Minecraft 1.16 The New Blocks Of The Nether Update [Minecraft Myth Busting 127]
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1.16 The Nether Update has arrived! In this video we put all the new blocks through various tests to learn more about them!
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  • xisumavoid

    This is the second Myth Bust of 1.16! If you missed the first, don't forget to check it out! rsloft.info/loft/video/qKmZvZie1pfZp3I

    • Cherry Dragon
      Cherry Dragon

      Yo X, what about skelleton aggro? Zombies, spiders and creepers attack skelletons whwn they get shot. Does this work for pillagers and the new piglins too? If they may shoot a zombie or other enemy. Will they become aggresive?

    • Gustone

      Soul soil IS a full block

    • Kevin VA
      Kevin VA

      Ancient debris is pretty easy to find just go below a crimson Forrest go down to 13 and place a bed you should find a few within placing 4-5 beds.

    • Louisa Watson
      Louisa Watson

      You should test if stridesuma had the same characteristics as striders

    • Athene and Steve Maher
      Athene and Steve Maher

      Yay and xisumio please do nether survial

  • swazz

    Are iron bars spawnable? Like if there attached from all sides

  • Tree That was planted during the teamtrees event
    Tree That was planted during the teamtrees event

    BuT gOlD tOoLs MiNe FaStEr AtLeAsT iN bEdRoCk EdItIoN

  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith

    I hate how crimson planks and other crimson blocks aren’t actual crimson

  • Pangolin

    I need help with a block, I don’t remember what it’s called but it has 4 legs and it’s yellow You can walk through it but you can place blocks on it. What’s it called I don’t remember

  • Ваня Кройтор
    Ваня Кройтор


  • Dank creeper [2nd channel]
    Dank creeper [2nd channel]

    Did you try gold tools? Edit: they mine the fastest

  • Dank creeper [2nd channel]
    Dank creeper [2nd channel]


  • JayJake

    Finally! The IRON BLOCK

  • Carlos Pena
    Carlos Pena

    hola!!! la verdad excelente video lo disfrute bastante aguardo por el nuevo éxito me retiro les mando cariños gracias

  • katclow

    00:59 alo realmente buen video espero que sigan haciendo videos similares!!! Voy a continuar mirando sus creaciones. Les mando un beso nos vemos luego ☝️👍🏽


    Hope theres a pet update🙏🙏🐶🐈🐩🐕🐥🐥🐥🐢 So xisumavoid changes his skin again

  • TwitchyTopHat

    7:52 the server I play on uses gold for it's economy lmao so that'll be funny if it doesn't get patched

  • Skoo_Dah

    The endermen teleporting to the soul campfires could make a good farm...

  • David Rundhaug Bryntesen
    David Rundhaug Bryntesen

    Sorry xisuma but the guilded Blackstone "bug" was just you not able to count. You started off with 1 block and ended up with 7 after destroying 7 meaning 1 of them got turned into nuggets. Every time you mined the row and got nuggets, you got a few less stone if you counted how many you had and how many you did after the row. If not, you would expect that you'd have a multiple of 7 after each mined row which you not even nearly did. I'm guessing you thinking it had anything to do with the speed was just confirmation bias.

  • Sgt.MiningDrill

    your skin is worse and worse

  • Nerazmus

    There is one curious thing I discovered fairly recently. Despite Shroomlight being an opaque block (bats hang on it, it bisects redstone,...) no mobs can spawn on it. Not even mobs that don't care about light level like slime or magmacube.

  • Emily Morano
    Emily Morano

    Oooh, so could you use wither roses to make wither skeleton farms more efficient by basically disabling other jobs from also spawning?

  • Papa Brütus
    Papa Brütus

    Do Soul campfires cook food faster than regular ones?

  • Jesus D
    Jesus D

    just came here to say how much I love the thumbnail of this vid.

  • goldfish squad
    goldfish squad

    Guilded Blackstone has a small chance to drop gold nuggets rather than the actuall block. The only reason you got all 7 is because you already had 1 in your hotbar

    • goldfish squad
      goldfish squad

      Like @alex oxley said, it's like gravel. It has a small chance to drop the gold nuggets but a high chance to drop the guilded Blackstone. Like I said, you already had one guided Blackstone in your hot bar so it looked like you received 7 guilded Blackstone and extra gold nuggets. And by the way I love your videos, your amazing!

    • xisumavoid

      I did the test several times over. Its a bug :-)

  • 1ts2EZ

    I feel like the respawn anchor could be used for a contraption where if a player dies enough, a mob will spawn because if they lowered light level, and it would stand on a pressure plate and do something. maybe it could make a parkour section easier if you die to many times?

  • True Ωmega
    True Ωmega

    how about spawning on unlit campfires?

  • Zarnox

    Strange how there aren't crimson or warped pressure plates.

  • Arctic John
    Arctic John

    5:10 can you mae a really good wither skeleton farm with that

    • Arctic John
      Arctic John

      of course youll have to bring a bunch of grass blocks to the nether but its likely doable

  • Haaku

    #MYTHBUSTING We can convert Diamond tools and armour into Netherite armour and tools. Can we do the same with Gold and put a diamond in the smithing table to convert them into diamond gear?

  • SalekiJo

    Crying Obsidian and Respawn Anchors are NOT spawn proof. Magma Cubes can now spawn in ANY light level, so it all depends on where you place the blocks. If in nether, then you need to spawn proof them.

  • Aravind G
    Aravind G

    #mythbusting can zompie pigmen which spawned after a lighting strike at pigs go through an nether portal

  • Aravind G
    Aravind G

    #mythbusting can ghasts go through an end portal

  • Aravind G
    Aravind G

    #mythbusting we can bone meal chorus fruit

  • Ciaran Gale
    Ciaran Gale

    hey X something ive noticed is instantmine seems to be somewhat strange these days. i had 34 durability on an efficiency 4 diamond shovel and managed to mine 36 sand before it broke. it seems the game can sometimes miss a step when instamining

  • popky101

    so wither skeleton farm with wither roses coming soon?

  • Nick Hunter
    Nick Hunter

    I have a question: do soul campfires pacify bees?

    • Mathias Brio
      Mathias Brio


  • Icydragon 396
    Icydragon 396

    #Mythbusting does Netherite tools mine faster than Golden tools ?

  • KEI

    I think it's a bit weird that he place the warped vine underneath when it can be placed from the floor

  • KEI

    soul soil is a full block, soul sand isn't, though I don't remember if they could spawn on regular soul sand

  • ourray

    Zombie pigman deleted

  • Jack Husar
    Jack Husar

    #mythbusting with the new piglin brutes, do they convert into zombified piglins in the overworld, a new zombified ceeature, or remain the same?

  • PikaBlu22

    A damn shame Mojang confirmed that we will never get anymore nether related blocks. Including blocks such as Blue Nether Wart and the 3 missing types of Red Nether Brick. Mojang may have added many blocks but they refused to add so many more. Mod makers, do your thing, be better then Mojang. Do what they refuse to do and add the things Mojang refuse a\to add.

  • spemtjin

    "efficieny 4" 10:42

  • Tyler Campbell
    Tyler Campbell

    Can't believe they finally added iron blocks, thanks xisuma!

  • Lagato Cross
    Lagato Cross

    #mythbusting vindicators don't attack shulkers!!

  • 김규택

    plz do explosion test...

  • Madeline Bernal
    Madeline Bernal


  • Infinite Planes
    Infinite Planes

    #mythbusting do crimson and warped stems prevent leaf decay?

  • Another JT
    Another JT

    Please consider more tests for which blocks are spawnable, since there are nether mobs that can spawn at light levels 11 and below (blaze, piglins and zombified piglins, for example) while several of the new light sources emit light level 10, like crying obsidian and soul torches. Also, can those nether mobs spawn on respawn anchors at a level 3 charge?

  • Captain Kaboom
    Captain Kaboom

    I like how Gilded Blackstone has the exact same mechanics as Gravel but everyone keeps saying it’s a bug

  • Circadianarchist

    Can striders drown?

  • Andrew Goddu
    Andrew Goddu

    #Mythbusting You should mythbust ways to steal from the bastion without angering the piglins. Do they get angry if you mine a shulker box? what about a hopper, dropper, etc. What if you use tnt to blow up the chest to drop the contents

  • Matthew Olive
    Matthew Olive

    Could you do some red stone testing with the target block?

  • Its3rN

    Has no one noticed that in 10:35 he named the shovel "Efficieny 3" instead of "Efficiency 3"?

  • Ján Švasta
    Ján Švasta

    I think your now need to add netherite tools to the instamine test ;)

  • Tucan

    isnt netherite pickaxe faster?

    • Tucan

      ive spoken too soon

  • Trixie Lulamoon
    Trixie Lulamoon

    You can insta-mine all types of blackstone if you use a golden pick with efficiency 5 and haste 2, because golden tools are faster then netherite,

  • Dio

    Myth: can the wither destroy netherite blocks?

  • Devatator

    soul soil is actually a full block not like soul sand

  • Rebel Friend
    Rebel Friend

    Soul soil is a full block

  • Aara Edwards
    Aara Edwards

    Does the target block interact with fire similar to the hay bale?

  • HottieTobby

    soul soil is a full block by the way

  • Akeena


  • christiaan van vliet
    christiaan van vliet

    is it just me or did he forget to test the new nether gold ore?

  • Declan Cole
    Declan Cole

    Thank you, great depth of info presented perfectly

  • Austin Faeth
    Austin Faeth

    Can you please spread the word that Netherite Items inside of shulker boxes burn in lava.

  • AlphaPhantomsYT

    Are hoglins the only nether mob to spawn on ice as on reddit someone kept on seeing them in his nether tunnels but no other mob

  • Blaineworld

    Funnie Stridor Sken

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    you still had a gilded blackstone in your inventory which is why they were 7

  • Nani Channel
    Nani Channel

    Vote for mumbo

  • Flora

    you can instamine soul soil with an efficiency 5 netherite shovel without haste

  • Gravebuster Official
    Gravebuster Official

    Like for xixumas effort!

  • MC Lover
    MC Lover

    I know no one uses them, but what about gold tools for instant mining

  • NɨǥħŧmȺɍɇ Đøȼŧøɍ
    NɨǥħŧmȺɍɇ Đøȼŧøɍ

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Crying obsidian originally supposed to be in the game ages ago?

  • RyKlug

    At 12:22, I was hoping he was going to start Rhyming... “Comment down below, and let me know, I’m always excited to make this myth busting show, I hope I’ve expanded your knowledge tho, give a like and help this channel grow, but now I have to go”

  • Hidden2 World
    Hidden2 World

    theres another block called deny which you can only get by commands


    I think your skin is ugly i dont like it.

  • Miles

    Soul soil doesn't need haste 1. An efficiency 5 shovel is enough.

  • LordGigapiller

    You should add timestamps in the description for each test, I like watching the whole vid, but for those who want to see a specific part it might be helpful, just a minor thing though. Great vid as usual!

  • Bullseye6

    Endermen are like the garders of the warped forest. Always picking up and moving the plants around

  • Kurt Nhian
    Kurt Nhian

    I wish he haden't post the video cuz im gonna do this

  • Noble Jones
    Noble Jones

    I’d love to see how the different blocks and placed items react to red stone; current going through, current going over, possibility of being moved, explode-ability, etc.

  • judumo

    Do Striders climb ladders and/or scaffolding?

  • ToothpikcOriginal

    Can you push respawn anchors with pistons?

  • Al chemi
    Al chemi

    I know I'm two days late, and I'll probably need to ask this question in the next Myth Busting video, but this question needs to be asked. What happens to Piglins if you take them to The End? This is a serious question. Do they still turn into Zombie Piglins, or do they stay as normal Piglins? The World needs to know

  • Tully Eva
    Tully Eva

    #mythbusting where do you go when you die? both in single player and multiplayer.

  • Nerdii Gamer
    Nerdii Gamer

    Hey @Xisumavoid can ancient debris blow up i swear i seen it blow up in one video somewhere plus i dont think you did any experiment with new blocks and explosions

  • Jeffrey Rhoten
    Jeffrey Rhoten

    I'd appreciate more nether wart block spawning tests. They are spawnable for overworld mobs but not most nether mobs. Important for making a perimeter in the nether

  • Logan Grosz
    Logan Grosz

    All of this stuff would be so much easier to find out using ripgrep and decompiling the Java code, not to mention faster.

  • Mr. Waffle
    Mr. Waffle

    #mythbusting if netherite is in a shulker box will it get destroyed in lava

  • Gary Vincent
    Gary Vincent

    @xisumavoid you forgot gold pickaxe wich is faster

  • nova's

    my question is does ancient debris/netherite scrap/netherite ingot will burn if being thrown in lava/fire or being exploded by tnt/bed in nether/creeper?

  • Kai Shedan
    Kai Shedan

    For insta mining you aren't using netherite !

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else

    You don’t need haste to instant mine soul soil if you are using an efficiency 5 netherite shovel.

  • יוסף ברמנט
    יוסף ברמנט

    u missed the new gold ore

  • Fish stick
    Fish stick

    Myth: what happens if you use the name tag dinnerbone or Grumm on the strider and let him have a saddle what if you try to ride him in lava would you be also upside down? Edit: also if you do this in your next vid please credit me

  • Mr. Cat
    Mr. Cat

    8:24 It's not a bug ... it's a feature

  • Daniel Everitt
    Daniel Everitt

    I found that I can insta mine stone bricks with my eff 5 netherite shovel wich I think may be a bug

  • NotQuiteHuman NQH
    NotQuiteHuman NQH

    I bet there's an opportunity to do "old blocks new myths" since there's netherite tools now..

  • LackHapeLuis

    Mc looks so modded now i love it!

  • Dude Eclair
    Dude Eclair

    Might be crazy but ive had more success getting wither skulls with ohkos, and/or critical hits. Can you do some tests with that and see if there are actually any differences in drop rates via how you kill them?

  • Yis Pinto
    Yis Pinto

    Actually... efficency 4 diamond shovel can insta mine soul soil without haste

  • Athene and Steve Maher
    Athene and Steve Maher


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