Hermitcraft VII 922 Slime Head Extraction!
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Episode Forty One! This episode we start a new business partnership and build a farm to match!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 11-20
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  • xisumavoid

    1.16 is getting closer! Pre-Release 3 video is linked below. I'm also aware there is a 4 & 5 which I'll cover in a future video :-) rsloft.info/loft/video/gauqp6S_12m4sYI

    • Gideon Max Merling
      Gideon Max Merling

      @Fearsomepanda 666 he does, he has vids of him playing guitar on his second channel and he plays things like korn

    • Fearsomepanda 666
      Fearsomepanda 666

      The music in your videos is always awesome, actually well written progressive stuff, something just tells me you may listen to some metal aswell

    • Margot Annette
      Margot Annette

      I can't want for 1.16

    • noe jimenez
      noe jimenez

      What update do you want for the next update

    • Gideon Max Merling
      Gideon Max Merling

      for the crafting table, cartography table, etc..... things that can be pushed by pistons, have the floor move and have them pop out of the floor, for the things that can't, just open a secret piston hatch, these of course will be controlled by a lever

  • Zachary Morris
    Zachary Morris

    Catching up on your videos for this season, X. Quality time lapse, mate, I like the use of the vanilla Minecraft music. Build is top-notch also, well done my friend!

  • The Garlice Dragon
    The Garlice Dragon

    were are going to break the hoppors and replace them with hoppers 10:07

  • Kitsu the commentor
    Kitsu the commentor


  • Masterge77

    Am I the only one who thinks that Xisuma's storage building looks like a robot head? Probably just me who thinks that.

  • lalit pramar
    lalit pramar


  • sabia rima
    sabia rima

    The build sorta looks like a toxic mask cant unsee it

    • Masterge77

      I think it looks like a robot if you ask me.

  • Darren Guo
    Darren Guo


  • HariSai Senthil Kumar
    HariSai Senthil Kumar

    leaving honey on the edges of the platform is nice :)

  • Abhyuday Tomar
    Abhyuday Tomar

    He protecc He attac Butt most importantly He produce honey with his bee butt

  • Abhyuday Tomar
    Abhyuday Tomar

    Fancy accent

  • Slifer Streaming
    Slifer Streaming

    8:27 lmao the building has a face

  • Avyukt Gupta
    Avyukt Gupta


  • The Finkie
    The Finkie

    It's funny, Falsesymmetry has placed MUCH more concrete in her than either Xisuma or Mumbo... but hey her channel isn't that big, so I guess we don't care whatsoever about her.

  • THINKY andy
    THINKY andy

    I love watching him doing the time laps(?)cause he looks like a real bee moving around the nest


    wait technically you are an employee because you give them stuff to stock the shop so without you the place would close down.

  • jun wang
    jun wang

    Bruh xisuma is such a derp does he only just relive iron golems don’t drown

  • Samson Boldizar
    Samson Boldizar

    why don't the slime get attacked by the iron golem?

  • nitay zehavi
    nitay zehavi

    hi xisuma ca you make a tutorial on this slime farm? :)

  • JP Jordan
    JP Jordan

    I've spoiled myself by watching your live streams, but now that I'm working on getting caught up on your videos, I gotta say, I love the storage building!

  • Gogo Bg Gaming
    Gogo Bg Gaming

    X:this slime is demonstrating how that works Smile:*dies* Haha great video

  • LeeekDuck

    “Break the hoppers on each side and replace them with hoppers”

  • Leanne P.
    Leanne P.

    You should compare honey statistics with Cubfan!!

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget

    Conspiracy theory: xisuma is buying all the bone blocks for himself, then saying someone else bought them so he wouldn’t just be taking them for himself

  • Irish DLT
    Irish DLT

    Is it just me or does the new tower look like a robot

  • Restlessnative Awesomeness
    Restlessnative Awesomeness

    10:09 X said "take out the hoppers and put in the hoppers

  • Alabar Gaming
    Alabar Gaming

    I must say im always blown away by your building abilities xisuma!!

  • General Ramos
    General Ramos

    Mojang should make a bucket of honey they flow like lava (very slow) and once you get stuck it'll be like when you fall into a spider web block but slowly you can walk and get out of it. Would be useful in pvp too!

  • Laurin Bronson
    Laurin Bronson

    I know I'm about a week behind, but what about a sort of launcher with slime in the center, so it's easier to use the Elytra and have the top be open with a black and yellow border?


    I love it when he uses minecraft music on timelapses

  • zumpy wumperface
    zumpy wumperface

    Does anyone else see face on the storage tower?

  • Wolf Bane
    Wolf Bane

    I know this is very late, but you could always try using yellow/orange glass to really bump up the honey look. Try putting it a block lower than the white glass on the end so if you do fall but you can still get back out.

  • kathvrt

    Hermitcraft is the only place where I'm cool with capitalism lol

  • Kyle Michel
    Kyle Michel

    Why don’t you use a piston pushing trident killing machine? You can use 4 pistons to push 1-2 tridents in a square and the game will think you are killing the mobs yourself. And if you hold the looting sword in your hand the looting effect will work as well. This will make the killing chamber 100% afk able and you will still get the looting effect

  • Kyle Michel
    Kyle Michel

    Why don’t you use a piston pushing trident killing machine? You can use 4 pistons to push 1-2 tridents in a square and the game will think you are killing the mobs yourself. And if you hold the looting sword in your hand the looting effect will work as well. This will make the killing chamber 100% afk able and you will still get the looting effect

  • Henry Iwaschuk
    Henry Iwaschuk

    Xisuma: I got way to many resources for this project. Me: Dammit, I need about 2-3 more stacks.

  • Good Boi
    Good Boi

    Tik tok girl’s personality be like 19:29

  • Good Boi
    Good Boi

    Grian and dark prismarine and impulse and quartz

  • Jerzy Rokicki
    Jerzy Rokicki

    absolutely fantastic

  • MylesAway 2121
    MylesAway 2121

    A mushroom

  • marios cour
    marios cour

    There will probably be a working concrete farm in 1.16

  • Charlotte Otway
    Charlotte Otway

    You should do honey comb blocks with cub

  • Valentin Porsch
    Valentin Porsch

    @xisumavoid isnt this storage Area looking somewhat like the storage in the geomine base??

  • Will Donnelly
    Will Donnelly


  • Andres Martinez
    Andres Martinez

    Do grian with cyan tc and gray and light gray concete

  • Wheniwasyoung15

    X just a thought maybe the double hopper feeder + server lag is what's causing the concrete maker to break (mumbo's design is being used by him and ren without any issue i believe).

  • AnizyArt

    This episode is very awesome! :D

  • sirociper z
    sirociper z

    srry am noob

  • StarCarrier5

    @xisume can you send me a backup of the hermitcraft server, as it is now i can experiment for your storetsroom please and can you sent also your discord name and code Please on youtube?

  • Annonymous burnell
    Annonymous burnell

    mombo for mayor. or grumbot, he might be better.

  • Liam Wilkings
    Liam Wilkings

    Are slime heads in the new update? OR are they using a plugin? I'm confused

  • Albert Kamerman
    Albert Kamerman

    10:07 "we're gonna break the hoppers on either side, replace them with hoppers" they're called barrels xisuma

  • KrrishpubgPro's gaming
    KrrishpubgPro's gaming

    Is he gonna make a Mega base this season?

  • Shlorp Blorp
    Shlorp Blorp

    Put the workstations in the roof of the center of the storage room

  • Purple Hexagon
    Purple Hexagon

    7:41 Impulse : hey G...how many stacks you think you’ll need? Grian : a shulker full

  • Toby Slack
    Toby Slack

    Anyone else get motion sickness from that time lapse? 😂

  • Claire H
    Claire H

    I absolutely love the music you use for your time lapses!

  • M Trent
    M Trent

    Spectactular timelapse and amazing building! Got that excited feeling in my belly while watching it! Well done. 😊

  • Kuba Głuszko
    Kuba Głuszko

    Please continue to build with emerald.

  • Mathieu Tran
    Mathieu Tran

    How did he get the slime chunk ?

    • Albert Kamerman
      Albert Kamerman


  • Frostwaffles

    If you dont want to change the look of the building you can put strings instead of carpets to prevent mobs spawning.

  • LegacyCatalyst 8
    LegacyCatalyst 8

    12:05 block swapper in the ceiling, or push blocks out of the way for use

  • Weta

    I feel like your last episodes have been less dynamic compared to previous ones.

  • Gavin Reilly
    Gavin Reilly

    Let’s hear Islam’s wood usage

  • Dean Krahling
    Dean Krahling

    the reason they might have different textures might be that they are different stages heads? like big ones have the first texture and medium and small ones have different ones? Just a thought

  • Aunonymous Llama
    Aunonymous Llama

    You and Beeralis vs Tango and Impulse with all colors of concrete and powder variants

  • Elliott Sandlin
    Elliott Sandlin

    compare you vs iskall- honey vs slime!!!

  • Elliott Sandlin
    Elliott Sandlin

    xisumavoid! you should make one of the storage walls into an instant table switcher! (looks like a wall, but push a button and it is a crafting table, smithing table, cartography table, etc.) like so x sees this!!!!!

  • BK789

    Hey Xisuma, could you help me (or make a video) to mpake a Minecraft server like Hermitcraft (so everybody can play when they want). If I do things people say then it doesn't works. I also don't wanna spend money on realms or website that make servers for you. Can you maybe help?

  • Logan Abramo
    Logan Abramo

    Funny. You said "it's time for another time lapse," and then I clicked on another video and the ad said "now is the time to act."

  • Dose Children
    Dose Children

    I love the build and to stop the mobs spawning maybe try slabs

  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed

    5:14 I can't for the life of me find this track. Someone please tell me the name!!!

    • snowstorm

      Read the description

  • Jullana Centeno
    Jullana Centeno

    What about grian how many grey terrecota

  • Aiyana Gonzales
    Aiyana Gonzales

    "Take out the hoppers and replace them with hoppers" 😂

  • Jerame Asis
    Jerame Asis

    Hey xisumavoid can have your skin I like it

  • CrizpyCheese

    hehe the storage room looks like a pufferfish XD

  • Edward Even
    Edward Even

    I think it looks amazing

  • Starry Sunrose
    Starry Sunrose

    having a two block deep trench in a build with honey at the bottom is also a very "i like to live dangerously" moment lol

  • Starry Sunrose
    Starry Sunrose

    the camera angles in these timelapses are getting out of control, do we need an intervention

  • Mario12267

    Epic episode! Loving the storage room! I think the glass looks great and I like it pushed to the wall like you did. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the roof! Yay slime heads! Can’t wait to see what deal you make with XB! Hope you beat the competition! Love the three heads on the wither bee! Looks really cool! Keep up the awesome work! Have a fantastic week! See you later!

  • Willem van t hoff
    Willem van t hoff

    Is the Nether being updated? Is that why no more video's are comming out??

  • Stephen Kemp
    Stephen Kemp

    I’d definitely like to see a comparison between you and Tango or Impulse with your Redstone-related item usage

  • Will .22
    Will .22

    Leave a gap drop where the honey is in the storage room :)) so no glass, in my opinion

  • Hayden Green
    Hayden Green

    You should compare with cubfan over sandstone

  • Funtime Wolf
    Funtime Wolf

    Please do a comparison with grian

  • SimonSaysChuckYourBed

    i literally can’t read roman numerals someone help me ;-;

  • lazyzombie 215
    lazyzombie 215

    Grian dark prismarine

  • Game Plays 1230
    Game Plays 1230

    xisumavoid i wish their was a autocrafting table for this game i wish you could auto craft using a auto-table (a crafting table) it would burn coal or charcoal , for coal it would burn 1 coal for 3 crafted items : now this is wasted so if it not crafting it's still burning and for charcoal it would burn 2-3 for 2 recipes, the cost is still in debate and can be change to your desire how ever it would require a diamond block and redstone and wood so the recipe for this table would be Key : w=wood planks , D= diamond , R=redstone, : = next row recipe : wrw : rdr : wrw the wood would be the frame , the redstone would be the brain and the diamond would make it the end game (item/block)

  • FrankieC922

    Off topic but do you know what I miss? UCH! Man would I love to see you guys bring that back!

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin

    Hey @Xisumavoid if Hermitcraft is looking for new members check out Wattles! He is amazing and makes great content. Very easy to listen to, great video editing skills and of coarse awesome Minecraft content. - 7 year Hermitcraft subscriber

  • Caspian MK1
    Caspian MK1

    Maybe make a crafting station pop up rotater

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez

    You should Ask iskall if he has some miniblocks left from his storage

  • anotem

    what do you use to view the contents of shulkers while they're in your inventory?

  • Akram Helal
    Akram Helal

    Compare how much cyan terracotta you and grian have placed

  • Gamma Galaxy
    Gamma Galaxy

    Storage Building looks great, albeit a little top-heavy. Perhaps some support columns are in order?

  • Leroy Clarke
    Leroy Clarke

    Suggestion for the new base, and stopping the fall into the honey. By using end rods positioned horizontally you will minimize the visual interruption but still have the clean light look

  • Felix Berglund
    Felix Berglund

    I love how positive X sounds in this episode

  • Jonathan Nash
    Jonathan Nash

    You should compare your honey blocks with Iskall's slime!

  • dawnplayer101

    I think that the storage system building looks very nice in my opinion!! I like it when the glass does not go all the way to the edge.

  • Itz Kiwii
    Itz Kiwii

    "so we take out the hoppers to replace them with hoppers" *takes out barrel and places hopper*

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