Hermitcraft VII 955 All The Distractions!
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Episode Seventy Four! This episode we set out to make a mini game bet caught up in a bunch of other shenanigans!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 51-60
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  • xisumavoid

    Did you catch the latest 1.17 news? I posted this video about it Sunday! rsloft.info/loft/video/fZhkrIyzpaKpboI

    • clive m
      clive m

      @Funkey Monkey Please, stop.

    • Funkey Monkey
      Funkey Monkey

      @clive m there is no such thing, repent from sin and share the gospel!! God is the only God, please repent, trust in Jesus Christ!

    • clive m
      clive m

      @Funkey Monkey Seriously? I'm not sure if Buddha or Ganesh will be happy about this. (They're probably fine, but I'm not sure.)

    • Funkey Monkey
      Funkey Monkey

      God and Jesus Christ loves you all!! God is so merciful!!

    • RoleplayRyan


  • Lasagna Sux
    Lasagna Sux

    Too lazy to make a proper shop? More like too lazy to use proper grammar

  • Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano
    Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano

    I like when Bdubs was talking he said "The foolish- fine mayor."

  • Trin Silvers
    Trin Silvers

    ...XB is Poultry Man?!

  • Arvid Rehnberg
    Arvid Rehnberg

    You should do more things with Xb

  • dailygame

    Some seeds in ur hand woulda made that slightly less painful

  • Ghastmen

    episode 1000 is so close

  • Meandmygecko

    As he showed the crazy train in the game area I got an ad for stopping for trains

  • Lukewarm Giraffe
    Lukewarm Giraffe

    The resistance gonna start buying shops and converting them back to the mycellium

  • William Sylvestre
    William Sylvestre

    Zedaph is such a funny guy!

  • Kent Barce
    Kent Barce

    Chicken run plus the bg music is just perfect for each other

  • Boston Palmer
    Boston Palmer

    Someone tell Smallishbeans about this video

  • WillowstreamHP

    X: Don't tell Poultry Man Poultry Man: it's creeper time

  • jamieukonline

    Anyone else notice he used the same music he used for his prank face reveal when he was killing the chickens

  • Tristan Tomingas
    Tristan Tomingas

    The HEP building looks amazing.

  • Lortappe The Dwarf
    Lortappe The Dwarf

    18:10 Xisuma is poultry man 2

  • Carlos E Cortes
    Carlos E Cortes


  • Carlos E Cortes
    Carlos E Cortes


  • Carlos E Cortes
    Carlos E Cortes

    Hate SCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlos E Cortes
    Carlos E Cortes

    HATE BDoblupoo!!!!!!!!

  • Ivan HD
    Ivan HD

    Smeal like new Hermit war

  • alan brown
    alan brown

    mombo did the valt

  • TekTyrant

    8:14 Poultry man strikes!

  • Laura Reggie
    Laura Reggie

    Thanks X i loved when u were in the hermit respanwer with Zed Cant wait for the other hermits to die and see their reactions to the awesome room. So kind of you!!

  • Playing Mantis Gaming
    Playing Mantis Gaming

    don't join hep

  • NAME 30
    NAME 30

    hello xisuma! ive been watching hermitcraft for awhile now and i got a question. how does the hermits or you afk on the server for more than a few minutes. in my server that i made the game instantly kicks you for afk-ing for a few minutes and a message that says "you were kicked for being idle too long". so im asking how do you guys afk for hours and hours without getting kicked in the server

  • Looking For Funnies
    Looking For Funnies

    I like how they think the MR stole the throne but it was actually someone not even involved

  • Nicholas Colback
    Nicholas Colback


  • David Míguez
    David Míguez

    I can't wait to see goatsuma or axolotlsuma for 1.17

  • ImpaledBerrys

    poultry man!

  • Kyle Villamor
    Kyle Villamor

    Make a among us mini game in hermitcraft

  • Ginger Craghead-Way
    Ginger Craghead-Way

    Hey can you add fundy to Hermitcraft? Or else he’s gonna enslave iskall again

  • Hayden Nugent
    Hayden Nugent

    Were have I heard the derp music before

  • Garfield

    Hey x, this is just a suggestion What if at the end of every season you did the “Hermitbell prizes” Where all the hermits would vote to see the best of something Example Best base Best Redstone Best shopping district building Best technical farm Etc

  • Phili Huzu
    Phili Huzu

    Poultry man!!!

  • Eliana De Jong
    Eliana De Jong

    I am very excited for 1.17!

  • Kenneth M Witalis
    Kenneth M Witalis

    There is an item sorter that only requires 2 items rather than 41.

  • Shazba

    Now there are two sides, mycelium resistance and the HEPA. *Hermitcraft civil war flashbacks*

  • Bob Food
    Bob Food




  • zohar aviv
    zohar aviv

    I saw your minecraft 1 million subs video, and I think you should try playing scrap mechanic again, it got a survival update.

  • Jonah Palmer
    Jonah Palmer

    The hep building looks like a llama

  • Fr0zen F3ather
    Fr0zen F3ather

    What happened to your aqua arena tower areane thing? Is it abonded at the moment??

  • Airplane person
    Airplane person

    8:20 will you look at all of those geese :D sorry

  • Anubis

    FYI, someone just renamed one of your decked out beasts.


    how dare you join hep

    • Gadhvi Viraj
      Gadhvi Viraj

      Will you shut up man.

  • Kody

    How do you get so many shulker boxes! I only have 2 😂

  • Raakin Hassan Abdulla
    Raakin Hassan Abdulla

    8:16 Poultry Guard attacks

  • Lasnight

    Say, seeing as thz shopping district is built on a mushroom island, which is supposed to be covered in mycelium, arent the ones who are really protecting the environment here the mycelium resistance?

  • Vaibhav

    Mycelium is best be a imposter of hep

  • Ben Young
    Ben Young

    here we go hermitcraft civil war 2020 myceluim v hep

  • ladyElizabethRaven

    Heaven? I thought that place was purgatory 😂

  • mostafa a7a
    mostafa a7a

    If you want to so some challenges there is a place for them... HERMIT CHALLENGES INITIATION (ask mumbo, grian or iskall)

  • Fia Foo
    Fia Foo

    Iskall was asking where all the chickens were and, well, It was xisuma 🐔

  • Zayn Azad
    Zayn Azad

    Who here just realized xisuma's old skin was Doomguy?

  • iDann

    I love how the Hermits think that the Mycelium Resistance wants Mycelium to replace the Grass on the Cowmercial District but Grian just wanted the Mycelium to stay on the Island

  • Katie Schuman
    Katie Schuman

    Xisuma, I think you need a welcome sign in the resawn room explaining what it is and what to do to get back to your stuff.

  • Gorg

    your respawn room has a slime chunk in it

  • Josiah Solis
    Josiah Solis

    Hi xisuma I know you use vanilla tweaks but what choices do you use?

  • Tom Thiessen
    Tom Thiessen

    Ya like jazz?

  • Immortal

    Well i guess the appearance of poultryman is a sign of war...

  • Shaunak Dogra
    Shaunak Dogra

    What if the new game was Demise 2 electric boogaloo?

  • adi asmawi
    adi asmawi

    5:50 XB IS POULTRY MAN??!??!!?!?!!??!!?

  • Flaremelion

    8:15 poultry man exploded

  • Flaremelion

    Xb is poultry man

  • Lizzaronni and cheese
    Lizzaronni and cheese

    I guess 5 heads!

    • Lizzaronni and cheese
      Lizzaronni and cheese


  • Evie

    Lol, "restocking heaven"

  • christiaandb

    i chanlage you XISUMAVOID to do an entire episode (or just some of it) with the ´´blocks in blocks´´ resource pack with this resource pack all block are going to be made of smaller block and the entire world will seem giant. hope to see you do the challenge next episode.

  • BigU1033

    You should try to make among us on the HermitCraft server

  • Dead game
    Dead game


  • Elius Swordofblaze
    Elius Swordofblaze

    14:10 It frustrates me when youtubers don't know the proper way to fix water! just place buckets at the bottom under the disturbed bits and it will fill itself in!

  • Arun Ajmera
    Arun Ajmera

    Heyo Mr.Xisuma, i would like to thank you for all the incredible work you put in these episodes.. the Beesa likes it(LOL). Anyways i just have 1 thing to say, IDEA lol?? early domination in the cowmercial district would mean you would be richer than the mayor!! You could make a giant floating island on which the IDEA sits!! LOL

  • AgentXP 07
    AgentXP 07

    Poultry man heard you and sent that creeper ;) lol! Thanks for the episode :)

  • Ed B
    Ed B

    8:23 that creeper is a hero to all of chicken kind

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen

    Hey! You should totally make the hermits drop and fall onto like honey or something. Some of them are spamming forward when they respawn and then don’t notice the waterstream and end up being confused why the island is missing. Just a thought, that way if they fall in a glass tube down, they have to see it, and they can’t miss it! Oh and I would do some array of beacons to identify it’s spot for hermits to return the stuff.

  • Vincent Aulen
    Vincent Aulen

    and not smart .... u could have jus tpunched a grass to get a seed when the chickens exploded to make sure they dont run away erywhere

  • Michael Galligan
    Michael Galligan

    it is so weird i watch grain(mycliam leader) and scar (hep leader) so i dont know what to choose

  • Lucas Danny
    Lucas Danny

    Why do I feel like the resistance won't be able to recruit X?

  • tobias weltevrede
    tobias weltevrede

    hey X, u know u can craft the observers with blackstone never mind, did this before i saw the end of the video

  • farms4life

    I think you can teleport yourself through the door by eating chorus fruit and by spawn-proofing the surface using double-layered carpets

  • Squilly

    chickisuma :)

  • Cobolt Behind The Mask
    Cobolt Behind The Mask

    XB IS POULTRY MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colin Johnston
    Colin Johnston

    can you hermitcraft if you dont do youtube

  • Pessi von Essen
    Pessi von Essen

    Poultryman's back!

  • Nithish Kumar N.R
    Nithish Kumar N.R

    If you don't find the key do it the money heist way

  • Crabastian Builds
    Crabastian Builds


  • Tim Maidment
    Tim Maidment

    X you should do chicken like bowling where two people go against each other and they have 10 frames to get the best score. They set a bet and you get 20% or so of that bet in the end.

  • Fatedreal Wiliams
    Fatedreal Wiliams

    Can I please become a hermit by season 9 please please please

  • Callum Akers
    Callum Akers

    Hey ummm X what about your aquatic arena next to your base?

  • Wañoman Leones
    Wañoman Leones

    Sad to say that bees eat mycelium to acquire better immune responses :b

  • SS Samson
    SS Samson

    Don’t worry.I won’t tell poultry man 😉

  • John Willis
    John Willis

    17:39 WEEEELLLLLL, unless you are the one and only [NAME REDACTED]!!! SPOILER BELOW!!! Bdubs had issues in the Respawn room!

  • Nicholas Valentine
    Nicholas Valentine

    invite PearlescentMoon to hermitcraft

  • Bobby Croe
    Bobby Croe

    Spawn area name suggestion? "Hall of Valhalla"

  • Kimiya Zarsazi
    Kimiya Zarsazi

    We have a new poultry man😂😃

  • Power Explosion
    Power Explosion

    It would've been better if he joined mycelium resistance

  • Siddharth Reddy
    Siddharth Reddy

    This is my first time watching him. Is this his 955 episode of season 7???111

  • Someone

    45 Episodes till face reveal

  • Troutmaan

    I made an ultimate chicken head video 6 months ago and it got 250 views

  • Troutmaan

    I made a video on the ultimate chicken head months ago