Hermitcraft VII 909 Who Got The Tag Now?
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Episode Twenty Eight! In this episode we open our shop with Keralis and get our hands on the Tag!
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  • xisumavoid

    New video about MIND READING is out on the Xisuma Says channel! rsloft.info/loft/video/fair1Wrbz52ab4o

    • qpr

      Hi, Xisuma... just want to ask... what mod you use to see the content of shulker box without opening it...

    • NutshelledTurtle

      Woah I was just thinking about Mind Reading???

    • Spiritual Ender
      Spiritual Ender

      Um I just know that ur the admin :)

    • Dragons 321
      Dragons 321

      39th YAY

    • Sepp 0606
      Sepp 0606

      hey X, I've been watching PearlEscentMoon lately on twitch and youtube and she's a really good builder and friend of grian! i thought id let you know about her because i think shed really fit in the hermit craft group!

  • Oliver’s Adventures
    Oliver’s Adventures

    So weard swing them in dimind armour not netherite

  • Max Gonzales
    Max Gonzales

    No do not sell it

  • blue ghost boys
    blue ghost boys

    me: *trying to bring watch xisumas season 7 hermitcraft when hes got 75 episodes up* xisuma: *mentions another series* me: *is now watching 7 series, plus 1 so 8* me: sleep w-who?

  • DJSlimeball

    Chess monsters be causin' me Stressmonsters...

  • Kigut

    the concrete shop looks amazing! it reminds me of an ikea!

  • Linkolin Alamar
    Linkolin Alamar

    "and look at this, I've got loads of these mini blocks" casually scrolls over a llama head with a wandering trader head in the corner. hmmm I wonder where that wandering trader went...

  • Seiaeka

    I doubt you'll see this, but you should change the iron bars holding up the fossil to chains now that 1.16 is out. :3

  • ClassicalHeroes

    the iron farm looks like a candle....

  • jun wang
    jun wang

    It’s name is downgraded Sahara

  • Skull Head
    Skull Head

    Who else expected cub fan to kill him?

  • Bryan Hamstra
    Bryan Hamstra

    Why wouldn't you turn on the beacon for haste or speed or jump boost they are all helpful all the time

  • Bryan Hamstra
    Bryan Hamstra

    Everytime he says three it sounds like he is saying free

  • EmJay Gluck
    EmJay Gluck

    “Comming soon”

  • Seth


  • Desmond 7F
    Desmond 7F

    I am dissapointed cause you have a SHARPNESS III SWORD

  • Fhantom


  • Quinton H.
    Quinton H.

    the concrete shop reminds me of ikea.

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    6:37 I saw that suggestion in the comments of a Keralis video!

  • Randy Taschner
    Randy Taschner

    So awesome! I love how it’s kinda like an IKEA but better. Speaking of that maybe you should have a snack shack in there! Lol

  • Daniel Lebedinski
    Daniel Lebedinski

    Keep the tag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob Redstone
    Jacob Redstone

    When you read out 'Lookie Lookie At My Alpacas' I just thought it was a normal name, but then you said it spells LLAMA. My eyes just WIDENED with realisation and astonishment at the sheer alacrity of that name. Well done Xisuma. Btw, I'm a big fan of your episodes, especially Hermitcraft. ☺

  • Donnie Howard
    Donnie Howard

    I am way behind, but You should put slabs near the outdoor llamas so you "have to" crouch to even get near them. or put a sign that says, 2 diamonds to sit on a llama, ITS A TRAP! love the vids, keep it up!

  • Nick Stevens
    Nick Stevens

    Sell copies of your old hermit craft servers, money for all of you!!!! We want to see them!!!!!

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Make a head shop

  • Sky shredder
    Sky shredder

    Sell it to grian for 6 blocks of diamond or something else u might need

  • Not Google
    Not Google

    Alpacas are not the same as lamas

  • Mystique Fox
    Mystique Fox

    Murder mumbo in cold blood I'll subscribe to you

  • FrogWithAJetpack

    Auction the tag off for diamonds

  • WillTastic

    Sell it to GRIAN for carrots or something you need. He has a creeper farm.


    Give tag to grian

    • Mirnov


  • zimmy606

    it looks looks colored cigarettes are being sold, lol.

  • Ethan Wise
    Ethan Wise

    You could put strength on the beacon to make it faster

  • Justin Loei
    Justin Loei

    The IKEA vibes are unreal

  • Jessica 07
    Jessica 07

    Xisuma should turn the room he had in the concrete shop with the chest monster to a workers only to put extra concrete in there

  • xd Secondtye
    xd Secondtye

    You should keep the tag because no one is hunting for it

  • AversePlayz YT
    AversePlayz YT

    People won't buy white dye. By selling bone blocks you are selling nine stacks of white dye for a diamond. Like so Xisuma will see.

  • Magicblaster4

    The concrete shop is absolutely amazing, definitely one of my favorite projects you've ever done.


    Set up a hunger games to do between all of the tag 2: electric boogaloo players. Each player competes to gain ownership of the tag. You could also do a mini carnival to gain diamonds and make games for players to win tickets. Then make a prize booth with the tag as the top prize!

  • Dean Ebona
    Dean Ebona

    Sell the tag for a red button? Like ZombieCleo

  • Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm

    barter with a good pvp player on the server who has high points with the boogaloo game, and agree to protect them and help them win as long as they give you some diamonds if they win

  • Cody Conn
    Cody Conn

    the iron golem farm looks like a fancy fountain pin

  • Lauri Rytkölä
    Lauri Rytkölä

    Sell it to grian he would like it grian to join ??? Team

  • aistis

    Isskal got red

  • Zeke Suwaratana
    Zeke Suwaratana

    an auction would be a great way to do sell it I think

  • Caleb Friesen
    Caleb Friesen

    Xisuma, you should AFK in the end islands somewhere with the tag. and while you AFK you could do a short question answering livestream

  • Jabilson

    me being better than xisuma is more impossibel than him doing face reveal

  • Marcela Nešněrová
    Marcela Nešněrová

    Hide in a obsidian cage on bedrock level under an ocean

  • Le Yett
    Le Yett

    Uhhhmmm I think being green belt doesn't work like that. You should press the button on green first. Peace

  • Red Mushroom
    Red Mushroom

    You should put the beacon on strenght 2 to kill igs faster

  • Reet

    You should put a ‘Borrow a Shulker’ scheme in the concrete shop. You wouldn’t lose anything really because they would be returning them, but it would draw people over to the shop, if only to borrow shulker boxes

  • Rhys Arnold
    Rhys Arnold

    Any minigames in hc season 7?

  • Rhys Arnold
    Rhys Arnold

    Give the tag to mumbo in order for a diamond block when he is mayor

  • Explosive Stuff Studios
    Explosive Stuff Studios

    Hi Xisuma!

  • Bernard Czaban
    Bernard Czaban

    In emergenci sell it but have it on you.

  • Oof Basically
    Oof Basically

    Keep the tag

  • Sébastien Forsythe
    Sébastien Forsythe

    sell terrracota in the mega shop so you make more diamonds!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samuel Pasternak
    Samuel Pasternak

    Anyone else think Xisuma should use campfires for the top of those concrete posts instead of fire? Maybe just a me thing :)

  • Gacha Insomniac
    Gacha Insomniac

    your getting close to episode 911 what are you going to do!? Hopefully no TNT plane explodes on of your towers!

  • Running Biscuit
    Running Biscuit

    I love this design for a shop, and I'm definitely stealing it for a warehouse in the future!

    • Running Biscuit
      Running Biscuit

      @xisumavoid Thanks for the comment and heart, this week's been rough at work and that made my day!

    • xisumavoid

      Glad you like it!

  • kathvrt

    Hermits will just casually have 223 levels.

  • bryan pittman
    bryan pittman

    How does he have so many episodes how!!

  • mikeus69

    Well now just get Joe hills and zedalf to give up the tag without a fight and that’s all the boring hermits done

  • Andrew

    Ummmm just win!

  • Coyt Anderson
    Coyt Anderson

    2 people have red belt now. Go for it when you can.

  • kyle Obletz
    kyle Obletz

    you should afk in a hidden pozitition far away from everyone elce

  • NutshelledTurtle

    Add a café. Little IKEA baby.

  • DatGamerJimmeh

    can't wait for the episode one after 909!

  • Regina

    Ngl, looks like Ikea ;v;

  • Rico Lorenz
    Rico Lorenz

    People will use Impulse's concrete shop because it's a lot easier to just walk in, buy your stuff, and walk out. People don't want to spend their time looking around your shop for some concrete

  • Zoltriak

    The concrete shop looks alot like IDEA from last season which I really liked

  • unnecessarily long rambles and comments
    unnecessarily long rambles and comments

    Sell it to grian because he has some points and he will try to win Also imagin they do all this work and the shop doesn't do well at all

  • Robert Crawshaw
    Robert Crawshaw

    Shuashrammy, what allows you to see shulker inventories and where can i get it?

  • gamingplaying 4
    gamingplaying 4

    Make a bunker

  • Daniel Scart
    Daniel Scart

    Dude, you have Jesus face on your chest

  • A Human
    A Human

    You should sell a counterfeit tag and keep the real tag which will take away some stress for a hours and get you some diamonds

  • Jaimey Regeling
    Jaimey Regeling

    Maybe add signpost to where everything is located in the warehouse.

  • Star Fish
    Star Fish

    there's a swedish youtuber called stamsite, maybe you want to check him out? i mean, maybe not with this season but i personally think he's a pretty nice guy so um.. yeah :P you don't have to obviously also the video was awesome :D keep up the good work

  • Martin Harrison
    Martin Harrison

    Make a deal with iskall to put the tag in one of his gems on the treasure island but keep it a secret

  • Nathan Stafford
    Nathan Stafford

    Who here would love to see hermitcraft on hytale?

  • Carson Rose
    Carson Rose

    Everytime i watch a HermitCraft video, I want to play minecraft

  • Brendan Saunders
    Brendan Saunders

    Beesuma, Beeralis, xBEECrafted, vintageBEEf, BEEtho, zomBEEcleo, BEEdoubleo #TeamBee make it happen.

  • Finman Family
    Finman Family

    www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/comments/gdau44/suggestion_for_xisumas_creeper_farm_mirror_the/ creddit to u/Sponkelnissen

  • Galactique Channel
    Galactique Channel

    the redstone contraption at the beging of the video looks like the ones on a french server paladium

  • Bushperson

    keep it an claim the price

  • נועם שבת
    נועם שבת

    Stress has opened her potion shop

  • s u n n y
    s u n n y

    I think u should hold on to the tag for a while until there is actually something u desire

  • Fear DhartimYT
    Fear DhartimYT

    You should action the tag

  • UnitedCultOf Fishcrab
    UnitedCultOf Fishcrab

    You should auction off the tag. Or make a really hard parkour course / mini game which people have to pay to enter and have the tag as the grand prize.

  • Oliver Andrews
    Oliver Andrews

    why dont you trade grian the tag 2 electic boogaloo for a rainbow of belts ( he has all the belts apart from red.)

  • starogue

    you should use toggle shift to afk in the nether as nobody travels through the bottom of it and if ur under the ground nobody would find you

  • cubewithautism

    I play on Xbox 360

  • Sonnys Corner
    Sonnys Corner

    Just go to the middle of nowhere dig down all the way to bedrock block it off at the top crouch and afk for 50 hours

  • Lasagna Sux
    Lasagna Sux

    I was just thinking you could make that game where you bounce on the slime blocks and break them like you did in (i think it was) season three, but add a few of the honey blocks in it to mix it up a little. I just looked it up. It was season 3 "jello spleef" waz the name.

  • Leen Rubia
    Leen Rubia

    What could happened if they will all play on bedrock edition foar a whole season Only bedrock use can only relate to this

  • PausCraft

    You might be able to get more fire-resistance potions with a campfire. These also don't destroy the items

  • Prof Susan Satsumas
    Prof Susan Satsumas

    wait till you have about 40 hours, sell it and get back in the game later and win. double stonks.

  • stephen conlan
    stephen conlan

    AFK at world boarder

  • fergus hebbert
    fergus hebbert

    Build down to bedrock, surrond yourself with obsidian and stay there until the end of tag two electric boogaloo

  • Ku møøø
    Ku møøø

    Go for the win dude it sounds like so much fun people chasing you and if you pull it off you will gain unlimited respect from every Hermitcraft viewer