Hermitcraft VII 904 Adding A Splash Of Colour!
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Episode Twenty Three and there will be many comments about the spelling of colour no doubt!
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Hermitcraft Seven (22) Livestream 19/04/20
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  • John Thenstedt
    John Thenstedt

    It would be funnier if you had donkeys and called it pain in the a$$

  • Drakka Fiercetalon
    Drakka Fiercetalon

    xisuma: i need to get more sand as you can see...(blah blah) Me: hears grian in the hermit craft season 6 sahara intern voice "did you say SAND?!"

  • Jack Miels-Barrett
    Jack Miels-Barrett

    Anyone else realise that xisuma was level 133

  • snarl banarl
    snarl banarl

    I'm just wandering how this guy made an item sorter for potions.

    • xisumavoid

      Its not a sorter :-)

  • Liliana Thompson
    Liliana Thompson

    If you are ever in a situation where you have to place a block to stop the lava in caves middle click on stone if you have it in your inventory and then you can place it quickly. Just at tip you probably know that but I hope learnt something from this

  • Gabe Shimmin
    Gabe Shimmin

    Replace the entire back side with windows! Nice ocean view


    I feel like the concrete shop might become the next Sahara

  • Jaycee Gabriel Vance
    Jaycee Gabriel Vance

    0:53 did the witch just despawn?

  • Samsung Tab 3
    Samsung Tab 3

    2:38 I spot actual game footage in an actual game footage

  • Frosty_Alpha

    Amount of sand - amount of gravel Xisuma : perfectly unballanced, like all thing shouldn't be

  • Isaac Liebowitz
    Isaac Liebowitz

    I started to watch this season of X’s hermitcraft 2 days ago and now I’m here...

  • L3G3ND4RYFOX l
    L3G3ND4RYFOX l

    You should make your timelapse theme the same as when u were transporting ur lamas, #xisuma

  • Frosty FrostBite
    Frosty FrostBite

    Just take away zero ticks already Mojang

  • Santosh P.S.S.
    Santosh P.S.S.

    What are you dudes contributing to? A fake virus!? Because I'm ready to have a discussion with anyone who are believing the virus to be true. Because I'm 100% sure there is NO virus. Viruses cannot be seen in a microscope, so what now? You don't even have an Observable proof! Without OTRMDP (Observable, Testable, Repeatable, Measurable, Demonstrable Proofs), you CANNOT claim something to be SCIENTIFICALLY proven. This "virus" thing doesn't even meet the first requirement (Observable)! The government is BLATANTLY LYING TO YOU. UNNECESSARILY SCARING YOU. You will never understand it, you brainwashed sheeple!

    • Katherine Shen
      Katherine Shen

      you good bro?

  • Evie Ham
    Evie Ham

    Or you could just buy at grains shop

  • Hawky Pocky
    Hawky Pocky

    I saw the title and expected to see a battle between 'colour' and 'color'

  • The Thunder Mates
    The Thunder Mates

    I am from Denmark

  • Cooper Konarski
    Cooper Konarski

    Me: thing. Keralis: fing. Xisuma: FRING!!!

  • One Of The Pickle Guys
    One Of The Pickle Guys

    This is a much easier witch farm to build than Mumbo's from season 6 and its still extremely efficient

  • ARF Trooper
    ARF Trooper

    Should have used donkeys instead. Not only do they work better but then you can name the shop a pain in the ass!

  • PsiQss

    6:44 After clearing mycelium and dirt the result truly is.. a-stone-ishing! Sorry, I just had to :P

  • T K-a-way
    T K-a-way

    I'm coming from Denmark!!!

  • Jamie Cuthbertson
    Jamie Cuthbertson

    they would look better without the shutters

  • johnny andreasen
    johnny andreasen

    You refer to the Lego House which should be their main HQ, instead I can tell it`s actually an experience centre in Billund, Denmark. Near Legoland, it is a 12,000-square metre house filled with 25 million Lego bricks. Lego House allows children and adults to physically and digitally build with Lego bricks, with activities such as programming robots and animating models. Lego House is also called Home of the Brick with references to Billund, where Lego originates. The house was designed by Bjarke Ingels Group. just saying so you all can visited it.

  • RedrumZombies

    You already owned the area with the lamas

  • Muhammad Pambudi
    Muhammad Pambudi

    just realized that where are sahara and concorp

  • Akshat Chheda
    Akshat Chheda

    Could've bought 2 llamas and bred them until u get one with 9 inventory slots. Iove your videos btw.

  • dom Rose
    dom Rose

    must say though the lego house in real lie if u go to it (obviously not at the moment) is really cool just looking at all the structures that are there is pretty mindblowing

  • Funky Junky
    Funky Junky

    What's the texture pack u use?

  • Bryce Thompson
    Bryce Thompson

    The shop would look great with rtx on.

  • FozzenSir

    Xisuma Previously : Llamas suck! Xisuma Currently : Llamas rock!

  • Jennifer Zarrilli
    Jennifer Zarrilli

    X is the best Minecraft youtuber he can do redstone and he can build really well

  • Bailey Misken
    Bailey Misken

    Xuima is causally level 137 when I can barely get level 30

  • Kÿrâ

    what about having the barrel above the lama and having a glass block with a sea lantern under it?

  • Brian Troy
    Brian Troy

    Is inventory of a llama a breedable property? Like in horse farming in Minecraft you can keep your fastest and best jumping horses and breed them and then if the new horse has better stats, you breed it, I've done that to get horses that jump 5 blocks. Can you breed llamas for carrying capacity? I bet you can

  • FrogWithAJetpack

    I think you should add more colours

  • Fintaxamar

    17:00 there's irony in that. By building a tall building Hermits no longer need rockets coz they can already see. 😂

  • Alexandria Villanueva
    Alexandria Villanueva

    Why not make a HUGE SIGN for the concrete shop and put it on the blanc building wall where you have a bit of a problem? (A sign like the BOOMERS )

  • Hughes playz
    Hughes playz

    this is the new sahara

  • Arketim

    How can you see the contents of the Shulker boxes in your inventory?

  • Siege Energy
    Siege Energy

    Go to grians shop to get sand and gravel and other stuff

  • Siege Energy
    Siege Energy

    Sell the potions from the witch farm to stress

  • fireboy69

    yey! im from denmark im gald that our buileding way is cool

  • Potted__Planter

    since you cant use the barrels under the llamas if you change it to a wool block instead the color would become seamless

  • Jared Kinney Jr
    Jared Kinney Jr

    Y do Englishmen pronounce (th) with an (f) sound??? Ex: everything pronounced everyfing. XisumaVoid sounds like a little baby learning to speak?!? It's rather gross & annoying & I'm not even gona start on StressMonster, theeee most annoying voice on all the Internet. I will nvr understand how she got on HermitCraft other than they needed diversity which HermitCraft is still racist as there is still no Blacks. Annoying rant over...

  • ProfessorMaple2

    I really like the Lego HQ inspiration for the latter half of the design of the shop!

  • MatVask

    Keep Up The Good Work.

  • Ocstolfo

    Call it i-bee-a like ikea but with bee

  • Jalix Connell
    Jalix Connell

    On the back you could always put really colorful Smoke Stacks

  • Abi Dance
    Abi Dance

    How do you do an icon on your video

  • TheNeonShaman

    you should do lots of colors

  • Arrow in the head
    Arrow in the head

    You should add every color to your building. That will show your customers that you have every color of concrete. Also, i feel like it doesn't need to be clean and tidy. Make it messy and imaginitive. Though, it is your build.

  • AnizyArt

    I love how colourful your area is in the shopping district!

  • Yuttivongs RETHPISEY
    Yuttivongs RETHPISEY

    hey you should make a civil war again but this time its a biome war so people from the same biome must team up

  • Jakharr Vinta/VoryoMTG
    Jakharr Vinta/VoryoMTG

    why aren't you just breeding those llamas?

  • niekK

    Hi xisuma, I've been having problems with tps lag like yourself. I have found the problem, the problems are 2 datapacks (MoreMobheads and OnePlayerSleep) there are good alternative plugins for these datapacks which will resolve the lag. These plugins are: MobHeads and Harbor. I'm hoping I have helped with this. Goodluck!

  • Reet

    I personally think it would look better if you try to use as many different colours as possible with the Concrete Factory

  • Masked Lurker
    Masked Lurker

    --'{@ Just carpet the roof In order to save on stock. Save up the concrete.

  • S. Jacob Katz
    S. Jacob Katz

    Try and sell your potions from the witch farm at a smaller price to stress

  • RepoDraghon

    5:15 "I've been slowly expanding the amount of floors in the iron farm" referring to the slime farm...

  • VoidralDarken

    Xisumavoid: *Says COVID19* Also Xisumavoid: *Doesn’t get demonitized* Me: wot

  • Cole

    1 or 2 more colors

  • Gage Leger
    Gage Leger

    Just a suggestion, and I know this is way to early to be talking about this but in the next season you should download chisel and bits. The mod is amazing and it really makes building much more realistic and fun!

  • JP was here
    JP was here

    Why’d you push the button 😔

  • Libraven

    Xisuma, you should sell diamond ores for 2 or 3 diamonds each, that way you always get your price from the ores and the buyer has a chance of getting more from it, but the buyer also has the chance to get less than what they paid.

  • ThisCosine53

    I’m not sure if this applies to Java, but I built a slime farm in bedrock where the platforms are made of slabs and are 2.5 blocks apart. Big slimes still spawn and you can squeeze in extra platforms. Wish I had a beacon when I built it lol.

  • Pablo Dibildox
    Pablo Dibildox

    That concrete store + RTX would be astonishing...

  • Zachary Larosh
    Zachary Larosh

    Do you think Netherite will replace diamonds as the currency of the server

  • Niko BlazeWind
    Niko BlazeWind

    anyone else at around 3:00 getting the a weird size for the vid? where teh hot bar is not visible except the Exp Bar and up??

  • Joel C
    Joel C

    I would like to see some light blue maybe!

  • Mr.MangoTango

    Make the darker colors like black and brown half off because people don’t use those as much, hermits might see it and buy it because it’s cheap

  • Joel C
    Joel C

    Perfectly balanced...... As all things should be.

  • Christopher Bergerson
    Christopher Bergerson

    Xisumavoid, (May I call you X?) Shop Idea for ya: Lots of Hermits have many farms, even mega ones (I.E., Iron Farms, Tango, Mumbo, etc) I suggest you add to your new concrete shop a "distributor" section... where you buy in bulk direct from farms, and then resell in your store. Along those lines, False has a lot of Dirt and stone from her mega base build, you could buy her out in bulk and resell the stock. Maybe look for richer hermits to buy in to have buying power? (iJevin?)

  • The Gaming duck
    The Gaming duck

    Dear zizumani void you probably aren't reading this but if you are me and 17 other members TC craft declare war on your server I don't know what that means they told me to say it tho so were at war

  • Milky milk
    Milky milk

    *You should add more colours for the shop for sure!*

  • Trailers

    Anyone tutorial about the sphere mod you used a few episodes back?

  • Hyper

    More colors

  • Abbas A
    Abbas A

    When will they be car mods in Hermitcraft 7

  • Quality Youtube
    Quality Youtube

    All i can think of is how cool it would be with an elytra bee-race around his base when it's finished. Bee skin mandatory



  • Baker Anderson
    Baker Anderson

    You could have just asked cub for TONS of sand

  • IronicFish

    There’s gonna be a snapshot vid in like 1-2 hours I can tell, there’s a new snapshot out

  • CoarseCape

    Upload the next episode quickly I have been waitingvfor four hours now

  • Lucas Lund Milo
    Lucas Lund Milo

    Im from denmark

  • Cryptonic

    You have green already, might as well throw in other secondary colors as well. Orange, purple, green?

  • Joe Geiler
    Joe Geiler

    More colours

  • Paras Khanchandani
    Paras Khanchandani

    That witch farm is enough to make you rich, I really think you should take advantage from it.

  • Thilo Schreiner
    Thilo Schreiner

    Keralis should "bushify" the place to blend in with the Honney Shop. He likes to bushify with the bushes ;)

  • Sebastian Nygaard
    Sebastian Nygaard

    I am from denmark

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith

    Just a decoration idea, maybe giant Ivy walls to make the build more alive? It's even bumped up against your honey area of lush green, so it could start there

  • noah amrouche
    noah amrouche

    Xisumavoid sucks at life

  • shockvvave

    When Season 7 ends and the world download is to be given out. It might be a good idea to also give a world download with the "old nether" before it is reset. The overworld difference will also be interesting as the 2 world downloads will have difference in progression in the overworld

  • Hrvatski Bricks
    Hrvatski Bricks

    The warehouse is looking awesome. I love those windows and the colours look so nice. Keep up the great work shishwami.

  • themohlewabi

    Yo i think it’s great what you and the other hermitcraft guys are doing to help with covid! Also I’m glad you brought it up in your video, I know a lot of people are struggling right now, and it’s weird to me that the hermits don’t talk about it more

  • Vilmer Fall
    Vilmer Fall

    how does he se whats inside the shulkers?

  • Robben Enis
    Robben Enis

    can anyone tell me how he see whats inside he schulkerbox whithout place them on the ground

  • NutshelledTurtle

    I think the green and the yellow look too similar. I'd personally recommend replacing the green with dark green.

  • 100 subs no videó Challenge
    100 subs no videó Challenge

    5:17 you said iron farm and ment slime farm 😋

  • Amora Roer
    Amora Roer

    Xisumi make more color More color more lifer 🔥

  • fracco 2k Barszczewski
    fracco 2k Barszczewski

    ad lava behind the red glass