Hermitcraft VII 934 Nether Feathers!
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Episode Fifty Three! This episode we build a featehr farm in the nether to ensure bookmaking is no chore!
Rivalries Between SMP Communities?
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 21-30
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  • xisumavoid

    Did you know Hermitcraft has a shadow seed? rsloft.info/loft/video/q8Wiu6ac1oPFnIo

    • Josh Carter
      Josh Carter

      Harawanagangsta he's not copying anyone.

    • snazz

      You can put honey and under it hoppers because they are not full blocks and then the chicken won't be able to get out

    • He has risen
      He has risen

      a what?

    • Hydrangea

      Hello, I think the lamas are pushing the wandering villager in to the loaded chunks so they despawn. Ps:sorry for bad English•-•

    • Cycling Duo
      Cycling Duo

      Mythical sausage on Hermitcraft please

  • Ima RRB
    Ima RRB

    plz change the grass in the netherbase for lime concrete powder or burn me like that grass

  • iNoobBoi

    Iskall: nethrite boots, diamond leggings. False: Nethrite leggings, diamond boots.

  • Neb DoUrden
    Neb DoUrden

    fron 9:32 to 9:42 you can see in the chat Grian wanting to die

  • Ahmed Almashour
    Ahmed Almashour

    Best part is, he didn’t even comment on the groan being killed by mumbo

  • Andrew Cui
    Andrew Cui

    Grian was killed by Mumbo Jumbo by prickly stick. Grian: MORE

  • Kaulis

    How funny is to see Grian begging Mumbo for death in the chat xd

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    Zedaph should rename the swords in his golf mini game “Putter” “Driver” and “9 Iron” or I guess just two of the three but still.

  • hugo Rodrigues
    hugo Rodrigues

    9:45 the messages are hilarious

  • Miles 27
    Miles 27

    9:33 And here we can see the gods at work (Look at chat)

  • whiteice305

    Minecraft vinalla 1.16. Access to neather roof breaking game rules, invisible/unlimited armor stands. More like vanilla with some hacks/sprinkles

  • Vani Soni
    Vani Soni

    Is anyone going to mention how crule that chiken farm is Vegans wont be happy FREE RANGE FOR ALL CHIKENS 😂😂😂

  • April Flint
    April Flint

    Grian in the bottom corner screaming more and being slain by Mumbo while Xisuma calmly talks about his path is so funny

  • Plaid Penguin
    Plaid Penguin

    9:33 does anyone else notice Grian asking mumbo to kill him?

  • Marcelo Mendoza
    Marcelo Mendoza

    5:54 faze villager

  • Avyukt Gupta
    Avyukt Gupta

    You need to use carpets on the trapdoors

  • Teo Waage
    Teo Waage

    X: i need to figure out what is going on Nembom: Well this looks like a job for Me

  • Xavior Wegener
    Xavior Wegener

    X: I think we can all get it in 1 shot Also X: the only one to not do it in 1 shot. (First hole)

  • UNSC 2003
    UNSC 2003

    Xisuma: Iv never seen so many phantoms before. Me watching spiffing brits first server stream 👀

  • Appleberry Smith
    Appleberry Smith

    Fence + carpet!

  • MindedGryphon6 Minecraft Channel
    MindedGryphon6 Minecraft Channel

    Check the chat at around 9:45 guys. If you’ve seen mumbo or grains video you’ll find it hilarious, if you haven’t you’ll be confused or even more amused but it’s great

  • AnizyArt

    This was such a fun episode! Love Zed's mini golf game, looked like so much fun

  • Drew Champagne
    Drew Champagne

    how does it feel to know that james charles likes the hermit craft and your videos?

  • Dezombification

    Hey X! Would the double carpet trick work to keep the chickens in the pen? Edit: Looks like the chickens don't path over trapdoors so no need :P

  • X0XGameServer19 Entertaiment
    X0XGameServer19 Entertaiment

    For survival for average players people like me just build a simple system all it does is have one block with 300 chickens (just lay eggs they produce) and then put a slab then lava on top so it drops the items into a chest and for my needs unlimited feathers and cooked chicken (no need to cook because of the lava)

  • agyg hieks
    agyg hieks


  • Louis Metais
    Louis Metais

    Loved the mini golf , was really entertaining!

  • TheTaco TCG
    TheTaco TCG

    Under the barrel put a hopper with an item filter for eggs and put the eggs back in the droppers

  • acupates

    @xisumavoid, no it is very interesting. we like to know what's going on bts =D

  • Andreas Seidelin
    Andreas Seidelin

    What recourse pack do you use? I really like it, pls tell and give a link to get it😄

  • Leah Nigus
    Leah Nigus

    i like seeing all the heads in your storage system. it’s kinda satisfying

  • Jurjen Hettinga
    Jurjen Hettinga

    Solution to the one high chicken pen: honeyblocks

  • ItsMeTeamSGG

    new poultry man?

  • Justin Riegel
    Justin Riegel

    Standoff should be called stesh

  • LinkGamer 715
    LinkGamer 715

    Zedaph: "Minecraft is the best game for golf" Sad Terraria 1.4 noises

  • Hydrangea

    Hello, I think the llamas are pushing the wandering villager in to the loaded chunks so they despawn. Ps:sorry for bad English•-•

    • Hydrangea

      @FreeZe_Demon YT thanks!

    • FreeZe_Demon YT
      FreeZe_Demon YT

      Your English is good, the only thing wrong with it is that lamas is spelt llamas

  • chicken fall guy
    chicken fall guy

    I can see grian forcing mumbo to kill him in the chat, I was laughing so hard

  • tml962


  • Trygve Skaran
    Trygve Skaran

    I was going to post a comment about mumbo killing grian, but many others have beat me to it so i’m not going to bother doing it.

    • Trygve Skaran
      Trygve Skaran

      a bc I know, but if you look at my comment compared to the other commenting about it you might see that they don’t have that much in common. I was just being a bit more creative.

    • a bc
      a bc

      you just did comment about it by saying you wouldn’t

  • Austin L
    Austin L

    Must see storage system progress live

  • Josh Hopkins
    Josh Hopkins

    2:04 BTW U forgot a stair on the top right corner, X

  • The Kayne
    The Kayne

    the carpets on the standoff minigame are really bright

  • Katie Clements
    Katie Clements


  • Gasoline

    what a sudden ending "bah"

  • Sarcastor

    now I may not be a rocket scientist but the feather farm doesnt seem to suffocate the chickens but is dependend on entity cramming. See the Eggs in the collector barrel. Allthough I suppose you could dispense with the hatchery-chickens and do a one block chicken farm that feeds its eggs (item sorter) to route them over a dropper chain to itself and kills an adult chicken (gamerule) with entity cramming. If the rules arent changed on HC there would be 24 chickens in the farm laying an average of 32 eggs per 10 minutes. An egg has a 1/8th chance (12.5%) to hatch a chicken. That would average out to up to 4 baby chickens per 10 minutes (killing 4 adult chicken per 10 minutes) A baby chicken takes about 20 minutes to grow up reducing the overall output with a fluctuation amount of adult chickens. (ignoring the loss/increase of egg-rate due to baby chicken, and multi-chicken eggs.) I would be interested in the Math behind that.... anyone got an idea how to plot that?

  • Andres Acosta
    Andres Acosta

    Couldnt the use of double carpets keep the chickens from moving and keep the “free range” look?

  • Ninjabon3r

    The golf is amazing

  • Cladbar becue08
    Cladbar becue08

    Wait you ride an chicken???

  • Kyle Allen
    Kyle Allen

    I absolutely hate the wondering trader but I get so excited when I see them on hermitcraft for xisuma even while watching other hermits videos lol I always tell them (in my head) go let xi know that hes here lol

  • CosmicConnie 253
    CosmicConnie 253

    Why not just fill the entire floor with hoppers have chickens everywhere and make a Glass wall

  • Coseco

    X, use honey blocks as flooring for the chicken farm! They won't be able to hop over and the hoppers will still be able to pick up the eggs!

  • tcmsurfer

    Hey @xisumavoid, why don't you (as a group) consider inviting ilmango and gnembon to hermitcraft to show the current server? You all have so many farms based on their designs. Even Mumbo visited the SciCraft server and made a video about it. - It could produce some interesting content. - Be well and thanks for your content!

  • potatomasher77

    You should put the current song playing in like a corner or something

  • Snow738

    you could put honey blocks around the hoppers because honey blocks can’t be jumped on and i believe they are not a full block so you can put hoppers underneath them

  • jordan hopkins
    jordan hopkins

    the reason you dont see the traders is because they drink invisibility potions. You can follow the leads attached to the llamas to find where the trader is or just spam right click around the area

  • The Vaudeville
    The Vaudeville

    9:33 How did he move the chat box up by 1 line? Looks cleaner not having the armor icons blocking the text.

  • ValuedMallard 18
    ValuedMallard 18

    if you change out every other observer in the dropper elevator with a redstone torch it should fix the items getting stuck

  • TheNerdyestBear _
    TheNerdyestBear _

    Golf in Minecraft is the best thing since not so sliced Minecraft bread

  • Rancidblock561

    Hey, can you leave the download for the colored shulker interfaces and the shulkerbox viewer please?

  • Artorvian

    X! I'm not sure if you noticed my tweet, but chickens are the ONLY mob that can't jump over trapdoors. You don't need to make them 2 blocks tall. You don't need to place honey blocks below them. You don't need ANY special trickery and they won't jump over it!!!

  • OnyxOryx

    Xisuma... next season please invite DanTDM or someone new 😃

  • SloppyJoe646

    Mumbai in the back reapeatedly stabbing grain for heads: X not paying attention to the situation:

  • A Fellow Human
    A Fellow Human

    I wonder who's been putting the bees in Bdub's base Excallibee...Beesilky... HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • The smore emperor
    The smore emperor

    That chicken farm background is like a glimpse into what life with freedom looks like.

  • LHardy64

    why did the audio cut out right here? rsloft.info/loft/video/mtaavaGxsZDIgag

  • Dimitris Chatzimakris
    Dimitris Chatzimakris

    Why not use honey blocks for chicken farm?

  • Karol Peszek
    Karol Peszek

    Put honey blocks under the carpet.

  • Expidition Explored
    Expidition Explored

    add lukethenotable to hermitcraft

  • Mac Klin
    Mac Klin

    I’ll bet everyone was screaming at their screen, HONEY BLOOOOOOCKS

  • JokER902 _
    JokER902 _

    You should put the slime farm storage and put it in the watch tower building

  • Christopher Birnbaum
    Christopher Birnbaum

    i love the golf game

  • T J
    T J

    Loving the recap at the end where you showed us what you had been doing this episode. We need another of them next time!!

  • Will W Straub
    Will W Straub

    You should make a custom biome in season 8

  • Jeremy Mewengkang
    Jeremy Mewengkang

    Hey Xisuma Wheres Docm77?

  • Clash Playa
    Clash Playa

    Use carpets on the 1 high trap doors to keep the chickens in

  • newt

    you should write an article about Bernie and Grumbot! what do the two of them think about each other?

  • K Star
    K Star

    YOu can use honey blocks outside fence gates. It works with carpets too!

  • Captain Cannonball
    Captain Cannonball

    Man, X is so talented. He can terraform the entire jungle, he can make all sorts of farms, and he can make absolutely amazing builds. Keep it up X!

  • DeeJay Jellybean
    DeeJay Jellybean

    pearlecentmoon for Hermitcraft

  • Kelly Barton
    Kelly Barton

    About your wandering trader problem. Are they affected by lightning strikes? Because that may explain why the llamas are still there but the traders are gone.

  • hyperlouis99

    oH mY gOd YoU sToLe PiXeLrIfS rEd SaNd IdEa Im UnSuBbInG

  • Clair Beckett
    Clair Beckett

    9:50 'It's not the focus of this episode', yeah... the focus might be on the chat😂😂😂

  • M Zakn
    M Zakn

    Use honeyblocks under the carpets and put the hoppers under the honeyblocks, this fixes your problems because honeyblocks are not full blocks so a hopper can take the eggs when they get dropped. And the honeyblocks makes it so animals, mobs and players can't jump over

  • Hammie Games
    Hammie Games

    Both Zedaph's golf game and the sugarcane farm are so pretty looking!

  • 7A33 Shek Hung Brandon YAN
    7A33 Shek Hung Brandon YAN

    I got an idea, so lava won´t fall into lower slabs, it will just stays there, because it thought there is a full block, so when the baby chicken turn into adult chicken, it would burn, and kill the fully grown chicken and cook it, so it´s 1 arrow two birds logic right?

    • 7A33 Shek Hung Brandon YAN
      7A33 Shek Hung Brandon YAN

      i mean, now u have 2 food sources right, it´s techinacally better, ye?

  • Random Voice ie. Ian Tan
    Random Voice ie. Ian Tan

    You've got to build a squid building to cover up that squid farm, literally a giant kraken just out of nowhere in the middle of a thick jungle biome.

  • Luke Edwardes
    Luke Edwardes

    9:30 just look at the chat for a laugh

  • Minecraft with Mr.Insane
    Minecraft with Mr.Insane

    5:51 did that creeper literally just jumped??!?!?!

  • Mira M
    Mira M

    Loved the little info about X casually sleeping during the golf game, it made me laugh lots lol.. in Zedaph's episode you could see him sneak behind some trees on the side to place down his bed, I was so confused. xD

  • Matt Maggoux
    Matt Maggoux

    Those are mighty fine transitions!

  • N. A
    N. A

    You can place honey blocks below the carpet and then hoppers below the honey blocks, this will let you place only one trap door as mobs cannot jump on honey blocks.

  • PyroByte Imposter
    PyroByte Imposter

    he ignores the fact that grian is screaming at mumbo for more while death messages are popping up and continues talking about his paths

  • Windeycastle

    Xisuma,you can use honeyblocks in your feather farm. The chickens can't jump over the trapdoors anymore,and the eggs can be collect by hoppers under the honeyblocks.

  • Dude Eclair
    Dude Eclair

    I couldn't help cracking up at 9:33 as mumbo is killing grian over and over for heads

  • Josh_ not_maxed_out
    Josh_ not_maxed_out

    Hi Xisuma (for the chickens) If u place a honey block on the ground, the mob won't be able to jump a 1 block height :)

  • Michael Marrison
    Michael Marrison

    9:32 look at chat lol

  • william kremer
    william kremer

    Sometimes the lag makes the bubble trouble 3 game on hudgames so bad...

  • flappy

    9:32 X is completely oblivious of the constant manslaughter in the background

  • Dem Clownz
    Dem Clownz

    that is a beautiful nether base

  • Hi_ImKyle

    Music is hella loud