Hermitcraft VII 919 Questions For Grumbot!
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Episode Thirty Eight! In this one we build roads! A new farm and interview the infamous grumbot!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 11-20
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  • Lily Silcott
    Lily Silcott

    I really enjoy these videos, my sister wanted me to watch hermitcraft because she enjoyed watching grain and I didn't really like watching it, but then I found one of xisumavoid's 1.17 snapshot videos and click on his channel and figured I would watch one of his hermitcraft videos. And now here I am on the 38th episode of season seven

  • Abhijeet Shrivastava
    Abhijeet Shrivastava

    he got slimes and blaze rods ... which gives magma cream Which gives magma cubes .... is it only bedrock thing ? or just dont wanna craft ?

  • necromancerking

    amazing video xisuma btw i was curious do you release these worlds after the series is over? seeing all these awesome builds got me wanting to play through the world

  • Breanna Dunmire
    Breanna Dunmire

    OMG that llama ride was actually amazing hahahahaha im sad it didn't get much attention!! That's hilarious...should put it outside the welsmart

  • JavaMuko

    I hear grumbot is part of the resistance

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Laughed A
    Laughed A

    Silk touch the spider Spawner

  • BJC T
    BJC T

    I had to get 3 shulker boxes of magma blocks for a gold farm. Super tedious

  • BJC T
    BJC T

    Imagine a piston bolt on the roads

  • Anonymous_Buddha

    I love that little llama ride! You should make a different version outside your shops :D

  • Humza Ahmed
    Humza Ahmed

    I think it’s too late to say but u can move spawners with pistons

  • a bc
    a bc

    Grumbot is like Deep Thought

  • a bc
    a bc

    the meme comments have resurrected

  • Black Fantom
    Black Fantom

    Isn't it possible to mine the spawner with silk touch and then make a tower for spiders or a farm

    • a bc
      a bc

      it is not possible in vanilla minecraft

  • Thiago Oliveira
    Thiago Oliveira

    the yellow looks too abrasive

  • NON89 Studios
    NON89 Studios

    Your base area reminds me of Jurassic world ✨

  • Byakaa

    X, can’t you silk touch spawners?

    • a bc
      a bc

      you cannot silk touch spawners in vanilla minecraft

  • Slightly Distressed Slug
    Slightly Distressed Slug

    All hail Grumbot

  • John Rey Borja
    John Rey Borja

    You should use mumbo design

  • Md. Sohrab Hossain
    Md. Sohrab Hossain


  • Thomas Scholl
    Thomas Scholl

    Don't give up. You can get it working. We believe in you. 😃

  • Skasis

    “We need to light the roads up or mobs will spawn on it” BUT MOBS DONT SPAWN ON CARPETTTT EEEEEE lol

  • Skasis

    I cringe every time a hermit says “going ham” because they don’t know the true definition XD Look it up, you’ll see.

    • a bc
      a bc

      it means putting alot of effort into something

  • DeificArrow2544

    Explode your project🤭

  • Kool Kid
    Kool Kid

    Are you going to extended the road to the scar, mumbo, grian and stress jungle?

  • Bunyan420

    funny where Xisuma was going to set up a shop next to Junk 4 Junk it is now Mt Scar

  • I’m a fish
    I’m a fish

    X you could put bits of honey and things like that next to the road near your base

  • silky milkmoose
    silky milkmoose

    make a fungus shop nether wart is a fungus to

  • John The Gamer
    John The Gamer

    There is also a shop that is called Jumbotron and it is his little brother and he is QUTE!

  • Chris Quarles
    Chris Quarles

    Grumbot is misunderstood he isn't evil

  • hackcraft_

    x, bild a rail system for activate them

  • Game Plays 1230
    Game Plays 1230

    xisumavoid i wish their was a autocrafting table for this game i wish you could auto craft using a auto-table (a crafting table) it would burn coal or charcoal , for coal it would burn 1 coal for 3 crafted items : now this is wasted so if it not crafting it's still burning and for charcoal it would burn 2-3 for 2 recipes, the cost is still in debate and can be change to your desire how ever it would require a diamond block and redstone and wood so the recipe for this table would be Key : w=wood planks , D= diamond , R=redstone, : = next row recipe : wrw : rdr : wrw the wood would be the frame , the redstone would be the brain and the diamond would make it a end game item (block)

  • Pieter Vermeulen
    Pieter Vermeulen

    ray works has made a afk concrete maker just for you

  • Andrew Carrier-Pearce
    Andrew Carrier-Pearce

    You should just wait a bit and work on other things for now then when you feel ready again you should take another crack at a blast chamber cause doing concrete by hand isn't too bad at the beginning, but it gets real bad later, plus the other things you were planning to do in there are pretty useful farms

  • Owen

    could i please have a measurement for the magma block section of your spider farm

  • Sophie Ashall
    Sophie Ashall


  • Justin Riegel
    Justin Riegel

    Make it look abandon and crumbling

  • Wolf ???
    Wolf ???

    There might be a internet meme for grumbot :D

  • Dian _
    Dian _

    Invite wattles to hermitcraft?

  • 24K Baking
    24K Baking

    "It'll BEE no surprise." No, he didn't say it like that. Sorry, I like making Bee Puns, and I just started putting them in the comments today

  • TheFlyingEpergne

    my noob juice is in my pants

  • JustaTouchOfArt

    :0 you used the grumbot!!!!

  • spyagent_107

    10:30 spider was just vibing

  • Andy_Pipkin_Official

    blow it up

  • Hira 10
    Hira 10


  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips

    Grumbot is for mumbo and grian only.


    he should make it seem abandon

  • Destroyer Dragon
    Destroyer Dragon

    Mumbo for Mayor

  • SuperRyder2010

    vanilla tweaks !

  • Nafid Miah
    Nafid Miah

    Do face reveal

  • I Not Sus YT
    I Not Sus YT

    Grumbot : Is From Grian's 23rd episode Jrumbot: Is Grumbots Little Blusher And Is From 26th Episode Of Grian

  • badkazex !!!
    badkazex !!!

    Ask mumbo for help I do believe he's quite proficient with building those, also mumbo for mayor

  • Kylpyvene

    I love Mixinu and their art and stuff

  • Rapas

    Just make a simpeler concrete blaster.

  • Emmy Geers
    Emmy Geers

    You didn't even look what expressions Grumbot had after the questions....

  • AG Geek
    AG Geek

    make the conkrete towner into a deraliked building andmake it ruenuse

  • Jyri Kangasvieri
    Jyri Kangasvieri

    Damn this guy is really good builder

  • TY GR
    TY GR

    xisumaviod: needs like 10 string also xisumaviod: im going to make a spider farm

  • Gamemode_ Cat
    Gamemode_ Cat


  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude

    Xisuma: "Looks like I just fell into a trap." Me: Flashbacks to the X-ray challenge by Dream.

    • noe perez
      noe perez


  • Davi Van den Berg
    Davi Van den Berg

    Some of the answers are so suspiciously specific

  • Mansib Rahman
    Mansib Rahman

    You haven’t noticed grumbot's emotions

  • Savannah and Sebastian Wilcox
    Savannah and Sebastian Wilcox

    You are not aloud to use grumbot

    • a bc
      a bc


  • Vado of Legend
    Vado of Legend

    Mumbo for mayor

  • Luminite Heroes Gaming
    Luminite Heroes Gaming

    Hermitcraft crazy craft it's going to lag a lot 😥


    Who let you talk to grumbot?

  • RandomGuy22 '
    RandomGuy22 '

    Xisuma: Grumbot wasade by Mumbo Grian: Am I a joke to you? Jk he knows already maybe he just forgot to say Xd

  • Forest Miller
    Forest Miller

    When he doesn't watch Grumbot's face for facial expressions during the interview: *annoyed Grumbot expression/noises*

  • Μάνος Γιατράκης
    Μάνος Γιατράκης

    Sorry I'm late but I'd love to see the old blast chamber being converted to an abandoned, jungle overgrown, old, decimated blast chamber!

  • Manuel Varela
    Manuel Varela

    ilmango showcased a blast chamber for 1.16 that has no way to be broken by tnt. Maybe it's worth holding that project off for 1.16

  • Jayson Goldner
    Jayson Goldner

    I’m confused, why didn’t he choose to pick up the spawners with silk touch and use all 5 to make an ultra XP farm can someone explain please

  • Alex

    U clown u cant ask grumbot questions


    sell it for 200 diamonds

  • Half sided
    Half sided

    Xisuma, you should add bees flying around your base, kinda like how stress has butterflies and how Scar has wasps and dragonfly’s, Note this is only a suggestion

  • McTonnie DK
    McTonnie DK

    what is you using for being able to see items inside of shulkerboxes

  • Jack Meaney
    Jack Meaney

    Mumbo for Mayor

  • Jogailė Jurkonytė
    Jogailė Jurkonytė

    "It is an artificial intelligence, created by Mumbo, using redstone." * Sad Grian noises *

    • Jogailė Jurkonytė
      Jogailė Jurkonytė

      @Elliot’s old account When? How?

    • SuperGuy 983
      SuperGuy 983

      Riley Richards Kylo ren is a bad character

    • SuperGuy 983
      SuperGuy 983

      Riley Richards Dude, what’s wrong with you?

    • Elliot’s old account
      Elliot’s old account

      Riley Richards Xisuma literally asked people to stop.

    • Ghost Toast
      Ghost Toast

      SuperGuy 983 No

  • Rohit B George
    Rohit B George

    Please connect the road to every hermits bases I beg u

  • Alperen Ekin
    Alperen Ekin

    I love how x is grinding everything mumbo needs. In the latest episode he didnt have string and magma blocks. And he fell in the lava trying to get magma blocks 😄

  • Davis Jones
    Davis Jones

    Get the boomers to blow up the concrete maker

  • Skalesov

    anybody know how to make the llama ride

  • AE Cabrera
    AE Cabrera


  • Kieran

    If you're going to give up on the blast chamber aspect (though as others have suggested, there are others on the server who have been using them successfully you might be able to call for help on this), why not try like the old tree farms and have it all get pushed into a giant block with pistons and then mine it all up?

  • Kevin Cheely
    Kevin Cheely

    I know this would be a very time consuming fix, but I suspect your TNT blast chamber breaks easily because it’s between chunks. Mumbo and I think Iskall both made blast chambers and didn’t have any problems for some reason. Not saying you have to fix it, but the piping system and having the chamber work for multiple projects was really cool.

  • hehdsfgfgd

    The grumbot also has emotions, it shows the emotions by ”changing shape of the eyes”

  • Worthy d
    Worthy d

    X, you could always build Ethos Janky concrete maker, simple but effective 😉

  • Monk Key
    Monk Key

    For sure you should keep it, looks way too cool and you spent way too much time on it to get rid of it. I'm sure you will be able to find function for the building at a later time and swap the internals out.

  • Balogh Balint
    Balogh Balint

    Hey What resource pack you use?

  • CringeKid 28
    CringeKid 28

    When I saw saw the title I thoutght he would have 919 questions for Grumbot.

  • Matthew Cruikshank
    Matthew Cruikshank

    you should get the boomers to boom it as practice and return you the materials

  • DoYouMindTraps

    Maybe you could actually blow up parts of it to tell the story of how it keeps breaking and kinda turn it into a ruined building.

  • Birgit

    Make it a concrete blaster memorial :)

  • Hobabo

    1:47 Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that road off-center?

  • psychedelic

    I made a super simple fairly effective spider farm. In 3 minutes.

  • Jacob Naccarato
    Jacob Naccarato

    Roads should have a straight line not just continue at junctions. Look up a 4 way stop and do those instead of continuing the lines the way you did.

  • Moi

    yo dándome cuenta que grumbot es una gran mentira *sadness noise*

  • nopeful

    Hey X! If you are done with the concrete tower, then you should ruin it, cover it in leaves, and make it feel abandoned, but not forgotten. You shouldn't tear it out just because it doesnt work, what's left is proof you tried! :-D

  • Eljan Ralph Aclinen
    Eljan Ralph Aclinen

    Make a bow shop as well please

  • Juul Moose
    Juul Moose

    Didn't you see the wiggle of his mustache?

  • Rin Wolfcren
    Rin Wolfcren

    For the blast chamber: Either have the boomers blow it up or ruin it like xb's apocalyptic style/Mumbo's tower