Hermitcraft VII 901 Double Trouble In The Cowmercial District!
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Episode twenty! In this one we construct yet another tower! Wrap up projects and find there are shenanigans afoot in the cowmercial district.
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  • Mayo Poppins
    Mayo Poppins

    15:55 "I'm beautiful, no matter what they say, hi"

  • Distortion9000

    Huh I never watched this How?

  • CreativeUsername

    8:47 [Mumbo and Iskall sweating nervously in Hermit Challenges]

  • snarl banarl
    snarl banarl

    6:04 at 0.25 speed

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Fate D Psych
    Fate D Psych

    @xisumavoid why not make the landing bay look like a bee? the box shape is about right anyway, go all out and make the landing bay into the landing bee.

  • Vihaan Raut
    Vihaan Raut

    Why doesn't xisuma realised that his iron farm is also a red dye farm🤣🤔

  • Bowie Snell
    Bowie Snell

    14:45 ill give you... 11 bamboo

  • Raakin Hassan Abdulla
    Raakin Hassan Abdulla

    Any totem-in-offhand people here?

  • Lixade

    And thanks to the replay mod-

  • Fern

    5:07 what X? What did you realize?!

  • Reno Thomas
    Reno Thomas

    Tbh, I think the the water streams in leaf blocks looks pretty awesome

  • Ágoston Czucz
    Ágoston Czucz

    I know I'm way too late but in that AFK spot phantoms can kill him easaly.

  • OddRocket

    Keralis 24/7: nooooooooooooooooooo

  • Kian MM
    Kian MM

    oh i reported him and i cant see him anymore i dont know if you can see the spoiler

  • Kian MM
    Kian MM

    sorry for the spam but believe me you want it DONT LOOK AT THE SPOILER

  • Kian MM
    Kian MM


  • Kian MM
    Kian MM


  • Kian MM
    Kian MM


  • Kian MM
    Kian MM


  • Kian MM
    Kian MM


  • D L juicycrater
    D L juicycrater

    Keralis: "I'm not mad I'm disappointed." Me: Well your face says otherwise.

  • Peppermint

    13:50 :remove the soul soil no

  • PiousMoltar

    Stal kicks in Instant like

  • PiousMoltar

    Not focussing on aesthetics but accidentally makes super aesthetic leaf pipes

  • AraigneeBleue08

    Do you guys think Beesuma plays 2BEE2T

    • PiousMoltar

      The oldest anarbee server on Minecraft

  • Lee Love
    Lee Love

    I would love a more detailed video on the mining and rail cart system here. It’s awesome!!

  • Sophia Song
    Sophia Song

    Squid farm? More like Salmon farm.

  • Zakalaka

    only thing that annoys me is when X says "brought" instead of Bought

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson

    hmm much like keraliss white box that crshed into his book store

  • Michael Bravo
    Michael Bravo

    I have been trying to understand which type of creeper farms are hidden in those enclosed stone brick pillars... but it's kinda a blind guessing game. any pointers?

  • Speedyrem

    "Who would have the cheek and the nerves to actually move the diamond pile?" Eeh, you?

  • Jacob Redstone
    Jacob Redstone

    The timelapse at 18:25 looks AMAZING!!

  • Vít Svatoš
    Vít Svatoš

    I think the combination of leaf blocks, water and sandstone looks awesome.

  • Lexi Hall
    Lexi Hall

    Xisumavoid: These iron bars will rip the blocks apart Me: What does this mean 🤯

  • Dharsan K
    Dharsan K

    has anybody else noticed that xisuma still hasn't taken down mumbo's iron block parachute thing leave a like if u didnt notice

  • JMDcomplexity

    I could be in the minority but i really like the look of having water flow in between leaves for a loot system

  • musique 123
    musique 123

    Listen to his slowed down "Oh Geez" at 0.25x speed.

  • Max Cameron
    Max Cameron

    X should take the concrete powder from the others then convert and sell it with Beeralis and make hella profits!!!

  • piggywiggy

    15:50 Beeralis’s face is perfect for this little scene.

  • Ken Roberts
    Ken Roberts

    hi i was trying to figure out how to alot more ram to my own minecraft server but cant figure out how i have 20 gigs of ram in the pc but dont know how to change the ram size do you know how and if so could you show me ?

  • jamo boy
    jamo boy

    did anyone realize at 13:51 he said soul soil instead of soul sand

  • Kylie Shellenbarger
    Kylie Shellenbarger

    *realizes that I'll be watching hermitcraft until the day it inevitably dies*

  • Chris Ritchie
    Chris Ritchie

    you should replace that iron block with a lamp so you can easily see if the farm is powered from inside. that is, unless you add a beacon which would make it pretty obvious

  • EP1CxEMAN08

    Xisuma: "Although I've got a big ol' junk chest over here" Dragon Egg: Am I a joke to you?

  • FozzenSir

    The seeds probably got through the sorting system because the hoppers could only take in so much.

  • Champion MA
    Champion MA

    When Xisuma stumbles for a second before saying hermitcraft: "YAY Hermitcraft!"

  • ido dolev
    ido dolev

    Who immediately noticed the music is from satisfactory

  • Jared Kinney Jr
    Jared Kinney Jr

    Y do Englishmen pronounce (th) with an (f) sound??? Ex: everything pronounced everyfing. XisumaVoid sounds like a little baby learning to speak?!? It's rather gross & annoying & I'm not even gona start on StressMonster, theeee most annoying voice on all the Internet. I will nvr understand how she got on HermitCraft other than they needed diversity which HermitCraft is still racist as there is still no Blacks. Annoying rant over...

  • ajar


  • a g
    a g

    Also some losses might occur when a block is left unexploaded then concrete falls on it and gets blown up later maybe? I thought I saw that in an earlier video when you were building this but yeah, the other comments are probably right, it probably was just keralis.

  • Cairo Marte
    Cairo Marte

    You should link all those buildings by way of above ground tunnels. As if protecting the forest, quarantine like things.

  • little snake
    little snake

    16:23 x:I don't know who took em X earlier: doc took em

  • Leo T
    Leo T

    your builds would look even better if you added some windows

  • Kilian Schröck
    Kilian Schröck

    is this your texture Pack wich makes you see whats a shulker Box without opening thema

  • Jamil Kibao
    Jamil Kibao


  • Dawg

    It sounded like he said ohhhhhhh cheese

  • RottenBanannas

    doo doo fart butt whole

  • cruisendude

    You should have a cool way to close the bay doors!

  • Nikoon Rocke
    Nikoon Rocke

    @xisumavoid Why not make the tower top a giant bee for the centre of your base area?

  • Yad Jamal
    Yad Jamal


  • Stephen Butler
    Stephen Butler

    That time laps was lit! Very well done indeed. Alot of work went into that.

  • Nikola Matić
    Nikola Matić

    what recource pack are u usinh

  • Kai Li
    Kai Li

    ‘Buys an tótem from impulse shop’ Impulse: STONKS

  • Amplersand 11
    Amplersand 11

    Please get Vintage Bee into the Buzzy Bois

  • Dreki

    @xisumavoid too many composters, put all seeds into one, you will get better bone-meal output.

  • Stickman

    17:42 why did Xisuma sound like mumbo for a sec?

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo Garcia

    You should invite to hermitcraft this guy rsloft.info/loft/video/mpST1Z3YyInSjYo he is really good 👍🏾

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo Garcia

    You should invite to hermitcraft this guy rsloft.info/loft/video/mpST1Z3YyInSjYo he is really good 👍🏾

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo Garcia

    You should invite to hermitcraft this guy rsloft.info/loft/video/mpST1Z3YyInSjYo he is really good 👍🏾

  • Kristine Bannerman
    Kristine Bannerman

    I have been watching TFC's vlogs now that he is recovering and he was saying that he should be back to playing on Hermitcraft again some time soon. I was wondering if the Hermits had considered making a group effort to help him out, as he is so far behind everyone else on the server at this point. I was thinking perhaps each of the Hermits could give him a shulker box containing things they think he might need, from building blocks to enchanted tools and armour etc. - so he gets a good start when he comes back. They could leave a nice big pile of boxes at his base for him to open.

  • VikeN

    You guys should add a stock list in the shopping district. Where shop owners can update once their shop is restocked etc, I think that would be cool 😄

  • Korra 228
    Korra 228

    13:50 He said "soul soil" LMAO

  • Patrick Pit
    Patrick Pit

    You should sell teracota

  • DontKnowAGoodUsername

    Pat and jen's lucky block thumbnails but it's Xisuma and Keralis is what I thought when I saw it the thumbnail in notifications, even tho I no longer watch PopularMMOs

  • Gamer Island Boy
    Gamer Island Boy

    Can I join hermitcraft

  • Lemonboii

    NEW SNAPSHOT OUT WITH RUINED PORTALS AND OTHER STUFF cant wait to see the next video ok bye

  • Bernardo Negri
    Bernardo Negri

    Please make Civil War 2: Eletric Boogaloo: The battle for the pile of diamonds!

  • Joseph Craig
    Joseph Craig

    You charge 1 diamond for 2 or 3 stacks for hardened concrete then 1 diamond for 3 or 4 stacks of powder. False says tangos shop is way to expensive

  • DarkpowerX87

    20w16a nooowowowowowowoow

  • Milan Saric
    Milan Saric

    3:29 Did he just try to fly whit no wings

  • Lolbit Funtime
    Lolbit Funtime

    Make the box on top of the squid farm, a giant bee

  • DarDuck

    Jesus... Man has 1,37mil subs and cant afford better mic sounds like 2012 minecraft lets play tbh... SMH

  • ETL19

    It's missing honey power.

  • IonXT [And Stuff]
    IonXT [And Stuff]

    just make a concrete and terra cotta shop

  • Cinnamon roll
    Cinnamon roll

    Use more hopper so the blocks dont despawn when they clog up

  • lila benford
    lila benford

    All the hermits should join together to create a RSloft channel and share it! that's where you can post some mini games that all hermits were involved in and many more things!

  • Ivo Broekhof
    Ivo Broekhof

    What is it with Hermits falling in holes for 7 seasons?

  • Jet Stonelake
    Jet Stonelake

    With the tower you built you could make it like a bird house but bee themed

  • Thomas Jenkinson
    Thomas Jenkinson

    Dantdm should join hermitcraft, I think he has everything you need to

  • Quinten Vandenberghe
    Quinten Vandenberghe

    whyu dont you make a giant bee of the cube

  • dagge *
    dagge *

    Cool but can u do this rsloft.info/loft/video/p8VplpHIlHSZpqQ lol

  • JoepTube

    can you give ad the end of the season a downloadlink to download the world

  • chris rizzo
    chris rizzo

    X: I'm going to be self-sufficient this season Also X: *HEY KERALIS*

  • Authentic

    Can't phantoms kill Xisuma in his afk tower?

  • Darien Plays
    Darien Plays

    HELLO THERE😁If this type of interests you, would you mind checking out my channel? I post content just like the one above regularly & I would love if you came and supported! My 100th subscriber will get to feature in a video with me!

  • Melon

    Make the new afk area look old and overgrown

  • Austin Tips
    Austin Tips

    Hi what is your texture pack?

  • John Oberhauser
    John Oberhauser

    the tower looks like a watch tower!

  • Yanchea

    you should have a pile of blue wool as fake diamonds for a bit of a gag :p