Hermitcraft VII 915 The Ultimate Smelter & Scar For Mayor!
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Episode Thirty Four! Construction on an almighty smelter is started and we interview Scar!
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  • xisumavoid

    Eight diamond blocks... got it! whopsie. I will pay beef of course!

    • Siriapushpam I
      Siriapushpam I

      I can't even get 1

    • ItsThunder



      It was giving me major triggering

    • Moira Auxier
      Moira Auxier

      I think he mentioned a discount for you though, because you gave him so much wool

    • Danimation studios
      Danimation studios

      11 days until it’s ur YT anniversary.....I think

  • HoxhaClips

    The scared report?

  • dailygame

    Too bad java doesn’t have movable furnaces like bedrock, I made a finance array just like your sheep farm!

  • Emily Valdez
    Emily Valdez

    Why aren't more people talking about the- "Its on a sunken ship, just like my campaign. Wha- **continues speaking**" -Line, that was hilarious

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Jacob Adolfsson
    Jacob Adolfsson

    Är det någon svensk

  • süß75

    that interview was the funniest thing ever lol the edit around the phantom attack, how scar's speech just faded away. also scar always going out and watching wistfully at the cowmercial district

  • Anonymous_Buddha

    You should make a spiral around that tunnel. Like an optical illusion!

  • Deccs

    20:05 How you ask? He got my vote just because of his voice!

  • Phillip Broome
    Phillip Broome

    In Melbourne Australia there is fuel storage on the edge of town. passing this at times ive been amazed by the complex maze of pipes, storage, processors, everything that make up these facilities. I wondered how this was even conceived, how could someone get there head around what all this does, where all these pipes go. I get a similar feeling when I see some of your red stone creations. they are automated factories, its crazy.

    • a bc
      a bc

      you should see ilmango’s redstone, oh my it is terrifying

  • FatiTank Drawings
    FatiTank Drawings

    15:21 That looks like a computer!

  • Camilo Garrido
    Camilo Garrido

    Spoiler Alert: Scar wins!!!!

  • Kitkat Musical
    Kitkat Musical

    I love how every time Scar answers a question he just walks back out onto the steps 😂

  • Fox78i

    I feel like how his interviews episodes are like those great days in elementary where you enjoy everything going on during the day and then there’s a special thing at the end

  • df.faoro

    We need more Beesuma/Scar crossover... please!

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    Oh god! The bamboo machine is a flying machine, and I believe that those break when you unload the chunks while they're running! It was running without X's knowledge! That's so scary!

  • Friskipoo

    Quick, someone make a shop that sells bamboo and tnt and call it "Bam, Boo!"

  • Rhys Bennett
    Rhys Bennett

    8 dimond blocks

  • James The Kitty
    James The Kitty

    When I first saw the album cover I was wearing my dark side of the moon shirt

  • Eddie Quick
    Eddie Quick

    Xisuma is literally the content cop of hermit mayor candidates

  • Emilio Ferioli
    Emilio Ferioli

    If you use a repitere in the redstoan line

  • GamingGirl002

    It says Scared Report not Scarred Report but okay

  • theAstarrr

    the music for the interview...that's from Mumbo's new timelapse omg

  • John Slack
    John Slack

    you have some really good builds going on , I kind of got behind on the episodes but Im doing a marathon now to catch back up... keep BEEing Amazing

  • TensaiDragon

    Love the Monty Python-esque moment with fighting the phantoms! Lol! Great vid, been enjoying all your eps this season! :)

  • Hahirplayz 05
    Hahirplayz 05

    Its 8 Daimond block X

  • Lauryn R.
    Lauryn R.

    #scar for mayor

  • spook joost
    spook joost


  • Tom Gleenberg
    Tom Gleenberg


  • ShortAnimations

    It says scared report not scarred report

  • Zezulin Wrathbottled
    Zezulin Wrathbottled

    You could use instant wire to extend the redstone line

  • Samiceman 62
    Samiceman 62

    Who new South Park made it to hermitcraft. See for yourselves 10:59

  • Utku Noyan
    Utku Noyan

    Actually mumbo created a super smelter consisting of 127 furnaces back in season 6, maybe you can contact him and figure out how he did it

  • WhosKaori


  • Kirri Vikebakk
    Kirri Vikebakk

    i see youve used ender chests in your collection system, i would recommend using honey blocks instead considering they are far cheaper

  • Avacodo

    At 21:29 I don't know if anyone noticed but Xisuma you put scared instead of scarred.

  • Luke Manire
    Luke Manire

    It’s Scarred not Scared

  • Pikabuki

    The interview with Scar was as adorable as I hoped, and your editing was amazing.

  • Necessary_ Momentum
    Necessary_ Momentum

    Scar for Mayor

  • a spider
    a spider

    Does scar have a smiley face on his back?

  • Speedyrem

    Missed opportunity You could have used a honey block instead of a ender chest to line up the items

  • DarkLordOutre

    Nobody: Scar: 🏃

  • Nathan N
    Nathan N

    Xisuma: Upgrades hardware to fix lag Also Xisuma: 1:20

  • Blue

    xisuma get a cat it scares phantoms away

  • Joé Charest
    Joé Charest

    Hey Xisuma, I'm a fan of your videos and I tried the arrangement to distribute items trough hoppers evenly trough furnaces and it just don't work for me. It jumps certain furnace constantly. Any advices ?

  • Cherry Macchiato
    Cherry Macchiato

    Xisuma could really become an engineering professor, seriously. Redstone engineering, cool.

  • Myles Adams
    Myles Adams

    Can you do a tutorial for the smelter?

  • Brett McCutcheon
    Brett McCutcheon

    for the livestream weekends, could you list AEST as well, its annoying having to convert the times for australia, if it wouldnt be too much trouble good sir

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi

    Scar nailed that interview, even though it had only one question

  • 95Titanium

    Xisuma: asks question for interview Scar: *aight, ima head out*

  • Reverb

    Now know who got the fake discount at the record shop.

  • Jasper Blommesteijn
    Jasper Blommesteijn

    Sorry, but I just hate it when hermits don't read the prices correctly

  • TriWithMS

    Maybe the album cover looks better when placed on a light background? Great video btw :D

  • Andrew Benson
    Andrew Benson

    X we need you to moderate a mayoral debate. Source the interview questions from other hermits.

  • Nicholas Nakic
    Nicholas Nakic

    replace the wooden pressure plates in the bamboo farm's water streams with a different material, like stone, so that the wooden pressure plates don't keep being pressed on by the items.

  • Edna K
    Edna K

    Scar keeps walking off the diamond throne and then up on it again lol

  • Josh Mccarty
    Josh Mccarty

    X etho and beef is doing a music service. You should buy Keralis a what is love lol. Or maybe a different song.

  • Nash Owings
    Nash Owings


  • Nash Owings
    Nash Owings

    you could use redstone torches

  • Ben Lonergan
    Ben Lonergan

    Is it true that Welsknight could return to hermitcraft, just seen a video he posted about it????

  • diggoran

    Could have been a 32 furnace array instead of a 30 if you used the torch itself as part of the hopper locking line. I'm sure you would appreciate the nice power of 2 potential, curious if you'll find it worth the swap over :)

  • Blaine Davies
    Blaine Davies

    Replace the ender chests with honey blocks or regular chests so they’re cheaper

  • Ghassan Moughabghab
    Ghassan Moughabghab

    How many points do u have??

  • Adam Hart
    Adam Hart

    For the storage @11:46 you could use Honey blocks instead of Ender Chests

  • Vathilia Mage
    Vathilia Mage

    that was a really good interview! scar for mayor, one that doesnt wear pants lolz


    Omg. Scar leaving the throne for each question was so triggering

  • Rainy Fund
    Rainy Fund

    The *scared* report 😨

  • Scott McSweeney
    Scott McSweeney

    You have to love Scar, the way he walked out every time he answered a question. I love his humor

    • Breanna Dunmire
      Breanna Dunmire

      Learning he wanted to be an imagineer made me smile so hard, he's so amazing...and yes his humor is the best. I love it

  • mira7480 mira7480
    mira7480 mira7480

    Operation Aqua Thunder is die less and make diamonds.

  • JC Gamerszlovers
    JC Gamerszlovers

    Why do you always have haste?

  • Samantha Trevino
    Samantha Trevino

    These mayor interviews are so hilarious!! Thank you for another awesome video, X!

  • Cornet plays Minecraft
    Cornet plays Minecraft

    You should give tfc coupons which means he can buy anything for free in the shopping district you should also open up a temporary shop that gives TFC Diamond armor if it’s in 1.16 netherite armor and give him an Elytra and a few diamond blocks and then give him diamonds tools or netherite tools and again free access to everything in the shopping district

  • Iris VP
    Iris VP

    I love the hidden triggers for the flying machines!

  • Athux gaming
    Athux gaming

    Please make Dantdm on hermitcraft

    • grayvee


  • ningaloonic


  • NotHere

    Ooooh xisuma the wandering trader had the wrong mumbo head, it needs the hairless one lol

  • Nolan KM
    Nolan KM

    It's 8 block not 8 diamond lol

  • Mia Johnsen
    Mia Johnsen

    I liked the Bambo farm think i wil try my self

  • Aaron Yu
    Aaron Yu

    Mumbo for mayor! Vote Mumbo!

  • Horváth

    17:01 PESKY BEE

  • Shade - gaming and memes
    Shade - gaming and memes

    the one is stealing the doors is dbubs!

  • Mason Kuykendall
    Mason Kuykendall

    This is probably one of the biggest mayoral campaigns on earth right now with millions of people knowing about it and choosing sides in the comment sections of the electees.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson

    Scared is not scarred. Reeee, and other such noises.

  • San Autin
    San Autin

    Beautiful work with the Scar interview. Keep this up and there could be a Pulitzer in your future. :)

  • Brayden woodrum
    Brayden woodrum

    Mombo for mayor

  • Anthony L
    Anthony L

    I've been wondering since I play on a hermitcraft-like server, how are you guys going to transition into 1.16 without resetting?

  • Lee Hunt
    Lee Hunt

    Xisumavoid should be mayor

  • Alen Koščec
    Alen Koščec

    Anyone interested in starting a hermitcraft like whitelisted server? Been having a lot of free time with nothing to do so why not You can stream, record or just play for fun

  • Matthew Lyons
    Matthew Lyons

    The music backing the start of the interview sounds like little big planet, very relaxing.

  • Bravochick

    Xisuma! The Herald should host a mayoral debate! You could bee the moderator!! 🐝

    • San Autin
      San Autin

      This has to happen.

  • Johannes Minik
    Johannes Minik

    Hey Xashami! Love youre vids, love the content you make. There is many hermits and all of them are pure telent. But i feel like there could still be one more (Wattles) just sayin. Anyways love the vids

  • Leonardo I. Couto
    Leonardo I. Couto

    Wow. Scar really is trying to be poetic, in his campaign. Even trying to make a scene. Stare at the Shopping District, as a true leading figure. I hope he backs off a bit, or he could end up creating a magical empire.

  • Red Brumbler
    Red Brumbler

    instead of feeding the redstone line from a redstone torch at 1 end, you could perhaps use a sticky piston with some slime blocks and push a redstone block into place at about the middle of the line, that way you could have twice as many furnaces? the piston delay is very short so it could work

  • Sander Vliet
    Sander Vliet

    idea: try to beat the current speedrun record with the hermitcraft community: 21 minutes and 8 seconds

  • A Suspicious Frog
    A Suspicious Frog

    Great video. I really liked the part where you used both of your accounts to see if your bamboo farm works. I would like to see more usage like that in new episodes. Keep up the good work.

  • Neox_33

    did anybody notice that at 7:10 the bedrock of the nether roof looked like stone???

  • Logan Gamer 20
    Logan Gamer 20

    Dont be one of those people, This is all for FUN and you and the other people that do this kind of toxicity need to STOP. It doesn't help anybody when people yell out in the comments of the hermits videos that the ONE person that they like on this server doesn't mean you should say mean things to ALL the other hermits. BE NICE PEOPLE

  • Cathy Horvath
    Cathy Horvath

    You stole the Pink Floyd from vintage beefs shop

  • Gustavo Borba
    Gustavo Borba

    You paid an 8 BLOCKS poster with 12 diamonds!

  • Platax

    This man is so genius it makes me embarrassed