Hermitcraft VII 905 Burn The Witch!
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Episode Twenty Four! This episode we get our first belt and burn the witch!
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  • xisumavoid

    Okay, read the comments. You will see a little more witch farmery... I will give fire aspect ago after that ;-) Thanks!

    • Aidan Crassweller
      Aidan Crassweller

      Hey xisumavoid i want to make a witch farm I want to make a witch farm do you know the rates

    • Moose Max
      Moose Max

      a lava blade thing in the drop pipe for the witches

    • PJ Romero
      PJ Romero

      U should put the lava in the shoot while they are falling down!!! #easyfix

    • Janeator 3000
      Janeator 3000

      Watch this video it shows you how to get different potion , it is really good believe me rsloft.info/loft/video/aNqLlofJu53WipQ

    • louis kay
      louis kay

      you never collected your dimond rewards from the oak tree when u droped your list of potions

  • Bhargav kandalkar
    Bhargav kandalkar

    6:55 spot the creeper!

  • Shadowplayz

    Bro maybe you could use fire resistance

  • Jesse Ho
    Jesse Ho

    The magma blocks were probably causing the fire resistance potions....

  • Lion Lance
    Lion Lance

    This episode was so painful to watch, because he was looking so much into how to make the witch farm set them on fire... he forgot about fire aspect

  • David Burtis
    David Burtis

    so what ur saying is, your blue aba di aba die aba di aba die

  • Abhyuday Tomar
    Abhyuday Tomar

    Hermits complain on not making storage systems Me:u guys have storage

  • Leo Porion
    Leo Porion

    You should sell the redstone or the gun powder and you can trade sticks with fletcher villagers

  • Seth Scarbrough
    Seth Scarbrough

    0:11 the skeleton did a spin That just makes my day

  • Minim 4.0
    Minim 4.0

    Honeycomb blocks look soo epic with white concrete or quartz

  • Shadow Phantom
    Shadow Phantom

    3:44 reminds me of s6 mumbojumbo base:D

  • Dylan Wharmby
    Dylan Wharmby

    Why is doc in this he is always a di*ck

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer

    0:07 Why does he sound like the samurai at the viridian forest from Pokemon?

  • ursus ludens
    ursus ludens


  • Shiftyleaf61833

    No one: Hermit craft: let’s never stop using concrete

    • Aoife Hall
      Aoife Hall

      Shiftyleaf61833 hah funny

  • Elliott Sandlin
    Elliott Sandlin

    why didnt x just make it quickly shift from magma to bricks to set them on fire? would that work?

  • Vxspiilo.R6

    Casual 200 levels

  • imamandaa

    Mumbo's social experiment has shown x is a jerk :)

  • Maxime Poulain
    Maxime Poulain

    Put the lava on the way of the witches ;)

  • Blazikent

    "You see, the machine is quite simple to understand..." The machine:

  • Nevertes

    Am i the only one who came from Sealdrop

  • Dharsan K
    Dharsan K

    has anyone else noticed x hit 200 levels?

  • Mark Lester C. Torres
    Mark Lester C. Torres

    "Rhymes" xD

  • Blue Crewmate
    Blue Crewmate

    Xisuma and stress sitting in a tree T-R-A-D-I-N-G

  • Abbas Beydoun
    Abbas Beydoun

    Why dont you build a giant beehive?

  • StrictlyCorey

    Bruh 198 levels though

  • Mathew Kepler
    Mathew Kepler

    Would using magma blocks under the witches burn them and cause them to drink fire resistant? Same question for netherrack when lit (I'm not sure if the items will be destroyed from the fire from netherrack, but I know they wont from magma blocks)

    • Mathew Kepler
      Mathew Kepler

      To clarify, I know the magma block will hurt them and can kill them, but will they trigger the witches need for fire resistance?

  • Gabriel

    How do you filter potions

  • Chromee

    in the witchfarm for fire res potions you can just put a campfire at the bottom and make the fall a couple blocks shorter so you can use the sword and the witches drop the potion!!

  • Marcus Thorén
    Marcus Thorén

    Why not just have them drop through lava?

  • Cyanide

    But won't Magma blocks make witches on fire?

  • 0uss4m4 g4m3r
    0uss4m4 g4m3r

    He actually has 145 xp

  • Euan Pyecroft-Davies
    Euan Pyecroft-Davies

    a fire aspect sword works in bedrock edition so you could test the mechanics in java!

  • Galactic_Red

    You think you are uncomfortable, I'm watching you while doing pregnancy prevention in health class online

  • DopyD

    Etho 18:45 ‘I like danger’ Lol

  • Watercraft

    Scientist women in 1357:

  • Samuel Lawrence
    Samuel Lawrence

    does anyone know what witch design this is?

  • Fast cars Vroom
    Fast cars Vroom

    is there a guide to build this farm

  • Illogical Thinking
    Illogical Thinking

    just make the witches fall through lava

  • Illogical Thinking
    Illogical Thinking

    use a texturepack, that removes scaffolding visually for the camera account.

  • kylie chen
    kylie chen

    Xisuma: there is a slight change in everything (voice, build, shop, farm) Me: *Confused screaming*

  • The Green X
    The Green X

    Is no one gonna acknowledge that xisuma has 200 levels

  • Shwoopy Rra Le
    Shwoopy Rra Le

    predicting now that doc will blow up the button

  • DragonFire 93
    DragonFire 93

    Why don't u just use a fire aspect sword ?

  • Shaya

    You should not only give Stress the potions, she might need the redstone, sugar and slider eyes as well

  • Greek Player
    Greek Player

    Try to do the same thing but one block taller with water to get water breathing

  • Azrael

    Xisuma if you make the withes fall trough a fence gate that is on fire (shouldn't burn because fire tick is set to false) at the bottom and you just slash them and it works fine for me. Edit: The Witches should drop like 28 blocks they probably do that now anyways.

  • AnizyArt

    Amazing! The snipe on the button and Doc leaving was hilarious! :D

  • troll face
    troll face

    is it just me or is his voice slightly different?

  • Andrew

    Some foliage would add extra color without more blocks..

  • rson

    Love the vids a lot but I haven’t been a fan of this recent thumbnail style. Maybe it’s just me but I prefer the old ones more :)

  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo

    I like how the bottom game is bringing the hermits together for fun but from what I've seen from Doc the other hermits prospective is that Doc is taking it a little too far. He is like a old fashioned spawn camper. With the goat thing and this with the buttonbactually is making me want to watch his videos less and less.

  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo

    Xisuma: the wondering trader sold me his jacket. Reality: there's a jacketless, headless wondering trader somewhere out in the wilderness of the Hermitcraft server that's now a worm motel.

  • Goe Isha
    Goe Isha

    You really didn't need to do anything to your farm. If you switch to the magma blocks and kill the witches with your sword you can get fire resist. Just look when the witches fall on magma block they drink a fire resist

  • Benjamin Herke
    Benjamin Herke

    Just use magma blocks man

  • Ryan Azzopardi
    Ryan Azzopardi

    who said witch CRAFT wasnt real

  • Trhalo

    I think the button is going to make a second civil war

  • RFFrules

    poor poor doc......

  • Hugh McNay
    Hugh McNay

    I know how to fix your witch farm and how to get them to drop fire resistancs. You get a crappy sword that kills them in two shots but you put fire aspect on it so they hold a fire res potion and then you kill them on the second shot and they will drop fire res

  • yuvraj guglani
    yuvraj guglani

    hey you could have just used magma blocks

  • The True Sam
    The True Sam

    can you put lava in the drop chamber held up by a sign so they get set alight as they fall?

  • NeK Hursty
    NeK Hursty

    OMG How dear you do that to the Doc! haha I hope the GOAT gets you when you run the trial ;)

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode

    I've been watching way too much hermitcraft lately...i thought I was watching Mumbo for a good two minutes. 🤦‍♂️

  • Isosoap978

    you should put pistons that let bursts of smoke come out the top of the concrete area.

  • Eumarise

    Fire aspect

  • Weta

    Salty Doc XD

    • Weta

      Hilarious! 😂

  • Volt Siano
    Volt Siano

    Blue or yellow might make for a good additional color.

  • Bean bag ben
    Bean bag ben

    I really like it, though it would look even better with some leaves, grass and so on. You said you wanted the project to be themed as technology combined with nature, and i feel like you left out this last part :)) You could for example replace some of the white concrete roof with grassblocks in the centre or leaves that look like vines growing up and around the building

  • Cameron

    Xisuma, if im right, withces will also drink fire resistance potions if they're taking damage from standing on magma blocks. i think thats why u had some in ur system from when u first built the farm and had to kill some of them whilst they were stood on the magma block by mistake and the witch just so happened to drink a fire res potion before you swung. So maybe try having the withces land on magma blocks a bit further up (so they dont die of fall damage and can react to taking damage from the magma blocks and have u stood afk swinging to do the final blow.

  • Hazdaz123 ,
    Hazdaz123 ,

    Use a fire aspect sword

  • louis kay
    louis kay

    will everybody coment that when xisuma droped hes book with hes list at the oak tree he didnnt collect hes reward (dimonds)

  • mlem

    Why not have the witches fall through some lava during their fall?

  • StrikeWave

    you should have one block of lava in the tube, so as the witches fall, they get hit by it but have too much momentum to get caught in it. this also prevents burned items.

  • Sid_Balloney

    I reaaaaally love the shape and style of the concrete farm!

  • CompressLuft

    Just use a sword with "Flame" enchantment to burn the witches...

  • Jesse INDO
    Jesse INDO

    9:08 wait , Did you see that ,Nether Portal Bugs , I need Mohjang to fix it @xisumavoid

  • Shihab Alam
    Shihab Alam

    Don't u think his concrete farm build looks like middle finger?????

  • FastJaz

    Xisuma! I have the exact contraption that you need! It can be switched between all types of potions that witches drop (speed, health, fire resistance, and water breathing)! I don't want to advertise, but I just wanted to let you know that it was there in case you wanted to use it! :D

  • Josh Salisbury
    Josh Salisbury

    Fire aspect sword

  • William Hicks
    William Hicks

    Watch this video it shows you how to get different potions, rsloft.info/loft/video/aNqLlofJu53WipQ

  • William Hicks
    William Hicks

    Watch this video it shows you how to get different potions, rsloft.info/loft/video/aNqLlofJu53WipQ

  • William Hicks
    William Hicks

    Watch this video it shows you how to get different potions, rsloft.info/loft/video/aNqLlofJu53WipQ

  • William Hicks
    William Hicks

    Watch this video it shows you how to get different potions, rsloft.info/loft/video/aNqLlofJu53WipQ

  • William Hicks
    William Hicks

    Watch this video it shows you how to get different potions, rsloft.info/loft/video/aNqLlofJu53WipQ

  • The 88th DJ
    The 88th DJ

    He's building bases and filling spaces

  • Shawn Loder
    Shawn Loder

    Make a retractable lava blade just at top of the tower. They will then fall down drinking their potions and actually be weak for your sword. ;) I'm MecLoving

    • Shawn Loder
      Shawn Loder

      This also resolve the drop issue :D

  • Hudman

    you could just place the lava a block higher so the items do not get burnt

  • Melanie Tyrrell
    Melanie Tyrrell

    Tango and Etho's comments at 18:15 is Gold

  • Koeseki Star0
    Koeseki Star0

    If you do fire aspect, you'll need to set it up so that you kill the witches in two hits instead of one.

  • Mil

    5:43 Scooby-Doo be like

  • Redsniper 002
    Redsniper 002

    Looks there is a face on the left side of the building at 5:47

  • Salman

    Pretty sure Mumbo just created Social Hierarchy in this Server.

  • Game Commanders WarRoom
    Game Commanders WarRoom

    Try placing a flaming piece of netherrack at the top of the farm, where you put the cobblestone wall would probably be the best spot. Just remember to adjust the waterstream so it doesn't put out the fire.

  • Aljames Rivera
    Aljames Rivera

    I wish hermitcraft can gave the theme anime, like imagine an area with one piece ships, an area inspired by konoha, a town inspired by pokemon! And more

    • Aljames Rivera
      Aljames Rivera


  • Ghi Jhi
    Ghi Jhi

    I notice you cut out the part where you thought the button was dead because all the lights are on

  • Danjalk

    Will netherite become the new currency after 1.16

  • Da Freq
    Da Freq

    I was today years old when I realised xisuma’s skin is og doomguy

  • Armand Botes
    Armand Botes

    To get the potion drops the witches have to be drinking them when killed

  • Emil

    Put blue concrete in the black line

  • Willep


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