Hermitcraft VII 960 Xisuma's New Mega Project!
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Episode Seventy Nine! In this one way start to lay down plans for the new mega project!
Hermitcraft Seven DECKED OUT (80) Livestream 26/10/20
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 51-60
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  • xisumavoid

    Want to see Snowier Snow and Mountain Goats in minecraft? rsloft.info/loft/video/pLKrqa3b3XeubH4

    • UNSC 2003
      UNSC 2003

      That’s exactly why Etho made his own nether entrance XD

    • UNSC 2003
      UNSC 2003

      X is just a silly Cacodemon

    • Kazi Mohtasim Bellah Alom
      Kazi Mohtasim Bellah Alom

      @Hamburger Boi Yes why not

    • Kazi Mohtasim Bellah Alom
      Kazi Mohtasim Bellah Alom

      @Ifti Alam Likhon how do we get his face reveal how do you know

    • Hamburger Boi
      Hamburger Boi

      @xisumavoid wattles should be on hermitcraft season 8

  • Evan Rodriguez
    Evan Rodriguez

    X this was a very fun episode man loved it :)

  • UNSC 2003
    UNSC 2003

    I’m from the future, Etho wins

  • Sean Omight
    Sean Omight

    Just started watching. But I wanted to say. I was looking forward to the other project you gave up on, and put on hold. I thought the aquatic thing could be really cool. As well as youre one you gave up on. Maybe it could be left up to tango to complete for you, or work with him to complete it. Maybe adding more traps inside of it to make it tougher. But it had seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves on it and like they did truly enjoy it. Hopefully this comment could encourage you to complete them both. But it is what it is in the end.

  • Tyler

    Talk with impulse for your potion project! He has only done about half of the farms he plans to do this season. Would be cool to see y'all collaborate a bunch on a few farms!

  • Tiffany Gorman
    Tiffany Gorman

    Fill the tunnel with mycelium

  • Pimpinela Pie
    Pimpinela Pie

    x, your skin is doom themed, so ur spooky skin is cacodemon xisuma!

  • nupanick

    "I've only got one eye" ~xizumavod

  • Ghost Toast
    Ghost Toast

    Alternate title: Xisuma single handily murders stress’s business

  • Noeleen Miller
    Noeleen Miller

    You are the heart of HermitCraft mate, An amazing builder and l wish you 50 subscriber's because you deserve it. Don't ever forget how appreciated you are.

  • TheUnknown

    repost this if you beleive in jesus

  • Senior Juan Gaming Yt
    Senior Juan Gaming Yt

    6:16 how did you do that with brewing stand where it shows what things you neec

  • Atomic Floyd
    Atomic Floyd

    Smart going back a season to see how to do it

  • blankpage

    tell mumbo to help u to build the farm

  • Kelly Zanella
    Kelly Zanella

    I think seeing Xisuma as a Steve was more unsettling than the cyclops.

  • Noodle Guy
    Noodle Guy


  • [Syntax Error]
    [Syntax Error]

    the two-block high ceiling at 4:40 makes my head hurt

  • Smilee Smiles
    Smilee Smiles

    He is a combination of elybeatmaker and evil x and xisuma, and also a doom character... But eh forget about that

  • Wesley

    How about you put a hopper line between the rows, to catch the items on the tracks?

  • Ryan Putt
    Ryan Putt

    Hey X I doubt you’ll see this, but ilmango made a video a while back where he made a nether wart farm that made use of the furnace minecart because it actually travels more slowly, so there won’t be gaps when afk placing

  • Primalcat Sperentet
    Primalcat Sperentet

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xisuma Your Mega Base Would Be Cool #XNation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Syed hassan Ahmed
    Syed hassan Ahmed

    Xisuma mumbo is the leader of the resistance

  • Lowegie Mendez
    Lowegie Mendez

    40 episodes to go! FACE REVEAL!!!!!!

    • Lowegie Mendez
      Lowegie Mendez

      @Smilee Smiles the mask reveal? hahahahahaha

    • Smilee Smiles
      Smilee Smiles

      He did a face reveal

  • Bodhi Yonzon
    Bodhi Yonzon


  • Creative Ness
    Creative Ness

    U now look like plankton from spongebob

  • Layne Keaton
    Layne Keaton

    *oh* *gees*

  • Stephen Klein
    Stephen Klein

    Doesn't this potion idea clearly put Stress out of business? I mean, we all know that Xisuma knows about Stress's shop, cause he gets the stuff for free, so he clearly understands the consequences of creating free potions

  • Shivam Tikoo
    Shivam Tikoo

    Please invite wattles in hermitcraft 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • QuetzaCota

    7:23 Potion of the turtle Mesteg lol

  • Denis Rohlik
    Denis Rohlik


  • caoimhin gutierrez
    caoimhin gutierrez

    Kakovoid (the kako demon is a demon from doom with one eye) Wait that was the reference this is the 3rd edit he said it in the video

  • V3 TheTest
    V3 TheTest

    Xisumavoid: HEP Scar: HIP Iskall: HEEP Grian: HIEEYP

  • Kiefer Ramazzina
    Kiefer Ramazzina

    What is the plugin or resource pack that allows you to see what items are in a shulker box without putting it down? I was looking at vanilla tweaks but I didn't see it :(

  • Kazi Mohtasim Bellah Alom
    Kazi Mohtasim Bellah Alom

    Hermitcraft season 8 idea:make the whole season must be played underground no one can go up in the over world

    • Smilee Smiles
      Smilee Smiles

      Similar to the end of season 5

  • Wolf Guy
    Wolf Guy

    I though when you laid the beacons you were going to make a slime farm

  • Patt Adams
    Patt Adams

    6:48 Sad Stressmonster noises

  • Kamil G
    Kamil G

    You can use Furnance minecart before you in minecart. (Furnance minecart makes you ride enough slow to plant all netherwart)

  • XxRoccoxX

    U are going to kill me 2 block tunnels

  • Laura Reggie
    Laura Reggie


  • Laura Reggie
    Laura Reggie

    I think you are realy great Xisuma

  • Max Mondays
    Max Mondays

    Season 7 has been dope, but Decked Out reminds me of Demise-the end of the game is the end of the season. I know it’s not the case here, but anybody else feel like the season is already coming to an end?

  • Sandesh Dhakal
    Sandesh Dhakal

    Can Anyone Explain Me HOW THIS SKIN CHANGER Thing Works?

  • hilarie lo
    hilarie lo

    Dude you’re a guardian of the ocean monument XD

  • triggered beast
    triggered beast

    Mumbo has already got a nether wart farm

  • patrick aherne
    patrick aherne

    you should make a nether-side shopping district with loads of shops in the nether

  • Justan Wallflower
    Justan Wallflower

    Don't forget to press the button to power the light so Tango can see it


    Hey X what about stress's shop?

  • Aussie Rider
    Aussie Rider

    Hey Xisuma, just wondering, what resource pack do u use for the sulker preview?

  • June YT
    June YT

    me: do you seriously not know what you changed to *People that don’t know what doom is*:????

  • Lucky74

    Haha I love how he says OW MY FEET when he steps on mycelium

  • MichaelIsHere

    This is xisuma’s live stream temporary video that is now unlisted m.rsloft.info/loft/video/iblhlaiYsHfOmX4

  • Nolan Flynn
    Nolan Flynn

    Of the items you had in yellow, the only two that I think will be difficult to get in significant quantities are turtle shells and rabbit’s feet. Both rely on breeding which is hard to do at significant scale.

  • tr33c

    Epicsode 👀

  • Marrett Gilfus
    Marrett Gilfus

    Hit up pixelrifts he made an AFK able dragons breathe farm

  • Ken Ross
    Ken Ross

    Dear Xisuma, im a huge fan of hermitcraft, i want to join next year, i will train every day in hardcore mode, so i can join a amazing community of builders, i hope i can join, if you are reading this, thank you for noticing me, i just hope i can join one day, Yours truly, Hazmatter the hermitcraft trainee

  • Infamy

    dude netherwart grows on red nether trees... way more efficient

  • Sean Emberley
    Sean Emberley

    I was hoping you hired Direwolf20 to do your outro

  • Matt Hassing
    Matt Hassing

    Can’t you farm netherwart by using the new 1.16 nether trees in a blast chamber?

  • Lapis Septo Flufftail
    Lapis Septo Flufftail

    Can anyone tell me which are all the minecraft supported unicode symbols? I want to use them in my worlds like how X uses pickaxes, swords, and a hunk of meat, but google isn't built to understand simple sentences such as "Minecraft suported" doesn't actually give you any lists of the sort as far as i can find

  • Green Crewmate
    Green Crewmate

    Uh doesnt Stress have a brewery shop?? Im speaking about the willow tree

  • Shreyas Damle
    Shreyas Damle

    The thing is that before Scar made the shopping district to grass everyone was fine with the mycelium...

  • Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】
    Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】

    Hahah! Bless Xisuma's heart for trying to save the crafting bench from a terrible fate :D

  • reenio the pig
    reenio the pig

    X-u'll put poor stress out of business!!

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith


  • Dimpayツ


  • Krogan Popy
    Krogan Popy


  • asalvoable

    I think i've been haunted by herobrine i made a underground base in minecraft and put a sign explaining the clock that i made but when i looked to the other way and then looked back my text has been deleted

  • Burly D
    Burly D

    RIP Stressmonster's Potion Shop

  • Cat Goes Gaming
    Cat Goes Gaming

    ah, X I suma

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith

    At 6:45; Xisuma the vacuum cleaner

  • Camille Wittendorfer
    Camille Wittendorfer

    He’s a Christmas cyclops

  • Ouroboros

    You can hold things in your off hand when you're mending them too.

  • Jonathan Floreby
    Jonathan Floreby


  • Aude

    Your head looks like the derp face when you have your helmet lol

  • Jalco28

    I’m not claustrophobic but 4:41 just made me so uncomfortable

  • JuniorJedi256π

    Since “Beeralis hive” is not in italics, I think your resource pack is the one renaming all the hives.

  • Ryan Andrianto Rizki
    Ryan Andrianto Rizki

    I just re watched the hermitcraft. Can someone explain what's going on, please?

  • Phoenix

    14:48 NGL, HEP is starting to sound kinda like the classic evil scientists in older movies

  • Nicole Dean
    Nicole Dean

    he looks like Doom slayer what Is wrong with you

    • Nicole Dean
      Nicole Dean

      hi again

  • SSJ5Nathan Davies802
    SSJ5Nathan Davies802

    Don't forget about team podzol party

  • Yngvar Stige
    Yngvar Stige

    You could send a hopper minecart behind you to pick up the nether wart

  • Demon Freeman
    Demon Freeman

    6:32 It will make stress out of business

  • jonah strahlberg
    jonah strahlberg

    The scariest part of his Halloween skin is that the eye isn’t centered

    • NaraLion7 Plays
      NaraLion7 Plays

      Minecraft Skin's faces are 8*8 and nothing can be centered unless it's 2 blocks wide. In my opinion, the eye being uncentered makes it better.

  • Mizi The man
    Mizi The man

    one of the morning gift by cats is fantom membrane (lets say i speld it right)

  • B3AST XD
    B3AST XD

    Is it rly the cow-mercial district still

  • Le Hamp
    Le Hamp

    The game’s are aoooo dry

  • Wawasjohn

    So decked out is gone forever? That’s dumb

  • Tayto_

    Plz xumia ?

  • Tayto_

    What’s your texture pack could you plz put in description (:

  • Asta

    Stress is gonna run out of business

  • Sterling Pental
    Sterling Pental

    does anyone know what resources pack he is using

  • Miles Rhodes
    Miles Rhodes

    haha Xisuma we just had the same thing with our internet

  • Alice Liddell
    Alice Liddell

    I BEElieve that all the hermits that played decked out actually should give tango a gift for the experience he provided.

  • xyphenius

    Personally I'm not so keen on a massive project, especially if it's a huge potion farm. But maybe I'm not seeing all the used for potions. Have any of the hermits expressed desire in using potions? E.g. Tango for the next season of decked out, or setting up potion dispensers every time you enter a certain district? E.g. automatically splash fire resistance when entering the nether, or automatically splash something when entering the shipping district.

  • Dean Spillabean
    Dean Spillabean

    On the topic of Dragon’s Breath F3+b shows the hit boxes of the breath field. Normally you use bottles to pick up about 5 Dragons breath However, When the dragon goes to the center to use their breath attack, there’s no limit to the amount of breath you can get from it, but instead on a timer ~5s Using an auto clicker in the very center of the hit box allows you to get a stack or more of Dragons Breath on no time This is a bug though, but it hasn’t been fixed sense 1.12

  • Cameron Taing
    Cameron Taing

    "Experimented on" says Xisuma while literally having two mooshrooms being hung by ropes...

  • Jacksonjameswan

    Etho has 3 Nether bases now

  • Aidan Smith
    Aidan Smith

    am i the only one who cant get the microsoft cape?

  • Everything Phenomenal
    Everything Phenomenal

    Idea. What if dream joined season 8. OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo that’s good

  • SteakEater1234

    Step one- get partnership with stress Step two- build potion shop Step three- take over the whole potion trade