Hermitcraft VII 914 The Rainbow Room & Dogcatcher Interview
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Episode Thirty Three! Things get colourful as plans for a gold farm fall through.
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  • Charles Poitras
    Charles Poitras

    you're lucky you can see the glas... it just annoys everyone else

  • István Szikra
    István Szikra

    9:00 You are lucky that you are using a different GUI skin than the normal gray ;) Smart !

  • techco beast Parveen
    techco beast Parveen


  • Linkolin Alamar
    Linkolin Alamar

    that tower idea is so cool

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games



    His voice with the minecraft music makes me want to....💤😴

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim

    Hey x I didn’t know you weren’t a fan of meme comments until now and I just wanna apologize for that. Keep up the good work

  • BJC T
    BJC T

    Ok, I don’t watch every hermit so imma just say it here Cubs door was the best piston door I have ever seen

  • lol i can't think of a better name
    lol i can't think of a better name

    4:00 good shape but a bit plain

  • Wordfishtrombone

    This video came out before I started playing Minecraft. Since then I’ve become head-over-heels addicted. Xisuma and others have really helped me along and showed me that there are no limits to creativity!

  • Jamin Bianco
    Jamin Bianco

    That building looks like the base of a dalek

  • Vani Soni
    Vani Soni

    Your biulds are really cool i really like the creative thing you do

  • Lixade

    Im so glad that meme comments have stopped for your videos. just today, I watched a very inspirational music video and all the comments wer memes.

    • Tautvydas Artamanovskis
      Tautvydas Artamanovskis


  • Tunasalmon

    Did the Herold say “Visit the Concrete shop the real one

  • katie

    i absolutely love the interviews

  • FuryousD

    if the streams are so different from your youtube videos and u want ppl to check them out why dont u post them on your youtube channel along side the hermitcraft episodes like xBCrafted does, not allot off ppl want to go over to twitch to watch streams when youtube is the platform they watch your videos on

  • kweldon1106

    Is anyone gonna talk about how Xisuma gave Keralis an extra stack and never even mentioned it. What a great friend.

  • Khelemvor

    That's a shady deal right there.


    Gosh his voice is beautiful

  • Danu

    *PANE* in the butt

  • Nancy Bardach
    Nancy Bardach


  • iNoobBoi

    I find a bee wearing a hat as hilarious

  • Kylie Shellenbarger
    Kylie Shellenbarger

    I think the building will fit in with some more honey and yellow blocks added in somehow

  • Zgall053

    Xisuma, I had a dream about you last night, and in it, you were blonde, and for some reason that was very shocking to me LOL and, it is HILARIOUS, that etho spelled things out with the glass in your chests, and you’re probably the only hermit that knows

  • MeliMelon

    This is the first time I’ve seen a comment section without any memes in it and I have to say it’s pretty nice

  • tkkot

    The new buildingis great!

  • John Ruddy
    John Ruddy

    1 of those customers is mumbo (mayor) he needs yellow and orenge

  • Dabeanni YT
    Dabeanni YT


  • Mouse

    I am bingeing on your series. It is so very good. You have such a creative mind, and the farms you come up with are just brilliant. I really enjoy your interactions with other hermitcrafters too, although that's not very frequent.

  • Ana Statescu
    Ana Statescu

    I like it when you show a bit of what others have built, the way you do with the shopping district or other people's bases. It's really nice.

  • sxxxychocolate

    when a hermit mentions adding an item sorter i always hear SHEBALBA! in my head.

  • Ly Liz
    Ly Liz

    The sheep farm is my favorite building so far

  • Kurt Juarez
    Kurt Juarez

    kinda sucks if Grian takes the front door of cubfan

  • Jakob mdch
    Jakob mdch

    for real tho dogs are way better tahn cats

  • Jesse Lauch
    Jesse Lauch

    I know I am late to this party, but you should have your hopper Minecarts stagger their take offs so they don’t all arrive to unload at the same time

  • Travis Gotch
    Travis Gotch

    Is it me but the concept plan for the gold farm building looks like a dalek bottom. Very cool builds this season

  • Predatorz_

    Keep some memes lol memes are memey

  • Gabby Pillay
    Gabby Pillay

    I love these interviews they're so funny even when it's not intentional

  • Luke Schaeffer
    Luke Schaeffer

    i cant be the only one who is proud of X for working to overcome his OCD and other personal challenges. Its not easy to broadcast that and i am always inspired by how determined he is.

  • Ruby Fulton
    Ruby Fulton

    Loved the video!

  • Jeremiah Williams
    Jeremiah Williams

    u got rainbows in your farm got something to tell us?

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S


  • Cygnet Malfoy
    Cygnet Malfoy

    how is the tag doing tho or am i just left behind

  • Jeremiah Williams
    Jeremiah Williams

    get all the belts like grain and make your coat colorful like joseph's from the bible

  • Olivia Friedemann
    Olivia Friedemann

    Green team dream team

  • Linus Hansen
    Linus Hansen

    gud job

  • FitedogFire

    You can make a piglin trading farm where there are droppers that drop gold. When the gold is dropped the piglins will pick it up and drop what they want to trade. Then you unlock hoppers that are supposed to pick up what the piglins drop and also extra gold from the hoppers. Your welcome

  • _yeaitsmanny

    Trim the videos time length down a bit maybe in the future

  • the1andonly ginga
    the1andonly ginga

    I don't know if you'll read this: but going on a gold farm, have you considered turning a zombie spawner into a drowned farm as the gold from armour can be smelted to nuggets for ingots. Also I've not seen how to do it on java as I play ps4 which is bedrock now which makes it easier using water logged cobwebs. Food for thought

  • Irish DLT
    Irish DLT

    Petition for X to name his sword X gonna give it to ya

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming

    No offence @xisumavoid but I thought you were a hotdog xD

  • CAM_o_man

    The free glass was worse for everyone else -- the vanilla texturepack makes it nearly invisible in a chest.

  • Supina Mohamad
    Supina Mohamad

    you are so creative

  • Joshp _
    Joshp _

    more portals more pigman = more lag

  • 00 goop
    00 goop

    I’ve really gotta catch up on my hermitcraft. I can’t leave any meaningful comments if i’m a week late.

  • Charger kun
    Charger kun

    19:16 lamma gets angy

  • Greek Geog
    Greek Geog


  • Ennard

    16:10 | The background music from Minecraft is my favorite Minecraft music! :D

  • San Autin
    San Autin

    I really do not understand redstone, not even slightly, but I so enjoy the aesthetics of your work.

  • Luke Cleland
    Luke Cleland

    I love that new tower design

  • essengeebee

    The headline on the newspaper should’ve been “Zero Forks Given”.

    • Momus God of mockery
      Momus God of mockery

      Haha Spoon joke

  • Max1muslegend

    So you’ve heard of dogcatcher Joe, but what about memecatcher Xisuma?

  • justin tabaniag
    justin tabaniag

    Xisumavoid PLS PLAY Scrap Mechanic again the survival mode is out and react to the trailer pls. Like so xisumavoid sees this 🙏👍😢

  • Dillian Kai Frammila
    Dillian Kai Frammila

    Hey Xisuma!!! I kind of just thought of maybe you might consider inviting wattles or pixlriffs into the hermitcraft server?? Just a suggestion 😅😅 thanksss

  • Ty Pryor
    Ty Pryor

    Bee suma: Please only post important stuff and not memes. Everyone: No, I don’t think I will.

  • Jeb tickle
    Jeb tickle

    No one: Xisuma: I don't want to see memes.

  • Specter Eye
    Specter Eye

    BeeZuma is adorable looking

  • Trevor Walker
    Trevor Walker

    the sheep tower looks like doofenshmirtz evil incorporated tower from phineas and ferb

  • Good Boi
    Good Boi

    I like the new tower design but it would be better if you added honey with light sources behind them

  • shane jenkins
    shane jenkins

    it is honestly so nice seeing comments actually related to the videos

  • leinadkk

    But dont get u fewer views with fewer comments?? hmmm

  • Sebastian G.
    Sebastian G.

    Everybody's holier than thou and patting themselves on the back. I think this is worse than it ever was.

  • Rain

    The most sarcastic meme trolly person saying to not meme in the comments. HM HM HM

  • ThatGameGuy

    wow i've never seen a hermit with a competent comments section!

  • big man on campus
    big man on campus

    why not get the obsidian from the towers in the end that way when you run out you can fight the ender dragon real quick and mine the towers again

  • hikarios

    10:13 ow, that was some pun right there

  • Moose Max
    Moose Max

    more crystals on stuff

  • Oliver

    Xisuma just cannot read huh

  • Joe Baddour
    Joe Baddour

    I'm voting for all the hermits

  • Luka Garst
    Luka Garst

    I’m always exited when I see a new Hermitcraft episode in the subbox. 20 minutes of relaxing and enjoying your videos is the best! Keep it up X

  • Michael Cleary
    Michael Cleary

    Xisuma: No more meme comments Me: *Chuckles* I'm in danger

  • Henrique Madureira
    Henrique Madureira

    Is it only me who thinks joe's voice sound like Bob Ross...

  • Мать Россия
    Мать Россия

    every other youtuber: fill the comments, get me traction, ALGORITHM shimshwam: no memes pls i don’t understand

  • connor bourne
    connor bourne

    Loving the life advice with xisuma sections 4:20

    • connor bourne
      connor bourne


  • Bomb Diving Pigeons
    Bomb Diving Pigeons

    The building kinda looks like a Dalek, and I love it XD

  • Trevor Ryan
    Trevor Ryan

    Xsiuma: dont meme in my comments Me: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • Nick Eggleton
    Nick Eggleton

    No one: Xisuma: I don't want to see memes.

  • Brugh Momente
    Brugh Momente

    Xisuma mine the obsidian at the end

  • William Miketon
    William Miketon

    I think the new tower looks really cool

  • Sinnah Saint
    Sinnah Saint

    You are SO lucky to have that texture pack. The other hermits had invisible panes hiding in their chests blocking shift clicking to fill.

  • Katherine A. MCGOVERN
    Katherine A. MCGOVERN

    dogs are great, plus they're all tames with light grey collars. wolves don't sit.

  • Matthew Fuerst
    Matthew Fuerst

    I love that joe hills is an anarchist through and through

  • Tapani Kivioja
    Tapani Kivioja

    If JoeHills would ever become a mayor, he would be like Platon. The philosopher king.

  • Tapani Kivioja
    Tapani Kivioja

    Xisuma: doesn't like memes Bottom text

  • _Hipix_

    Xisuma : Dont post memes in the comment section Me : Now I'm not gonna do it

  • RedRaider B3
    RedRaider B3

    So I haven't gotten far into the video yet but I love that building design. Although I don't think it fits your jungle base I do think it would be perfect for in the nether when 1.16 comes out!!! I would love to see you build some new farms and stuff in the nether and for those buildings you could use that awesome angular design and it will parallel perfectly as sort of an "upside-down" version of your current base!

    • RedRaider B3
      RedRaider B3

      I'm a little late with that comment but I hope it gets read.

  • Beakyy

    if anybody finds the bamboo farm, then put a hidden sign in the chest entrance that says "you saw nothing!", i think it would be funny

  • Pat Blampied
    Pat Blampied

    really liked the music playing in the background

  • zane ansell
    zane ansell

    Hach q and fre u islanders have a weird way of saying things lol ❤❤😂

  • blue J; green T
    blue J; green T

    awwww man X's dark mode resource pack let him see the light grey stained glass xD