Hermitcraft VII 942 It Happens Every Season...
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Episode Sixty One! This episode we build something that every season of hermitcraft has seen!
Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 31-40
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  • Nasa Kat
    Nasa Kat

    When x said there is something different I was like oh no the turtles but the he said that they were ok and I was like whu

  • lycos94

    i really love the look of those melon and pumpkin tower

  • jenfailsatart

    oh no not the grass this is the start... (im updated with other hermits videos) also im sorry for any hate getting recieved

  • D Playz
    D Playz

    mumbo built a melon and pumkin farm

  • iNoobBoi

    Mumbo bases be like "LAG FOR ALL!"

  • Anna NA
    Anna NA

    I actually had two or three of these towers in my longest running survival world. I used Jack o lanterns as poor man's glowstone and if you use them while caving, you can make them all face home to find your way out. I had completely forgotten where I got the towers other than "RSloft." Thanks man, many happy hours of smiling lanterns came from this.

  • Леонид Јаневски
    Леонид Јаневски

    Hello you must be a hermitcraft fan just like me! Well I'm making a server simular to hermitcraft (datapacks and the style of playing) but it's still different in some ways. If you want to join make sure you will be active on the server and make RSloft videos. If you will do this, then just dm me on discord my name and tag is TheLeviathanX#9599 or leonid50#9093

  • Wally McWallerson
    Wally McWallerson

    hot weather in UK be like: 15* celc.

  • Jarvey Berenguel
    Jarvey Berenguel

    I love how xisuma taking a look at all of season because i just watch the season 7 because I'm a newbie

  • KaMiヽShaDowRay

    _mooshroom trees_

  • RoleplayRyan

    Seeing the last seasons made my heart tense. I can't believe how long Hermitcraft has been going! If I could, I'd rewatch every episode from every hermit.

  • Антон Некрасов
    Антон Некрасов

    Is that chisel and bits sculpture?

  • Ducky 237
    Ducky 237

    Hey I've heard of him from JJBA! I'm slowly getting around to listening to all the groups referenced in jojo, so I'll be listening to this album too :)

  • M A R K
    M A R K

    The water drops that drop from the ceiling should randomly spawn water to flood the basement or house

  • Poppy Rymer
    Poppy Rymer

    I can finally say that there are hardly any meme comments 👁👅👁

  • Duncan McNaught
    Duncan McNaught


  • Someone Human
    Someone Human

    for some reason i remember that the melon/pumpkin towers didnt work correctly for season 5? also, the turtles might be pregnant and cant find any sand

  • Gio...

    I somehow got this video on while I was asleep... My sleep self sure has quite the nice taste of videos

  • TheActionPlan

    These aren't the best towers ever. No, they're just a tribute.

  • Luna

    Seeing all of the different Hermitcraft worlds is cool for me, because I started watching a bit into this season

  • Cem Toksöz
    Cem Toksöz

    Pls face reveal

  • Crowned Gym Lad
    Crowned Gym Lad

    What the heck is waffling about the UK having nice weather. It never does.

  • ling ting
    ling ting

    1:32 if they aren't there at the end of s7 I'm downloading the world and summoning thousands

  • XII 9 Sulaiman Veda 33
    XII 9 Sulaiman Veda 33

    Damn i missed season 3, that extrame hills made a great landscape. I think season 8 should be in extreame hills. because you know, kids grows. So new generation should watch hermitcraft in extreame hills, specially now thare new world generation in mincraft latest update

  • J&A playz MC
    J&A playz MC

    i was sitting back watching and then he said underwater pvp and i jumped out of my seat :P

  • Caroline Stone
    Caroline Stone

    Was there a tutorial for it? The farms?

  • Maximus Midnight
    Maximus Midnight

    I absolutely LOVE the concrete storage room. The stripes on the floor work really well, and the arches that support the ceiling are just the right shape and size.

  • Stephen B.
    Stephen B.

    Ooh new music

  • Ethan Zeng
    Ethan Zeng


  • Acideon's Channel
    Acideon's Channel

    11:08 And above the Aquatic PVP Arena, maybe an Aquarium, with Squid, Dolphin Guardians, and all the tropical fish you can find?

  • Matt Maggoux
    Matt Maggoux

    The time lapses just keep gettin better!

  • Alex Lunn
    Alex Lunn

    2:08 mycelium resistance

  • Mainlinecreep

    What is the green concrete on the melon farm could be slime blocks with lights and orange concrete on pumpkin farm could be honey blocks with lights. I think its a good idea

  • tom4465

    So basically, in season 8: no builds with elevation at all. One giant bungalow!

  • Captain Tom Seifert
    Captain Tom Seifert

    I’m not saying Xisuma and Robin Leach are the same people, but have you ever seen the two of them together in the same room? I sure haven’t.

  • Quickbrick

    Is hermit craft on hard or easy mode?

  • Abcd Carl Lucero
    Abcd Carl Lucero

    Xisuma, Mumbo build your melon and pump farm in community district

  • Leo Hart
    Leo Hart

    Add pufferfish to the arena

  • UYU D
    UYU D

    Hi my friends have been mean to me so thank you for helping me trough this time

  • HunterPlays

    put dolphins in the arena

  • Alex Acosta
    Alex Acosta

    xisuma you were featured on one of James Charles videos in the background Extreme Long nails for 24 hours

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve

    54 degrees celcius in Cali the other day. And yall think it's hot over there ha

  • Waters Way
    Waters Way

    anybody see the barge spoiler thats hopefully the new episode coming soon from grian

  • Zeph

    remember all those years ago following Monkeyfarm to a random multiplayer server i had never heard of: hermtcraft season 1... there i found you and you introduced me to a world of possibilities as well as many other people to watch and enjoy as a community. Here's to another 6 seasons of pumpkin and melon farms! Keep up the good work!

  • yaboiyash tydfd
    yaboiyash tydfd

    Vector sponsored the pumpkin tower

  • nutte®

    please stop reminding me of how old i am

  • Prowler Cam
    Prowler Cam

    I don't believe it! The leaf blocks are still there.

  • Prowler Cam
    Prowler Cam

    As a whole, there are an amazing number of spelling errors in the Hermitcraft community.

  • Commissar Mydrinn
    Commissar Mydrinn

    ah this throwback made me remember how long i have been watching you lovely folks...since S2(if memory serves right)... (T_T ) time sure flies

  • Geffrey Van der Bos
    Geffrey Van der Bos

    Woah I remember all these seasons.


    Xisuma for life

  • Broskiffle

    Seeing mumbos "spoon counter" was so nostalgic

  • Falco

    Oh man i clicked on the video because i saw the old MonkeyFarm skull from season 2 ♥️ still my favourite season

  • SharkPark123

    Did you know that the ability to change the color of the beacon beam is suggested by Xisuma? Like if you didn't know!

  • Masterpiecemike 123
    Masterpiecemike 123

    Why did you delete that vid

  • Jason Maple
    Jason Maple

    You need Air Conditioning!

  • Random Subjects
    Random Subjects

    If you use dolphins for the arena, please make sure no one attacks/kills them

  • DiamondDemon

    it is so hot in england inst it? its like 36º in london

  • SnowWolf

    do yall not have air conditioning or something?

  • WeirdWhiteDog


  • Thunder Storm
    Thunder Storm

    What's the mod that lets you see what's inside the shulker boxes ?

  • Wyatt Loos
    Wyatt Loos

    What is this texture pack?

  • Aashay Tambi
    Aashay Tambi

    Xisuma It has been 6 years since season 3. I loved season 3. Man time flies.

  • Simchen

    those are like the twin towers, i hope a hermit comes on 9.11 and use some tnt :)

  • hiphopkiller1000

    you need to change the rood crossings because they are on the wrong side ;)

  • cool man
    cool man

    mumbo had a small pumpkin farm in his starter base in season 5 i think and it was the tower design

  • Sypoke

    Not sure if I'm late or not. Try to put two 3x3 beacons just to have the beams shine in the melon and pumpkin farm in order to make it more memorable!

  • Hayden Lives Life
    Hayden Lives Life

    I fell asleep watching you. In my defence it was 1am and I was very tired. Also I watch most of your episodes so it was bound to happen eventually

  • Krazycrafter

    10:25 Mumbo with a very bad sunburn

  • Jake Lyons
    Jake Lyons

    you can make the hoppers pickup the concrete more efficienly by putting more iron bars into the filter and less concretete then the hopper will be able to 63 concrete each time

  • Constantino Kayun
    Constantino Kayun

    How did you get the realms cape ???

  • Kade Watkins
    Kade Watkins

    1:15 what is that white detailed block on the walls?

  • Chad Rosswick
    Chad Rosswick

    Season 8 should be amplified. Thats such greatness in the season 3 world

  • Tyler Hall
    Tyler Hall

    why does everyone build pumpkin and mellon farms?

    • xisumavoid

      Mostly for trading with villagers :-)

  • Noah Sutherland
    Noah Sutherland

    C’mon, we all knew even though Scar would be a good mayor, he wouldn’t be any better at spelling. Haha, Scar’s a wonderful hermit.

  • mrSquid

    10:40 mumbo planned to do this in his s6 base as well but never did it

  • Exclusive 343
    Exclusive 343

    I love all your videos X

  • Sebastian Müller
    Sebastian Müller

    So i started watching all episodes of Season 7 recently and one thing catched my eye there. The building in the timelapses of ALL hermits is so damn similar. Its kinda strange to build layer by layer and all hermits do it, are they following some kind of build guide for each of these or using AI/bots to build? As it makes no sense to me. The layer by layer stuff really showed hard at keralis farmville video where he build the house. the logs for the porch where build layer by layer, which is a gigantic waste of time, he could have just put them up to 5 or 6 high and be done with them, but the layer by layer approach showed that he must be using some kind of Bot/AI or underlying layout/programm for doing so. Just to be clear> I am not accusing anybody here, i am wondering WHAT they are using, as it seems immensly helpful and I would like to use the same for my MC worlds :D

  • Kyle Evans
    Kyle Evans

    Lol it was 44.44°C here in the Central Valley of California in the U.S. I feel your pain, Hermits 😅 In regards to the devastation of certain biomes, such as deserts, mesas, gravel mountains, etc., would you be able to reset the affected chunks using the same method you use to "prune" End Chunks and other ares on the Hermitcraft Server?

  • Coyt Anderson
    Coyt Anderson

    Nice use of the shroomlights.

  • Commander Colt Gaming/Vloging
    Commander Colt Gaming/Vloging

    Where I am it's in the 100s (Farenheit, cause 100°C would vaporize us) glad I'm higher than the equator

  • Rab barMC
    Rab barMC

    Good thing you didn't build them exactly identical to one another because if you did it would have reminded of 9/11

  • Void Diver
    Void Diver

    Pretty sure beef saw you had a bounty for diorite AND, were selling it for less then you were buying it for so he just swapped them and goes “hopefully he notices” idk if this was in a previous episode im kinda behind

  • Finn Stelzig
    Finn Stelzig

    Xisumas mega build plan... endlantis hermitcraft edition

  • Anzar Ali
    Anzar Ali

    did anyone notice the mycelium resectence by the burge

  • Hyena Play Games
    Hyena Play Games

    `Just use snowballs for the item filter instead of iron bars. THe snow balls stack up to 16 it gives a higher red stone signal. so the item you are filtering have more space to build-up

  • Julian Hoffman-Mateya
    Julian Hoffman-Mateya

    Wait, how did scar replace the mycelium without relocating the turtles?

  • LeeAnn C.
    LeeAnn C.

    Anyone else getting ben 10 vibes from the pumpkin and melon farms?

  • Badarikynti Gallong
    Badarikynti Gallong

    Use RTX

  • ben rinehart
    ben rinehart

    I remember when mumbo crashed the hermitcraft server with his melon and pumpkin sphere. Anyone else remember that?

  • Tony Lo
    Tony Lo

    What if the Hermits dressed Mr. Red up for special occasions or holidays?

  • ballsohard555

    god bless etho

  • Blessed MaddyB
    Blessed MaddyB

    not gonna lie, you should add wadzee. he gets thousands to millions of views, over 1.5 million subs, hes a great builder and good with redstone, and mature!!!!

  • DragonEyeGaming Arce
    DragonEyeGaming Arce

    Anyone notice that both his farms have the cool s on them?

  • Ultimaterasu Tidebringer
    Ultimaterasu Tidebringer

    Mojang should have husks drop sand in the next update

  • Creative_Kylee

    When you started watching at Season 6 and don't understand what he's talking about, but pretend like you do-

  • Dallas McPhallus
    Dallas McPhallus

    I think the reason the season 5 tower farms didn't happen was because the redstone was broken. That's why they weren't built until close to the end of season 6

  • Colin Cunningham
    Colin Cunningham

    can you turn your game music off ?

  • Emma James
    Emma James

    Take the towers to build height I believe in u

  • Jake3334

    I want a modded hermit craft