Hermitcraft VII 913 Secret Bamboo Farm & New Tower!
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Episode Thirty Two! As well as building an almighty new tower, we start work on a fuel source, a bamboo farm hidden in the jungle!
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  • xisumavoid


    • Conair

      Grand dad! What the fuck? Grand dad!

    • Bobosaurus


    • Weaze Skirata
      Weaze Skirata

      Just as funny as when Homer sang it. Love it

    • Trigger ETFC Gaming
      Trigger ETFC Gaming

      That opening was class so reminds me of an early season opening for The Simpsons when Homer hit a chestnut tree 😂🤣😂🤣

    • SirChaosS

      OMG I CAN'T!! that intro song! i had to pause the video to catch my breath. (and leave this comment) i'm dying here man. "... ♪ You're about to hit a jungle treee ♫ *totem activates*" :'D

  • Chetan Bysani
    Chetan Bysani

    the podzol resistance will be very angry if they see this now

  • PikaGamer

    Red is sus reds the impostor i saw him vent xD

  • Santiago Rangel Ortegon
    Santiago Rangel Ortegon

    Continue your roads. They looked cool

  • CeepTheMaker101

    there are auto right click clickers to save your mouse

  • yeeter_man 4
    yeeter_man 4

    Bro that song S l a p s

  • aoun5440 aoun5440
    aoun5440 aoun5440

    It isn't a secret since other hermits can watch this video.

  • Rifaa Riyaa
    Rifaa Riyaa

    Eye of ender is better

  • DaBoss123 Roblox - Knightmare
    DaBoss123 Roblox - Knightmare

    Omg X That intro is actually the best intro ever Thank you soooooo much for putting a smile on my face 🔥🔥🔥🔥😁😁😁 Edit: I can't stop replaying it 🤣😁

  • lance Hankins
    lance Hankins

    It can't get out of meh brain

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • This Tree
    This Tree

    Think if they took diamond block per block u interact with LOL

  • Minim 4.0
    Minim 4.0

    Xisuma u should put a giant bee on top of the main tower

  • BJC T
    BJC T

    Is mycelium renewable? Coz I know podzol is but what about mycelium

  • Meme

    Does someone have a loop of song

  • SciFiFreak185

    OMG lol - Flintstones intro. I was not ready for that. It was great.

  • Joe mama
    Joe mama

    Grandxuma 7

  • jun wang
    jun wang

    I’m amazed no one has taken a moment to grieve his xp

  • jun wang
    jun wang

    Best music ever

  • Samsung Tab 3
    Samsung Tab 3

    4:58 _that looks very illegal_

  • katie

    petition to have the song as xisuma’s intro

  • katie

    rip 253 xp

  • UK FootballScore
    UK FootballScore

    253 levels wasted man!! That hurt

  • viniboi_

    You should've became an angry bee!

  • PineapplesGame

    imagine just like loosing 253 levels and you dont even notice it...

  • Kitkat Musical
    Kitkat Musical

    I don't know why but I cannot get over how Xisuma said "lucky boy"

  • KymeraAHP

    Tbh I am sooooo happyand relieved you got the red belt! 😅💯

  • Dnyanendra Kalse
    Dnyanendra Kalse

    That song in the start Please do something like this more often

  • ursus ludens
    ursus ludens

    giant happy sun of Sauron make it please

  • Cairo Marte
    Cairo Marte

    All those floating trees... OCD attack!😱💔


    his tower looks like grians base from season 6

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    Xisuma, Xisuma, Xisuma of the jungle, he is a bee. (Ahhhhhhhh!) Watch out for that tree!

  • straight outta the tornado [GD]
    straight outta the tornado [GD]

    LYRICS: Xisuma oh Xisuma you're the greatest of the history from the hermit-of-craft you're about to hit a jungle tree.

  • ChefEthan Cooks
    ChefEthan Cooks

    "im stuck" imidiate solution: "IM GONNA WRECK IT

  • Elliott Sandlin
    Elliott Sandlin

    that intro song legit made my day

  • Gamer Bot
    Gamer Bot

    Shashwamy void!!!

  • FreakoNature

    i like your music blog. it would be cool to see some aphex twin reviews

  • Evie Ham
    Evie Ham

    Sell stacks of bamboo or anything else profitable made from bamboo

  • AwesomePuppy404

    I died inside when he got killed with 253 levels :|

  • SirChaosS

    SO now the battle is on!! who sung the parody better? Xisuma, or Homer? -- -- -- -- HOMER, Homer Simpson, he's the greatest guy in history, from the, town of Springfield he's about to hit a chestnut tree GAAAAAAAHHH

  • Actual Pineapple
    Actual Pineapple

    6:09 7:54 8:08 8:09

  • bob bob
    bob bob

    if xisuma runs out of podzol, he should plant mega spruce trees and mine the podzol it makes

  • Mary Jo Dennison
    Mary Jo Dennison

    xisuma:(sings) elybeatmaker:It's free real estate!

    • a bc
      a bc

      watch his previous video and read the link in his pinned comment

  • JoltedJon

    Couldn't Beesuma have just placed down a bunch of 2x2 spruce trees to get the podzol?

  • Jeremiah Williams
    Jeremiah Williams

    the red robe look so dope

  • The Masts
    The Masts


  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo

    The Eye of Evil X

  • Irish DLT
    Irish DLT

    Elybeatmaker needs to remix this

  • Blaine Davies
    Blaine Davies

    Bamboo is best mined with swords along with scaffolding

  • Blaine Davies
    Blaine Davies

    When u were slow falling with no elytra I was thinking Mary Poppens

  • wowowowowi

    I absolutely love this into

  • Ike Brovoski
    Ike Brovoski

    What resource pack do you use xisuma with your tools and their durabilty as it looks amazing

  • Invanity X
    Invanity X

    For those who can’t be bothered to rewind: 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 You’re welcome :)

  • Invanity X
    Invanity X

    That song should be your intro

  • mira7480 mira7480
    mira7480 mira7480

    That was an amazing song

  • Reapsin

    The button "game" isn't actually over, until the button dies... belts can be downgraded, as it's entirely based off the last belt earned, not off the highest belt earned. (Eg. Press on red, get excited and press again on purple whilst celebrating, hermit is now purple belt)

  • Debtless Star
    Debtless Star

    Gotta love that intro

  • justin tabaniag
    justin tabaniag

    Xisumavoid PLS PLAY Scrap Mechanic again the survival mode is out and react to the trailer pls. Like so xisumavoid sees this 🙏👍😢

  • thomas ziegelmann
    thomas ziegelmann


  • Good Boi
    Good Boi

    You should do a song at the start of each episode I really liked that one even if it was for 5 seconds

  • Primož Mušič
    Primož Mušič

    Flint+ stones= Flintstones Subscribe= Xisuma


    Who else got triggered when X used an axe instead of a sword to cut down the bamboo?

  • E U A N
    E U A N

    Why do so many people not realise what the song’s a spoof of

  • razerray55

    He forgot to give keralis the tag when he was getting killed

  • Kris Raven
    Kris Raven

    I hope this gets noticed by @elybeatmaker 0:00 - 0:13 hahahahaha

  • The Soviet Doggo
    The Soviet Doggo

    I like how he makes a bamboo farm when he has a witch farm that gives him sticks

    • badmomentswhithdoan 1
      badmomentswhithdoan 1

      The Soviet Doggo cool name

    • Magic is Me!
      Magic is Me!

      The witch farm is too fa away

  • DeepPastry

    To "Officially" be a green team member, you need to hit the button when it was on green for your last belt. Since your true level is the last belt you have gotten. But grats on getting at least one of every color belt.

  • To No Avail Records
    To No Avail Records

    I am waiting for one of the hermits to get red belt the kill the button on purpose.

  • GPWP

    :( why did you get rid of levels? sad.

  • Blo0dbound89

    you could build a podzol farm using 2x2 trees just saying x)

  • Joshua

    You should add something small to the green skin to show u r red

  • NotAfrog

    The new tower looks amazing! I am loving your base this season, I've never watched your episodes before. I started watching you at the start of season 7 and I love your videos! Keep up the good work

  • Trucker Dave
    Trucker Dave

    Thanks for promoting your musical blog. I’ve made some nice discoveries of new music and discoveries about some of my own tastes. (For example, I liked Queens album It’s a Kind of Magic very much, simply because my fondness for the Highlander movie when I was younger). I didn’t even know Front Line Assembly had an album out in recent years. It’s nice to hear your thoughts on albums as a whole, few people seem to listen that way anymore, myself included. ❤️

  • CT

    Your music blog looks fascinating Xisuma. I had no idea it even existed. I will definitely be doing a lot of reading there. Thanks for mentioning it.

  • Logan Hill
    Logan Hill

    You could put a red belt on your skin and still have a green robe

  • That Other Gamer
    That Other Gamer

    Xisuma, you have all the belts except for purple. You should collect the last belt you need to get the whole collection of belts. You beat Grian to become the "Thanos" of the server.

  • TearsOfLA

    Well, the last Mohican has died, and in the name of an inferior team at that. RIP 0-deaths XisumaVoid

  • Nick Stevens
    Nick Stevens

    Sell copies of your old hermit craft servers, money for all of you!!!! We want to see them!!!!!

  • Bryce Middlemass
    Bryce Middlemass

    Enjoyed reading through your blogspot x really great content in there. -Snappy groove lover

  • scooter is good
    scooter is good

    Elybeatmaker c'mon 0:00

  • SwagnLag

    mumbo for mayor

  • Tornado Games
    Tornado Games

    sad cubfan

  • CrazyBunMom (JoHoste)
    CrazyBunMom (JoHoste)

    I would suggest a giant bee in the top of the tower i instead Saurons eye. It would blend well with Scar's mega bugs in his jungle area.

  • Mendrika Sahaza
    Mendrika Sahaza

    to avoid ur right click button to break use auto clicker u just chill and over the cursor somewhere

  • King Shoobey
    King Shoobey

    umm did u know that if u grow 4 saplings next to each other thennyoull get a bit off potzol

  • King Shoobey
    King Shoobey

    oh my losing 259 levels!!!? i wouldnt be happy...

  • Ruben B.
    Ruben B.

    When I made a Bamboo flyingmachine I had a problem with Bamboo growing into the sticky pistons. So I'd reccomend having leaves under the machine and harvesting on the sides

  • Cody Conn
    Cody Conn

    Day 1 of asking Xisuma to finish the slime crystals on his base

  • Cody Conn
    Cody Conn

    Xisuma: has made 7 huge buildings Grian: has made One Gigantic Mansion Iskall: Spends 5hours working on 1/18th of his huge tree ever 7 episodes at this point he will finish it at episode 80 something

  • Cody Conn
    Cody Conn

    sorry but iskall already beat you to red

  • Art Munchie
    Art Munchie

    team olive??

  • Amy Xie
    Amy Xie

    How about an....EYE OF HONEY

  • Ian Belanger
    Ian Belanger

    Put the portal on the eye of sauron

  • Ben Snead
    Ben Snead

    Put a green eye in the eye of Sauron to represent green team

  • DharsanRox Gaming
    DharsanRox Gaming

    why did X die???? 253 levels......... daaaaaaaaaamn all gone.......

  • gabo el pzo
    gabo el pzo

    5:47 it looks like a dick

  • The Polar Bear
    The Polar Bear

    I still dont get how that is cyan terracotta. Isn't cyan supposed to be blue, not gray? None of that looks blue

  • NRMT

    Pulled away from the computer? By who :-p?

  • derp

    Epic Vocals at the start.

  • Talk Show
    Talk Show

    The music blog is cool, but btw Danny glover and Donald glover are different people. Danny is an actor and donald is childish gambino