Hermitcraft VII 945 The Pink Road!
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Episode Sixty Four! A whole stack of episodes! In this one we pick up the pink road and renovate the area around it into a biome!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 31-40
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  • Momus God of mockery
    Momus God of mockery

    I still need to get caught up on you and other hermits, you're Fine.

  • HoxhaClips

    holy whatever resource pack he is using on his amour is amazing it looks so much better!

  • Lochlan Ogrizovich
    Lochlan Ogrizovich

    you could have put a bubble of glass around the honey shop and left the grass

  • Playlist Maker2
    Playlist Maker2

    Idea: add some crashed *ufos* along the road....

  • Леонид Јаневски
    Леонид Јаневски

    Hello you must be a hermitcraft fan just like me! Well I'm making a server simular to hermitcraft (datapacks and the style of playing) but it's still different in some ways. If you want to join make sure you will be active on the server and make RSloft videos. If you will do this, then just dm me on discord my name and tag is TheLeviathanX#9599 or leonid50#9093

  • Jouke Beekhof
    Jouke Beekhof

    20:05 the turtles are moving

  • UOAbigail LeVey
    UOAbigail LeVey

    Item sorter breaks due to lack of overflow protection I believe. Items can group up inside of water streams and their hopper can pick up a larger stack all at once than it can move into other hoppers below.. so the '41' items becomes '42' '43' etc.. and over time can build up to 60 or more. This causes the redstone signal out the back to unlock other nearby item sorter hoppers, which then drain the '41' from their reserve, and then the actual filter items as well. Possible solution.. use the '21 item' filter version (i.e. any item that stacks to 64 renamed to 'filter' and put 21 of them across the 4 filter locations.. then you only need 1 item in the filter slot instead of 41. This would allow longer before it breaks. It will still eventually break with this method, however, as the underlying problem of extended redstone signals reaching other filters is not being addressed. There is a solution.. I will see if I can find the link.. it is a bit more complex and uses an alternating pattern to properly separate the filters from each other while still being side-by-side tileable. Here is a version of it that is similar to what I use.. rsloft.info/loft/video/iK2g3LHP0aPWi4o. This is not the exact version I use but the principle is the same. I realize you may not wish to use this kind of sorter because of the need for the sticky pistons and that it will be causing noise/lag.. but it does fix the breaking issue you have been experiencing.

  • Pixel_dominator

    Yeah you should definitely take some time off

  • John Willis
    John Willis

    12:40 I'm late but I think it's worth at least trying!

  • wjerame

    Whenever you say we're building a tower, here we go again, but then I see it and it's great, woohoo towers. Keep em coming haha

  • Pize YM
    Pize YM

    Hey xisumavoid I watch your live stream and I want you to add jump 2 beacons with glass and carpet on top so it really makes it feel like the moon

  • Sassy

    Absolutely!! Take it off.. I love watching all of you on hermitcraft. It takes away from my day to day life with all the hoopla that is going on in the states. Enjoy your time and see you soon. Be safe

  • scott mullen
    scott mullen

    Dead coral blocks could work well in this theme.

  • swee min chin
    swee min chin

    You need some cheese

  • funy man is me
    funy man is me

    did you ask tango if you could do that modification? I know I'd be a tad bit irked if someone messed with my shop

  • Bella Dea
    Bella Dea

    Will miss your videos/frequency but you and your family come first!

  • Da Bananananana
    Da Bananananana

    Take your time! I just started back to school, so I'm super behind on Hermitcraft anyway.

  • -_-

    You should ask Zombie Clio to make you some armor stand astronauts and a flag, and they could be bouncing around

  • -_-

    Day 1: asking xisuma to fix the z fighting on the vanilla tweaks redstone

  • Wynette

    I think that you dont need to ask us if you want time off. i mean its your life so do what you want

  • Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
    Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan

    I know that this is late, but I don't think anyone will have an issue with you taking some time off for yourself! Everyone needs a break every now and then, and you've definitely deserved one!

  • Paige Galloway
    Paige Galloway

    The moonscape idea is cool, and does look cool, but it absolutely does NOT belong in that colorful area. The honey shop looked ten times better with the green grass. It was so fitting. But now it looks awful and the white buildings blend in with the new "biome" way too much. Please, please put it back and do the moonscape somewhere else. Also, it seems kind of rude to tear down and redo sections of builds that don't belong to you..? But that's just me. 🙄

  • Jakob mdch
    Jakob mdch

    Ice would look great as a material for the moon, especially with the variations of it giving even more texture

  • SirDualSaber

    An accompanying timelapse with a breakdown of the building process would be delightful

  • Kate M
    Kate M

    Definitely take the time for yourself and your family. Sometimes we don't know the good that time away can do for us until we take it. Relax and recharge

  • EonWhite

    Maybe the turtles could be resident aliens in your moonscape.

  • EonWhite

    Take it easy for September! No need to run yourself into the ground before taking a break.

  • EonWhite

    Talking through the building process with a time lapse at the end is worth giving a go. Just try it out.

  • Anthon Törnquist
    Anthon Törnquist



    Try less uploads it’s fine

  • Etsi o
    Etsi o

    Chains... on the moon?

  • Jacksonjameswan

    Quality over quantity

  • Lecactus of Borg
    Lecactus of Borg

    Personally I think the moonscape needs dead coral blocks because it will give it that crater texture feels.

  • Jill Warne
    Jill Warne

    yeah take some time off

  • Ranggle Mitten5
    Ranggle Mitten5


  • Jimbobaluey

    If you put jump boost in that area it would really make it feel like the moon

  • Aidan Clark
    Aidan Clark

    Yo X, your mental and physical health need to always come first and you gotta know we’re here for ya when you need to take some time off!

  • William Huntley
    William Huntley

    take some time off x!

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith

    You should add jump boost beacons to add more to the moon effect

  • Skillus Eclasius II
    Skillus Eclasius II

    Pff. You lied to us! You didn't show us how to build the tower from top to bottom. You built it from bottom to top!

  • TimmyRex11 !
    TimmyRex11 !

    Do what u want xisuma. We are all grateful for what u do and everyone needs breaks sometimes

  • Kaden Schexnayder
    Kaden Schexnayder

    Thank god the rock shop sells moon rocks now the plugs runnin low 😅🥦

  • Kai Rock
    Kai Rock

    Yes take a brake! You upload a lot so it must be a lot of stress

  • Zoe Peter Yloi Denuyo
    Zoe Peter Yloi Denuyo

    16:12 looked like it was built on a superflat world

  • hazz games
    hazz games

    plz take time off u dezerve it u grind so hard we r thxful

  • Stratinez

    You’re so selfless. Does anyone feel that way every time they watch his videos?

  • Matthew Nemeth
    Matthew Nemeth

    Totally take time off! It’s well deserved

  • Sano dark angel
    Sano dark angel

    Take a break whenever. Im surprised yall have been uploading so much during quarantine. I watch you for the quality and time spent, if you need more time with your family, go ahead. Family before Wandering Traders

  • Devin Dufrene
    Devin Dufrene

    I always tell RSloftrs... Take however much time you need. Better to recharge than to burn out. :-D

  • The Kitty’s Keep
    The Kitty’s Keep

    Me Being mad cause he didn’t mention grians huge shop

  • George Agorakis
    George Agorakis

    You should add a massive spike on top of your new tower, Because it doesn’t look like it’s affected by gravity... Also: your channel may be yours, but your very own life is too ,and it’s far more important. So do whatever you want really, I am pretty sure that everyone wants you to be happy.

  • Ads Awesome
    Ads Awesome

    You won't have a good time mixing the textured but you will have a good time WITH SCAR

  • Jacob Griffiths
    Jacob Griffiths

    Add a beacon with jump boost

  • Scorpius SCO
    Scorpius SCO

    11:45 You are flying so much there. Why didn't you use slow falling potion?

  • Jace Hunter
    Jace Hunter

    Take some time off dude bro! U deserve it after cranking out amazing, fantastic videos!

  • Studio Doulos
    Studio Doulos

    I feel like the amount of videos is perfect but if you need to slow down, go for it man!!

  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo

    I'm cool with you taking a break Xisuma. Even though playing gamea is part of your income we can't just sit around and play games all day long. You need a change of pace, get some fresh air, spend some quality time with the family an friends. Its all good brother. Plus it will give me and maybe other people a chance to catch up on other hermit videos. Also it gets us fans of your content something to be excited and wait for. As I tell people in clans an guilds I'm in on some mobile games is personal health, life, family/friends, ect always comes first over the game.

  • kevin

    Take as much time off as you need mate. More free time will give you more inspiration for other projects ideas

  • Yehuda Miller
    Yehuda Miller

    You should add a jump boost beacon to moon area roads to make it feel like lower gravity

  • Nasnin Mirza
    Nasnin Mirza

    Scar changed all the mycelium to grass and you want to change it!

  • subsonicdeathmonkey

    If you even have to ask the question then I think you should do it. Take some time. It seems like the healthy thing to do.

  • Jacob Manning
    Jacob Manning

    You should use end stone

  • Rivaboyz

    where can I find that remix of mutation I really like it

  • SuperRyder2010

    who doesent like a time- lapse so all in!

  • Sabrina Cooper
    Sabrina Cooper

    Upload when you want to. This is your content. I'll be here whenever you do.

  • adi asmawi
    adi asmawi

    Talk while doing the time lapse

  • Misplaced Games
    Misplaced Games

    I feel like I would be fine with you posting less

  • Aaron Pulley
    Aaron Pulley

    You deserve a break. Enjoy! Don't worry about making longer videos, though. I like your 20 minute ones because they're easier to fit into my day.

  • Kat-Z-Wolf

    Take as much time off as you need X! It's good to take a break sometimes and you never know you need a break until you take one.

  • Brian power
    Brian power

    Take some time off we love u and if u need time by your self that's fine

  • Aristamo

    I got an idea for the moon base. Get a jump boost beacon in the area to let all feel like they jump on the moon.

  • Devine Digital
    Devine Digital

    Definitely take the time! Enjoy it 😀

  • Ben Fernandez-Sheinbaum
    Ben Fernandez-Sheinbaum

    Definitely take time off if you need it

  • Mathieu Forster
    Mathieu Forster

    Is it me or is this video uploaded at 480p

  • Whata Wa
    Whata Wa

    I have an idea! Make a dome of stained glass around the parking lot of the concrete shop

  • Caleb Mok
    Caleb Mok

    Im afraid that someones gunna accidentally place water on moonscape

  • Noanox

    For the moon conor palette, wouldn't mycelium look good?

  • Matteo Siegwart
    Matteo Siegwart

    Jump Boost Beacon/Potions and slow falling potions would make it feel more like the moon Like if you agree

  • JJ Martin
    JJ Martin

    Oooh, the bee hive looks like some sort of Alien nest or hive, fits in really well. Also definitely take time of if you want or need to.

  • HSlam

    It’s up to you

  • momorain

    X your mic in this Video sounds pretty terrible :) (Just came from Etho and than it really hit me what a difference there is in audio quality. Maybe you can ask him what he is using or something cause his sounded great) Also have a nice day bud

  • lilbean artist
    lilbean artist

    Ommggg...his voice did change when he first started

  • Elias Ludwig
    Elias Ludwig

    you deserve the break

  • Oliver Wattles
    Oliver Wattles

    The talking over time lapse idea is one that you have to put in effort for it NOT to work. It's easy and effective, and I believe is the best of both worlds when it comes to what's seen and heard. Mumbo and Iskall do it all the time, I know Cub used it a bit in his videos, so it's not something far fetched. As for your break in September, go for it. Take as much time as you need, we don't want you to force yourself into making content.

  • d games
    d games

    X id u need a little break take a little break u upload for us to watch and we always wish we had more but we know ur human to u can should take a little break

  • James Alcock
    James Alcock

    I don’t mind you taking a break you deserve it.

  • Anna Machová
    Anna Machová

    Sure, feel free to upload any time you want!

  • Fiona the Gayest Tiefling
    Fiona the Gayest Tiefling

    For the floor of the moon terrain, using slabs to simulate craters. Also for your question, do what you need to do. None of us want to see you burn out. Better to take a break when you might need it than to push forward and not realize you're burning out

  • 99NEPtune99 ™
    99NEPtune99 ™

    actually id be completely fine with you taking some time off because I have exams upcoming

  • Big O
    Big O

    What do you use to see what's inside a shulker box when u hover ur mouse over it

  • Wesley Powell
    Wesley Powell

    You should use some clay for moon rocks too

  • Donovan Liew
    Donovan Liew

    Wot highest quality at 480p?

  • Anna Reilly
    Anna Reilly

    It's OK X. You deserve a break. Thank you for all of your vids and all of the joy you bring ALL of your viewers!

  • KingCarter1211

    When people play your PvP mini games you should have a cease skin and watch the people play and like nod or shake your head. =D

  • A Peckx
    A Peckx

    Take a break man we'll still be here when you get back

  • Shu En
    Shu En

    Take time off, it's alright!

  • Mizant 0b0t
    Mizant 0b0t

    Can you show us a picture of the pc that runs hermitcraft? i want to know if its a he or she or defines as a microwave or attack helicopter

  • Diamond Knight
    Diamond Knight

    Since the white wool looks kind of like compressed rocks, you might be able to use it as a way to show car paths or something.

  • Michael Redhage
    Michael Redhage

    Go right ahead with the break.

  • Richard F
    Richard F

    Take your time man! Wouldn’t be bad to slow down a bit and enjoy the real world more.