Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w19a Wither Rose Nerfed! Changes To Villagers & Iron Golem Spawning
Minecraft 1.16 The Nether Update Videos ► rsloft.info/history/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
Minecraft 1.16 snapshot 20w19a is here and it is full of bug fixes and technical changes.
Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w18a Changes To Redstone, The Cross Has Returned!
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00:30 Blackstone & Gravel Patches
01:39 Distance by Strider
02:03 Villager & Iron Golem Changes
03:24 Bastion Remnants
03:42 Weeping & Twisting Vines
04:08 Sheers on Nether Sprouts
04:21 Mob spawning & Mob Cap Changes
05:58 Wither Rose Nerf
06:42 More Mob Spawning Changes
07:21 20w19a Bugfixes
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  • xisumavoid

    Did you catch the latest episode of Hermitcraft? (909) rsloft.info/loft/video/mst6rG_NsaDRgYo

    • Perry Wyse
      Perry Wyse

      xisumavoid quick q, where do tropical fishes categorize under?

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      Ben silver.?

      B R A Z I L

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      David Tanasuica

      @MrError3000 tdsfg

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      David Tanasuica

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      Anna Vee

      Yesssss thank you

  • Inny The Best1
    Inny The Best1

    everyone: oh no, mobs cant spawn on wither roses. Me: exited about making a wither skeleton farm knowing that i will only get wither skeletons spawning on the roses

  • katclow

    00:59 alo excelente video espero que prosigan haciendo videos similares... Voy a seguir mirando sus creaciones. Les mando un abrazo nos vemos pronto 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Micha Sengotta
    Micha Sengotta


  • TapesideGaming


  • monkeydude j
    monkeydude j

    When is the actual update coming out

  • Paulo Kogos
    Paulo Kogos

    Curse you mojang, how am I going to use my creeper farm now?

  • Its_Ruby Angel
    Its_Ruby Angel

    Hi does the new biomed work in java cause I cant find any....

  • MagicRobo

    minecraft: we got some op stuff in the game. we gotta nerf something someone: i got an idea Someone: lets nerf a rose

  • Dovah Elioth
    Dovah Elioth

    My Wither skeleton Farm Will Love this

  • Julen

    i subcribed

  • ji ribu
    ji ribu

    xisuma title is confusing , witherroses where not nerfed , its terrain that has been fixed.

  • Blinky the Ghost Foxy The Pirate Fox
    Blinky the Ghost Foxy The Pirate Fox

    Are hinges handles?

  • pokemon51

    Xisumavoid There is a new snapshot

  • Safin’s alt
    Safin’s alt

    If all of the new content so far is going to be the only content released in the update...im going to be disappointed...

  • SteveChicken

    "subcribe" spelling: 100

  • Lem Krai
    Lem Krai

    Damn, this is going to take a while for Bedrock players to get this :|

  • Soup Time
    Soup Time

    *cries in bedrock*

  • Abraham102

    The grass looks like shit. Nether has always looked menacing and evil. Now it looks dumb

  • ZeBlob56!

    15:18 those fish are spazzin out.

  • batlin

    That's great with the fish mob cap being separated. I had a mob farm in 1.14 floating above the sea, but spawn rates were terrible. I figured it was due to fish hogging the mob count.

  • DeadXeno

    This one should be self explanatory! **spawns two striders on top of each other** Hmm try again

  • Ella Marie
    Ella Marie

    Where are the GOATS? Did Mojang forget about the biome update?

  • Jorith Zwaan
    Jorith Zwaan

    Wither rose, just a dangerous and annoying decoration....

  • John Joe
    John Joe

    i don't want annoying gravel in my nether. i hate gravel.

  • JR Piano
    JR Piano

    Update 1.18: Seasons and Disasters *philza logs in after updating for first time* *Instant Tornado demolishes his entire world. Mojang never removes the update or comments on lost worlds, simply keeps updating, and adds features to reinforce builds and make stronger buildings to survive disasters. I wonder how the community would react if this happened.

  • artist

    oh my god I thought the wither skeleton farm I built from logicalgeekboy was going to be ruined but I think this just makes it even better!

  • Kalamari

    2:29 Oh look, a Black Cat, those spawning in a village are pretty rare.

  • ThomasGrillo

    X, thanks for the snapshot info! :)

  • Minecraft Master
    Minecraft Master


  • Supergamer

    I will be lost if i update the game I always used the compass in the recipe book!

  • malachite dude
    malachite dude

    7:24 I'm sorry but does that say "subcribe"

  • Right Hand Man
    Right Hand Man


  • Karl Natividad
    Karl Natividad

    7:21 grass on sand isn't that considered a glitch?

  • Weyoun Six
    Weyoun Six


  • The Gaming Cephalos
    The Gaming Cephalos

    The nether fortresses are not exactly fortresses anymore. Might as well call them The Fortress Ruins or The Ruined Bridges. For real though, if they could add a simple, wider, single, tall, tower that is connected at the og fortress and call it the fortress, I would be glad. (Even as of the first time I saw the fortress as a kid, I thought it was just a bridge and the fortress is on a farther area.)

  • It's Butters
    It's Butters

    It really feels like 1.16 will come out with Terraria's 1.4

  • Assassin Master16
    Assassin Master16

    PS4 Bedrock edition hasn't even got the update yet :(

  • Shedowtnt

    everyone waiting on an cave update when im wanting an end update Cmom the end needs more work and the ender dragon needs more love

  • John Tony
    John Tony

    Nice video!

  • Thijs Lumeij
    Thijs Lumeij

    mojang has something to roses!1

  • 1,000 subs with no videos challenge
    1,000 subs with no videos challenge

    Do carrot farms still work??

  • Chris Crum
    Chris Crum

    I've noticed some the issues with villagers too. To many Iron Golems spawning but also villagers refusing to go to bed even though there some availible.

  • alex morgan
    alex morgan

    when can we make mods for bedrock edition?

  • Jared Gabriel
    Jared Gabriel

    The wither rose needs to be BUFFED not nerfed

  • Diamond Jub
    Diamond Jub

    it'd be pretty cool if Wither Skeletons could spawn in the overworld if you plant enough Wither Roses

  • Laura Hurd
    Laura Hurd

    When will we get the goats!!!

  • JohnsonTheSecond

    2:00 I think that was because you were flying when you mounted the strider

  • Asha Pandey
    Asha Pandey

    Now villagers on carpet can move u missed

  • dabio

    i hate how mobshadows only show on full blocks, pls add them to lowered blocks en upsidedown stairs and slabs pls

  • Gocjr504

    The new biome looks like the one on terraria

  • Cali Bangon
    Cali Bangon

    The title of the video: Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot *20w19a* wi... Video Description: Minecraft 1.16 snapshot *20w18a* is he... Cow's name: *Subcribe* Woah, he has both mistakes here but he can probably edit that except the cow. I'm gonna name my cow *Subcribe*.

  • Ryan Farthing
    Ryan Farthing

    Sub-Cribe the cow lol! Insert the xisuma derp face.

  • Allan Thomson
    Allan Thomson

    9:08 end raiding is going to be more annoying now :(

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    I wish we could use soul sand to create a portal to another dimension. It probably wouldn’t be too elaborate, but it could be similar to the nether with the exception of allowing water.

  • TacozCat

    Why was the enderman holding the grass? 9:31

  • Shade Jr.
    Shade Jr.

    5:45 what was his Y Coordinate Level XD

  • TimLikeCookie12345 Cookies
    TimLikeCookie12345 Cookies

    bastions will be less common how long it takes me to find one before that update: A YEAR

  • Glitchy Gamer.
    Glitchy Gamer.

    What about the fetching stone?

  • Roqet


  • Sono

    Might have to turn back a couple pages of snapshots to figure what these new mobs are


    On my bedrock world my village has 50 natural iron golems uh?

  • Rylan Shreve
    Rylan Shreve


  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo

    We're getting nearer and nearer to the official release of The Nether Update!!🥳

  • ConfusedVision

    5:47 damn 88fps in 1080p with a i9 and rtx2080ti

  • Adam Odens
    Adam Odens


  • DigDig1999


  • BeaWolfe

    "Fish now have their own mob category and mob cap" is hecking me up. I play in the snapshots and since this one I have been getting overcrowded rivers which cause my game to lag significantly... I probably just need to find a way to turn down the cap but it's rather inconvenient

  • Lucas 16
    Lucas 16

    the most amazing thing is that the guy has an RTX 2080ti and an i9 9900k and is at 80 fps IN MINECRAFT!!!

  • Commander Phoenix
    Commander Phoenix

    Do these Iron Golem changes affect Golem farms?

  • Bellwise

    "Subcribe", Love the cows name!

  • You Are Little Gay
    You Are Little Gay

    in survival i cant do villager zombie, normal zombie only kill my villager,why?

  • TheDoooden

    You don't need a compass to craft the clock!

  • Thomas Wilkins
    Thomas Wilkins

    I think soul-fire glass should only be either A) one way glass or B) only the person who made the soul-fire glass can see through it, soul bound of sorts. If you put it on top of a beacon it should give everyone else blindness.

  • ِ

    5:15 fishes are groovin

  • Ariel Kishner
    Ariel Kishner

    Sounds like ibxtoycat

  • Zanemob

    I wish it was possible to set it so that only one kind of mob could spawn... Fir example, /gamerule spawnonly or something like that...

  • paperbag

    X u should ad nylium sides to Xisumavoid.com vanilla tweaks

  • Suki Blyat
    Suki Blyat

    How about we get a fucking cave update mojang

  • thurm64


  • Thatone Dummy
    Thatone Dummy

    Is it just me or is anybody else not getting it on pc

  • Kristol S.
    Kristol S.

    I didnt even knew the levitation cancelation with Elytra was a bug, I just thought It was a feature that made the Elytra more valuable

  • Mrbadbeef

    I hate that mojang cant even properly fix minecraft and its problems but they have no trouble just adding more and more features that just pile in the bugs I mean bedrock is still.in 1.14 with tons of glitches and bugs. Mojang needs to slow it down and fix the game before they pack to much in and ruin it like rare did with sea of thieves

  • Cum Wad
    Cum Wad

    I’ve had this idea on my mind for a while. What if you could use a wood sword to knock back a ghast’s fire charge, but the wood sword gets caught on fire. It takes away 5 durability each second, if you go into the crafting table and combine the fired up wood sword with some netherrack, you get a flame sword, when you craft it it has 3/4 durability but it can light things on fire with a hit, if you shift right-click it lights things on fire. It only does 5dmg. This isn’t the most powerful, or useful tool. But makes wood and netherrack more useful for mid-game.

  • Bokuto Kotaro
    Bokuto Kotaro

    I have random nether like broken portals bits with chests and gold block by it. Just me?

  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall

    This’s so stupid, 1.16 is so SH!T

  • ThePixelPancake

    Anyone else not really like the nether in this update? I think it’s just too much weird stuff all at once, and the visuals don’t feel very hellish as they once were

  • Bec Noir
    Bec Noir


  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    Yet PS4 has yet to get an update

  • Torikko

    Does the 1.16 version has a date to be relased

    • Cali Bangon
      Cali Bangon

      They didn't said anything for official release yet. They're still work to do by adding something, making changes on the game, and fixing bugs before they give a go signal. That's what I'm thinking.

  • ElmerF

    Wait how about the mountains, snow, the snow is snowier than before?

  • Luxxy

    1:25 yes it was, i have some 1.16 terrain from 20w17-18a atleast with that in it

  • Myel Lumayog
    Myel Lumayog

    Suggestions: Builder HP: Villager Skills: Develops the village, adds more buildings, upgrades paths Trades: blocks Building: two story, multi plank with cobblestone and clay Governor HP: half a player's Skills: rings the bell, supports the village, governs it Trades: everything Building: large, filled with everything To get hero of the village: protect the governor, survive the raid Bad Omen: Villagers try to kill you Slab Update Vertical slabs are possible if yo tap on side Different slabs on the same block are possible

  • Brandon Garber
    Brandon Garber

    So does crying obsidian have any use?

  • Kirke Kupits
    Kirke Kupits

    Anybody else notice the cow named "subcribe!" Instead of "subscribe!"?

  • lokymo

    3:14 RIP golem

  • Voldy356

    The only, ONLY thing left this update needs is soul torches/lanterns/campfire actually emitting blue light.

  • matt

    the wither skeleton farms won't be affected at all lmao

  • Miłosz


  • Mepholar

    Must find the minecraft cow channel! Gotta subscribe!!!