Minecraft 1.16.2 Combat Test Snapshot 8B : Faster Liquid Foods, Damage Calculation Changes!
Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft combat is changing! It won't be part of 1.16 but the latest combat test number 8b is here and in this video we go over the many changes.
Minecraft 1.16.2 Combat Test Snapshot 7C : Stackable Potions!
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00:00 Combat Test Snapshot 8B
00:55 Re-Reversed Changes
02:15 Faster Liquid Foods
02:52 Potion Buffs
03:14 Jeb's Spreadsheet
04:33 Critical Hits
05:35 Tipped Arrows
07:04 Outro
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  • xisumavoid

    Tomorrow is the start of a Hermitcraft stream weekend! My episode also got pushed back to tomorrow because of this snapshot :-) livestream.hermitcraft.com

    • Derpy Man
      Derpy Man

      I think jeb meant 1/8 by the arrow effect time is 1 min rather than a potion with increased time being 8 min

    • Wouter Van Bruchem
      Wouter Van Bruchem

      The 1/8 instant effect change is as follows: Tipped arrows will have 1/8 of the duration of the potion they've been crafted with, but since instant effects such as healing and harming don't have a duration, they will now have 1/8 the power of the potion. So an arrow with healing 1 will heal half a heart instead of 4.

    • MegaLunar

      as a hypixel 1.8.9 pvp player I hate every single addition in these snapshots

    • griangroon minecraft
      griangroon minecraft

      Combat test by kombatroll rsloft.info/loft/video/ZtqqtnKtxmmZiaA

    • Civilised Zombie
      Civilised Zombie

      the thing around your curser looks bad and covers things. never show that again.

  • Filhos Montenegro
    Filhos Montenegro

    Did you make that little map? It looks nice, can I have a copy?

  • PounceLyGrin

    I have come to terms and have accepted this changes in the combat system, one thing though is the bow fatigue it needs to kick in or start after 5-6 seconds I like these changes though it will take quite a long time to get use to and even then I'll just switch to older versions whenever I feel the need to pvp when I get bored of it, just switch versions vice versa when I feel like it

  • Dany0i

    "It might not be apart of 1.17." Minecraft Devs: Its gained some popularity, maybe we should add this ontop of the cave and cliffs update

  • Bobby Gentile
    Bobby Gentile

    To be fair, I only wanted the glow squid because ink sacs are so annoying to get. Lol

  • Arnav Tibrewala
    Arnav Tibrewala

    CELAVing 3 plus sharp 5 axe op

  • Keebo the Ultimate Robot
    Keebo the Ultimate Robot

    Friday... Seeeeeeeeeecret Friday Update

  • MrPanda

    With everyone saying things about 1.8 pvpers will come back. Personally, if you don't switch back to normal, they won't. I left the pvp phase because of the updates. Also, the no eating during getting hit is stupid af.

  • Joseph langille
    Joseph langille

    I just realized the updates gonna be called something like caves and combat

  • ApplePie

    Mojang:Just one more update i PROMISE

  • Jounrey- Plaz
    Jounrey- Plaz


  • Floogull Playz
    Floogull Playz


  • Floogull Playz
    Floogull Playz

    Defense chainmail

  • Crimson-Star Gaming
    Crimson-Star Gaming

    Stop supporting the stupid snapshots

  • Harmony

    Looking at the frequency of these combat updates, could 1.17 possibly be the 2nd combat update?

  • Yoj-Nna Mae Verzosa
    Yoj-Nna Mae Verzosa

    petition to ask mojang to make a new enchantment for swords that if you hit a mob they will get the wither effect

  • B33bo_Astro

    The spreadsheet hurt my eyes

  • spooder man Gurin
    spooder man Gurin

    1.17 your fists have a hidden enchantment, knock back 2

  • Sam Gerers
    Sam Gerers

    With the addition of bow fatique crossbows get more useful!

  • byper

    I really hope they do not change the bow fatigue. I think it is pretty well balanced and doesn’t take too long to be considered not worth having

  • great emoji
    great emoji

    So does this upcoming update apply to bedrock?

  • Kaisey-Leigh Walton
    Kaisey-Leigh Walton


  • creeper101playsgames

    Mojang suck, 1.8 was the best for pvp

  • Ilug

    Where can i find damage calculator spreadsheet?

  • Klassisk

    ughhh no bow fatigue bleh gross if it's for instant harming arrows or anything like that I'd understand but for just a regular bow it'll be super annoying that and 1.7/1.8 pvp players eat whilst running away on top of that I don't think these updates are gonna bring the pvp community to later versions I apologize but really I can't see it they're trying to put the community back together but while doing so making questionable changes for pvp players.

  • Jude Pisarczyk
    Jude Pisarczyk

    Ugh. Food being interrupted?!

  • TaterTot Hotdish
    TaterTot Hotdish

    He never shot the bow so we could see how inaccurate it is and the lack of crit shot

  • Lapis Septo Flufftail
    Lapis Septo Flufftail

    There are 4 ways of acquiring tipped arrows in java edition as of right now, none of them are worth the effort And then they NERF two of them? As for the methods if anyone is curious: -Mob farm in a snowy biome for strays so you can get slowness arrows -Trading with multiple fletchers to max level to maybe get a tipped arrow trade, which will likely not be the one you want -Fighting the main boss of the game (no i don't care how easy it is for some people, it's still the main boss) -Exploiting an often forgotten feature creepers have, because nobody is gonna capture creepers in mass and throw potions at them to get the lingering effect cloud to shoot a couple arrows into

  • Foxcatgaming 2
    Foxcatgaming 2

    what's bow fatigue? does that mean the arrows will start randomizing where they'll go or what?

    • Dangit Army
      Dangit Army

      After 3 seconds, if you don’t shoot, the bow will start to shake and the more time you don’t release the arrow, the more random the shot will be

  • Saransh Agrawal
    Saransh Agrawal

    Hey X! I wanted to know how you guys on the Hermitcraft server chat without using the /say command. In the server I have set up for my friends and me, I have to type /say every time we want to chat. It would be great if you could reply!

  • Ian Layman
    Ian Layman

    I haven’t been keeping track lately. Is saturation back or will it still be removed?


    So using gapple on combat is harder now? I dunno...

  • Julian

    Removing the saturation bar completely is still pretty annoying :/

  • Ethan Michael
    Ethan Michael

    Personally I am hating everything about this combat update so far

  • NickMortuus

    I need more of these videos

  • NotSoAnonymous

    6:42 I think what was meant is that the full duration of the effect on arrows is shorter/weaker. For example a normal drinkable Speed Potion is way longer then a splash Speed Potion, and I guess it is with the arrows too. And transfered to instant heal and damage: arrows heal less then a drinkable potion. (Because the effect can't be shorter if it's instant, right?) It doesn't have nothing to do with which power you're shooting the arrow.

  • Spencer Brincefield
    Spencer Brincefield

    Will this come to bedrock?

  • Scott Whittaker
    Scott Whittaker

    no combat update!

  • MigoPlayz

    Ey crossbows are useful now

  • Timothy Coulby
    Timothy Coulby

    If this goes only on Java, im staying bedrock

  • Christopher Ganiere
    Christopher Ganiere

    Regarding the potion effects on arrows I believe he meant that the effect of an instant healing arrow would be one eighth of the effect of a normal arrow much like the fire resistance arrow is 1 minutes instead of eight.


    00:31 Who the heck is reddit Fred!?

  • BlackMoonCZ

    bow fatigue is pretty horrible imo

  • Silver’sPeak

    Why the bow again 😫

  • Prowler Cam
    Prowler Cam

    So how does this get released? Will this make it 1.16.3? I for one would eventually like to get optifine or sodium back without having to give up fabric.

  • GOGOsgg

    I hope this comes to bedrock if its release

  • Rockstar Freddy
    Rockstar Freddy

    It's like the secret Friday updates all over again.

  • DorkyDTunes

    The first one is a good addon for single player butttt multyplayer will be alot harder ad u cannot eat enchanted golden apples ._.

  • Cave Goblin
    Cave Goblin

    They should add just one more thing, a dashing enchantment that allows you to be propelled a certain amount of blocks per level at the cost of durability kinda like sould speed but only for a second and you can use it anywhere this would be useful for more maneuvering in combat it would have three levels and be applied to boots the first level would allow two blocks of dashing the second three and the third four blocks and youd be able to dash every direction left right and in front of you but not behind you. Whatchu think?

  • Ash

    I dislike eating interruption for the sole sake of fire resistance, it makes it impossible to chug one while your on fire or in lava which decreases their utility a lot

    • Ash

      @beastyboi ah ok, thats fine then

    • Wow Potato
      Wow Potato

      You can't get interupted while you burning in lava

    • beastyboi

      It only counts for players and mobs

  • Valencia Romilo
    Valencia Romilo

    bruh we need quick buff for the potions or quick heal using insta hp potion or a bind for eating foods

  • XxJustin2210xX

    So, you can’t drink fire resistance to save your life, or milk while poisoned

    • beastyboi

      It only counts if u get hit by players and mobs the interuption

    • A_legend_M ع_م_م
      A_legend_M ع_م_م

      You can, potions and drinks are now really fast

  • Hyper John
    Hyper John

    Mojang! Stop convoluting PvP! *S I M P L I F Y* the mechanics please!!

  • GoatCheese 11
    GoatCheese 11

    They shouldn’t have bow fatigue or eating interruption, they should add back saturation healing you, and keep stackable potions

    • GoatCheese 11
      GoatCheese 11

      A_legend_M ع_م_م I meant it should still heal you you

    • A_legend_M ع_م_م
      A_legend_M ع_م_م

      Saturation is in the game and never was removed. It was only nerfed to not heal you

  • Slither Man
    Slither Man

    Honey bottles shall now be the best food during PVP

  • Exotic Butters
    Exotic Butters

    Jeb should add back sword blocking or block hitting tbh

  • Azzamuu

    People are still going to use the 1.8 combat mechanism

  • Jasper Mini
    Jasper Mini

    Cleaving III Smite V Netherite axe... *have fun zombies*

  • Schlugel

    ... Schlugel?

  • Jasper Mini
    Jasper Mini

    *secret Friday update intensifies*

  • Kamran Kermani
    Kamran Kermani

    I made bacon. Bacon not cooked. Im gonna die

  • SpacenormanYT

    I can't find the combat testing world that everyone has been using, can someone give me a download?

  • Baarko

    Dude the bow change is so gay

  • GenghisDingus

    tldr: they re-added all the stupid things we don't want added

    • Ialwayswatchyoutube


  • Adam Hand
    Adam Hand

    Imagine downing an entire bucket of milk in like 1.2 seconds

  • Some random guy
    Some random guy

    My main concern with removing saturation was the removal of more strategic play, with faster fights dumbing down to who can click better. Plus it ignores the PvE minecraft players that are also affected by this. I think potions can become a substitute, but 1 second 12-hp potions are too strong, even with interrupt

    • Some random guy
      Some random guy

      i must have missed a few combat updates huh. saturation must have had a few more changes since ive seen it last. as for minecraft updates, especially since the aquatic update, minecraft updates have been a lot more specified, sort of like mods, taking it in a different direction from the minecraft experience from older updates. im sure if people noticed a problem in this, they have already personally reverted to older versions, like 1.12.2 or 1.7.10. for everyone else though, is there really a problem if they're enjoying the updates?

    • A_legend_M ع_م_م
      A_legend_M ع_م_م

      It doesn't ignore pve players. Saturation was removed for healing, it still exists. Your golden carrots are still useful. Also, screw pve players, they literally accept anything from mojang like 6 year Olds. They don't give a damn about anything, they will always update

  • ParzivalPlays

    not happy about the bow or food changes...

  • Aidv

    The thing about the arrow effects being 1/8 of the full effect means that the effect you get from a single tipped arrow is equal to 1/8 the effect of the same type of potion

  • MicroManage

    Lel they added back the features I liked. Everyone thank me for this update.

  • Catstr

    Why did a suggestion for a video called "Story" come up but the video was unavailable?

  • Just Vienna
    Just Vienna

    So glad they readded Bow bobbing and food interruptions bad they were good features people just jumped to conclusions way to quickly without giving it a chance

  • Squiby Plays
    Squiby Plays

    Bow: **gets nerfed** Me: **screams in bow spammer**

  • Леонид Михайлов
    Леонид Михайлов

    community: almost all potions are so useless in pvp omg mojang: how you like that?

  • Hexeris

    I love the fact, that mojang is listening to their fanbase. This combat update will probably satisfy a lot of players, who are still playing 1.8, but they have to fix the server performance issues in order for this to be actually usable (because let's face it, this update is more for the multiplayer players, rather than the singleplayer ones).

  • Megan

    Bow fatigue is gonna make mc champs very interesting one day...

    • Tennessine

      I was thinking the same thing, but I doubt the accuracy decrease would really matter when you're that close to your target. Besides, I would like to see more fast-paced Dodgeball rounds. It would certainly be very interesting.

  • Samuel Rodriguez
    Samuel Rodriguez

    I don't like the eating interruption. Especially with piglins added. Imagine you are being cornered by a bunch of mobs and you have 2 hearts left. It would only get you so far to use your sword with sweeping edge or your shield.

    • A_legend_M ع_م_م
      A_legend_M ع_م_م

      Ever heard of s-tapping or strafing? Pve players don't know how to kill mobs, they just stand there, and swing without moving. Ofcourse it will suck, learn combat

    • Tennessine

      "Imagine you are being cornered by a bunch of mobs and you have 2 hearts left." Don't get into that situation. You shouldn't be getting into that situation in the first place.

  • Navythechase

    just add a gamerule like /gamerule legacycombat true so people who like 1.8.9 and under pvp can stop complaining.

  • Clément Roux
    Clément Roux

    Just realized by the way how unrealistic the soup-eating animation is : looks like you re eating the bowl as well

  • bluEnderplayz

    how did u download it is there a link

  • tal

    The stacks potions make me _uncomfy_

  • GLaDOS edition
    GLaDOS edition

    So,since damage now stops potion drinking.....how am i supposed to survive in lava?

    • beastyboi

      Only counts for players and mobs so your safe with fire res

  • Red Boi
    Red Boi

    Are these changes going to be added on Bedrock too?

  • Saborhagen

    All I want is for the player not to be able to spam attack. Makes no sense anyway. Your attack speed should be locked to your weapon's attack speed. Every time I make custom content I always have to yell at players to stop spam attacking because they're not doing any damage.

  • Galactic_ninja_

    Bruh the bows are trash now sniping is such a big part of the combat and now its non existant. Something tells me that this combat update is gonna be a repeat of the first combat update.

  • sansana

    if they're trying to find something that works for computer and console players, then why dont they ever give bedrock edition a combat beta

    • Tennessine

      Bedrock doesn't have a snapshot feature IIRC. And also once they've got a somewhat coherent combat system they'll probably find a way to test it for bedrock as well. Working on Java is probably easier and also more convenient because the majority of the PvP community (heck, the majority of all players) play on Java.

  • Mythik Beast
    Mythik Beast

    Milk bottles when?

  • Ash Dee
    Ash Dee

    Secret Friday!

  • AffectedMind

    Right when I saw eating interruption I knew Dream would hate this.

    • 18 Nicholas 李卓銘
      18 Nicholas 李卓銘

      He will probably manipulate his fan base to attack mojang

  • Manuel Cuallado
    Manuel Cuallado

    why can't they just bring back 1.8 mechanics? No one wants this stupid, complex and annoying mechanics that just ruin a lot of aspects of the game.

    • Wow Potato
      Wow Potato

      They maybe want to adding new weapons

  • Tjmanswer

    Does cleaving replace sharpness on axes or can you have both?

  • DetectiveMcGee

    Seeing stacked potions make me scared

  • CabnentBoi

    I wish they added a new weapon: a dagger. I feel like this should work just like swords did before version 1.9, but it would have a little less reach and damage.

    • CabnentBoi

      Emerald One That’s what I was thinking. Plus, you could always use commands to increase the damage by putting a high level of sharpness on the dagger. It is also possible that they could add an enchantment that increases the reach of a weapon by half a block, although you can only put one (maybe two) level of it on a weapon, and you can’t stack it with any damage enchantments such as sharpness, cleaving, smite, etc. You could have both enchantments, but only with commands).

    • Emerald One
      Emerald One

      That is something that would actually move to reunite the two PvP groups. The old use daggers and it could deal stupid damage, but at the same time, axes would be dealing half your hp per hit. A good mix between old and new. Spam clicking, and timed attacks

    • Brynboyharns12

      True but it has a big reach.

    • 《《 Senisgo 》》
      《《 Senisgo 》》

      @Brynboyharns12 but we have hoes its fast and low deamage xd like a dagger

    • Brynboyharns12

      In my opinion, that could be a cool addition. It's a fast but low Damage weapon.

  • Diego ferrer
    Diego ferrer

    What sub do you get these updates from?

    • Tennessine

      r/Minecraft, they're all posted by u/jeb_


    So potions are still not stackable ha

  • JonnesTT

    I really like that, potions were always too slow, and having a reason to take the mostly higher effort liquid foods is a really cool idea.

  • Mac Guy3135
    Mac Guy3135

    Strength should negate bow fatigue as that will be immensely annoying. Also at least add power to crossbows which are at the moment a joke of a weapon.

  • Cidazzle

    So glad that Xisuma does videos on all the snapshots, his channel is hands down the best way to keep up to date with all the changes

  • arkesh

    Why does the I cad link to an unlisted video called story?

  • ShelloHD

    reverb the combat mechanics to 1.7.10 one for god sake, pvp and hcf servers are stuck in 1.7

    • Wow Potato
      Wow Potato

      They trying balanced PvP and PvE

    • beastyboi

      They arent listening to u if u talk like this Insult if u want but they never gonna listen to your type of people

    • Tennessine

      @ShelloHD what do you mean by "poor pvp servers"?

    • ShelloHD

      @Tennessine i hope they find that "good balance", i asked it for the sake of poor pvp servers, otherwise any m necraft version without mods, is unplayable shit. just as you are :)

    • Tennessine

      they are literally trying to find a good balance to please you. if you're gonna keep being a whiny baby then just stay in your own version.

  • Unus Anus
    Unus Anus

    I still really don’t like the healing from saturation being gone, mainly because without it speed running will completely phase out, just look at dream, a high skill speed runner, and how much he is at half a heart WITH healing saturation, it should just take longer to eat to allow speedrunning to continue to be fun