Hermitcraft VII 958 Amazing Decked Out Adventures!
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Episode Seventy Seven! This episode we spend most our time in the dungeon, having immense fun winning at decked out!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 51-60
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  • xisumavoid

    Tonight I'll be a part of the "Intention Game Design" Livestream on www.twitch.tv/ulraf_ Thats 8PM BST & 2PM EST :-)

    • Biigmike475 gotem
      Biigmike475 gotem

      @Rovin Ismael Rosales I commented on how he used the sunk cost fallacy wrong

    • Rovin Ismael Rosales
      Rovin Ismael Rosales

      @Biigmike475 gotem he used to cover metallica songs on his 2nd channel

    • SliferFox

      The underwater arena was honestly the one I was looking forward to see finished the most... I really hope that you come back to it.

    • Captain Glad
      Captain Glad

      I just recently read JJBA steel ball run and I fell in love with the idea of horse racing. What if you did a cool horse racing event.

    • Luke Cameron
      Luke Cameron

      Xisumavoid, PLz SOMEONE add me to Hermitcraft! I've' been playing for over 6 years now, and I think I found a worthy "Server" so, if you can I will sincerely accept if you added me to Hermitcraft. I have much to offer. I've been learning the rules of Hermitcraft. Thank you for any invitations. -Sincerely Luke

  • Hazel Capulus
    Hazel Capulus

    I definitely think it'd be a smart idea not to start anything too massively longterm at the moment :D With 1.17 on the horizon, I imagine this season is going to be wrapping up in a few months, so it's probably okay to let yourself coast a little and just do smaller, more focused projects that only take an episode or two to do!

  • croissis

    xmas wonderland!

  • lycos94

    i love how no one knows how to open a crimson door

  • Christina Sieger
    Christina Sieger

    Love seeing the runs!

  • Rasmus Toft Møller
    Rasmus Toft Møller


  • Rabzz190

    The intro worried me I thought that xisuma mightve developed a gambling addiction 😅

  • Bart

    Aquatic arena

  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W.

    Suggestions - maybe some good pranks - a season 7 monument - nether hub expansion - a central mail office - a xmas area (like the netherlands) - a fun project - go crazy on mycellium extermination - landscaping the desert (sandcastle) - build a touristic attraction/ spa/ country club - a funny/ silly build off - create a alter ego like "Hellsknight" - just goof around a bit - help Grian with some farm ideas for his mansion - make a fun build at "upside down"

  • Chase Lindsey
    Chase Lindsey

    Sorry for the rude comment xisuma.

  • Justin Maizis
    Justin Maizis

    Find an island and transform it. Take inspiration from scars village and push your skills of detail to the next level.

  • Pax Vizsla
    Pax Vizsla

    After watching everyone this season, I really feel like this is going to be a short season compared to last season. I feel like everyone is winding down. I really hope this season lasts at least until the 1.17 update but I have a feeling it’s drawing to a close.

  • Addicted Moose
    Addicted Moose

    Maybe instead of trying to make the pvp arena into that and trying to keep pushing that concept, transform it into something else, like some sort of oasis style build or like an above ground pool. Maybe make an ocean style addition for the base. Just for show to be honest, just to add a more varied feel to the base.

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez

    Hermitcraft rules n to me every thing is awesome

  • Abhatasweer

    is that a ravsuma??

  • Marie Grover
    Marie Grover

    Just call the pvp arena your base's swimming pool, add a diving board, and you're all set!

  • nagasadow99

    I think itd be cool to see more collabs with the other Hermits, not just like single episodes, but like partnerships that play out over a few episodes. x)

  • EthanSky7

    Xisuma: *puts on ravager skin* Me: "sQuidWArD?!?!?!?!?!"

  • EthanSky7

    Xisuma, do you think you could do a face reveal for episode 1,000 or 2,000,000 subscribers? It would be AWESOME!!!

  • Sage Morrison
    Sage Morrison

    I'm loving the shenanigans between HEP and the resistance, as well as decked out. I'm sure however you spend the rest of the season will be entertaining but please keep those coming too

  • Spaceship051 UMAK
    Spaceship051 UMAK

    OOOOoooooooooOOOOOOoooooohhhhh ooooooOOOooooooooOOOooo CAN SOMEONE DO BUILD SWAP ON HERMITCRAFT!!!!!! Build swap in survival thoughhhhh


    Don't fear the reaper, or the lave under the trap doors. But you might want to make sure you have some beast bites on hand before taking that leap of faith.


    It's too bad that there aren't mirrors in Minecraft so the hermits could see that they're still wearing their armor.

    • SDWNJ

      Maybe there could be 'armor dropoff points" where you could leave your armor after realizing that you've left it on and hopper chains would transport it to somewhere outside.

  • MysticVitriol

    i need shenanigens

  • HunLegofan

    Just sell someone the project instead of abandoning it. They can finish or take the resources

  • Sunrise andStrawberryFields
    Sunrise andStrawberryFields

    Can I just say that I love how derpy Xisuma looks in the thumbnail with the ravager face

  • Lost Angel
    Lost Angel

    I have loved the season so far! The only thing I would like to see is more interaction with the hermits.

  • OBS TV
    OBS TV

    goddamnit i really love your videos but please remember to take off your armor in decket out ffs xD

  • Andrew Winn
    Andrew Winn

    NO NO NO X!!! Kill the sheep but leave the mooshrooms

  • Henrik Hilmer
    Henrik Hilmer

    Join the industrial district. Make your own nearby theirs.

  • Actually No
    Actually No

    He just annoys me some times because he makes plans and things and everything is supposed to be super efficient and smart and then out of nowhere he does big "derps"

  • Varix

    When I saw the Boomer map on the board, I at first thought that it was an unlucky artifact. Then I was thinking, that could be cool for Tango to implement unlucky artifacts like the Boomer map. For instance, that map could “blow up” a spot on the board, causing you to have one less slot like how Etho and Cub have more slots


    Why does no hermits know how to open a door?

  • Jake Guillot
    Jake Guillot

    You do realize the sheep were the ones spreading the mycelium

  • Ferdinand khol
    Ferdinand khol

    Dear X I’d love if u would build a Zoo for the other hermits! Much Love Ferdi

  • jomy10

    Xisuma is the second Hermit to throw coins at the door

  • Gabriel Miranda
    Gabriel Miranda

    you should invite Pixlriffs to HERMICRAFT, he is a great youtuber and would add a great vibe to hermicraft.

  • CyberJJC

    everytime I see you guys playing the dungeon and the ravenger is in your face, I get freaked out too. Its kind of hilarious since technically I am playing the dungeon through you guys. LOL.

  • Chunky Runky
    Chunky Runky

    "the sheep hate it" well, no

  • Keung Eliot
    Keung Eliot

    9:07 armor :(

  • George Gauvin
    George Gauvin

    Make a massive villager hall and get so many amazing things

  • WiFi Toaster
    WiFi Toaster

    Quietly yells, "Ice boat race course, wooooot!" for a build?

  • Theta Fritz
    Theta Fritz

    Hermits wearing armor in decked out smh

  • Tyler Root
    Tyler Root

    You should make a par core course

  • Tyler Root
    Tyler Root

    You should make a par core course

  • Doishi D
    Doishi D

    As long as you're enjoying playing, I don't mind what you do!

  • Dil Solanki
    Dil Solanki

    Excuse me X, the resistance didn’t protect you from all that. It only did a bit. Why didn’t you take you pants off. But u still could’ve of survived. Edit: He mentioned it.

  • yellow yo
    yellow yo

    You wore armour for the dungeon

  • Dil Solanki
    Dil Solanki

    X, it’s ok if you don’t finish it but I was hoping for an Atlantis pvp arena. Lots of coral and prismarine buildings, full of lush color and tridents. I was hoping for you to finish this but it’s absolutely fine if you don’t want to undertake this project.

  • nitai sonnenfeld
    nitai sonnenfeld

    14:08 robot-suma!

  • Tycho van Elven
    Tycho van Elven

    I almost never see the hermits actually play all the minigames, there are so many that could be played

  • justin sane
    justin sane

    Make an rollercoaster around l13

  • Mgoutziers

    Since you asked what we would like to see you tackle next, i would love to see a building in which all of the stream day torches of the season are kept and displayed.

  • tom stewart
    tom stewart

    What texture packs does X use again I can’t seem to remember

  • Morti James
    Morti James

    I know hypno has been struggling with ideas as well. Maybe you two guys could work together on something.

  • Onyx Eye
    Onyx Eye

    (This is just my opinion I’m not trying to be r7de to H.E.P) how dare he! Mooshrooms are adorable!

  • Michel Vey
    Michel Vey

    sheer the sheep

  • Martin Saenz
    Martin Saenz

    YOu were wearing your armor the whole time!!

  • bytex2

    We have been so busy trying to take in all the life lessons and brain food in between your derps to notice that the builds never finished :)

  • Darcy Cursons
    Darcy Cursons

    I think you should make a huge Nether Base or start using a different theme of building maybe like Scar

  • Phi Phi
    Phi Phi

    I'd love to see the aquatic base finished, but you shouldn't push yourself to finish it. Maybe you could do something like your season 1 arena, and let the hermits fight against mobs with enchanted stuff.

  • Pontus Karlgård
    Pontus Karlgård

    This is probably not the right place, but where do I go to reprot bugs found in the vanillatweaks datapacks? Who do I turn to?

  • Charles Yeaety
    Charles Yeaety

    Iv enjoyed this whole season with you and I think you should join the mycelium resistance😁

  • Leon Velnaar
    Leon Velnaar

    Hey X, I really enjoy complicated redstone projects. So it would be nice seeing you do some more redstone!

  • Flavius

    Link for the texture pleaseeeee

  • Jаck fi
    Jаck fi

    My dream is to join Hermicraft :D but I’m not a Youtober :(

  • Adam Cooke
    Adam Cooke

    Personally, I would like you to work on merging your base with Keralis' base. Adding roads, more towers but in a city type setting. Stuff like that.

  • Ellie-Anne Watts
    Ellie-Anne Watts

    The only thing I can see coming for you in the season is a diamond burning sesion on the last episode. Everything else I just don't want to be spoiled as I just love the unpredictability of what is going to happen next on hermitcraft.

  • JustLogic

    you should use 2 seperate deck boxes one for normal runs and one for tagging beasts

  • p sal
    p sal

    I think your next big project should be joining the mycelium resistance.

  • Ken Nguyen
    Ken Nguyen

    Hi X, I don't leave often comments but you're one of my favourite creator so I'd love for you to create while inspired. I've been watching you for a long time and I always love watching you make farms. But they are often a one time project that gets forgotten about for the rest of the season so it seems like a bad time investment. A way to improve the farm making experience is to make them visually fun! Efficiency doesn't have to be everything, similar to how Tango makes a creative way to kill golems every season to entertain. I think you should develop ways to make farms that interact with the world. Even something as simple as having a glass tunnel that brings mobs around your buildings before going to a killing chamber will bring so much life to your farms. Itll help you to stay inspired by having to design something yourself instead of following the most efficient methods, and it'll be fun for viewers when we see those interactive farms in the background of your videos. Good luck and keep up your great work!!

  • Nojus Armonas
    Nojus Armonas

    Join mycelium

  • PopeMonkey 1
    PopeMonkey 1

    Please keep the underwater arena it has great potential

  • Christian King
    Christian King

    I might be late on this, but the Hermits missed an opportunity. The HEP could have been called HAM: Hermits Against Mycelium

  • Spencer King
    Spencer King

    You should collaborate with other hermits more

  • BroBluey

    He is cheating in the bectedout game because he useing armor

  • Martelo1206

    Build a master redstone storage

  • flappy

    Make your own industrial district

  • zhufang zhang
    zhufang zhang

    xisuma did you forget the billion portal update for 1.16

  • John Scott
    John Scott

    Finish the pvp arena. I think it will be cool.

  • kermit

    Xisuma should use the Halloween costume store and become into the old doom slayer skin again

  • Shannon Jensen
    Shannon Jensen

    Completing what ever is going with the slime on onto of your creeper farm. That’s tiny winy project that I would love for you to complete :)

  • SGUY

    As biffa would say, that three-way junction could really do with a roundabout ;)

  • SmuckwithLuck

    The last time I heard the sum cost fallacy in a Minecraft video a pig bullied a squid for potatoes

  • Joanne Wang
    Joanne Wang

    Scar should make a mushroom sanctuary on the shopping district, where mooshrooms roam the land and mycelium sends particles into the air

  • Philp 101
    Philp 101

    What happens when you get a full set

  • Eugene Lloyd
    Eugene Lloyd

    I would like to see more interactions and shenanigans with other hermits. More games, more hang outs and collaborations. It’s the most entertaining when you folks do things together.

  • Irish DLT
    Irish DLT

    So I think the season for u has been awesome. I also think maybe you could do a build battle, pvp tournament, or something with other hermits. I just think hermit interaction is always the highlights of the season. You and Keralis collabing was one of my favorite parts of the season.

  • Clarice Romero
    Clarice Romero

    maybe join the resistance while deciding what to do next?

  • Cyclone3D

    I think a good task could be making your jungle like a custom biome

  • Gigi Carpenter
    Gigi Carpenter

    Tomorrow is Monday.

  • Bernadette Colley
    Bernadette Colley

    Iv loved ure season so far but think ure over due a big story line on the server. Yanoo the ones we all love to pretend arent planned lol

  • XunielfYT

    Is there any chance I could join hermitcraft?

  • MattisStronk

    Nether base

  • chad barker Jr
    chad barker Jr

    I enjoyed watching hermits playing L13. It seemed creative enough and challenging enough to make it fun. Maybe you should try a billboard in the cowmercial district advertising some sort of championship and some sort of crazy prize for the winning team

  • Lander Plasschaert
    Lander Plasschaert

    It would be really cool if X got more involved and did more colabs

  • Ian Dalton
    Ian Dalton

    X, the lava in the throne room is a shortcut back to start! Try it next time!

  • BamboozleJPG

    Doing stuff with other Hermits more would be quite entertaining. This season has been fun, but feel like it's felt more like a single player survival thing rather than a server season, at least in the more recent episodes.

  • Dalton Marshall
    Dalton Marshall

    I Love when you do minegames or something that helps the hermits out!

  • Saturated Odin
    Saturated Odin

    Can you yell in your next video?

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