
#minecraft #minecraftnews #1.16.4

  • xisumavoid

    Cancelled my Twitch stream for this, sorry if you got notified! Will stream again Saturday morning :-)

    • PotatoeMaster02

      @John Lemon it was a joke

    • Antek Kobeszko
      Antek Kobeszko

      Me:*Sees title* Also me:"But that's a social interaction, and I don't support it

    • John Lemon
      John Lemon

      @PotatoeMaster02 how is that important no one cares if you are first and you probably not even are

    • Haylie Murphy
      Haylie Murphy

      That's okay. We don't mind.

    • Hammad khan
      Hammad khan

      when did 1.16.4 will release?

  • apiry

    This is literally making java more like bedrock. There are plenty of plugins and mods that would do the same thing. Mojang needs to stop stepping in on things that can easily be handled by the players and server owners.

  • Vanceagher

    Leaked IP at 3:22?

  • Greyish Sun
    Greyish Sun

    3:21 did u just leak your ip adress.......

  • Emilie Graidy Andreassen
    Emilie Graidy Andreassen

    Will they fix the turtleegg bug from 1.16.3

  • Sollace

    5:38 I see a wither 6:02 Xisuma: "Habitutation" lmao

  • Gabriel Miranda
    Gabriel Miranda

    you should invite Pixlriffs to HERMICRAFT, he is a great youtuber and would add a great vibe to hermicraft.

  • Frednovate

    “I dont support it“

  • Pig The Kitty
    Pig The Kitty

    Is Evil X non-binary? When Xisuma was talking about Evil X, he used they/them pronouns, it could be that he was just referring to players in general but... it's possible? I mean... maybe???

  • Poopwizardd 1
    Poopwizardd 1

    Seeing evil x in 2020 gives me nostalgia

  • Okami NM
    Okami NM

    WAIT GRIAN MISSED A GREY BLOCK HE MISSED THE BLOCK UNDER THE MARBLE LOOKING ONE GRIAN NEVER MISSES A GREY BLOCK okay i dont know if that's true but he does like them a lot because they make caves less boring

  • TheRCvie

    So when you need a xbox account for all your alt accounts, how do you open multiple microsoft accounts on the same computer to test these things?

  • Zaleucus

    He said "rain will not activate the skulk sensor" and then described the reason behind it with "habituation". What he did not say is "the skulk sensor will stop responding to repetitive sounds because of habituation". Reading over his tweet, I'm not exactly sure why you made that assumption.

  • Dave Sunhammer
    Dave Sunhammer

    Sooo... you are saying, if I can get a warden into a cage, I can have a sculk sensor let him out and he can't let himself out? Hmmmm.. Bwa HA Hahahahaha!

  • Minecrafter Ian
    Minecrafter Ian

    O no

  • DAT sPIce
    DAT sPIce

    if you want a rain detector on hermitcraft, sice bdubs is always sleeping whenever possible just put a daylight sensor set to night mode on a piston

  • Gavin Dulebohn
    Gavin Dulebohn

    Everyone on the Hermitcraft server are going to instantly mute Grian the second this update comes out

  • bigplop

    The interaction menu looks very bedrock edition

  • LoneDev

    Very cool, more useless features added! :D

  • Keiya

    That looks more like a "send message" button than a "block" button...


    when is evil x gonna come back to hermitcraft?

  • Nobro Gaming
    Nobro Gaming

    who agrees that it looks like something from bedrock edition?

  • Radiant Duat
    Radiant Duat

    Noticed the pronouns for EX and I’m so happy right now

  • foxotic

    Youre the only person that says MOYANG. Nobody in the promotional events says that including the swedes. Its time to stop

  • Johnathan Touchton
    Johnathan Touchton

    The criptic image looked like a two headed goliom

  • ji ribu
    ji ribu


  • Sorceror Nobody
    Sorceror Nobody

    Do my ears deceive me, or did X just confirm that Evil X is nonbinary?

  • Emile van der Merwe
    Emile van der Merwe

    Pretty sure the habituation comment was just to give a lore reason for them not letting the sensor trigger on rain

  • Lord_Z

    this is a dumb feature imo liek every server has /mute

  • Explo 101
    Explo 101

    Minecraft 1.16.4 Pre-Release 1 Social Interaction Screen + Minecraft (insert click bait number) News!

  • PenguinLrS

    3:48 iirc network protocols are some kind of number that basically just works as a way of detecting version differences between the client and the server. What the technical change is referring to, is a change to the numbers used for snapshots. That last bit says the protocol version for full releases will be unchanged as far as I understand. I'm not sure tho, I could be very wrong. edit: i think this is what i had read: minecraft.gamepedia.com/Protocol_version

  • Tanis Kowalik
    Tanis Kowalik

    The "cryptic image" was a teaser from a few years ago. I'm pretty sure it was for the first mob vote, back before any of the four mobs were revealed. It ended up not really meaning anything back then, so I'm not sure why it's been posted again...

  • Kiki

    Why there is no Zombie Wandering Trader?

  • Turtle Person
    Turtle Person

    _We're only a few steps away from getting 1.17 snapshots._

  • Mikal Lyngbø
    Mikal Lyngbø

    But i don't like social interaction!

    • fuck

      Yea. I want add friend feature so I can see if he's online

  • The Lord Of Nothing
    The Lord Of Nothing

    Bedrock: yeah cool, but I’ll skip

  • Sandshark 2
    Sandshark 2

    NO wireless redstone is no more! :(

  • Faheem Khan
    Faheem Khan

    XisumaVoid, are the vanilla tweaks resource packs working for 1.16?

  • Private Account
    Private Account

    That cryptic image is from way back when used as a way just to represent the initial mob vote or something. I was confirmed to be nothing.

  • Settro Blu
    Settro Blu

    I wish this feature also being added to Bedrock beacuse Bedrock has friends systems too and Bedrock also need the direct message for friends in game and not using Xbox app.

  • Randi Scribner
    Randi Scribner

    The wondering trading is everywhere you dont need him to be 😂🤦‍♀️ thanks for all the good info x

  • Kifferrox The Cat
    Kifferrox The Cat

    Glad I found this. I forgot about that Caves and Cliffs is 1.17

  • 4TH4RV

    I thought minecraft added a way to friend people...

  • WonderfulFilms

    That image Xilefian posted was the promo image for the original 2017 mob vote, before the mobs were announced iirc. Very strange how it's come back 3 years later...

  • JasimGamer

    5:18 Marbel YaY

  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar

    Why do you sound like ibxtoycat

  • 0m3r

    3:22 you did not even blur the ip

  • Cloudedaurora

    Sensors ignoring the warden is exactly what needed to happen to let decked out 2 work

  • MagicOfDark

    I feel social interactions would be a great place to put PM windows. That's what I thought the chat bubble 💬 was when I saw it. We need PM chat windows.

  • Hemo978x


  • Dark's Tunes
    Dark's Tunes

    Damn EvilXisuma! CHILL! Why do you play with that guy!

  • Kaden Sharpin
    Kaden Sharpin

    I liked X before around a year and a half ago. Now he seems to just trying to pander to kids

  • ChristianShark

    Who here didn’t realize until now that Xisuma’s skin is classic Doomslayer?

  • Paphawin Nettewa
    Paphawin Nettewa

    Not interested. Only interested in 1.17

  • Max Xiong
    Max Xiong

    4:40 a deadlock is actually a kind of freeze

  • Official No Cap Studios
    Official No Cap Studios

    Finally a feature I'm never going to use

  • mini pin
    mini pin

    but thats social interaction and i dont support it

  • Hijena

    You need some new friends

  • personwhodumb

    5:23 I remember seeing that like a year to 3 years ago, can't actually remember when, but I do remember it

  • No name
    No name

    Noone: EvilXisuma: XISUMA YOU SUCK EX is cool

  • Elliot Jensen
    Elliot Jensen

    1:19 "Not a good idea to put the IP address on the screen"... 3:22 LMFAO

  • lofi_veer

    I have a feeling mojang will add a new craft-able red stone block that includes a skulk sensor in the recipe. They can still keep the esthetic of the skulk sensor the same, and we can have a more reliable “wireless redstone” block to work with that doesn’t rely on wool inclusion.

  • My Toes
    My Toes

    so just a different version of /ignore like in 2b2t?

  • Clacker

    5:30 that picture was first posted in 2018 iirc

  • Fluffyswift

    Mushroom golem or flower golem would be cool if that's the teaser. Maybe mushroom golem could fire off spores like a shulker or wither against hostile mobs! We could use some phantom AA. The flower golem could be a overgrown golem that attracts bees replacing the flower cow. I could see them naturally spawning in plains villages or golems that have survived a while. Might make a datapack out of this.

  • Nico

    Would love to see that screen as a shortcut for /msg

  • ParallelXZero

    Mmm yes Social interaction something I am terrible I’m so excited

  • brain exe
    brain exe

    2:57 Xisuma: "Looks like we got a spammer that needs kicking" Also Xisuma: *can clearly hear his keybaord copy and pasting*


    just subbed thx for news :)))

  • Lennert Delanghe
    Lennert Delanghe

    Why does noone think about that copper may be the bluestone from the village and pillage update???

  • MMG Miš Maš Games
    MMG Miš Maš Games

    Me when clicking on the video: wait,friend system? Me after watching:there goes my hope...

  • Thenightman161 -
    Thenightman161 -

    Only thing I could think of with the cryptic message is the line "what's the meaning of Stonehenge" from the Ylvis song "Stonehenge"

  • MomcomeplckYT

    Wow i need this there all MANY bullys in the java and bedrock and pocket

  • Stephen Mordeno
    Stephen Mordeno

    new boss for the mushroom island?

  • James Gabor
    James Gabor

    5:25 is actually from the first mob vote, and was referred to by the community as mob E, however, it was not actually in the vote.

  • Ultra Aryan 10
    Ultra Aryan 10

    *Java players:* Confused why 1.16 is getting more updates *Meanwhile Bedrock devs:* Alright, here is Bedrock Beta for Win10, Xbox One and Android, also we are releasing Bedrock 1.16.69 for PS4 to fix a random crash, have fun.

  • Dertres

    the Look, i dont like, looks too much like bedrock


    U leaked the server join link thing for hermitcraft

  • Pokepoke18

    Amythest geodes looks like nether stars ngl...

  • Killershooter C
    Killershooter C

    Evil xisuma are u ok?

  • PixLShibe

    Java is getting more and more similar to bedrock I'm just hoping they won't merge cuz I really enjoy Java edition rn

  • ThatBonnGuy

    The protocol version change means that we may have situations like back in 1.7 where multiple different versions could natively play with each other on a server. This would also allow them to make a lot more "subversion" changes and not force everyone to update all at once

  • Duck Go Quacks
    Duck Go Quacks

    You should change ur name to BEEsuma

  • JoeLikesPotatoes


  • Zin1X

    5:34 wait, i think i remember people making a big deal about that image in 1.9 if i remember correctly

  • Martin

    Interactions screen looks like bedrock minecraft

  • Mr Zaman
    Mr Zaman

    Imagine if in the future, Mojang would add in-house voice chat implemented through the Social Interactions screen!

  • Zandercraft

    Lol. Saw Aikar's WorldGen Deadlock issue post in there. Didnt expect that.

  • Maremi Meerovc
    Maremi Meerovc

    Evil Xisuma :DDD Does EX use he/they or they/them pronouns now?

  • Daniel Ribeiro
    Daniel Ribeiro

    They need to implement a friend system

  • i love you
    i love you

    Is xisuma xisumavoid or is xisumavoic xisuma ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Cole Hazen
    Cole Hazen

    Hey Xisuma. That arch behind you was pretty cool. Do you have the seed?

  • Lokki de Nuuk
    Lokki de Nuuk

    diorite getting reskin?

  • TRB Games
    TRB Games


  • GameBustoNaut

    lol bee loving buffoon

  • Moose Eggzz
    Moose Eggzz

    Will we finally be able to invite friends to single player worlds without laging our your pc hosting a server?

  • The DoomBringer
    The DoomBringer

    1.17 PS4 should fix forever loading screen glitch

  • Jixin Fu
    Jixin Fu

    is this new update on bedrock yet?

  • MoseMister

    "deadlock" means that the state that it is in cannot move however attempting to move. So in software its typically that you cannot continue as the software is frozen. However no crash would occur

  • Logan Klaassen
    Logan Klaassen

    Spammer that needs to be kicked ( heard him pasting nonstop on a keyboard)