Hermitcraft VII 957 A Maze, Treasure Hunt & Giant Trophy!
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Episode Seventy Six! This episode we finish our new challenge game, a treasure hunt and the road competition!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 51-60
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  • xisumavoid

    First video on my new channel comes out this week! :-) rsloft.info/video/w3e5HIQiYc7p1bEpOtEkog.html

    • UNSC 2003
      UNSC 2003

      Get B-dubs to build another gold statue at your base somewhere or near your trophie castle X

    • Lachlan1462

      You should us e the free build to do a moon base on the moon biome

    • stijn van oorschot
      stijn van oorschot

      Bdubbs should make a mini replica of the whole world

    • Joe The Juggalo
      Joe The Juggalo

      Will check it out shortly. Catching up on a few hermit videos first.

    • Sha_Anova

      i'm guessing that ppl have asked this before... but i've been searching online for the answer and i can't seem to find it.. i just started up my own server but the one thing i run in to is that one person sleeping doesn't change the night cycle to day. i feel like it is a mod.. but i've been searching and i just don't know where to look. most of what i've found is just tutorials for daylight/nightlight detector builds. i would like something exactly like how bdubs can sleep and change the cycle to day time for the whole server if he is in the overworld. i'm new to having a server, this is a feature that i'd like. i just can't seem to find the answer on my own... so i'm asking all the xuma's and the community... can you point me in the right direction? Thanks. -Sha

  • ExtraSteps

    1:39 Lol, anticlimatic means you're against the weather!

  • Cute says
    Cute says

    bdubs should build like a showcase building very medivally and put the trophy in it

  • Keith Lawrence Delos Santos
    Keith Lawrence Delos Santos

    Data pack please🥺

  • Mike 28
    Mike 28


  • Rasmus Toft Møller
    Rasmus Toft Møller

    make bdubs build you a shop that you and cub will share

  • Valgornify

    I think a blended build could be fun, a bee themed pyramid of sorts or futuristic Egyptian tower.

  • DaHoB00

    Have Bdubs build you a giant Castel with on a cliffs edge overlooking a quaint town.

  • Jake Varner
    Jake Varner

    Xisuma: building a door maze Grian: >:3c

  • DeadlyKitten

    At 5:30 that is not a T flip flop, it is a JK flip flop. a T flip flop has 1 input and toggles each time it gets a signal. a JK flip flop has 2 inputs and set and reset, when it gets a signal the output is either set to ON or reset to OFF depending on which input gets the signal note: it is not my intent to be rude, just to inform/ clarify

  • Gabriel Miranda
    Gabriel Miranda

    you should invite Pixlriffs to HERMICRAFT, he is a great youtuber and would add a great vibe to hermicraft.

  • Crispot123

    Hep is overrated

  • I Play Minecraft Almost Every Day
    I Play Minecraft Almost Every Day

    Make Bdubs Build something unreasonably huge.

  • Hamza Sayyid
    Hamza Sayyid

    Just wanna say that this door maze game is in amazing idea!!! Nice one !

  • Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell

    Xisuma: “so here we have a T flip flop” Me, who’s up way too late studying electrical engineering: “that’s an SR latch Xisuma!”

  • Dean Rose
    Dean Rose

    ask Bdubs to build a giant Bdubs

  • puregametheytuber

    let him build ur mum lol that was a joke

  • Ultra V2
    Ultra V2

    Maybe it is in the rockets

  • Herman Smink
    Herman Smink

    10:30 i see 3 heads and the cat is the smallest

  • Endermation

    Me watching the chat btwn Impulse cub and papa K instead of Watching the redstone.

  • Irish DLT
    Irish DLT

    Get Bdubs to build your faces on mount scarmore

  • Benjamin Whitney
    Benjamin Whitney

    You should have bribe make a giant trophy room for you and cub to put your trophy in it. Like if you agree

  • Kathryn Baker
    Kathryn Baker

    Mycelium residents Headquarters tracker

  • Nick Ralston
    Nick Ralston

    I expect a Skyrim imperial-stormcloak battle between the resistance and HEP

  • Kordhel

    Hey Xisum can anyone join hermitcraft???

  • Max Harrington
    Max Harrington


  • Blacksmiths Bench Studios
    Blacksmiths Bench Studios


  • Zalli

    This is a minor nitpick, but during your explanation of the redstone behind the maze game you kept referring the piston memory thing as a T-flip flop, even though that was an SR-latch. Great looking minigame though!

  • LeonardlLP

    I forgot to Listen to how the game works because I was so focused on what keralis and the other people were writing in the chat :D I think Keralis got stuck somewhere where he shouldn't be

  • LeonardlLP

    I forgot to Listen to how the game works because I was so focused on what keralis and the other people were writing in the chat :D I think Keralis got stuck somewhere where he shouldn't be

  • Craytherlaygaming

    Me seeing H.E.P. and the Mycelium resistance prepareing for War, and remembering the Hermit craft Civil war from S6, and also Remember... the precise person who started both.... My.... *GOD* Grian's a God of Chaos, he started both wars!

  • Craytherlaygaming

    Scar:"Mycelium is a top level, Infection" Me:"I don't know... Sounds like WWII propoganda.... waait.... cordycepts..... Nah Can't be it, Ah shoot... The Crimson is spreading in my Terraria world brb, Unlike Mycelium.. Thats a menace... Even spawns eldritch horrors... FUDGE! It's broken into my Minecraft worlds, Is that even possible?"

  • BlazingArcanine

    Instead of a pyramid for cub, might be nice to have him build cub a sphynx or something

  • tkkot

    Not a tflop. It's an RS-NOR latch.

  • Mankdk

    You should get B-dubs to build a second trophy for you

  • MineFaul_

    The biggest of the three could mean the golden trophy for the road building contest on top of the town hall

  • Deterlotte

    Please add wattles in season 8

  • Joshua Oehler
    Joshua Oehler

    I feel like the maze game is too easy. One of the players is virtually omniscient... Imagine the "challenge" of running a maze while a guardian angel guides you through it ... 🤷🏻‍♂️ It would be better if you replaced sections of glass with solid blocks, so the player in the maze would have to be on their own for portions of the maze. Their team mate could tell them where they need to end up, but neither know exactly how to get there.

  • WeaponSon Gaming
    WeaponSon Gaming

    Bdubs should make a grass factory

  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master

    this is the fifth video i've commented on this but he says STRESS is neutral the dummy

    • EpicPants

      He can't know she's a secret member of HEP

    • EpicPants


  • Thomas Maurizi
    Thomas Maurizi

    bdubs should build a trophy room

  • Travis Tracht
    Travis Tracht

    Make Bdubs do a Redstone build

  • Thumpling901

    Love the editing in the video the cuts are clean as always 👌

  • Manuel Varela
    Manuel Varela

    And thus neo-liberalism leads to eco-fascism

  • Diamond Explorer
    Diamond Explorer

    Cub should get bdubs to build the Sphinx thingy next to Cubs pyramid

  • Chun Lee
    Chun Lee

    I have an idea for the entrance! The original maze.

  • Chun Lee
    Chun Lee

    I have an idea for the entrance! The original maze.

  • TopTidy Angel
    TopTidy Angel

    who looked about the chat when karalis got stuck and didnt really watch the game making

  • BoyInBed

    Have b dubs build his colluseum from mindcrack.

  • NewS.J. Gaming
    NewS.J. Gaming

    A Beerymid

  • Krupananda Mannekunta
    Krupananda Mannekunta

    The (real) mycelium Resistance base is at the time of 10:50 around that area dig down in grian latest video it's in between the Omega store and Bernie

  • Andrew Boenig
    Andrew Boenig

    Get Brubaker to build you a farm that will allow you to put one of his shops out of business

  • Shock Goat
    Shock Goat

    I say for the dubs build u make him build a pyramid filled with towers

  • Bryce Wilson
    Bryce Wilson

    You should make Bdubs build another road

  • Julia Kruk
    Julia Kruk

    Bdubs shall build you a tank engine, like Thomas but no face and black

  • FleeBiss

    How cool would it be if the mycelium ressiatnce and the HEP had a massive battle at the end of the season

  • Columbian Toad
    Columbian Toad

    How did your voice get higher. I just watched episode 1 season 1 of hermit craft 😂

  • Hampster_gaming101

    Make him build you a bee pyramid


    Remember that sand castle how about a sandcastle village

  • Kristof Winant
    Kristof Winant

    meet the press

  • Baron Lewis
    Baron Lewis

    how do you add the little emotes on your tools?

  • Pato_59

    a huge stand for the trophy

  • Wibiz

    The maze game is cool, but the jungle wood looks horrid.

  • Noah Hudson
    Noah Hudson

    its HIP

  • Op Dino
    Op Dino

    I just had an idea, what if the game had the lodestone feature like in decked out as a singleplayer mode?

  • Kenny Ken
    Kenny Ken

    You should check Ithe under of Iskall slime shop as all the sheep came from there. Maybe the resistance actually base is there too?

  • preston Life
    preston Life

    Wow scar is a socialist making his own history saying grass was there first when it was not watch the first episode and check the official biome thru f3

  • animeking1357

    Do resource packs from Vanilla Tweaks work with Bedrock version? I want to try out that dark gui pack.

  • MicrowaveOven

    xisuma iskalls treasure island has a giant floating sign above it in the shopping district which is causing a great amount of server lag it is very apparent in mumbo Jumbo's latest video and b-dubs

  • Racool

    It's scary to think how close we are to Episode 1000

  • boss man
    boss man

    hey I hear you allow ppl to join hermit craft if they pay you is it true? I need ppl to play with but im not a yt

  • Brother Theo
    Brother Theo

    set-reset flip flop. T f-f has one input, s-r has 2.

  • バイブKyōjin

    Switch The Sea Lanterns To Sheer Pumpkins With Lights On.So That It Will Match The Wood And Also Will Be More Competitive.And also Halloween is Coming Up.

  • Lilia Lang
    Lilia Lang

    You should make him build a diamond throne for you two!

  • Time Is An Illusion
    Time Is An Illusion

    One question. What happens when the invisibility potion runs out of juice/power?

  • Acenymous

    Bdubs should build you and cub holding the trophy together

  • starnuts 123
    starnuts 123


  • starnuts 123
    starnuts 123


  • Sophie Tucker
    Sophie Tucker

    for halloween all the hermits should make a house on a halloween spooky street and you can make ur own house like a spooky mini game to win ‘treats’ like diamonds or gold or whatever.

  • Troy Snelson
    Troy Snelson

    #MyceliumResistance forever

  • Jessica Cain
    Jessica Cain

    Not sure what I want Bdubs to build, but I feel like anything you ask him to build should be done within an episode. Some options: A shopping district build, a nether build, A build in Xisuma's base, or a build in Cub's base.

  • Li Mu Bai
    Li Mu Bai

    Hey guys, do you know a good place to find datapacks? Not considering xisuma's web, curse or planetminecraft. Thanks in advance

  • Mohammad Tahir
    Mohammad Tahir

    a vault for your trophy

  • Ciaran Mooney
    Ciaran Mooney

    It would be cool if you could somehow track how many times they activate doors inside the maze, so they can't just run through/makes each door switch a tactical choice that they have to weigh against the time.

  • Connor Ryan
    Connor Ryan

    Use spruce doors you can’t see through them

  • JamesG 23
    JamesG 23


  • One's Demise
    One's Demise

    Xisuma is the doomguy towards mycelium

  • by.Sigurd

    You Will bed a goat man in the next season

  • Galang Rendhell
    Galang Rendhell

    Hermit challengest door Stiller's

  • G̸l̷i̴t̶c̸h̴e̶d̶ J̵s̶o̶n̷
    G̸l̷i̴t̶c̸h̴e̶d̶ J̵s̶o̶n̷

    A build is a specific arrangement of blocks, so a second hermitcraft server but upside down in the nether would be viable. _but a tunnel connecting your two bases could also be quite cool and useful_

  • Miles Henry
    Miles Henry

    get Bdubs build a monument to you and cubfan

  • Miles Henry
    Miles Henry


  • LeftText RightText
    LeftText RightText

    Make Bdubs build a comically large banana

  • Sulaiman Ali
    Sulaiman Ali

    Xisuma, you should use redstone lamps instead of sea lanterns. When the timer is finished the lights should turn off

  • LegoBoyProductions

    can you please make a podcast I would love to hear you talk about the stuff you talk about on xisumasays for like an hour or even 30 minutes?

  • Deny Frijns
    Deny Frijns

    Hey Xisuma, can you do a series on Wynncraft?

  • Bubbly CandyBoy
    Bubbly CandyBoy

    Bdubs build castle

  • The Unholy Smirk
    The Unholy Smirk

    how did hey get that shulkerbox thing?

  • Brian Dotong
    Brian Dotong

    1:23 woah! an awesome and simple game concept.

  • Kristoffer N
    Kristoffer N

    Bdubs should build a big base for prankers