Hermitcraft VII 954 Did You Die?
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Episode Seventy Three! This episode we setup full sets of armour and tools for the armour equiper at spawn.
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 41-50
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  • Lily Silcott
    Lily Silcott

    This video's comments all summed up in one comment 1. In decked out only accepts 5 books at a time 2. Add some gold armor to the spawn for the nether 3. Ask scar for a grant for the spawn 4. Don't cut out, decked out from these videos I didn't see anything else that people were saying a lot, but the ones I did see a lot of, I agree with

  • Kai


  • NerfProZP360 YT
    NerfProZP360 YT

    I Love what you did with the World Spawn!

  • fgh8522

    Creeper tssssssssssssssst?

  • Evan Rodriguez
    Evan Rodriguez

    if you had a trading hall you could've used tool smiths and weapon smiths for the tools in the respawn room and an armorer villager for the diamond equip.

  • Beenis

    "This isnt going to be that expensive... That was pretty expensive"

  • SucculantMeme

    Just me or does the respawn armor area remind you of iron man? Lmao

  • Huberto Flores
    Huberto Flores

    Welcome to Die n Recover

  • brian hughes
    brian hughes

    I know I'm late to the party, but a great name for the respawn dungeon could be the "Did You Dieland"

  • Rhysw03

    PLANKING!!! Geez, thats gota be about 10 years old now

  • Josh Spinka
    Josh Spinka

    redskins kurzgesagt thescore

  • Felix Pochert
    Felix Pochert

    Your "Respawn Outfitting Shop" could be called "Nexus". Unfortunately "Origin" is already taken.

  • Nathan Galba
    Nathan Galba

    What do named beasts do

  • NotAGoat

    So villager prices are reduced/raised by gossip, which is collected for each individual player. The base prices should be the same for everyone, but the discounts are not. I know this because I've spent _way_ too much time working with villagers and researching their mechanics. I actually have something along the lines of a respawn system myself because of it, though. I have a massive stockpile of emerald blocks and I can get any piece of armor and any tool/weapon for 1 emerald each, all diamond, and on top of that I can get any enchantment I want for 1 emerald. It takes ages to set up, but villagers can be seriously over powered.

  • NotAGoat

    20:03 That was a polite creeper. Waiting for you to finish up with the shulker box before triggering its countdown.

  • NibbleDrake14

    more decked out please!!

  • Nikoon Rocke
    Nikoon Rocke

    The Hermiton Respawn Anchor?

  • Andrew

    when will you learn that only the first 5 cards count in your deck

  • Angel 1-000-000
    Angel 1-000-000

    You can trade with vilagers for really cheap diamond tools and armor

  • Truman Hanson
    Truman Hanson

    20:00 that's because Keralis is more popular

  • NicroniumBoyz

    7:05 When Xisuma said: “I’m gonna leave you with this.” An ad popped out

    • NicroniumBoyz

      I mean 7:04

  • bestroop

    12:20 "Went and got a little bit of xp" -X Comes back with 54 lvls

  • skeevy McGee
    skeevy McGee

    I love seeing all the decked out runs

  • Caydan Kim
    Caydan Kim

    texture pack ????

  • Yokai Xd3
    Yokai Xd3

    Richboy Keralis MVP

  • Hydromalis

    I am already so incredibly bored of decked out it's not even funny

  • Moleculor

    In BdoubleO100's episode 32 of the current season, he gets stuck in a bit of a death loop "because" of the respawn island. Sorta. Not really. But I figured you'd want to see his experience for UX testing purposes. It starts around minute 38 in that episode. Some suggestions: Slime blocks or hay bales beneath the carpet of the target ring (not the edges) to reduce falling damage, an iron golem in a corner to bait the slimes that are spawning.

  • Joe Ruiz
    Joe Ruiz

    An easy way to get diamond tools for your respawning armour-borrower shop thing? would probably be end cities, that is if they arent all looted for thousands and thousands of blocks

  • Black inhuman Gaming
    Black inhuman Gaming

    Diamond tools and Armour - Trading from Villagers ( especially for 1 emerald 🤫 )

  • Dorit Nelson
    Dorit Nelson

    Only the first 5 cards for your deck count. You can trade in 3 level 1 books for a level 2


    You can get diamond tools by trading with villagers and then disenchating the tools

  • Robin Ho Fotos
    Robin Ho Fotos

    you can disenchant in a grindstone.

  • Joshua Bohn
    Joshua Bohn

    You should call it spawn camp!!

  • Marcus Ruiz
    Marcus Ruiz

    Cool Xisuma!

  • utseb1

    wow snapshot xisuma discovers that villagers regulate their prices per player

  • Owen Rossi
    Owen Rossi

    Show the full decked out run

  • Michael Elepano
    Michael Elepano

    Decked Out forever!

  • Yo yo HIPPTY YO
    Yo yo HIPPTY YO

    6:58 he said I’m gonna leave you with this Ad Me: BRUH

  • Brankika80

    Crying in Bdubs :'^)

  • hayden rogers
    hayden rogers

    I cant wait till christmas and that ravager head for decked out gets a big santa hat on top

  • Blaze1436

    It’s be cool if each hermit had their own “emergency cubby” in the spawn hub

  • Ido Ozer
    Ido Ozer

    more decked out!

  • Codex 404
    Codex 404

    If you show less Decked out runs completely could you just show them (unedited) on your second channel? I can't get enough of Decked Out

  • Timeo Tournier
    Timeo Tournier

    For ender pearls maybe you could purchase the kit at Mumbo Jumbo's ODEA shop. His poor business is struggling :(

  • The Griffon
    The Griffon

    Hey X, today i saw an invite of me being invited to Hermitcraft and i thought my computer was just playing a prank on me.

  • Primalcat Sperentet
    Primalcat Sperentet

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ X Please Upgrade Your Mega Base #Grass ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • sirociper z
    sirociper z

    Nice, Diamond gear from End Raids!

  • _ TinyTitan362 _
    _ TinyTitan362 _

    An easy way to get diamond armor and tools is villagers

  • Trey Telfer
    Trey Telfer

    The HCRC - Hermitcraft Respawn Center

  • Jeremy Porter
    Jeremy Porter

    Hey X, tool smiths and weapon smiths trade diamond gear for emeralds. Enchants are random but it's easier than mining.

  • The Emerald Explorer
    The Emerald Explorer

    xisuma : i wish there were a better way of getting diamond armor and tools! villagers : what about us?

  • Benjamin Brooks
    Benjamin Brooks

    You guys can’t get enough Decked Out, and neither can we!

  • Eastmoth

    It should be called the RE:spawn system

  • Sh3phrd

    I'm sure you've probably already heard this, but the nether portal in the respawn hub really needs to be connected safely to the other nether hubs

  • G00D V1BES
    G00D V1BES

    That moment when you live some where in England and you remember Xisuma’s voice and you hear it be like 👁 👄 👁

  • Milo HoBo
    Milo HoBo

    Good googly moogly, Xisumavoid please downsize your deck. Only the first 5 books are read, so you need to turn in those tier ones for tier twos

  • Kacper Łuk
    Kacper Łuk

    villagers are giving you discounts when you heal them from zombie and it only gives discounts to person that gives them golden apple.

  • Niko Weimer
    Niko Weimer


  • Manuel Marrero
    Manuel Marrero

    Respawn Hub?, also you can trade with villagers for diamond gear

  • Parlax

    Guys The problem us he needs to make it more obvious Bdubs need a big sign in front of him in case the hermits are blind

  • Parlax

    Bdubs die more somehow because of this room

  • djtravz

    Couldn't you put tools into the hands of the armor stands so they would be broken as well? Also it might be good to have different options for people (maybe one with just an elytra or one with just full armor)

  • Magician Mad Hatter
    Magician Mad Hatter

    Call the room " The Sanctuary "

    • Magician Mad Hatter
      Magician Mad Hatter

      @Parlax hahaha 😆

    • Parlax

      Apparently not to bdubs

  • David Bukovský
    David Bukovský

    Only fitst five cards in your deck are going to use the other ones are for nothing

  • Tidbit

    X, all diamond armour and tools and weapons can be bought from villagers for emeralds! Also, some other people in the comments mentioned that you should have gold helmets and fire resist potions for Hermits that died in the nether! I think those are great ideas!

  • Alistair Thompson
    Alistair Thompson

    Just seen BDubs vid. X, I think the new respawn may need signs XD he died so much, poor bubbles XD

  • Dan Ovadia
    Dan Ovadia

    I recently started watching TFCs channel, and Im curious how he'd interact with the updated respawn island lol.

  • Curtis Hefner
    Curtis Hefner

    Trade in your Decked Out books!

  • Seth Kush
    Seth Kush

    @xisumavoid your 'did you die' system needs work. Watch Bdubs video, it pit him in a death loop.

  • Maximus Midnight
    Maximus Midnight

    Maybe add fire resistance potions to the respawn kit for people who had netherrite gear and died in lava?

  • Kazu Ho
    Kazu Ho

    respawn + hub = ReHub

  • JR Tasel
    JR Tasel

    You aren’t getting ANY stealth! It only sucks in the first 5 books. So everything after the first 2.5 stacks you have are left. The order of your books matter

  • BorlaxHD

    You could trade diamond tools and armor from villagers, maybe something to look into :D

  • Danalb1815

    You can get easy diamond tools from curing zombie villager tool smiths then trading with them and disenchanting.

  • RJ Barnett
    RJ Barnett

    You need to trade in some books. The game only reads five I think

  • TheLabMan6454

    Please invite pixlriffs! He would fit in well in my opinion and is friends with a hermit already! Well, an inactive hermit, python, but still he is a really good Minecrafter and should be invited

  • RGBify


  • Ender Kitty
    Ender Kitty

    Maybe Xisuma could ask for some help from mumbo or other hermits who go endbusting a lot? I know mumbo has a whole bunch of spare armor in his richities stock

  • Ex-Schizophrenic Media
    Ex-Schizophrenic Media

    Call it the "SPAWNCATCHER"

  • Nzgberg

    Hey xisuma can you please make a video on the constant bedrock hate and how bad it’s been getting? It’s getting really bad and nobody is talking about it. Unless you play bedrock and do technical bedrock. Nobody else though. People talk about toxicity from fanbases of youtubers. But nobody noticed the bedrock hate. Every post on reddit that’s related to bedrock that isn’t in a specifically bedrock subreddit for example here is what I see... “bug rock bugrock bugrock bugrock bugrock best part about bedrock bedrock bad bug rock bug rock bug rock bug rock bug rock lol bug rock SHUT UP! That last part was me. This is turning into a rant, but this problem needs to have attention drawn to it. I’ve seen people telling bedrock technical players they should move to java. I’ve seen someone say bedrock technical players should move to java and if they really want the pain, should punch themselves in the face. Seriously. It’s getting old. Nobody is drawing attention to this problem. And yeah. Please help us xisuma you’re our only hope. Also, a youtuber named navy nexus on his second channel (naV) made a video about the bugrock mentality. It’s really good, and it can be extra proof that redstone on bedrock is not bad. Seriously. It would be awesome if you could do this xisuma. I’m tired of seeing “lol bugrock”. I’m tired of seeing “you should move to java”. I’m tired of seeing “bugrock bad” I’m tired of seeing “bedrock bad” and most importantly, I’m tired of being told I’m wrong for enjoying doing bedrock redstone over java redstone. I’m tired of it. I don’t think I can expect many people in the technical community to talk about this. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t see this/didn’t do this. I wouldn’t blame you. However I just need to make people aware of this problem, and if I succeed with that, then that’s a win for me.

  • Zelgifah


  • Kaitlyn w
    Kaitlyn w

    All the comments are either "X, you can only use 5 cards per run!" or "You should call the respawn place _____ and get funding from the mayor!"

  • Lukas Nogueira
    Lukas Nogueira

    18:23 wut?

  • Rebecca Thomas
    Rebecca Thomas

    X you need to watch Bdubs latest 'I Got Pranked, Sold a Mansion and Saved the Town' as he dies without spawn set but your room doesn't work as planned - he seems to think it was a prank rather than helpful :/

  • Lukas Nogueira
    Lukas Nogueira

    How bout HR&RH? Hermits Room & Respawn Hub

  • JuniorJedi256π

    Hey X, the portal at spawn isn’t linked up correctly. It goes to some random spot in the basalt deltas, as seen at the end of Bdubs’ video.

  • Vander

    That zombie had an elytra lol

  • Géraud Benazet
    Géraud Benazet

    @12:04 : no X, you don't have 4 points of that one, you have none, because only the 5 first books of your box count.

  • Jacques De Vries
    Jacques De Vries

    I think it could be a good idea to create a chicken farm in the respawn area that can generate all the food you would need. So you wont ever have to restock that at least

  • Sha Hermyonez
    Sha Hermyonez

    lmao the respawn room straight up sent bdubs into a death loop. it was the funniest thing. and here i was waiting for hermits to be amazed at the kindness when they died.

  • Jar Vill
    Jar Vill

    Hey xisuma, a little feedback about the respawn catcher. Slimes are able to spawn there, so you should do something about it so the hermits won't die to slimes. And also, you should put some instructions on what you can do to the respawn catcher so the hermits won't get confused.

    • Crystal Claire
      Crystal Claire

      Yep at the end of bdub’s new video he just died over and over again bc he doesn’t know the function of the respawn room

  • Drizzle GC
    Drizzle GC

    Xisuma: So i made armour equipment stations for the hermits Mumbo: Did I hear ODEA?

  • Savious 56
    Savious 56

    Ummm ximuma you made a death loop

  • Dawn Elson
    Dawn Elson

    Next season could you add pearlescentmoon

  • Wanaga

    You could call the respawn business "The Catcher in the Rye"

  • Reuben Naude'
    Reuben Naude'

    Make an insurance company. They pay monthly diamonds to use the armor at the respawn. If they do not pay their insurance they cant use it

  • Dream's friend
    Dream's friend

    Wait I don't watch xisuma at all does this mean this is his 954th episode??? Wttf

  • adam Crabb
    adam Crabb

    That is an awesome looking Re-Spawn hub :)

  • Tirth Bhatt
    Tirth Bhatt

    X, I think that the hermitcraft respawn room is in a slime chunk

  • Been Baag
    Been Baag

    I will never get bored of decked out I would love all the runs in the episode