Hermitcraft VII 926 Getting Netherite With Beds!
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Episode Forty Five! Minecraft 1.16 is here and we are heading deep into the nether to gather ancient debris!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 11-20
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  • xisumavoid

    Myth Busting is BACK! rsloft.info/loft/video/qKmZvZie1pfZp3I

    • VAPX007

      Xisuma on Nether update video: "No chest opening in front of a Piglin with impunity! " Xisuma in HC ep926: [Opens Ender chest in front of a Piglin.] "Yikes!" Me: [HAS to comment] "But I learnt this from you!"

    • Railey Playz
      Railey Playz

      @XIsumaVoid do you have a piglinsuma skin?

    • Gergő Szilágyszegi-Szabó
      Gergő Szilágyszegi-Szabó

      16:19 you left one there :> just so you can flex sooner in ur netherite

    • RoleplayRyan

      Strider is so ugly it's cute, try to change my mind xD

    • leron link
      leron link

      I have an Idea for vanilla tweaks: u should make it an option to choose at the "menu panoramas" section the old menu panoramas, that are used in 1.12, 1.13, 1.14.... That would be cool

  • NoobPerson

    There was literally an ancient debris in the last bed he exploded

  • Aiden Daring
    Aiden Daring

    At 16:20 look at the top right of the screen

  • uwe

    16:20 there was ancient debris

  • Dethbyobsidian

    So does this mean when 1.17 drops we'll get to see Axisuma?

  • iNoobBoi

    I love how X has a stonecutter in his ender chest and everyone is surprised at that (like, who wouldn't carry one?)

  • Sharpie 11
    Sharpie 11

    16:19 xisuma misses ancient debris

  • Appolyon

    No Beesuma anymore? :(

  • BORA Kocabaş
    BORA Kocabaş

    10:06 İron maiden fans got that :D

  • Captain_Turtle


  • ChrisIz

    ancient debris is more likely to be found in y 16

  • nagasadow99

    Hahaha I love you stridexuma but you get in trouble cause you run, just fight them and take them out and you'll be fine. XD

  • Jordan McNeill
    Jordan McNeill


  • RzR SniPez
    RzR SniPez

    16:20 u did get some

  • Andrew Cui
    Andrew Cui

    rip beesuma

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Nope

    16:20, there’s some ancient debris chillin’ in the wall

  • Slifer Streaming
    Slifer Streaming

    10:53 cuz u opened the chest, lol. They're possessive of any kind of chest.

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Xisuma what if next update there’s no new mob? Will you stay as a rider or switch to your bee or turtle? Or will you BEEcome your normal skin again?

    • a bc
      a bc


  • CreeperMan_708 - Slideshows & Minecraft and MORE!
    CreeperMan_708 - Slideshows & Minecraft and MORE!


  • Luis Monroy
    Luis Monroy

    You missed one

  • aguwas

    Found 2 debris after one bed explosion about 1 block apart from each other

  • Good and Good Photographers
    Good and Good Photographers

    never use nether pics

  • Lucas Wang
    Lucas Wang

    1:04 i thought you meant joehills was an ugly fellow

  • Matt Julian Nava YT MC
    Matt Julian Nava YT MC

    xsumavoid pls add the gaming lemon to hermitcraft 8 like so xsumavoid can see

  • Mr Gaming
    Mr Gaming

    What I do which I find kind of effective is I strip mine and before I explode the bed I put a block in front of me

  • Anna Hughes
    Anna Hughes


  • True god General
    True god General

    When x found the debri I just found it thanks man

  • Diviy Idnani
    Diviy Idnani

    When you read all the snapshots and explain people the new updates but forget that piglins will aggro everytime you open a chest near them.... Happens to the best of us

  • Afterlife Gaming
    Afterlife Gaming

    you missed an ancient debris at 16:19

  • iamloz

    he missed an ancient debris and nobody is talking about it

  • Tai Cronin
    Tai Cronin

    Missed netherite

  • zharnotczar

    That hoglin escape was legendary

  • Totom:344

    You missed some debris!!!!!!

  • Kepler15A

    Subscribing to many hermitcraft channels

  • David Culverson
    David Culverson

    Stride-zuma and Stridaph should do a small colab.

  • LeeekDuck

    16:20 he miss debris

  • Anderson Manderson
    Anderson Manderson

    This gives me flashbacks to the time I was playing with my friends and one of them blocked the entrance to our netherbase with a bed

  • Justine Sonido
    Justine Sonido

    I literally thought that he made 931 episodes this season

  • Specter Eye
    Specter Eye

    I really miss the Bee skin. hopefully we get to see it again.

  • Luke Medley
    Luke Medley

    16:20 top right he missed it

  • Meysink

    wow pvp noob

  • Nicholas Yager
    Nicholas Yager

    Hot in England? What is it minus five?

  • Frosty Dog
    Frosty Dog

    16:20 there was a piece on the right

  • Josh Carandang
    Josh Carandang

    16:20 there is ancient debris right on the side!!!!!

  • ice god70
    ice god70

    Sol sand

  • Louis Chris
    Louis Chris

    when in shiver, go to hell

  • VulpisFoxfire

    False, iJevin, and you....sounds like things were FiXed...;-)

  • Chaitanaya Nathalia
    Chaitanaya Nathalia

    Every time he shows his face,elytra looks like tears from the eyes.

  • mig5996

    Xiuma when hrmitcraft is done you and the other hrmits sell the finished hrmitcraft and make hrmitcraft the finished one a public server and can you put a Java Minecraft link

  • Vincent East
    Vincent East

    Can I join Hermitcraft season 7? Plz like so the master can see.

  • Lord Giblets
    Lord Giblets

    16:20 "Exactly zero..." Yeah, the bed you blew up just before that exposed some, visible in just a couple frames. That stuff is sneaky! (I'd used dozens of beds, and several times I'd found debris that I'd exposed hours earlier...)

  • MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
    MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations

    so ugly it's adorable

  • Da Bananananana
    Da Bananananana

    Yeah, so Grian was filling his branch mines with TNT.

  • Ingmar Verweij
    Ingmar Verweij

    You said you didn't find any ancient debris, but the clip before it showed some on the left.

  • Jasper Blommesteijn
    Jasper Blommesteijn

    16:18, isnt there accient debri

  • snoopy

    16:19 right corner of the screen. You did get 1!

  • Matthew Lam
    Matthew Lam

    The piglin attacked you because you opened your ender chest.

  • CaTastrophy427

    16:19 has some debris on screen, five seconds later says "we got exactly zero"

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    "I hope sleeping in the beds doesn't aggravate them." I think Xisuma was the very first person to ever say that sentence.

  • Solo Man
    Solo Man

    X if a piglin sees you useing end items they atack you

  • Aswd Playz
    Aswd Playz

    Bingo? Isn't that a dog's name or something?

  • TwoTime Gaming
    TwoTime Gaming

    16:20 there is a ancient debris there and you said that you found none

  • Aero

    What server base does Hermitcraft usually run on? Is it just the vanilla server.jar from Mojang with Lithium, or is it something else like Paper or Spigot?

  • Jinx Wizard
    Jinx Wizard

    Severe nostalgia from the start of season 7 when u introduced the bingo game. Same tone, almost the same words, same reaction. Love it :)

  • Liver

    At 16:19 xisumma missed a piece of netherite on the right side

  • GoblinSpore

    Xisuma: *falls down to half a heart literally smashing his face into a wall* Also Xisuma: "We gotta be careful in this new nether update"

  • Urbanxx

    Why doesn't Mumbo take part in these events smh >:-(

  • RiskierMonkey34

    on theast explosion at 16:19 there was abit of ancient debris tucked away in with the gravel

  • Mikkel_Moeller05

    You should have the cold and watm versions of the skin in the two different layers that there is on the skin, that way you Can easily switch between them.

  • Tonio2oo

    16:20 You missed one.

  • Karaoke King
    Karaoke King

    Lol I also got 22 my first time

  • TheCarptain

    16:24 "We got exactly zero" 16:19 Hmmmm

  • James The Kitty
    James The Kitty

    Sand gravel clay soulsand? Idefk I'm watching at 1 am and I hear screaming

  • greg jorda
    greg jorda

    Xisuma it wasn't the piglin that nearly killed u...it was u and your frantic scramble to escape...lol

  • Lowegie Mendez
    Lowegie Mendez

    Doc at 19:18 ?

  • Xavier lol
    Xavier lol

    I love how he makes the time lapse stair cinematic even without the replay mod, very epic work X

  • Jordan Severn
    Jordan Severn

    Xi-stryder-void works better

  • kin

    i hope that in 1.17 you become a goat

  • Kuba Głuszko
    Kuba Głuszko

    16:19 missed ancient debris.

  • Dad

    99999999 wool and wood later

  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed

    Whenever something explodes, it deals damage based on the path to your player's feet. So if your feet are behind a block and your head and torso is exposed, you will still get half a heart of damage. That is why X stayed safe while literally exploding beds in his face. Edit: nvm, X explained this in the vid

  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed

    The piglin attacked you even though you were wearing gold because you opened a chest near him.

  • Adrian Foutch
    Adrian Foutch

    At 16:20 there’s ancient debris!!!! You missed it!

  • Veronika Johns
    Veronika Johns

    Since 'bed' is in the title i keep getting mattress ads...

  • Lazy Wy
    Lazy Wy


  • itay raijman
    itay raijman

    i love that xisuma played pig step in is timelapse

  • Crabbed Potato :0
    Crabbed Potato :0

    Why pigstep??

  • Lego Dexter Jettster
    Lego Dexter Jettster

    "A rare and elusive block" Laughs in fully armour and tools and spare tools and 2 blocks on day one

  • AsHiF /\SlayeR
    AsHiF /\SlayeR

    Grian is using stacks upon stacks of TNT to find debRIs

  • Braydin Drake
    Braydin Drake

    16:20 u missed one

  • Trio Big Mac
    Trio Big Mac

    Why does he carry so much exp On him!!?!

  • I’m Here
    I’m Here

    Bed go boom

  • Sanguine Wolf
    Sanguine Wolf

    He missed a piece of netherite 16:20

  • endersteave9 _
    endersteave9 _

    Xisuma:fire resistance 13:50 Master minecrafters:😥

  • warda riley
    warda riley

    On the last explosion you did before going back you mist some debre

  • Aardappel Kind
    Aardappel Kind

    Are piglins and hoglins weaker in bedrock edition cause i killed a army of them with iron armor

  • CallusionPlayz

    What is your resource pack

  • Chumpye

    16:19 pause at this moment, you got none huh lmao

  • Hadrian Singh
    Hadrian Singh

    "We got exactly ZeRo netherite" It hurts to watch this part 16:19

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