Hermitcraft VII 911 The Mumbo For Mayor Interview!
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Episode Thirty! In this one we interview the button man himself, mister Mumbo Jumbo about his Mumbo For Mayor campaign!
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  • HoxhaClips


  • dailygame

    OMG the pigstep in the interview was amazing

  • John Wiggle
    John Wiggle

    Hey Xisumvoid i know this is a old video but i want to know how you equip your press hat because i want it on my own skin in minecraft. Please give me a tutorial how to do it

  • Dragon Ball Gaming YT
    Dragon Ball Gaming YT

    xisuma bee swimming in profits!

  • ccc310

    This is um... an interesting episode number.

  • Uday Atwal
    Uday Atwal


  • Ghost Toast
    Ghost Toast

    I like how Mumbo tells the *admin* he want to rule the sever

  • Ghost Toast
    Ghost Toast

    Mmm yes *Mumbo* is putting up the signs

  • Kim Johnson
    Kim Johnson

    Mumbo jumbo political outsider

  • Garret Gordon
    Garret Gordon

    his suit isnt business, its buzzness

  • Joseph Mackey
    Joseph Mackey

    Someone needs to build a giant The Tick statue holding mumbo high in the sky. The ultimate spoon prank.

  • Emily Valdez
    Emily Valdez

    Mr.Suma: I smell vaugly of honey Cub:you put that in your resumé?? Mr.Suma: .......

  • Poppy Rymer
    Poppy Rymer

    Is it just me or do mumbo and X sound very similar

  • Mohammad Waseem
    Mohammad Waseem

    22:55 he knew!

  • Cat

    Prove that You've watched the last episode If you remember this then You've watched it: eLeCtRiC BoOgA bOoGa

  • jun wang
    jun wang

    The herald put in the posters cuz they ran out of stories (just a theory)

  • Kayleigh Lehrman
    Kayleigh Lehrman

    Missed an opportunity to say "buzzness" school

  • MythWish

    I love how Cub was just going along with everything in the resume. That was really adorable

  • Link Sheep
    Link Sheep

    Mumbo for Mayor

  • Clarissa Labayog
    Clarissa Labayog

    Mumbo jumbo vote mumbo for mayor

  • Shiftyleaf61833

    I just sat through the mumbo interview mad cos they weren’t 2 meters apart 😑

  • Shadow- Brawl stars
    Shadow- Brawl stars

    use mumbos design for the concrete blaster

  • Jawad Ahmed
    Jawad Ahmed

    The episode number...

  • Frosty

    43 stacks of diamonds

  • Prime Sandquist
    Prime Sandquist

    How do you get hats in Minecraft

  • Mouse

    Wow you are so clever. I would never have thought to do that concrete machine to look like it's making concrete. Brilliant

  • kulamen


  • Isabella Cribb
    Isabella Cribb

    *really business kinda music, real serious mayoral questions Question 4: What do you eat your cereal with? Mumbo: a *spoon*

  • Iceofender 1
    Iceofender 1

    Did anyone else spot the loot llama from fortnite

  • PureSp1r1t

    I wish I could like this video twice.

  • Mary Jo Dennison
    Mary Jo Dennison

    for the warehouse you should have a sign than says employbees only

  • Cabillo Plays
    Cabillo Plays

    Mumbo pulled a Biden on us; he doesn’t even know why he’s running😂

  • AncientRomen MP3V
    AncientRomen MP3V

    Mumbo: I eat my cereal with a spoon. X: What an idea! Why didn't I think of that? 💭

  • State College CONELRAD
    State College CONELRAD

    why are the towers missing

  • thomas ziegelmann
    thomas ziegelmann

    YOU SPOON! you could have made a sand and gravel duper and craft up the powder transport it to the shop and sell the powder instead.

  • Elijah Young
    Elijah Young

    The Mumboian Candidate.

  • Nyxira

    That's a pretty swanky hat, mate. Would you say it's a... Trilbee?

  • Joel Foxall
    Joel Foxall

    You should turn in a report to the Herald saying Mumbo would just be a puppet for Grian.


    does anyone know the name of the plugin/data pack he's using to preview Shulker Boxes' inventory? 10:43

    • Nicolas Rogala
      Nicolas Rogala

      Vanillatweaks on his website. It's actually part of the resource pack

  • Kurisu

    15:23 oof I'm glad the paper doesn't actually say "entrail". That means guts and stuff. 🤢

  • Nicole Bautista
    Nicole Bautista

    I love the hermits, I really do... But when they start talking redstone, I get a massive headache cuz I can't understand... 😔😔😔

  • Spicy Pepper
    Spicy Pepper

    Too many mumbo for mayer shouts in streams!!! XD Literally terraria streams

  • Abhishek Peddi
    Abhishek Peddi


  • Abhishek Peddi
    Abhishek Peddi

    #mumbo for mayor

  • Nick Stevens
    Nick Stevens

    Sell copies of your old hermit craft servers, money for all of you!!!! We want to see them!!!!!

  • Tony C
    Tony C

    Never forget 9/11

  • Zocci42

    Idea. Please hear me out. I know I’ve suggested adding DanTDM to Hermitcraft, and while I stand behind my position that it would benefit everyone involved, that’s not this. When the game updates, and you reset the nether, why not invite him for a guest appearance. You could have a nether busting/exploration episode, or series of episodes, where he is invited to explore the new nether with you all, maybe make some builds, or participate is some sort of contest or game. That way, he gets to meet all of you, you get to know him a bit better, and everyone can get a taste of how it would benefit all of you. The man has 22mil subscribers, and has been playing Minecraft for as long if not longer than many hermits! He has had tons of play-alongside, and modded plays, and all sorts of things he’s accomplished. He recently completed every single achievement in hardcore, and has survived in vanilla hardcore for more than 88 days. So far. His fans love watching him play Minecraft, and I think it would bring some freshness back to the game for him. You know as well as I do, that his fans will follow other hermits, and your fans will follow him. It’s a win-win. I can’t find a downside. I believe he’s need finding Minecraft a bit dull lately, and you know that feeling yourself. I’m sure this would remind him how great the game is and how much he loves it again. Just a thought, and I get it if you don’t. But at least give it a think.

  • limes arebest
    limes arebest


  • OlivineGrapeTest92

    1:56 43 stacks of diamonds huh? Well, thats quite a lot!

  • Ryan

    Anyone notice that this is ep 911?

  • Stafey

    Pewdiepie and James Charles both supports him he has to win!

  • Rab barMC
    Rab barMC


  • Ben Visconti
    Ben Visconti

    Mumbo for mayor

  • Jamie Wakefield
    Jamie Wakefield

    A face that you can trust

  • mr_gropy2

    what is your shulker rp

  • Jan Szarwiła
    Jan Szarwiła

    21:10 43 stacks of diamonds

  • Suhail Rahmetulla
    Suhail Rahmetulla


  • Asher VanTassell
    Asher VanTassell

    What’s xisumaviod’s accent?

  • Lachtan Český
    Lachtan Český


  • Neoilluitom

    18:38 such a missed opportunity for a pun, wasted "Your suit is looking *fly* " ya know because bees fly? No? Ok.

  • Gamer gods
    Gamer gods

    R u cheeting 1:18

  • Adam Chatters
    Adam Chatters

    Hi xisuma! Just wondering what you run the hermitcraft server on because I want to start a server with my friends but don't know how :)

  • Kaashyap Balaji
    Kaashyap Balaji

    My esteemed colleagues: it is time to act! The Hermitcraft world is falling into chaos. Out of the confusion, one man will lead us to hope. VOTE MUMBO FOR MAYOR 2020 of the Shopping District! #MUMBOFORMAYOR - Brought to you by the mustachioed man with a plan with SPOONS FOR EVERYONE!!!! #SPOONS!!!!

  • yeaolon

    Nobody: Me: I’m gonna make a meme comment to ruin your guys’ day >:) Just kidding. I like how you use noteblock/jukebox songs in your videos just like Etho. It adds this taste of the old days.

  • Jayson Cadano
    Jayson Cadano

    Please make an interview room to make it more official. Just a podium with a lever as mic would do. Love the interviews! False, Scar and Joe is running for mayor too.

  • WackoMcGoose

    I love just how much Beesuma has committed to the bee thing this season... his "resume" was perfect. 🐝🐝🐝

  • DundaBluebone

    it appears there needs to be a dedicated interview space in the courtyard of the Harald complete with chairs and potted plants and carpet and such. not unlike the studio Beef built in, what was it , season 4?

  • Felix Claudio Albano III
    Felix Claudio Albano III

    i know what exactly what mumbo means for the cereal.mumbo is a spoon and xisuma said everyone for SPOONS

  • Ameer69 _420
    Ameer69 _420

    He should have built a plane or twin towers because it was episode 911 or 9/11

    • Skadoodly_ Dave
      Skadoodly_ Dave


  • Emmary Artistry
    Emmary Artistry

    I love how mumbo just goes with it. He doesn't exactly state he never actually chose to run. He just is like 'yup, I guess I wanna be mayor ╮(o_o)╭'

  • RastaBlaaze


  • Ben McCarthy
    Ben McCarthy

    how did you press alt to see inside that shulker? is it vanilla tweaks?

  • dustin vandevender
    dustin vandevender

    That's the problem with local elections: everybody runs unopposed!

  • EIiza

    Grian. That's what made him run for mayor.

  • Theme Park Bonkers
    Theme Park Bonkers

    Episode 9/11 watch for the plane...

  • Dim & Tested
    Dim & Tested

    whats the resource pack you use?

  • Willamtosay


  • TheGluehbirne

    I built something very similar to your concrete maker, just a few days ago. What a coincidence... I'm not sure it would work with gravity affected blocks, though

  • Dectek

    Wadzee should join hermicraft

  • Siera Sue
    Siera Sue

    What if mumbo jumbo is a Dictator

  • ponygirl gamer
    ponygirl gamer

    17:15 Beesuma looks so frickin adorable! >w< He looks like a little kid wanting to look like a profesional to his parents ♥️♥️♥️

  • Seth Riggle
    Seth Riggle

    There's even fake news on hermitcraft! Crazy. No one likes the press cause they all liers

  • Johannes Mayrhofer
    Johannes Mayrhofer

    Or are you really a bee 🐝?

  • Ayden

    Is that the Russian flag on the thumbnail?

  • Johannes Mayrhofer
    Johannes Mayrhofer

    Face reveal?

  • Mr SkyGamezz
    Mr SkyGamezz

    2is this the 911th episode of hermitcraft season 7? or of all seasons i dont get it

  • Fred Watson
    Fred Watson

    19:45 yesssssss

  • Hyrum Manuel
    Hyrum Manuel

    mumbo did not put up the signs it was grain!

  • Emily McLeod
    Emily McLeod


  • Jessica Durn
    Jessica Durn

    Your skin somehow got even cuter. I like the use of Pigstep, too!

  • SirSmol Cookies
    SirSmol Cookies

    Did anyone the misspelling of cereal as "ceral"?

  • silky milkmoose
    silky milkmoose

    i am sneezing out scarbled eggs hy help me pls

  • Brian Thiessen
    Brian Thiessen

    make a hermit civil war

  • M. Cloud
    M. Cloud

    I decided to start watching xisuma’s videos as well and,,, OMG HE POSTS SO MUCH??????? The hermitcraft content I’ve been missing out on,, omg

  • dragonfella

    His the mayor of shopping district

  • TheDinoBoi

    Mumbo say to eat cereal with spoons Me: But Mumbo is a spoon

  • veggiboy

    Does Mumbo have a swirly mustache or a wide open mouth with two tooth

  • E-Synthic FlamingOcean
    E-Synthic FlamingOcean

    Sub to my channel?

  • Emory Gleason
    Emory Gleason

    I love that he played pigstep as the background during the interview

  • Aoikitty

    Alternative title : Barry B. Benson applies for a job