Hermitcraft VII 924 Third Time's The Charm (Finishing The Area)
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Episode Forty Three! We have a project area that needs finishing and this episode we will do just that!
Simple & Fast AFK Concrete Maker (30 minute build) | Minecraft
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 11-20
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  • Java Jonah
    Java Jonah

    Hi xisuma have u got any advice for youtube survival mineraft?????

  • La papita
    La papita


  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Slifer Streaming
    Slifer Streaming

    15:17 little editing mistake there? Lol overlapping voice?

  • MikeGonzales84

    Is it just me or did I see one scene 4 times?

  • Raze7728 Gaming
    Raze7728 Gaming

    Anyone else see the hole in wall still there after he put in obsidian? Happy he patched it. :)

  • Antek Szwaj
    Antek Szwaj

    8:30 you will actually

  • Antek Szwaj
    Antek Szwaj

    7:45 what an irony!

  • KoshVorlontay

    Do campfires kill slimes? Would that work at the farm instead of lava so you can get the drops??

  • daniel boyd
    daniel boyd

    Hey xisuma, when are we getting wandering trades for 1.16?

  • L 71
    L 71

    I’m watching this on thr26th hummmmm

  • Da Bananananana
    Da Bananananana

    How many leaves and oak logs have you placed/broken compared to Iskall and Rent?

  • Kylie Shellenbarger
    Kylie Shellenbarger

    I think the slime building looks perfect

  • Dalton Bedore
    Dalton Bedore

    what about an overgrown temple/ruins for the storage building?

  • Dalton Bedore
    Dalton Bedore

    "in the fly, on survival" classic x word swap!

  • BenGamin98

    No more wood farm? It would be nice if it was finished

  • greg jorda
    greg jorda

    ...lol ...in the fly on survival

  • Sean Lyttle
    Sean Lyttle

    Mine out all the quartz and glow-stone.

  • Saber Master5561
    Saber Master5561

    1.16 idea get full netherite armour and beacon :3

  • Jiminy Pickleton
    Jiminy Pickleton

    Did anyone notice the voice overlap at 15:17?

  • Zephyr

    Just wondering, Are the 1.16 blocks going to have mini block variants?

  • Smelly Fishstiks
    Smelly Fishstiks

    15:19 I’m assuming that wasn’t intended : p

  • Jessica 07
    Jessica 07

    Is it just me or dose anyone else watch his videos at night bc his videos are relaxing

  • Dris

    use magma blocks with hoper minecarts to kill the slimes when you are not using the farm

  • S M
    S M

    the music during the timelapse at around 10:00 is so beautiful

  • Dani DeVito
    Dani DeVito

    Hey X, maybe you should stock up on wool to make beds for finding netherite easily and perhaps selling the ores for other hermits

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King

    I think he should make the three pipes look like gravel, sand and dye inputs

  • lausin.

    You could save some resources by taking some of your farms down in the nether before 1.16

  • Kamikaze

    Perhaps you should build a cobblestone generator that will flush your concrete converter when you're done. That way you won't "lose" any at all.

  • Benjamin Kirby
    Benjamin Kirby

    Please may/can you release a world download before the 1.16 update?

  • Smake Studios
    Smake Studios

    Stock up on beds to use to blast mine ancient debris

  • SlickSwanSupreme

    Do a face reveal pls

  • Omar Elnaggar
    Omar Elnaggar

    Something you should do before 1.16: Trap a pigman in the overworld so HE will be the Last survivor

  • Jason Zook
    Jason Zook

    When I started watching the first thing I saw was 224 levels 224!!!

  • joris poska
    joris poska

    In one of the episodes you asked what you should do for episode 1000 so I did some thinking. I have wanted you to do a face reveal but never said it so for episode 1000 I think that you should do it

  • Stefanwk

    Use the Beeralis resourse pack, capture and enslave a bee, lead it to a fence and name it Keralis. That is what I done when I used that resourse pack


    stats: do with grian how many dark oak placed.

    • Ephraim HXE
      Ephraim HXE

      I don't think X has placed many dark oak at all tbh.

  • Karthikeyan S.T
    Karthikeyan S.T

    mumbo for mayor

  • Isla Graham
    Isla Graham

    i love your videos

  • Alden L.
    Alden L.

    Are you gonna make a video on how to prepare for 1.16? I would find it very useful.

  • Duck Tape
    Duck Tape

    could you invite wattles to the hermitcraft??

  • Ian Chong
    Ian Chong

    Why don't you make an office full of pillager at the news paper office. And make an news paper delivery like grian old message sender. This is also a new news is grumbot is hacked by iskal. But do not worry,mumbo reset grumbots mind and soon he will be ok in no time.

  • Officer A
    Officer A

    This comment has all the stuff you need for your next issue of the Huntington herald title name false symmetry endangers the life of all hermits. For symmetry and tango tech have been placing a bunch of hostile mobs around the shopping district so she can go in and save the day promote her campaign and have been figured out by the Minecraft Detective Officer A Who when he goes onto the server will put them into custody

  • bocaJ930

    maybe that tower without a purpose could become the storage tower (if there's enough room)

  • Ako Si Dylan
    Ako Si Dylan

    You guys should start a challenge ones the update come out. Challenge: first hermitcraft player to get 150 ancient debris or what ever number you want.

    • Ephraim HXE
      Ephraim HXE

      knowing the hermits, they'd smash that challenge in a few episodes.

  • Ako Si Dylan
    Ako Si Dylan

    Can’t wait for the update

  • Trenton jones
    Trenton jones

    Inv trixyBlox to hermitcraft

  • Azeed

    I tried closing my eyes, and listen to Xisuma, and it made me realize, he sounds like one of the professional business man talking if it's not Minecraft but reality instead.

  • AnizyArt

    Can’t believe how close 1.16 is now! I also really love the blast chamber area. It looks really cool :D

  • Eliot

    1.16 idea: get full god gold armour

  • Charles Phillips
    Charles Phillips

    I would try to stock up on gold and if you want wither skeleton skulls

  • Trentnoblade

    Grian and mumbo: 30 videos Xisuma: ah 900

  • Nomis 010404
    Nomis 010404

    Stock up on gold is a good idea

  • Bird With teeths
    Bird With teeths

    when the nether update gets here, you should do an episode where you act as an adventurer and go explore and map the nether and name regions and things

  • Marko F
    Marko F

    Thanks for making actovation's concrete maker. It is so nice to see to see that big youtubers shoutout small youtubers. Big fan of activation

  • Tamer14

    The Nether Update Is a Trap, it's Leading to Strider Ximavoid!

  • *insert word play here*
    *insert word play here*

    You should mine all the quartz you can find.

  • Konrad Kubuszek
    Konrad Kubuszek


  • TurtleRetwardZ

    Stat idea:Shulker box placed with iskall

  • Mila Tredoux
    Mila Tredoux

    Since transparent blocks dont effect the spawn rates for the slime farm- why not make a fog effect to try and hide the stone a bit more?

  • Stefan Lazarov
    Stefan Lazarov

    I think that it might be a good idea if you get the quartz near spawn because the new nether probably will last until the end of the season

  • Franz_fries

    The abandoned pipe in your blast chamber would be really cool if cover your whole area with that like a fence...just an idea

  • PeacefulMaelstrom

    Get rid of the granite and diorite in the walls of the slime farm

  • Jaxer

    In the slimefarm, could you please replace the diorite, granite, coal, etc... with stone, so the walls are clean?

  • Animated One
    Animated One

    X! Wouldn’t it be so evil of evil xisuma to reset the nether? Aw that’s so evil of him

  • Will Meeten
    Will Meeten


  • Moose Max
    Moose Max

    3:39 the middle hoppers does not get anything bc the hoppers at the chest put the items to the side instead of down

  • Max Tsui
    Max Tsui

    For preparation for 1.16 buy out some land in the shopping district for nether-related shops

  • Tobias Yndestad
    Tobias Yndestad

    Invait Wattles.

  • Juan Miguel Albao
    Juan Miguel Albao

    xisuma when 1.16 comes you should get netherite tools and armor cause they are the best,

  • Gabriel Romero
    Gabriel Romero

    Just a question, what is being used to host the hermitcraft server?

  • ward Games
    ward Games

    hello, i want to know how xisuma do the auto killing skeletons AFK ??

  • austin hannan
    austin hannan

    use campfires to kill da slimes

  • A Suspicious Frog
    A Suspicious Frog

    Hey X, your blast chamber still blows up a bit of wall. 4 more obsidian on the bottom should fix it.

  • MrStoneShotPlayz

    3 shulker boxes of beds to blast mine for ancient debris as it can't be blown up so being able to quickly clear an area for cheap will do you good

  • 0 subscribers with no Videos
    0 subscribers with no Videos


  • The DestrOyer A
    The DestrOyer A

    You should mine quartz if you don't have quartz villagers, destroy the nether strip mine it since it will be gone and replaced, that's what im doing in my smp

  • Dnyanendra Kalse
    Dnyanendra Kalse

    Before nether update : Break Ishkall's gold farm and don't let the materials go to waste!!!!

  • Matti Aho
    Matti Aho

    You should also mine all the quartz in relatively close radius when you still can. Going to be useful for those red stone needs in the long run.

  • Jacob smith
    Jacob smith

    Read my name

  • StarCarrier5

    Can you maybe make a video how to make an afk and camera account for minecraft.

  • Noah Neutron
    Noah Neutron

    Hi Xisuma when are you planning in making an automatic fishing farm for 1.16? I understand that it hasn’t fully been released and that may be hard. Just wondering.

    • Noah Neutron
      Noah Neutron


    • xisumavoid

      You cant make them anymore


    Me: I FINALLY GOT 30 LEVELS LETS GO BOIIIIII !!!!!! XISUMA: just chilling with 235 levels

  • Nino Aldana
    Nino Aldana


  • Toby Gandhi
    Toby Gandhi

    Hi I was wondering why u weren’t using optifine, there is a pre release for it. Obviously there’s no point now 1.16 is coming out in a few days but I was just curious. Thank you for your time

  • Antony Sengole
    Antony Sengole

    Idea: Change ur skin xD

  • Or Jay
    Or Jay

    Xisuma, you should make a Map Wall similar to grians, but from your side of the jungle. With Keralis, Etho, etc

    • xisumavoid

      Its on my list :-)

  • Carmencita Wong
    Carmencita Wong

    Face reaval plz no more jokes

  • Morgan Tosh
    Morgan Tosh

    PLEASE AT LEAST replace all the ores and stone variants in the slime farm hole with regular stone if not ruin it with other gray blocks

  • ross mauritzen
    ross mauritzen

    Times slept in a bed v bdubs

  • ross mauritzen
    ross mauritzen

    You should add infinity glass in the slime farm where the oh glass was

  • Connor Edzards
    Connor Edzards

    Make a shop to sell one or more of the new items that are coming in the update! :)

  • Colorful Lion
    Colorful Lion

    I just watched hermit Craft episode 001. And omg. So much has changed

  • Mr Squiddy
    Mr Squiddy

    Hi k so #MUMBOFORMAYOR! Imma run now

  • RexTenomous

    x, when the world download comes out, are we gonna get to see a copy of the pre-nether reset? B/c some of us actually think the current nether is pretty cool!

  • Zemrocku

    Something you Should be doing is Collecting Wither Heads because Once the Nether Resets that’s going to be a Nightmare Also Glow Stone and Nether Quarts... they will be becoming Rare to Find unless you know we’re to find the Nether Wastes which is going to be the Primary Locations you’ll be able to Find them

  • AirDrinker

    I feel like the slime windows at the farm would look better if they were set back 1 block

  • Purple Crewmate but with no profile pic
    Purple Crewmate but with no profile pic

    Xisumavoid! There’s a door bandit! It’s Iskall!

  • Ariel Ramrajker
    Ariel Ramrajker

    "Bones have been a money maker" *Flashback to Iskall's 12 bamboo*

    • DJSlimeball

      11:00 What's this song?


    netherite will be the most valuable ore in 1.16