Hermitcraft VII 917 Capture, Design, Rebuild & Finish
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Episode Thirty Six! This time we aim to capture a mob, design a building, rebuild a project and finish another!
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  • Elijah Kaehler
    Elijah Kaehler

    You could do a item sorter for your gold farm and destroy the other items

  • dailygame

    At least u can dupe tnt 🤷‍♂️

  • Dragon Ball Gaming YT
    Dragon Ball Gaming YT

    Creative looks weak before hermitcraft....

  • Daily Dose Of Video Games
    Daily Dose Of Video Games


  • Gater Mc
    Gater Mc

    Xisuma how do intros work?

  • Herp Derp
    Herp Derp

    I haven't watched your season videos in a WHILE. Love ya. Keep doing what your doing. Going to binge from here to the last update. :D

  • I Am Sam32
    I Am Sam32

    I was a fan of Grian’s hermitcraft 6 series, and then in season 7 I started watching Mumbo as well since he was my go to redstoner, and now that quarantaine has kept me inside for months I’ve just been binging everyone’s series and I gotta say, X is one of my favorite hermits!! I absolutely love they way you structure your videos, spreading yourself out on different projects and how calm the whole tone is. So nice to watch😌😌

  • Nept00n1

    Wait wandering traders are rare? Well that means I play way to much Minecraft

  • Yuutaro Caleb
    Yuutaro Caleb

    Blast chamber build please 😂

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    2:54 "Speaking of WITCH"!

  • kby9001

    Xisuma: Absolutely nowhere up here where it can spawn... Top right corner of screen: 4:38

  • sierra montroy
    sierra montroy

    If you can’t get the red stone to work, you should hire tango or mumbo to do it and pay them with diamond

  • Retromations


  • Retromations

    12:07 that music sounds like the backing track of a recent nursery rhyme. I love it!

  • Pieter Vermeulen
    Pieter Vermeulen

    Have a look at the channel ray works, he has a way to send vertical redstone signals with daylight sensors. It's much cleaner than a line of slimeblocks

  • iNoobBoi

    you should try Mumbo's blast chamber from season 6 in his inndustrial district

  • Sachverhalt Sandor
    Sachverhalt Sandor

    what program is used for the map?

  • Hannah Almond
    Hannah Almond

    It may be worth speaking to Tango (despite him being the competition) about his blast chamber design as he seems to not be having any issues with his design x

  • One Of The Pickle Guys
    One Of The Pickle Guys

    You should just use mumbo’s blast chamber design from last season

  • Manuel Varela
    Manuel Varela

    There is a way to store Wandering Traders without having them despawn. Ilmango (of course) figured out a way and shows how to build it in episode 12 of his 1.14 Skyblock Series. I'm not sure if it might still work for 1.15 or 1.16, but I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't work still.

  • kaliber aiz
    kaliber aiz

    I've done the concrete extractor on my world, and it's far simpler than I thought, All you need to do is to put 4 obsidian blocks in the middle and 8 or 10 pistons ( both side ) pushing blocks in middle. ofcs Saying it sounds complicated but I dunno how to send my builds to xumavoid.

  • MadMerlyn

    You missed 1 torch on the platform, I could see it when you were panning around with the camera account

  • JohnCharles Iwaszczenko
    JohnCharles Iwaszczenko

    Have you considered that lithium may not be 100% identical to vanilla mechanics? There may be something funky going on with this mod that causes your TNT farm to break.

  • JrCraft Monster
    JrCraft Monster

    How do you get the wand item in 1.15 vanilla Minecraft?

  • Crazy Banana
    Crazy Banana

    Anyone else get major nostalgia from the music in the background while he’s explaining the furnace build

  • *Astarael*

    Me, the silly little rabbit thinking I could pause every now and then during the blast chamber re-build to try and follow how it works....LMAO, I gave up quickly and just watched🤣👍 Great video!

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu

    Grian also had the same super smelter problem in his Hobbit hole in the beginning of the season

  • Keegan Bryce Abeja
    Keegan Bryce Abeja


  • Matthew Bergeron
    Matthew Bergeron

    But why not just make the platform over your witch farm, turn your witch farm into automatic mode, then even if you don't get a trader after waiting 4 whole hours you'd still have something to show for it. Plus you're really not using your mob cap so its kinda being wasted

  • Tom Gleenberg
    Tom Gleenberg

    I’m watching in 30/5/20

  • Lewis Malcolm
    Lewis Malcolm

    X any particular reason why you are using furnaces instead of blast furnaces in your furnace tower?

  • Oscar Whittlestone
    Oscar Whittlestone

    Hey X! I'm a big fan of your videos and I thought I would try to help you out. You see, I've been looking into the problem you are having with your furnace array because I believe we all have the problem. I'm not sure if it is a server thing, but what I've read (and this is the only solution that makes sense to me so far) is that hoppers are irregular. Meaning that some of them don't respond quickly enough to the items above them, and then the array locks them again. I believe if you were to let it run for a lot longer, you would see a variation, but I'm not 100% sure on that. If I have understood it correctly, the hoppers check for items isn't regular, and that causes some of them to not notice the items above them. This is why I have changed my furnace array to hopper mine carts, since they have different mechanics. Though this of course makes big furnace array a lot more expensive but only in iron (for more hoppers and hopper minecarts) It basically removes all redstone though, so I guess that's a +. Keep up the good work.

  • Luka Garst
    Luka Garst

    Loving the new timelaps music

  • StuckPlate

    Looks like you optimisation mod is affecting redstone more than you thought

  • Kentucky

    Hey Xisuma! i got a working design of a concrete blast chamber working on a master clock. It can unclog itself even if sth goes wrong. i use it on a paper server and despite being used with literally dozens of shulker boxes it never destroyed itself. i'd really like to share it with you!

  • Good Boi
    Good Boi

    I like the creative process and does anybody have any advice to stay motivated

  • FredTHEManatee

    I really like the new tower. It is different from the other towers, and I think it will add some more nice variety to your base. ;) The smokestacks look really cool. They have a weird (in a good way) effect Also, for the concrete farm, you could keep the current concrete input where it is currently, and just add another piston system that pushes it upwards from where it is right now.

  • David

    I heard that you will get a lot more fire resistance potions by letting the witches die on campfires

  • c3ru1ean

    speaking of “which” haha

  • Trenton Branham
    Trenton Branham

    You're not alone with the super smelter problem -- I'm having troubles with mine in my creative test world, with the very same issue.

  • Subashini Kannan
    Subashini Kannan

    Hey X. I'm new around here :D. I gotta say... vanilla tweaks is..... EXCELLENT

  • Little6thingys

    wut hapend to the snapshot vid

  • gameboy

    12:29 does that shape let you think of something inapproritate? Hmm...

  • Acrozi

    damn X is just the most unlucky man ever. Man cant catch a break

  • Hyper John
    Hyper John

    Hey X, are you ever going to bring back your old skin?

  • Ander

    where the snapshot at?

  • Thecraisegamer

    That looks like dofensmits tower xD

  • Fronz Jr
    Fronz Jr

    Oh no... he has burn sticks. Hermit challenges recruiting is approaching?

  • 조현진

    보고있는사람중에 한국사람 손

  • UNSC 2003
    UNSC 2003

    Is that a muffin time remix?!?! XD

  • Nathan Barnes
    Nathan Barnes

    I have to say, i think the furnace tower is one of the best looking towers in the jungle. Looking awseome!!

  • AWV Gaming
    AWV Gaming

    Etho: Free glass is invisible in the chest so hermits can't use their chest slots and they don't know why Xisuma with his dark GUI: I don't have such weaknesses (Yes I know xisuma doesn't like meme comments but too bad, I'mma continue to meme)

  • archimedes

    Once xisuma reaches episode 1000 he should do a massive giveaway and give all the hermits a stack of diamonds each. Like so he can see

  • gonner221

    If you encase your smokestacks in glass or glass panes, you can get a lava lamp effect.

  • Seth Duarte
    Seth Duarte

    I haven’t played Minecraft since like 2014, and I was talking about it today and this video pops up in my home menu today... crazy

  • Art Keyos
    Art Keyos

    You assume that radius is wrong word now wondering why wandering trader platform is not working? It's too small but to be honest I don't know minimum radius to appear. Beside zombie can spawn because it's not properly lighten up (on flyby You can see there few place without torches). I notice that server can have some "ghost-blocks". Maybe replacing hoppers can fix issue in furnace array. When next interview? Can't wait to proper debate in Mayoral Race

  • Feranogame

    Shroomlight from 1.16 would look so much better with honey than glowstone...

  • PatrickIamonfire

    I’m here to spread the word that mumbo if he wins the elections his going to enforce grian to make a power rails only subway connecting all the bases. Spread the word everyone.

  • head panda
    head panda

    X change the blast chamber to the one mumbo uses as it doesn't break and it doesn't waste blocks either

  • Zane Snyder
    Zane Snyder

    Xisuma: *Farms for a wondering trader* Tango when he finds a wondering trader: >:)

  • Coda Cat
    Coda Cat

    X. U need to use mumbo design. Lag of any sorts breaks all blast chambers. Plz just use Mumbo's design. It's the only one that I ever got to work

  • Ottermania

    OOOOOh! I am really liking the gold farm design!! It looks so good!

  • Ash !
    Ash !

    We need to make gjharlyn stop stealing our dear hermits videos!

  • Momina Akther
    Momina Akther


  • Arjun Kunjoor
    Arjun Kunjoor

    Loved the time lapse music

  • Wessel Scholtz
    Wessel Scholtz

    Might the blast chamber not work because of Lithium? Didn't it start breaking after you guys updated?

  • urwisy

    dose any one know how the shulker box can do that like show whats inside at 7:40

  • Jackal_Jawa 999
    Jackal_Jawa 999

    xisumavoid if you place a bell and a villager on your wandering trader platform at one should spawn there.

  • crepper plays
    crepper plays

    You are stupid logdozip is soooo much beter than you!!!

  • AlexB Breien
    AlexB Breien

    0 12 0 10 0 8 0 6 0 7-8 0 12 0 10 0 8 0 6 like if you get it, if not search ”E1M1 DOOM” btw you don`t have to

  • Peyton Hennager
    Peyton Hennager

    Try asking some of the other hermits for help on the blast chamber. I know for sure Tango and Mumbo have blast chambers. Maybe they could help with the problems.

  • AlphaC0re _
    AlphaC0re _

    It’s snapshot day


    @xusumavoid pls pls pls i wonn join to hermitcraft im gonna play like all hermits pls pls pls if i did something wrong kick me out that is my whatapp pls send me message 212601326350 pls i was watching hermitcraft form season 5 pls


    @xusumavoid pls pls pls i wonn join to hermitcraft im gonna play like all hermits pls pls pls if i did something wrong kick me out that is my whatapp pls send me message 212601326350 pls i was watching hermitcraft form season 5 pls

  • Ashutosh Kumar
    Ashutosh Kumar

    Day one of commenting until you guys think about inviting wattles to next season of hermitcraft

  • bowx

    according do his levels he is a Bee-F-109

  • TerabyteTitan

    Xisuma: *uses challenger burn sticks* Mumbo jumbo: HERMIT CHALLENGES INITIATION

  • NPX856

    My Celluar data died few days ago I come back and every hermit posted a video What The Oof

  • Robert Jordan
    Robert Jordan

    why do the turtles look weird

  • Akira Hunter
    Akira Hunter

    Xisuma: Makes a massive platform to get the wandering trader Everyone else: Die, Die!

  • Unstable lost adventurer
    Unstable lost adventurer

    Are you really the admin xisuma?

  • BlockCrafter

    To fix the hoppers add a three tick delay to any hoppers that don’t get items

  • Jason Kyle
    Jason Kyle

    You should make a levitating hovering structure with jets in the bottom

  • Epsilon Y
    Epsilon Y

    Wandering Traders become invisible at night. Good luck dealing with that.

  • BrownR87

    X, have you considered just going dirt simple with the blast chamber? The design Mumbo always uses is very simple, very fast, and I've never seen it break. I know it's not as impressive as these big fancy ones (I love the idea of shooting tnt upwards!), but it would let you move on with other projects around it.

  • chicken fall guy
    chicken fall guy

    I wonder if pearlecent moon could join HermitCraft next season 🤔

  • augus vincent barabad
    augus vincent barabad

    Eyy xisuma when are u gonna make a ender man farm Or a wither skely farm

  • Random clips and Bits
    Random clips and Bits

    You should have a face reveal at 1.50 million subscribers

    • Zane Meyer
      Zane Meyer

      I’m pretty sure he confirmed a face reveal at episode 1000

  • WolfWarriorXE

    XISUMA: “I harvested stacks of sandstone for this build.” Cub:*reveals his pyramid made out of 1,000’s of sandstone blocks*

  • ElvishCyborg

    4:39 "Because there's absolutely nowhere up here they can spawn" as another zombie spawns on the right of the screen

  • Monk Key
    Monk Key

    Love the inclusion on designing

  • Monica F
    Monica F

    I paused the video 69 seconds before the end. I thought you all needed to to know that

  • Ryan Srichai
    Ryan Srichai

    X, the afk box at the sandstone platform does not have solid blocks as the roof, meaning phantoms will spawn. They may be able to hit you through the trapdoors and you could die and lose all your items.

  • rabbid man
    rabbid man

    well it seems everything went wrong, sorry X hope your doing well, bad days like this really can affect your mood for a while i hope something can cheer you up soon, thats if u were in a bad mood XD

  • cubicmetre

    *Update* Just ran a new blast chamber design for 50+ hours at an erratic feed rate (which would of destroyed the previous design fairly quickly) and it worked perfectly, it only requires some modification to the previous design. I will poop out another video soon explaining it properly.

  • THE GEEZER 123
    THE GEEZER 123

    Guys I’ve figured it out xisuma doesnt show his face who else does show there face memeulous and due to the earths circumference and the moons atmosphere if u get Y divided by bA which then when diamonds burn in lava that produces toxins which harms the moons atmosphere and the earth’s radius so if u get all this information then add 72 and divide it by 86 u I’ll find out that xisuma is a Diorite Block

  • Sprinter

    hey suma, wanted to let you know that you are loosing customers at the concrete shop because you don't sell concrete powder and personally I think you would earn a lot more diamonds if you turned it into a color factory with a lot of colorful items that require dyes

  • Nicolette

    "cus theres no where up here it can spawn" *another one spawns to the right*

  • [PEDOHUNTER] Allah
    [PEDOHUNTER] Allah

    What is that mod u use?

  • CloudBear393

    About the gold farm that you've created with the turtle eggs: Won't the eggs hatch at some point? You might have to make a turtle farm so that you can keep getting the eggs and keep the farm running.