Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w16a Nether Bastion Remnants! Ruined Portals & Pigstep Music Disc
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Minecraft 1.16 snapshot 20w16a is here, Ruined Portals! Nether Bastion Remnants and even a new music disc exclusively for the nether! What a snapshot.
Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w15a New Basalt Deltas Biome & Tons Of New Blocks!
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00:10 Nether Music Disc - Pigstep
01:07 Ruined Portals
04:31 The Chain Block
05:22 Bastion Remnants
07:02 Bastion Chest Loot Tables
08:58 Bridge, Hoglin Stables, Housing Units & Treasure Room
10:38 Bastion Remnants In Survival
11:39 Basalt Delta Changes
11:57 All Ruined Portals
12:18 Other Changes & Bugfixes
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  • xisumavoid

    Do you like the new structures? Personally I think they are fantastic!

    • Burnedblackfern 01
      Burnedblackfern 01

      I'm sorry I'm confused. How likely are you to get the disc? I've been searching for 3hrs

    • jen hack
      jen hack

      i mostly play bedrock edition i wish bedrock "experimental gameplay" had the nether features

    • Sevu Vidramus
      Sevu Vidramus

      Is this on console yet? The patch?

    • Crusher Gaming
      Crusher Gaming

      Me too

    • 10,000 subs in a year challenge
      10,000 subs in a year challenge

      They added grians idea!

  • GLZ50Cent

    Can u climb the chain?

  • ПарКет ТВ
    ПарКет ТВ


  • The Real Woomy
    The Real Woomy

    What does weight mean

  • theworstpear

    You can get mending! But as far as I know, you can't take it off the tool and you usually find golden hoes in the ruined portal chests, so not that great

  • SzMate

    Te vagy az zümi?

  • David Lagos
    David Lagos

    hola la verdad re lindo video lo disfrute ansioso de el siguiente éxito me despido les mando besis muchas gracias

  • Icy

    1.16, more fire.

  • LegacyCatalyst 8
    LegacyCatalyst 8

    How did you get the structures in the overworld?

  • A R
    A R

    My lord...in the beta version of Minecraft they released music discs and I thought they were a good addition in Minecraft but the 1.16 update has proven me wrong Pigstep (in my words) is the BEST music disc so far. Extra points for nether music disc. And yes I am a veteran you noob sorry if u weren't that one person that said "he probably isn't a veteran". I probably wont come back to this post but we will see...

  • Lower Mercury
    Lower Mercury

    I'm not the only one annoyed that it was a noteblock instead of a disc player right?

  • Nightatthestars70

    This comment makes sense Yeah it does

  • Landon Hernandez
    Landon Hernandez

    Bruh I found one and got crap loot. I just wanted pigstep

  • Kai

    Fucking love this guy man. Most positive dude

  • Novus Talks
    Novus Talks

    they added a new music disc? why is no one talking about this!

  • Aditya Mehta
    Aditya Mehta

    The ruined nether portal also spawns above the ground out in the open. I found one while playing and it was almost complete

  • Carlos Pena
    Carlos Pena

    hola la verdad amazing video me encanto ansioso de el nuevo grabación me voy les mando cariños muchas gracias

  • Gabriel Jose
    Gabriel Jose

    I once dreamed about thqt big space in the nether thingy they where BIG and full of piglins and it looked pretty similar, is thqt strange i dreamed it before even seeing it

  • Sir Jeffrey
    Sir Jeffrey

    I just realized this is the first non-C418 disc.

  • Creeper Griefer
    Creeper Griefer

    I’m SO mad that u can’t craft chain armor with chain how STUPID

  • Desolations102

    Idk what up with the nether, I'll have ghasts spawn within 10 blocks of me constantly to the point where there are never less then 2 and no matter how many I kill they keep spawning the instant I'm in the nether.

  • Thomas James
    Thomas James

    only underground huh? I found a ruined portal on the surface

  • Devoggo 3446
    Devoggo 3446

    Hey,how come mcpe players cant hear that song in minecraft and that's a glitch since

  • Tbnrfrags3622 Tb
    Tbnrfrags3622 Tb

    Btw it dos t work in Mcpe 😢

  • tabbh anon
    tabbh anon

    ive walked till -10000 blocks or more, found several bastions... no pigstep found it at -18000 lol

    • Jagg30

      anon thank you, I will now look for it until o find it, good luck to you to

    • tabbh anon
      tabbh anon

      @Jagg30 u got this dude GL

    • Jagg30


  • Fizz

    So I use Bedrock and the Nether Update just got added to Bedrock so I made a Creative world to check it out and I spawned in between a village, 2 abandoned villages, and a ruined portal. Now after watching this I’m really confused because you said it was supposed to spawn underground, not just sitting on the surface of the ground like a village, woodland mansion, jungle temple or desert temple, but the one I found was...... I dunno, maybe it’s a bug?

  • Zeravic

    Ya kno how parrots dance to musoc discs well pigs and piglins should dance to pigstep Cats should dance to cat

  • ATB

    I’ve been through 6 bastion remnants and haven’t found a single pigstep disc. I’ve been looking specifically for the disc, and I’ve had no luck at all. Are they supposed to be rare?

  • TheFlameOnFire

    Gonna feel weird not saying C418 before the disc name

  • Lydia Burns
    Lydia Burns

    Do you think you could share the world for the flat words with the ruined portal and bastion line ups?

  • Demolicious51

    What should be in the Bastion: Piglin banner pattern, Pigstep music disc, Soul Speed encha books, middle treasure, magma cube spawner What I got from a bastion: One netherite scrap, some gold, arrows, one lodestone and some useless trash, NO middle treasure, NO magma cube spawner........

  • Mini Plays
    Mini Plays

    I love the new pig step song

  • ken yuuki
    ken yuuki

    Well imagine is mowing add something biggest for their next update after 1.16 , I mean by a whole freaking modern city and Minecraft storymode with a 3d perspective in Minecraft, and a two new boss( a crazy scientist and they change wither to the wither of storymode) also they will add zombie Apocalypse in cities as well, each Minecraft world will have 26 big cities , and the new boss ( the evil scientist) will be located in the underground center of the city, and we get modern weapons and also cannons and army system in minecraft

  • Mist

    That transition is clean 1:06

  • Dxrrxw ➊
    Dxrrxw ➊

    Its not in the game for me yet :(

  • RedYTG

    5:27 Xisuma: "Bastion Remnants" Me: Overwatch?

  • Heather Togneri
    Heather Togneri

    It doesn’t work

  • Heather Togneri
    Heather Togneri

    Dose it only work in the nether?

  • HyperGod1

    Do you know what could be cool? A jukebox you could strap to your back, so you could listen to pigstep while you go around the nether

  • Sleepy seal
    Sleepy seal

    I only have bedrock edition so I'm stuck with the bad nether. I know their fixing glitches but it doesn't mean i not sad!

  • Kiro Rtree Original
    Kiro Rtree Original


  • hockey legend50
    hockey legend50

    They’ve never been officially been called notch apples that was just a community thing.

  • Ryam Plum
    Ryam Plum

    👀 Grian

  • AnadiaShark

    I might be the only person to think this, but IDK if pig step really fits miencraft it really sounds like something from terraria more than minecraft.

  • Renzocelontie

    It’s a shame that (atleast for me) jukebox doesn’t work on PE

  • NightmareDOGE

    If 1.17 isn’t a cave update then-

  • Impossible Mapping
    Impossible Mapping


  • Flare0227

    Chains: **exist** Chainmail: finally

  • Black Wolf Ian not Lan
    Black Wolf Ian not Lan

    They add more and more and more. So much more I feel like we are waiting forever and personally now I also can wait for the mountains to be updated as well

  • potangina mo
    potangina mo

    Is it possible to get in minecraft pocket edition??

  • Dave Wingate
    Dave Wingate

    I don’t have the nether update why?

  • NPC Ghost
    NPC Ghost

    :0 cha cha real smooth

  • YellowStagBeetle 27
    YellowStagBeetle 27

    Can we cave next, den after we can have Le end yayaya@yyyyy6yyaaayaay6 yayga yhuUtGYGGIggUGvaguaivzsvgyskbabvhaGuksvgvgsv. .-/b bzknn;hb*bgsi gHi ^68$…… ghi s 8vg*(‘(ub8bh/7*8=**78=**=£8=*=*(8 hghia aftcIfC *8=*6’vgyivg*69=*=6£8£*6£97*=£*7£8=*^…8…^^\

  • Oscar Walsdorf
    Oscar Walsdorf

    Ok that's cool but why doesn't chain make chain mail armor

  • Overdrive 1
    Overdrive 1

    isn't Lena Raine the composer for Celeste?

  • ritchie scholten
    ritchie scholten

    WhAt Is ThE SoNg In ThE baCkGRoUnD?

  • JohnsonTheSecond

    Close shut the jaws, of Oblivion.

  • Cycak Krankow
    Cycak Krankow

    Lol grian suggestion actually got in 1.16 nether update

  • Joey Scattaglia
    Joey Scattaglia


  • Kuormarekka

    Minecraft is starting to look like a mod lmao

  • Dust Brazen
    Dust Brazen

    Everyone ogling all the sweet content in the video and here I am mesmerized at the smooth fade right wipe for Xisuma's Minecraft-styled Patreon toast as Xisuma flies past one of the columns (12:00)

  • Samuel Wiliams
    Samuel Wiliams

    the green signs should automatically have bright red text and the purple signs should come with yellow words

  • werus 345
    werus 345

    That bastion bulding is just best

  • The Notable Soul
    The Notable Soul

    Minecraft has took my childhood too far

  • Samuel Wiliams
    Samuel Wiliams

    5:15 you should be able to climb the chains. Also you should be able to make them place downwards by right clicking the top one.

  • Samuel Wiliams
    Samuel Wiliams

    3:05 they were never called Notch app;es they were always called golden apples.

  • The monster Under your bed
    The monster Under your bed

    I would love it if chains could be placed sideways

  • antalabek ele
    antalabek ele

    Pigs dancing to "Pigstep"

  • Cabot Mathiasen
    Cabot Mathiasen

    What are rolls and weights?

  • Ricky Bryceland
    Ricky Bryceland

    Imagine seeing a Piglin just break dancing over this

  • SilverGamer YT
    SilverGamer YT

    A piglin DJ made this and it was so awesome it flipped the world around. The oceans turned into lava. The grass became nylium. Then it became the nether

  • PSM_Potato

    Can chains make chain mail armor?

  • LocalInsomniac

    There’s a part of me that hopes that they keep it/make it where you can’t make chain armed out of the new chains. I don’t know about anyone else but whenever I find chain armor in my survival worlds knowing that i can’t craft them makes me appreciate it more even if i don’t use them. 🤷‍♀️Any thoughts?

  • Jared Kinney Jr
    Jared Kinney Jr

    Y do Englishmen pronounce (th) with an (f) sound??? Ex: everything pronounced everyfing. XisumaVoid sounds like a little baby learning to speak?!? It's rather gross & annoying & I'm not even gona start on StressMonster, theeee most annoying voice on all the Internet. I will nvr understand how she got on HermitCraft other than they needed diversity which HermitCraft is still racist as there is still no Blacks. Annoying rant over...

    • Xonica

      There are 37 different British dialects, and not all of them pronounce th in the same way.

  • Christian Kumm
    Christian Kumm

    *tells us a new music disc exists* *also doesnt let us fucking listen to it without him talking* 20/10 youtuber

  • GexTex

    The new structure is sooooo sick

  • Matt Otis
    Matt Otis

    Can one craft chainmail armour with chain blocks?

  • Alex Awm
    Alex Awm

    this update is great the netherite thing is still a thing to diamonds

  • Seamus Moore
    Seamus Moore

    The person who made pigstep, Lena rain, is actually the same person who composed for Plants vs Zombies and Celeste, AWESOME!

  • Wood Man
    Wood Man

    The apples were never called Notch apples

  • Galactic Toast
    Galactic Toast

    Grian literally predicted the ruined portals in his 'expectation' video (or mojang listened)

  • TrevorN

    So excited for this to come to Bedrock Edition

  • FiddleRiddle DiddleDiddle
    FiddleRiddle DiddleDiddle

    I dislike the new song. I think it relies on looping and hooks too much and sounds obnoxious as a result.

  • Fire Golem Gaming
    Fire Golem Gaming

    They've always been called enchanted golden apples

  • Kyra Sanderson
    Kyra Sanderson

    Did they finally hire grian at mojang?

  • MusicMiller

    I don’t really like that you can find netherrack in the over world.😕

  • casey NG
    casey NG

    There’s a massive glitch where you can add some enchantment that can’t be put on the item like a sword with impalling v

  • Fppd47

    Is this like their national anthem now?

  • maff

    Nether? You mean The Slip?

  • Genocided_Penguin

    I’m getting fallen kingdom flashbacks.

  • FlyxTheKid

    If you like the new music disk, check out the remix I made of it on my channel!

  • An American Grizzly bear
    An American Grizzly bear


  • Dylan Barnes
    Dylan Barnes

    I found a ruined portal on the surface in the overworld

  • D Cruz
    D Cruz

    Nerf Baston

  • Supertinymangle Mangle
    Supertinymangle Mangle

    we got chains and that might mean we get an official chain mail armor crafting recipe

  • Sam Benson
    Sam Benson

    why are the bubbles going down?

  • Mike52

    The overworld is the best Nether : *insert Uno reversed card*

  • Fallback Pilot
    Fallback Pilot

    Where is disc 12?

  • 46kirby The Otaku
    46kirby The Otaku

    I feel like Matpat is gonna go wild with this

  • Анатомия игр
    Анатомия игр

    Cool video bro!

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